Show Yourself: Chapter 7 – Together

I don’t remember crawling into bed after last night’s madness. The last I remembered was watching a couple of movies with my family and wondering when will dad be back. When I awake, I notice it was usually quiet and I could hear my dad and Alexia talking in the next room. I didn’t hear any of my siblings, I thought it was a bit odd, was I still dreaming?



“You win. You happy now, B?”

“I won what?”

“Living here with the girls wasn’t a good idea. Last night proved that. It could easily been some sick pervo trying to take the girls. Your crazy baby mama just proves that you were right. Ugh… I hate it when you’re right. You get all smug-ish.”

“Ha ha ha! I do not.”

“See! There’s that smugy face that you make! Jerk! Anyway B., I’m gonna suck it up and move in with my mom.”

“Glad to heard that but why you don’t wanna stay with your mom?”

“Cause my asshole dad gave her that house. I got this feeling that it will give him a reason to start living there. Trust me… My dad isn’t the kind of guy you know around our girls. He’s an abusive, rapist, sociopath. But according to my mom, his fucked up business is in Jericho. He’ll stay where his business is and I hope he does. I wanna follow my sister to Bridgeport. Things would be easier for Tiana and I. Tiana is outcast for being a fanger and I can’t find a decent job. Nobody wants to hire a fanger here. Collette said Ramiro was able to find work and the kids are doing well in school. Would you get mad if I move further away?”

“No. I want what’s best for Tiana. Sometimes I wonder if we should leave Riverview, Raiden is outcast for being different. He doesn’t have any friends. However he did make one a few weeks ago, a new family moved in next door but who know how long it will last. Raiden is moody and she hasn’t seen what happens during a full moon.




“Maybe we all should move to BP. I miss hanging out with you, B.”

“You do?”

“Yeah… We always had so much fun together. Remember? I know you do.”

“Mmm hmm, we had some great times together. We had too much fun, we got twins.”

“Ha ha ha! Totally worth it! But you had to run off and get married. We can’t have any fun or can we?”

“I have special permissions when Nakia isn’t around.”



“Special permissions? Do tell.”

“Well she said hand jobs were okay if I needed a release. Nothing less but that.”

“Psst! A handy? Geeze if I needed a good arm work out. You genies don’t make it easy for a handy! My hand would be raw before you finally cum.”

“Ha ha ha! But I would enjoy it.”

“Yeah? A handy does nothing for me! So it’s just that?”

“Yep but honestly I don’t plan to use any permissions. Nakia is all I need and want.”

“You tease! I was hoping to do something with you.. even if it’s just a handy.”




“I’m not gonna lie, it’s tempting but I remember how better your mouth is.”

“So you wanna?”



“I thought things were getting serious between  your and your boyfriend? You don’t wanna ruin that over giving your babies’ daddy a handy.”

“Your dick is worth it. Ha ha ha! I dunno about Marc. He’s nice, sexy and good to the girls but I’m not sure if he’s the one, ya know. Maybe I shoulda married you, ha ha ha!”

“I know one day, you’ll find Mr. Right.”




“Maybe but you’re Mr. Right now.”

“Ahh you think so?”

“Yeah.. I miss those lips of yours. I miss the way you lick my- Oh hey Raiden! Did ya sleep well, buddy?”

I’ve seen a person turn as red as Alexia did. I wasn’t sure what I just walked into but by the look on Alexia’s face it wasn’t something that I should hear. There was some things they said that I was curious about.

“What’s a handy?”

“Go get dressed son. The others are having breakfast downstairs, there’s still time left.”

“But you didn’t tell me what’s a handy is?”

“Just go before your siblings eat all of the good stuff. Chanel is here, she asked about you.”





I got dressed and headed downstairs, I wasn’t sure why dad wouldn’t tell me what was a handy. I greeted by Chanel when I entered the mess hall. I was shocked that dad and Alexia let us all eat without them but then again, Chanel is 12 and old enough to look after us. For a crappy hotel they sure knew how to host a nice breakfast. French toast, eggs, pancakes, crepes, waffles, bacon, omelets and cinnamon bun. I was in breakfast heaven. It tasted as good as it looked. I think I grabbed a little bit everything on my plate.

“Taste good, huh Rai?”

“Yeah, Chanel. I thought the food was gonna suck.”

“It did buttttt I fixed it! They had old cereal and stale donuts. So I present Breakfast de la Chanel!”

“You conjure this?”

“You betcha!”

“You’re awesome.”

“He he! I know.” 




