State Of Tigo *9/1/15*

Happy September! I figure I should post my blog status and tell you all what’s up.

As you know there hasn’t been anymore updates of Make or Break for 2 weeks. Well that story will not be continuing for a few number of reasons. Ally’s story was a short, it only meant to be 10 chapters long but I pulled the plug early.

#1, My heart wasn’t into it. I never felt it was my best work.

#2, Alyssa is boring to write about. As a teen she was interesting but as an adult she seemed a bit dry. I struggle to develop her character. Alyssa works better as a background character.

#3, I am out of time. What do I mean by that? I need to get the ball rolling for the official story for Gen 3 with Raiden Montigo. As I mention I planned to start the story in October and I’m cutting it close. There’s still a ton to do before I can start but I am about 80% ready as of now.


So speaking of Gen 3, I am excited to start that story. I have so many ideals in my head that I want to put out there. Although I won’t be finishing Ally’s tale, I won’t leaving you all hanging cause I know there are some readers who enjoyed it. I do plan to write up a flash summary of how the rest of the story would had went leading up to the start of Gen 3’s story. Be on a look out for that. I dunno when I’ll write it but it will be soon.

For now my blog will just have updates of my game play 100 baby challenge. I hope that will be enough until next month.

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