Show Yourself: Chapter 6 – Stranger Danger

It was just only a week away from my 7th birthday when I made the trip to my birth town of Evansdale County with my litter mates and dad. To be honest, I wasn’t as excited for this trip like the rest of my litter mates; I dragged my feet on getting ready. Our birth mother was stable enough for us to finally come meet her.

My dad told us that we would get to spent the weekend with her instead of a week like originally planned. She would be sent off to back home to Italy to see a specialist that her mother had planned before she suddenly awaken. Grandma Antonia still had faith that my birth mother would wake up and wanted her to be transfer back to Italy. Just one day before the transfer, she awaken however the specialist still wants to see her. She finds her case interesting and the doctors in EC felt it was best. They never seen anything like this. My birth mother is a medical miracle.




Upon entering the city, I thought this place was pretty awesome. I couldn’t believe that we use to live here. EC is so much fun than boring ol’ Riverview. We all ohh and ahh as we drove down in the downtown area; Clarice asked if we could move back here. My dad just smiled and said, “Life is back in Riverview and I love it.” Clarice frowned, Riverview isn’t as exciting as EC; nor was Richdale to be honest. We didn’t understand what dad meant by that, it would be years before we figured it out.

Of course the question of where are we gonna be staying was asked. Would we be staying in one of those fancy hotels? My dad sighs as we pulled up into a hotel that wasn’t as nice as the ones we passed by. “Here.” My dad said with slight annoyance in his tone. We were confused of why we would be staying at this kind of place, we knew we had money. It turns out the only reason why we would be staying at this crummy hotel cause of Alexia. Unknowingly to my dad, Alexia failed to tell dad that she was now staying in a hotel after her apartment was burnt down from a flash over fire. Alexia refused to move in with her mother and opted to stay into hotel. My dad was pretty pissed off when he learns my sisters, Tiana and Briana were living at this hotel for the last 6 months. It was worse than what he remembered. My dad turned to us and said, Tiana and Briana may be coming back home with us if Alexia still refuses to move in with her mother. He could see why Uncle Al had Axel to come live with him and he suggested that my dad do the same with Tiana and Briana.



Our room wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, it had a double bed with an adjoining room with 2 bump beds. Since there was 5 of us kids, we fought who would get to sleep in the bed with dad. The double bed was much nicer than the bump beds.

We had an hour to kill before we could go see our birth mother. Alexia was at work and the twins were at their grandma’s. My dad was a little bit happy to know that Alexia doesn’t leave them here all alone. We watched some TV while dad messed with his phone for a while. Before we knew it, it was time.




We were quiet on our way to the hospital, we didn’t ask any questions; I think we were all kinda nervous. Dad finally broke the silence telling us that this was the hospital that we were born in. We still didn’t have anything to say, we just stood quietly in the elevator. “Which button do I press?” I asked dad since I was the closest to the buttons. “Three.”




She sat in a wheelchair, facing the door as she was waiting there for a while. Her face lit up as the door swung open. To everyone’s surprise, Giana raced up to her with her arms open; “Mommy!” she shouted. The rest of us stood there awkwardly, glancing over at each other. We all had the same look on our faces, do we call her mommy too?




“You are so beautiful! You must be Giana?”


“That’s such a pretty name that your daddy picked out. You daddy told me all about you kids. Clarice, Antonio and Montell. Wow you all look so much like your daddy and I.”

“What about me?”

I felt a bit uneasy at this moment, she didn’t bother glancing at me nor did it seemed that she even acknowledge me. I know dad told her about all of us, even me.

“Eli? I thought you had red hair. I like that color. But anyway honey I thought you said I had quints. Where is the 5th one?”

My dad cleared his throat before he spoke, I was confused that she thought I was Eli. 

“That’s Raiden, our 5th child. Raiden is ours. Remember?”

She laughed as my dad was telling her the funniest joke ever.

“Sweetie that can’t be right. You must be mistaken but a mother knows her children; even if she’s meeting them for the first time. I’m looking at these 4 and I know they are mine.”

My dad wasn’t sure how to respond to her statement, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good time. I think you need some rest, Clar.”

“Don’t be silly, honey. I’m fine, I’m just so happy to finally to my babies. I just wished you brought my 5th child. She’s probably missing her mommy too.

My dad was trying hard to keep his cool at this point, all of use felt really awkward and confused.

