Make Or Break: Chapter 6 – Do You Believe In Magic?

After meeting up with Rhena, I headed to class. However I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said about Juan. I want to take in the comfort of thinking none of it is true but what if it was? Knowing how he has changed his major more than once just make me a little uneasy. He seems indecisive of what he wants to do with his life. But maybe he will be more detailed about his indecisiveness. I needed to clear my head so I can focus on my classes for the day.



When Deshaun came to get Amora, I asked if he mind keeping Amora for the whole day. Of course he was curious of why I’m suddenly letting him keep her for the whole day. I couldn’t tell him it was because I was going on a date. I’m sure that news wouldn’t sit well with him. But why should he care, it’s not like we ever dated.



“Yeah, sure I don’t mind keeping her all day. I was gonna study afterwards but like I said, I promise to help out as much as I can. Why the extended time though?”

“Amora is really starting to adore you, I felt maybe she should have more time with her. You seem to be doing well with her.”

“I told ya that I’m not gonna walk out on our little girl. I’m in this 100%. I just hope you’ll take my word.”

“So far you have been proving it. I just hope you’ll keep your word for Amora’s sake.”

“There’s no turning back at this point, Ally. We are family.”



I arrived at the Groove Bean earlier than expected. I checked my phone to see that Deshaun sent me a pic of Amora on the slide at the park. It was cute and looks like she’s having a good time. I must admit that Deshaun has been really good with her but I’m still unsure about things. Will things change after we finish school? I have plans to return back to Star City and I’m pretty sure Deshaun will return to EC. But that’s something that we both need to discuss in the future.



Juan shown up right on time. I didn’t expect him to be here on the dot but maybe his classes ended earlier than expected like mines did.

“Early bird, huh?”

“Ha ha.. I guess. My classes were kinda short today.”

“Mine too. I guess they were about our date.”

“Maybe ha ha. So should we get something to eat now?”

“Yeah cause I’m starving.”



I suggested we should have their cinnamon bun since it was pretty tasty when I first tried. They didn’t have much lunch food options and we thought we should had lunch at the diner however it’s probably packed with other college kids. 




“So how you like it?”

“It’s good and all. Good suggestion. You won’t judge me if I get another one?”

“Ha ha. No. I was kinda thinking the same thing. This one bun isn’t hitting the spot but it’s cause of what I am.”

“I know how that is. I can sense something about you but I’m not too clear what. What type of genie are you?”

“Huh? How do you figure that I’m a genie?”

“Cause I’m one too, Gaivania. And you are?”




“Love genie. Nice. I can’t say I ever met one. I knew there was something about you and 2 of your other friends. The alien one kinda confuses me but I picked up something on her too.”

“Echo is part Navox and Nicole is a Disa. She’s the first one I met. I heard about them but never met one.”

“Oh nice. I didn’t think there would be any other genies around.. Well I’ll take that back. I did come across 2 other Gaivanias at meet and greet. It’s cool to know you’re not alone.”

“I guess so. So can I ask you something?”

“Sure. Ask me anything.”

“I dunno if I believe what I heard.. But I heard about disturbing things about you. I’m just hoping-“

“Oh yeah.. You must heard the rumors about me too. That was quicker than I expected.”




“I know about the rumors about me. How I have 5 different baby mamas and I’ve been in school for 6 years. There’s a different version of it depending on who you heard it from. I think it’s all ridiculous.”

“So it’s just silly rumors? No truth in them?”

“Nah. These rumors started during my first year after I broke up with my girlfriend from high school. We both came here together. Jessica left mid year while her older transferred in. The cousin was the one who started them cause she was bitter that I dumped Jessica and refused to start dating her. It’s pretty shady to date your cousin’s ex. She made up wild rumors about me so other girls would stay away from me. It’s pretty childish. Although Jessica and her cousin Gina are long gone, the rumors stayed. Every once in a while, I gotta clear my name.”

“I should know better than to listen to any type of rumor. I know the feeling. There was one about me at my old school after I moved back to Star City. But there’s something that I need to tell you. I hope you won’t think of my any different but I have a young child. I had her when I was 16. It was the one and only time I was with a guy.”

“Really? I got the impression that you’re still a virgin but wow. I didn’t expect that. It’s cool though. I won’t judge you for you past decisions.”

