State Of Tigo *9/9/15*

All downloads are publicly available. It seems as most people are able to behave and not try to steal anyone’s content and making profit behind it. But if my TOU is violated once again then I’m removing everything forever. So please act right, don’t ruin it for everyone!

I’m about 98% done of setting up things for Gen 3’s story. I hopefully I can start on it next week. I plan to publicly publish the start of Gen 3 next month! Looks like things are back on track. *crosses fingers* I am behind that what I originally planned but hey….things happen -_-


I haven’t forgotten about Part 2 of the 100k views gift, which is suppose to be a night club. Honestly I don’t know when I will build that. I’ve been so busy building up things for Gen 3’s story and such. I just reached 300 followers on tumblr and this would had been the right time to have it available. But other things come first. Plus I don’t make much of a big deal of follower count on tumblr anyway. People do all the time and I’m just meh…whatever.. IDGAF. I would be content with just 5 followers hahaha. But one of these days, I will have Part 2 available. I have some ideas of how the night club should be. If you have any ideas, or a name for it, please drop a comment. Don’t be shy :p After all, the build is meant for you all! You should have some input and such.

I also have some new mods and objects coming out pretty soon so be on the look at out for that.

That is all for now, have a great week!


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