Make Or Break – Finale Summary

As some of you know, I promised to write up a summary from where I left off from Ally’s story until the point where Gen 3 starts. So here it is.



Alyssa  last left off where she went on her first date with Juan Darer; who had some mystery to him. After a wonderful first date, Alyssa was greeted by her angry ex Deshaun when picking up their daughter Amora.

Time has gone by and Alyssa is in a relationship with Juan and the second semester had started. Things between Alyssa and Juan has gone reasonably well although Deshaun hated the thought of Alyssa dating. Amora’s second birthday was a month away and Deshaun told Alyssa that he would be bringing his girlfriend to Amora’s party. Alyssa was unaware of Deshaun’s girlfriend and felt she should meet her before having her attend the party. Deshaun made a big fuss about wanting to meet Juan before he was allowed to be around Amora. However Alyssa didn’t want to deal with any drama, she agreed and told Deshaun it was okay. Alyssa tells Juan about Deshaun wanting to bring his girlfriend that she never heard about to Amora’s party. She wasn’t sure about allowing it but felt she should meet her first. Juan tells Alyssa that she has the right to meet her before the party and tells her that Deshaun needs to do what she had to do as well. Alyssa agrees and asks Deshaun to come over to talk.

Alyssa was home alone when Deshaun came over to talk. Deshaun was annoyed, telling Alyssa whatever she needed to tell him that she could had told him over the phone. Alyssa told him she felt that she should in person. Alyssa calmly tells Deshaun how she wanted to meet his girlfriend first and how it was fair. This made Deshaun snap and he berates Alyssa then tells her that his girlfriend was none of his business. They both get into a shouting match, things got heated when Deshaun tells Alyssa he’s tired of her telling her how things are gonna go with his daughter; things were about to change. Deshaun slaps Alyssa across her face after demanding she stop trying to run the show. This took Alyssa from surprise, she wasn’t sure how to react. Deshaun forces Alyssa into her bedroom and violently pushes her onto her bed. Deshaun demands Alyssa to take her clothes off, she refuses and attempts to flee. However Deshaun grabs Alyssa, slaps her around and throws her onto her bed. Alyssa begs Deshaun to not do this and she’s sorry. Deshaun wraps his hands around Alyssa’s throat and told her this is her fault; she’s a love genie and he can’t help himself. Deshaun forcefully yanked Alyssa’s stockings off and hike up her skirt. Before Deshaun could undo his pants, Devin and Nicole return home early from their movie. Deshaun threatens Alyssa if she screams, she would regret it. When Deshaun heard Devin and Nicole go upstairs, he raced out of the house ; leaving Alyssa alone in her room in tears.

After the attempted rape, Alyssa fell into a depression over the weeks; falling behind in class and becoming distant from everyone. Juan knew something was off about Alyssa and kept asking her what was wrong. Alyssa denied that anything was wrong but Juan wasn’t buying it. This angered Alyssa and she fought with Juan, telling him that he was too pushy and maybe they should break up. Juan backs off and told Alyssa when she’s ready to talk, he’ll be there. A couple more weeks go by and Juan hasn’t heard from Alyssa. He makes several attempts to make contact with Alyssa but no success. Juan assumes that the relationship was truly over with.

During that time, Deshaun often sent Alyssa taunting texts and demanded to see Amora. Alyssa became afraid of Deshaun and did whatever he requested which included sex. Alyssa began to drink, skip class and lashed out at anyone who asked her what was going on with her. Amora’s birthday is on Valentine’s day and Alyssa still planned to have Amora’s party. Alyssa’s parents were coming to town to celebrate. Alyssa was surprise when her dad bought Selene with him. Alyssa was unaware that Selene is now her step mom, Liam.2 announces that he and Selene got married the day before and he changed his name; dropping the .2 from Liam. Ashley soon came in from her flight from Starlight Bay. While Alyssa’s parents settled in, Juan dropped by asking to speak to Alyssa. Liam let Juan inside, surprising Alyssa.

Alyssa asks Juan why was he here and Juan told her that he still plans to attend Amora’s party the following day. Alyssa told Juan not to come but Juan asks why. Alyssa refuses to give Juan an answer; Juan refuses to leave until he gets one. Alyssa remains silent and Juan asks Alyssa if they were even still together. Juan tells Alyssa that he cares about her and thought about her everyday. Juan continues to express his feelings for Alyssa before telling her that he loves her. Alyssa breaks down and cries; Juan embraces Alyssa and again asks her what’s been troubling her. Alyssa confesses how Deshaun became violent with her and tried to rape her. Alyssa cried harder as she told Juan how she agreed to sleep with Deshaun because she was afraid of him due to him taunting her after that day. Juan held Alyssa, telling her that he wasn’t leaving her side.

On the day of Amora’s birthday the party goes as planned. Deshaun shows up with his girlfriend but is confronted by Juan who waits for him on the front porch. Deshaun and Juan exchanged a few words before Juan attacks Deshaun. Everyone races outside to find Juan and Deshaun fighting; Juan had the upper hand. Alyssa pleads for them to stop and attempts to break the fight up only to be punched in the face by Deshaun. Liam races towards Deshaun, attempting to attack him but was pulled back by Devin. Juan takes another swing at Deshaun and knocking him out. Soon Alyssa’s home was swarmed with police and people who were near by. Both Deshaun and Juan were arrested, Alyssa begged the police to not take Juan cause he was only trying to protect her. Alyssa confessed to the police that she told Juan that Deshaun had beaten her and raped her. Alyssa was asked to come to the station, leaving her crying child with family.