“So me having a child doesn’t bother you?”

“No unless you had 5 different baby daddies ha ha ha!”




My date with Juan was going extremely well. We got to know each other a little better and overall we were having a great time at the Groove Bean. I was happy that he wasn’t put off of the thought of me having a kid nor was any of those rumors were true. But I am still nervous about his indecisiveness about school.



“I’m kinda curious of what your 4 previous majors were.”

“Ha ha ha.. Oh man. Let’s see.. Well I started with business, then education, I dabble in Computer Science and lastly music. I couldn’t find one that really stuck to me. But I’ve been taking a lot of PE courses and I always had an interest in fitness. My mom wants me to be in medical.. Maybe becoming a physical therapist is my true calling. I like to help others too.”

“That sounds like a cool idea.”

“It does. I just hope it sticks cause I need to pick something. I don’t wanna be in school forever.”  



We walked around the block for a bit. Continuing to get to know each other.




Juan had a lot of funny stories about his childhood. He has a younger brother and has a very close relationship with his mother and brother. His father was really never in his life, he left after his brother was born and he was only 2 at the time. Juan grew up on a plantation where his mother grew coca beans and harvest honey.  He has a fondness of chocolate, loves to grill, loves the outdoors and enjoys watching comedic movies. He seems like a pretty nice guy and I think my mom would approve of him.

“Hey, I’m gonna kiss ya.”

“Wait.. What?”



Without much warning, Juan placed the sweetest kiss I’ve ever had on my lips. I was in complete shock. I was not expecting this nor did I know what to think.












I managed to stop looking like a fool for 2 seconds before kissing him back. It was one fantastic kiss and I was never kissed like that. I mean Deshaun was the only other guy I kissed but he has nothing on Juan. I wanted to stick around and kiss him more but I had to go pick up Amora. I could feel my phone buzzing like crazy in my pocket.

“I had a great time, Juan but I gotta go get my daughter.”

“I understand. I better get to the student center. I’m on the debate team.”

“Really? I didn’t know we had one.”

“Yeah, it’s fun to have pointless arguments with others.”

“I bet. So… do I ask you for a second date?”

“Ha ha ha. If you want to.”

“Well I’m asking you. Would you like to go out on a second date with me?”

“Hell yeah if it will be as great as the first one.”





I was on cloud nine as I drove over to Deshaun’s dorm to pick up Amora. Everything was just perfect. I had a great date with a guy and Deshaun and I are getting along.  

Do you believe in magic? I sure do cause that was one magical date! For once something great was going on in my life.




However once I arrived at the dorm, Deshaun was obviously upset with me. I wasn’t late with picking Amora up, in fact I was just 3 minutes early.




“Oh you didn’t think I would find out!”

“What are you talking?!”

“You know what I’m talking about. Don’t act like you don’t!”

“But I don’t. Care to share!”

“I don’t mind keeping Amora! I don’t mind at all! But I will not be keeping her while you go out on your hot dates!”

“Seriously! That’s what you’re upset about?! I thought you wanted extra time!”



“I do but not when you’re gonna use your time to slut around!”

“Excuse me?! You have no right! You have no right to judge me! Why do you even care! Weren’t together and I can do whatever I want!”

“Then why you had to lie about your reasons of why you wanted me to keep her all day?!”

“Cause it’s none of your business! I don’t question you of what you do when you don’t have Amora so don’t question or judge me!”

“I just don’t want you bring all these strange men around my daughter!”

“It was one date with one guy! He hasn’t seen my child! You are so ridiculous!”



I couldn’t deal with Deshaun and grabbed Amora as quickly as I could. I didn’t give him a chance to kiss her goodbye. I just wanted out of there as fast as I could. I still don’t know how he found out about my date with Juan. But I figure maybe one of his roommates seen me. I can’t believe how he overreacted like that.

“I’m sorry Amora but looks like you’ll be taking a break from seeing your dad for a while…”

4 thoughts on “Make Or Break: Chapter 6 – Do You Believe In Magic?

  1. Bleh man drama, Deshaun seems like he was thinkin they were gonna get together with all that family talk and got all jealous when he found out she was going out with a guy. >.<

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