Our plans for the day were changed for obvious reasons. Dad didn’t say much about last night but only told us that we don’t have to worry about anything. It’s handled, not sure what he meant by that. First we went to a general store, dad asked us to pick out some nice balloons, he didn’t say why but we figure we must be having a party or something. Next we visited a flower shop. This was strange to be honest, we didn’t question it cause we knew we wouldn’t get a straight answer. As we drove away from the city, dad told us that we were going to a special place.

The pavement roads turned into dirt roads, building turning to trees, whatever we was going; it was starting to look peaceful and beautiful. The car came to a stop and we notice we were at a cemetery. But why?




The balloons and flowers were for the graves of our late siblings, Nuri, Desiree and Jada. Since our birthdays were coming up, it made sense to decorate their graves with birthday stuff.

We never visited their graves nor knew about them up until a few weeks ago. It was a peaceful place and I see why dad picked this cemetery to bury them. We asked if dad had a funereal for them, he said they just had a small memorial service. They were buried in the same casket together but they each get their own headstone.




I wondered if dad felt bad about leaving them here when we moved to Riverview. I would feel bad if I moved away from the same town where my child was buried in. Dad said he hasn’t been to their graves since Aries moved out of town. That was a year ago, Aries and his family was the last to leave.




Some of my sisters cried, they were sad even though they never met them.

“Why do cute babies have to die? Why?! Oh why?! Babies are so cute!”

I know Tiana was being sincere, they were her siblings too but she can be a bit dramatic.




“The balloons are a nice touch. Especially the kitty one.”

I felt a cold chill go up my spine as I heard a voice from an unfamiliar girl.

“Who said that?”

I quickly turned my head side to side, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from.

“Try looking behind you.”

I wasn’t sure if I should dare but I was curious of where that strange voice was coming from. I slowly turned my whole body around. I was soon face to face with a girl who looked a lot like me. This was very strange. Am I dreaming?

“Hi stranger. Long time, no see.”




“Who-who are you? Do I know you? Why do you look like me?”

“Duh! Course you do! I am your sister!”

“My-my sister?”

“Yeah. You don’t remember? It’s been almost 7 years since we last seen each other. We lived inside of the same womb for 6 and half months. You’re visiting my grave.”

“You’re a ghost!”

“I like the term Spirit walker. It makes me sound fancy.”

“How did you get here?”

“Well I died..”

“I know that! How am I seeing you?”

“Cause of you. We are supposed to be together. I wasn’t able to leave the Light Realm until you came to my grave. We are connected. We always had been. We shoulda stayed together. Everything; everything went so, so wrong.”



“What do you mean? Did I kill you? Am I a demon?”

“Questions, questions with you. But to answer you, no you did not and no you are not. BUT! You are something but nothing demon like. You have a soul and I am like you, if not then I couldn’t be in the Light Realm. You must have a soul.”

“The crazy woman who had us said I was a demon cause of my hair, eyes and skin.”

“We have a likeness of a special breed of lycans. They are often said to be demons cause of their special powers. White hair, mix match eyes and dark skin are the characteristics of Snow-Cap wolves. They are shapeshifters, they can turn into something other than a wolf.  People see them as demons because of it. Snow-Caps are usually born as twins, one boy and one girl. Even when they are different genders, they are identical. You and I have a likeness of them but we aren’t really Snow-Caps. Having pink in our hair, our eyes don’t match other each and we have a genie father. We weren’t born full wolf. You’re an even 50/50, I’m mostly wolf with a hint a genie. Being born before a new moon didn’t help. Our DNA  got messed up in the process.”

“You know a lot of stuff. You’re just a kid like me.”

“In the Light Realm I was given the gift of knowledge. I know a lot. I even have memories from the short time that I was alive.”

“But you were just a baby.”

“I know. I remember the moments before my death. Dad held me and I passed in his arms. He talked to me and cried. I knew he loved me. I just wish I could tell him to put me next to you. I would still be alive. We were never supposed to be apart. When I couldn’t find you, I let go.”




“You died cause we weren’t together?”

“Yes. Death from a broken heart. I thought you already passed on.  I couldn’t reach your connection. We are soul connected. But I am curious of why you’re still alive. It could only mean one thing.”


“You deny who you are. Even moments after birth, you deny yourself true. Doing so, you didn’t bother to reconnect or notice our connection was lost. I guess in a way, you did kill me.”

“But I didn’t mean to! I don’t wanna be whatever we are supposed to be. Snow cone or whatever! I don’t wanna be a stupid wolf! I wanna be a genie! I am a genie!”

“And I thought only dead people can be trapped in limbo. You’re trapped in self-awareness limbo. Life isn’t going well for you, isn’t it?”


“You have yourself to blame. Quality of life will improve if you accept yourself.”




“I am a genie! Nothing else! I can be all genie one day. I was told if I train long enough. I can!”