“We technically had 8 but only 5 lived. 2 girls and 3 boys, Clarissa. Antonio, Giana, Clarice, Montell and Raiden. The other 3 didn’t make it. I am sorry.”

“Raiden. Oh yeah! He has my father’s hair. Hi Raiden! There’s my 5th baby! Borage, you gotta stop joking around with me like that.”

I knew that this day would be awful….




“You are all just precious. Have your daddy been good to you all?”

“Yeah! So are you gonna come live with us now?”

“You bet! I can’t wait to be a family. This is what I always wanted. Children and a wonderful man. I never thought I would be so lucky. I think maybe it’s time we plan a wedding. You girls can be my flower girls!”

“Who are you gonna marry? Can daddy come too?”

“Gia.. sweetie. What do you mean? Of course your daddy is coming! I’m marrying your daddy, silly girl.”

“But daddy is already married to our mom.”

“I’m your mom. What are you talking about? Borage did we wed already? You didn’t tell me that part.”

“Kids.. can you excuse us for a bit. I need to talk to your mother alone. You kids can go play in the play area right outside the door.”

Shit was getting strange and we didn’t question it, we quickly exited the room. I think we all were getting a little scared of her.




I didn’t stray far away, I was curious of what they had to talk about. I carefully pressed my ear against the metal, hoping I could hear them. However they yelled loud enough for anyone to hear. Things got pretty heated up quickly.

I could hear my dad talking claim at first, explaining to Clarissa that he already been through with her over and over. Dad stated that he was married to mom and how she legally adopted us. At first she acted as this was the first time she was told this then suddenly acted as she already knew. That’s when things got heated, she referred my mom as a family-stealing-whore. She said such awful things about her, things that I refuse to repeat.




“How could you let that whore steal my family! We were suppose to be married! You asked me to be your wife on that night! How could you betray me like this?! How Borage! How Borage!”

“I’ve told you this Clarissa! You said you understood why and asked to meet my wife! You wanted all of us to be a family!”

“No! I changed my mind! I don’t want that whore raising my kids! Those are my kids and you are mine! Divorce her! I’m back now and we don’t need her!”

“I am not going to do that, Clarissa! Things are different now!”




“You love me?! Do you? Do you love me?!”

“Yeah but not in the way you’re thinking.”

“Do you love me?!”

“I told you….”

“That’s not answering my question!”

“The way you are now; you’re not the same person that I once knew. This. I don’t know who this is. Yeah I know you suffered some serious head trauma but this; the person you are now, I don’t love you. I love my wife.”

“That whore has you brainwashed! You don’t love her! You love me! Say it! Say that you love me and we will have our family like we planned!”



“Clarissa no! I should had listen to the doctors! You are not ready but somehow you talked me into this. You are not ready to meet my kids!”

“Your kids?!”

“Yes my kids! They will be my kids until you agree to be evaluated! This is not the kind of person I know you are! Please let the doctors help!”

“No! I am fine! I don’t need to see anyone! I am ready to take back my family from that whore!”

“Stop calling my wife a whore! She did what most women won’t do! Stepped up and raise another woman’s children as they were her own! You don’t have to like my wife but you need to respect her as she would respect you!”

“I would never give that piece of trash any kind of respect! Not until she hands you and my kids over to me!”

“I am not yours! I am not some thing to be had or given! I’m done with this, Clarissa! You need rest. You can see the kids when you’re level-headed again… Is that okay?”

“Nothing will be okay until you admit that whore brainwashed you and you love.”

“I am not doing this with you, Clarissa; I just can’t.”



I could hear some trays being thrown or knocked down. I was starting to get worried. As my dad stop yelling and spoke calmer those Clarissa, she began to cry and beg. My dad grew quiet and soon stormed out of the room. I quickly rushed away from the door and pretended that I was getting a drink from the water fountain. Dad turned towards me, I could see the regret and anger in his face, “We should probably go. It was too soon.”



I opened the door to Clarissa’s room, she was on the floor still pleading to my dad as he was still in there. It was pretty sad to see her that way.

“I’m sorry baby. We can make everything okay. I can get better on my own. I just need and our kids.”

“Are you okay?”

She got silent, her glowing eyes were frozen on me.

“Clarissa? I mean mom… Are you okay? Do you need some help?”

“Help. Help… You think I need help?”




