Club Aquarius – 100k Views Gift (Part 2)


As promised, I have part 2 of the 100k views gift. I present to you all, Club Aquarius!

This vivid colored night club set as a Fusion Lounge may be the hottest night scene in your sims’ town. Not too big, not too small, Club Aquarius should be an easy fit in most world maps. Bubble bars, karaoke, casino slots, pool table, and a dance floor equip with a DJ is what Club Aquarius has to offer for a fun night out with friends!


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Lot Size: 30×20

EPs used: Late Night, Showtime, Into The Future, Island Paradise, Seasons, World Adventures, Generations

SPs used: None that I’m aware of.

Store Items: Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots Slot Machine

CC used (not included): Modern Line Windows Set , Transparent Dance Floor 

Note: I set colors on the bubble tubes and some of the lights however there’s a chance the colors may reset. If so the colors I used was: Cyan, Purple & Magenta. Please remember to place the file in your library folder.



3 thoughts on “Club Aquarius – 100k Views Gift (Part 2)

    • Thanks! The color scheme is influenced by the game GTA Vice City which is one of my favorite games. It’s so colorful 😀

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