“Oh boy; looks like I will be around for a long time. Thankfully I’m dead. I have no other priorities.”

“You talk weird for a kid. How are you a kid? You died as a baby. Shouldn’t you be a ghost baby?”

“You don’t have many friends. I can tell. But to answer your question, I will always appear to be the same age as you but smarter.”


“Just stating the truth.”



“Uhhh… Rai? Who are you talking to?”




“Our sister. See?”

“See what? I don’t see anyone.”

“Are you blind? She’s standing right there!”



“Uhhh. I don’t see anyone standing there.”

“She’s right there. She looks like me and she’s a ghost!”

“I don’t see any ghosts.”

“She’s right there!!!”



“Daddddddd?! Why are boys so weird?”




I felt crazy like Clarissa, talking to a girl who really wasn’t there. Giana teased me about my invisible friend until dad made her stop. We later visited a park and I sat by the pond, skipping rocks across the water. I felt like I might be losing it or I’m just having a strange dream. But the sister that I was talking to felt so real. Was I just imagining this? Clarissa did hit me pretty hard last night.




“Do you always sit alone? No wonder you don’t have any friends.”

“You’re back.”

“Yep. This is a nice park. Why are you sitting here being all gloomy? Do that when you’re 16.”

“Thanks for leaving me hanging. Giana thinks I’m crazy.”

“Well you are talking to a ghost.”

“Not helping.”

“Ha ha ha!”



“Stop laughing at me! I don’t like being laughed at!”

“Chill down, Raiden. This. You see this? That is why you have no friends. Oh so grumpy. I can’t wait to see how you are when puberty hits.”

“I don’t know what that is but you don’t know me! I do have a friend!”

“You have A friend. Keyword, friend. You could have friends. But if you’re happy with just that friend.”

“Shut up!”

“Aren’t you a nice one. That one friend of yours won’t last if you don’t relax. Trust me, this I tell is the truth.”



“Noelle likes me. She will always be my friend.”

“Not if you’re gonna be a grump all the time. I think you take things too seriously.”

“No! Kids call me a freak monster and don’t wanna be my friend.”

“So a few jerks don’t like you cause you’re different. Big deal, there’s no need to push away ones who could be your friend. This whole “I’m mad at the world” attitude isn’t gonna get you very far in life. Please trust everything I have to say. I know of Noelle, and she’s a sweet girl but your attitude will scare her off.”

“How do you know her?”

“We are now reconnected, I know everything that you know. I’m linked to your mind and I only appear to you. No other person can see me. I’m dead after all.” 



“You never told me which sister you are. Desiree or Jada.”

“Oh I didn’t? I thought I did. I’m Jada.”

“Will Nuri and Desiree come out the Light Realm too?”

“Nuri isn’t in the Light Realm, he was born dead; he never received a soul. Desiree is though but she cannot be a spirit walker like me.”

“Why not?”

“She only lived for 2 hours, you have to live for 12 hours at least. I lived for 14. So enough with depressing things. Let’s do something fun and normal like other kids.”




Jada followed me to the horseshoe area. I always wanted to play this but the others were doing something else.

“Normally I would tell you to go play with someone but I wanna see how terrible you are at this.”

“For someone who is supposed to give me advice, you’re kinda of a jerk.”

“I am in a body of a 6 year old, I might as well act like one.”



“Give me a break. I never played this before.”

“Oh this shall be glorious, ha ha ha!”




“UGH! This game is so stupid! I hate it! I never ever wanna play this stupid game again!”

“There we go with the taking everything so serious. It’s just a game, it’s suppose to be fun and sometimes you won’t be so perfect at it. No one wants to play with someone who throws a fit like this.”

“Well you were mocking me! That wasn’t helping either!”

“People will mock you, you gotta learn to not let it bother you.”

“How do I do that?”

“I’ll teach ya.”




Jada can be cool but annoying but I know she was just helping. I may my way to the seesaws, hoping she would like to play with me. But I waited and waited. I didn’t see her anymore. Did she already left me? I thought she was supposed to be around me all the time. I started to feel a bit sad. Maybe my grumpiness drove her away when she was supposed to help me with it.




“Can I join?”

“I was waiting for- Well; yeah, you can.”


Naturally I would reject Briana but I remember how Jada is a ghost and only appears to me. I couldn’t just sit here and wait around to play with the dead. I need to play with the living.



The rest of the day went on pretty well. I had fun with everyone and tried to not take everything so seriously. I notice how my siblings like being around me a little more. I guess Jada was right but now I found myself missing her. I didn’t see her for the rest of the day. I wondered if she already left me. I wasn’t ready, we only just begun.




“Don’t worry, Raiden. I will always be around when you really need me. But until then…..”






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