Alyssa spoke with a special victims unit detective regarding her rape claim. Alyssa handed over her phone showing the SVU detective all of the texts between her and Deshaun since the first attack. The detective told Alyssa that proving rape would be difficult because the texts shown that the sex was consensual. Alyssa told the detective that she didn’t want to but did it because she was afraid. The detective tells Alyssa that she believes her but it will be hard to convince a jury. The texts shown Deshaun boasting about beating Alyssa and how it arouses him when he thinks about it. Some texts shown Deshaun suggesting that Alyssa should try to struggle like she did when he first tried to rape her. The other texts also shown Deshaun stalking Alyssa, taunting and threatening to cause harm. The detective said it was enough to get Deshaun charged for stalking, assault and battery.

Alyssa’s life started to pick back up after Deshaun was charged and sentenced for 6 months in jail. Alyssa was granted a 8 year protection order and Deshaun was expelled from school. Deshaun was not allowed to see or have any contact with Amora until he completes 9 months of anger management. After completing anger management; Deshaun will be able to have supervise visits with Amora.

Alyssa push through the remaining  3 years of school with Juan by her side. She managed to finish school and earn a degree in computer programming and design. Although Juan had already finished school 2 years before she did, he stayed in town. Alyssa told Juan that she’s returning to Starlight Bay and questioned their relationship. Will he return to Twinbrook or come with her? Juan told Alyssa that he wasn’t leaving her side ever since she told him about Deshaun; it’s why he stayed in town when he finished school. That answered Alyssa’s question and they soon prepare to leave for Starlight Bay after Alyssa’s graduation.



Amora is now 8 years old and had no memory of her father. After Deshaun was released from jail, he returned Evansdale County where his girlfriend later joined him. Deshaun never took his anger management class nor made any attempt to contact Alyssa or Amora. However Amora has some form of a relationship with Deshaun’s father Marcus and sister Aniya. Alyssa decided to not cut out Marcus and Aniya from Amora’s life; which would be kinda difficult with Marcus being in a relationship with Alexia Lex, the mother of 2 of Alyssa’s aunts. Deshaun is now a father to a son and often refers him as his first born; denying that Amora is even his daughter.

Alyssa, Juan and Amora live in Sundale, the suburb of Starlight Bay. Amora is kept somewhat busy in dance and acting classes. Amora wants to be an actress when she grows up and participates in various school plays. Alyssa has taken a different approach on parenting unlike her father; she doesn’t force Amora to keep her nose in the books. For the most part, Alyssa allows Amora to be a kid and does nurtures Amora’s interests. Although Juan suggests Amora could do some child modeling or do commercial work but Alyssa wants Amora to have a normal childhood.

Alyssa is working at a medial research lab while Juan works a physical therapist. Both jobs pay well and they were able to buy a nice home in Sundale. Their relationship was becoming serious as Amora calls Juan “dad”. On Amora’s 7th birthday, Juan asked Alyssa to marry him; Alyssa said yes. Alyssa didn’t want to make a big fuss about her wedding; however Nicole who is now her close friend suggest she should have a big and special day. Alyssa and Nicole soon began to plan a huge wedding. As Alyssa prepare for their wedding, Juan seems to be a little distant when she asks about his family. Alyssa hasn’t heard much about his mother and brother since their first date. Juan never mention them nor went to go see them on the holidays. Juan quickly changes the subject when Alyssa asks about them. She finds it strange and decided to back off. Juan grows more mysterious whenever he gets a phone calls. He often takes the calls outside or far away from Alyssa; he’s often bothered or annoyed after each call.

Alyssa tells Juan that they need to set a date but Juan drops a bomb. Juan tells Alyssa that he can’t marry her because he made a huge mistake years ago. Juan confessed when Alyssa pushed him away, he assumed that the relationship was over and spent a wild weekend with a female in Las Suerte Palmas. After a night of binge drinking, they got married. The female finally hunted him down, telling him that they are married and have a child together. Juan claims he has no memory of marrying her or sleeping with her, however she sent Juan pictures and video from their weekend years ago. The female demands that Juan comes to Las Suerte Palmas to be a proper husband and a father to their child. The female refuses have the marriage annulled or get a divorce, she learned that Juan comes from a rich family; Juan believes that why she refuses. Juan tells Alyssa that she’s threatening to sue him if he doesn’t come be with her. Juan doesn’t have the money that she’s seeking and his mother can’t help him. Juan tells Alyssa that his family cuts ties from him after his best friend claimed that Juan sexual abused her. Juan denied that he did and knew it was her father. She felt ashamed and accused Juan instead. The charges were dropped when no evidence could tie him to the crime; however his family didn’t believe him.

Juan packed up some of his things and told Alyssa that he’s going to LSP to fix this and he will be back for her. However 11 months had passed by since Juan left. Alyssa hasn’t heard from Juan since his plane landed in LSP.

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    • Yeah, everyone can’t have a happy ending. Ally will still be around in the background, maybe things will get for her later on 😉

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