Saying the word help was the wrong thing to say. Before I knew it, she quickly rose from the floor and made a b line towards me with fury.

“I don’t need help! I am fine! I am fine! Why must you all think that I need help? Does it look like I need help?! All I need is my husband to be and my children!”

“But that wasn’t what I mean.. I mean by-“

“Shut it! I don’t know who you are but how dare you posed as my 5th child! You killed her! You killed her, you little demon! How could you killed your sister! She was just like you but you had to kill her! You are a demon! Stay away from my other children!”

“Wha-what?! I didn’t! I didn’t kill anyone! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Don’t lie to me demon! I know what you are! White hair, heterochromatic eyes, dark skin, you are a lycan demon! You can’t turn, can’t ya? You turn into your true form! A demon! A demon with dark hair and red eyes! Stay back!”

“I’m not a demon….”

“Demons lie! I know your lies! You killed the 3 other babies, demon!”




I knew I was some kind of freak monster but a demon? No. That couldn’t be true but was it? Am I truly some demon? Did I really killed the 3 other litter mates? My eyes were filled up with tears, she continue to berate as I cried. It wasn’t long before dad pulled me to the side and shouted at Clarissa.

Kids always said mean things to me, it hurt me but it was nothing compare to what the woman who gave me life said to me. I actually cried. I never cried the way I did that day. And ever since this that, I hated her. I refuse to ever call her mother.



“Am I demon?” I asked my dad, hoping to get a straight answer. “I’m almost 7. I can handle the truth about myself.” I wasn’t sure if I truly wanted to hear the answer. My dad sighs and placed his palm on my shoulder, “Nothing your mother said is true. She’s not well. You can’t take anything she said to heart.” I brushed my dad’s hand away from my shoulder, “That woman is not my mother. My real mom is at home. Can we go home?” I said coldly. If she can refuse to see me as her child then I can refuse to see her as my mother.




“Let’s be fair, son. She was having an off day and sometimes she will have days like this.”

“But you sounded really mad at her. She said bad things about my mom. I don’t like her. I hate her!”

“Raiden. Don’t say that, Clarissa will always be your mother. The things she said, she didn’t mean. Today wasn’t a good day for her. Her mind is messed up and I forget about that. I shouldn’t get mad at her.”

“You said mom adopted us, so that means Clarissa isn’t our mom anymore. I know what adoption means, dad. I read it on the internet.”

“There’s still some gray lines in that area. You’re too young to understand but this type of adoption is different.”

“I’ll never call her “mom”.”




We left the hospital without telling Clarissa good bye, dad said she wasn’t well and we needed to go. I didn’t mind, I didn’t want to tell her bye anyway. Giana whined saying that she wanted to give her hug and had more things to tell her. Dad quickly changed the subject by telling us that we were going to pick up Tiana and Briana so we could go to Domino Palace. Their birthdays were last weekend and dad promised he would take them there when we came to town. Noelle said there’s one in Bridgeport and it’s a lot of fun.

Noelle was right, this place was pretty fun. I had a good laugh watching Monty attempting to climb up the pole; only for him to fall on his ass time and time again.

“Shut up! It’s not funny!”

“Just give it up! You’re gonna be flat and have nothing to sit on! Ha ha ha!”

“Watch me! I’ll do it this time!”



It took a couple more tries before Monty eventually climbed up. “I told ya!” Monty shouts from the top floor. I said nothing but kept laughing at the memory of watching him fail numerous times.




I tried to forget about earlier in the day; Tiana and Briana made sure of it. We don’t get to see them as much but they both like talking and playing with me more. Briana thinks what I am is cool and Tiana relates to me more. EC isn’t exactly vampire friendly and she doesn’t have many friends like I do.



“Sometimes my mama is like “Get down! Tables are for glasses, not for asses!”

“Ha ha ha ha! That’s funny!”

“Then she makes a mad face like this!”

“Ha ha ha ha! So does my mom when she gets mad!”

“Sometimes it funny to make mama mad on purpose but my granny said not to do that. But why not? It’s really funny to see my mama mad! It’s the only fun I have cause I got nobodies to play with. Just Bri but she gotta play with me.”

“Yeah I know! My litter mates gotta play with me.”

“Litter mates? Oh I get it! Puppies! Ha ha ha! But isn’t only you just half wolf?”

“Yeah… at least you’re one thing.”

“Well… at least you got some genie. I got none! Briana took it all!”




We got back to the hotel, dad let us played in the rec room for a bit. It was getting closer to our bed time and dad sent me to go get Giana since she’s the last one in the rec room. I headed to the second floor when I heard Giana and Tiana shouting. I looked over the rail and saw someone trying to Giana to go with them. I got a better view of the person and saw it was Clarissa.

“Get go of me!”

“Hey lady, stop it!”

“I’m her mother, you’re coming with me!”

“No! Get go! Get go!”

“Hush it! Just come with me to the cab. I’m not gonna tell that whore take.”

“Stop it lady!”

“I’m not going with you!”




“Giana!” I shouted from the rail. Giana and Tiana both looked up at me. “Raiden, get daddy!” Tiana shouted as Giana continue to loosen from Clarissa’s grip.

“Back off, demon boy. I am taking my child with me!”

At this moment I only just saw red and quickly ran downstairs to Giana’s aid.




Clarissa quickly picked Giana up as I raced towards them. Tiana was in a lost of words and didn’t have the will to run for help. Giana continued to struggle away from Clarissa by kicking and wailing her arms around.

“Stop wiggling! You’re going home with me!”

“Put my sister down!”

“My child! She’s coming with me!”

“No she’s not! We aren’t yours anymore! Go away!”

“You! You were never mine but Giana, Clarice, Antonio and Montell are mine! I will take what belongs to me!”

“Let her go now!”




I started to growl aggressively towards Clarissa, I could feel myself starting to turn but differently from when it’s a full moon. “Oh no you don’t! You’re not going lycan on me!” Clarissa snapped as she swiftly slapped me after tossing Giana onto the ground, as she were a rag doll. “Don’t hurt my brother!” Tiana shouted. Clarissa made a step towards Tiana, causes her to back away a bit. “Don’t.” I growled before lunging towards Clarissa. She quickly wrapped her hands around my throat and proceed to choke me. Giana screams stop.




Clarissa let go of my throat and then shoved me onto the ground right as my dad was approaching. “Clarissa!” My dad shouted as he raced towards us. She took a step back and let out a low growl as Alexia came racing behind my dad.Ti-ti! Baby are you okay?” Alexia shouted. Tiana said she was okay but thinks Giana and I are hurt. “I’m fine!” I growled as I rubbed my neck.




“You fuckin’ bitch! How could you harm your own children!” Alexia yelled as she lunges towards Clarissa. “Alexia, don’t.” My dad said as held Giana. Tiana began to cry and I attempted to comforted her, “We’re okay, Tiana. Dad got this.” Tiana wiped the tears from her eyes, “Why did that lady tried to take Giana and hurt you?” I didn’t answer and dad told me to take Tiana to their room. I nodded and walked Tiana back to her room.

I turned around to see Alexia trying to hold Clarissa off as she yelled and screamed that my dad was stealing her babies. At this point, others were coming out of their rooms too see the drama unfolding in the parking lot. After Tiana return to her room, I attempted to return to the parking but was stopped by dad who was still carrying Giana. “Take your sister back to our room and stay.” My dad said firmly, I knew he was serious and did what he said.




After some time, dad finally returned to our room. Just minutes later we could hear Clarissa begging and pleading at our door. “This is shit.” My dad said coldly. He grabbed his cell, I wasn’t sure who he was calling. I figured the police or the hospital. He told us to stay in the room and away from the windows. “I’ll be back.” My dad said before heading outside where Clarissa awaits him. We could still hear her yelling and begging for a while. Then suddenly it was quiet for a while. The door opened and it was Alexia with the twins. “Your dad asked us to hang out with you guys for a bit. He’ll be back as soon as possible. He gotta take care something with your bio-mom. Things are cool. Wanna watch a movie?” Alexia smiled.


4 thoughts on “Show Yourself: Chapter 6 – Stranger Danger

  1. Oh no poor Clarissa is bonkers but she was in the coma way too long and that accident was so bad. 😦 Poor kids, bet they will all want to get home to their adopted mom now after dealing with this.

    • I figure after an accident like that, it would dramatically change them. And yeah after all of this, the kids want to be in the comfort of their “real” mom’s arms.

  2. Awww He’s already insecure about what he is and then Clarissa goes and calls him a demon. 😦 She needs to be monitored by doctors or I can see her becoming a problem! It’s too bad because before her coma she was so nice!

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