Make Or Break: Chapter 5 – Distant

Life in Newbrey was going well, I got into the groove of school while taking care of Amora. Deshaun and I now have an understanding and I set time for Amora to spend time with her dad. With everything now settle, it was time for a girls night out on the town. Toni, Echo, Nicole and I made our way to B’s Bowlarama. It’s been ages since I last bowl.

My grandpa use to take my cousins and I out bowling back when I lived in EC. We went every night until the place closed down and moved to the town over. It was fun while it lasted, my grandpa couldn’t make the trip there as often as before while it was still in town. I probably suck at bowling now since it’s been a few years since. But I know I would still have a great night.



Before renting out the most ridiculous bowling shoes ever, we made our way to the pizza buffet. I heard the pizza here was pretty good and I guess it was okay. I always enjoyed the pizza at Domino Palace little more. It was the replacement when the bowling alley closed, so I spend time with family pigging out on pizza and playing arcade games.

While we eat, I kept eyeing the door to see if Rhena came in yet. I invited her out with us since I haven’t seen her since meet and greet weeks ago. She promised we would hang out soon and that’s been about a month of ago. I just hope she will show up tonight. I kinda feel like we are growing apart from each other.




“Is your friend coming out?”

“I think so. She said she would but that was 2 days ago.”

“Well if she’s not here by the time we finish eating, were starting without her. We gotta get a good lane ya know. Maybe you can text her and make her butt hurry up?”

“Yeah, I was thinking of texting her in bit.”



Everyone was done eating and I pulled out my phone to text Rhena but she already sent me a text telling me sorry that she can’t make it out tonight and how something else came up. Something always seem to come up whenever I make plans to hang out with her. It’s almost like she’s avoiding me. She haven’t made time for Toni either so maybe it’s just not me. But either way I was hurt when I learned she wouldn’t be coming out with us tonight. I was looking forwarded to it.




I let everyone know that Rhena had to cancelled. Nicole rolled her eyes as she mumbled, “Likewise.” Toni seemed a bit disappointed like I was and Echo didn’t care since she didn’t know her. Nicole tells me that I’m first up since they all agreed to go in alphabet order. I guess I was okay with that but I just hoped I didn’t fall flat on my face.



I was pretty amazed that I wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be. I could probably do a little more better with some practice. But hey, we are all just trying to have some fun. No need to be good or perfect.




I was still having a great night although my best friend couldn’t make it out here. I was having fun spending the night out with friends and family, we joked, mocked each other bowling skills. This is the first time in a long time since I ever had this much fun.

I really didn’t hang out with friends much when I was a kid. My dad felt I should use my time to focus on studying rather have any sort of social life. With my dad keeping my nose in the books for so long, it made me a little socially awkward. I struggle to hold conversations let alone start one. My dad’s motto of all work and no play, it’s really the reason how Amora came to be. I needed to cut loose once in a while, studying all the time can be a drag after a while. And when I did get out for fun, I got a bit careless and didn’t know how to pace myself.

When my dad finished helping me move in, he reminded me how I needed to study hard and ignore the parties. “You came here to get a degree, not to party or find boyfriends. Keep a book in your hand and not a can of beer.” I could still my dad’s words echoing in my man. I rolled my eyes as I thought to myself. It’s okay to have a little fun once in a while. When it comes to Amora, I’m not going to be so hard on her when it comes to school. I’ll let her be a kid, have friends, have a social life and let her be her own person. Of course I will encourage studying but not to the extent like my dad.  

Maybe this will break the cycle of becoming a teenage parent. Letting Amora live and talk to her about the bees and the birds when that time comes. My dad didn’t have that talk with me. He felt as long as I was always studying, there was no need. Boy was he wrong.. Maybe things will be better with my 2 little sisters.




Little to my knowledge, I was being watched by a stranger near by. I could hear Nicole and Toni, giggling and whispering as they looked at me. I was confused why and thought maybe I had a booger hanging out of my nose or something.

I was slightly annoyed and asked them what was so funny. “Looks like you have an admirer. I told ya those jeans would be perfect for tonight.” Nicole giggled. I thought to myself for a second. Who would be checking me. Probably one of the creepy heavy-set guys in one of my classes who always stare at me.




To my surprise it was a very attractive guy. I didn’t think I could attract anyone other than some guy who is as geeky as I was. But I tend to forget what I am. I’m Navox, I can attract just about anyone.




Our game was over and everyone wanted to go socialize for a bit. Toni went to try her luck at some arcade games, Echo saw a friend of hers and Nicole needed to check on Devin to make sure he didn’t get too drunk at the bar.

“Girl, you need to go chat with that cutie who’s been watching you before some other heffa gets their greasy hands on him.”

“I dunno what to say to him. I’m really awkward when talking to guys. I never had an actual boyfriend.”

“Everyone is. Just say hi and he’ll take it from there.”




“I’ll probably say something dumb and scare him off. Maybe you can talk to him for me? Break the ice?”

“Girl no. This is your chance to break through your social anxiety. Sometimes you just gotta take yourself out of your comfort zone. My mama always said, there’s a lot of things in life that’s like pulling off an old band-aid. Just count to 3 and just do it.”

Nicole made it sound so easy, she doesn’t have issues with talking to strangers. I took her advice, took in a deep breath and counted to 3.



Here goes nothing…



“Hi! Fun night, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you could say but my friends ditched me.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry.”

“Ha ha ha. It’s cool though. They were kinda annoying anyway with their consent make out sessions. I was starting to feel like the third wheel. I figure I could find someone here to chill with. Where did your friends go?”

“Oh they felt like socializing with others, we all live together so its nice to chat with others outside of the house.”

“Yeah I bet. I was here with my roomies too. I’m sure they headed home to fuck or something. They didn’t say anything to me. They just bounced.”

“Well that’s rude of them. I guess maybe you can hang out with me?”

“Sure, I think I would like that.”




I couldn’t believe that I was really having a conversation with a guy without looking like an idiot. I knocked on wood, hoping not to screw it up since it was going so well.

“So do you play pool?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty awesome at it by the way. So… what’s your name?”

“Alyssa. My friends call me Ally for short.”

“Hmm, Alyssa. That’s a pretty name. I’m Juan.”

“Hi Juan, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Ally.”



We headed upstairs to shoot a little pool. Nicole smiled as she watched me head upstairs with Juan. I could see her mouthing the words, “Get it, girl”. I almost blushed, I’m not sure how I will “get it” or know what that means.




“So Ally, where ya from?”

“Originally from Starlight Bay. I lived in Evansdale County for a bit before returning back home. How about you? Where are from?”

“Born and raised in Twinbrook. Looks like we are both a long way from home. Whatcha majoring in? I hope you don’t mind me asking this questions.”

“Computer Science. I don’t mind at all. What about you?”

“Ha.. I wish I knew… This is my third year and I’ve changed majors 4 times. Right now I’m just taking random classes until I figure what I wanna stick with. My mom often nags me about I should go to medical school and be a doctor. She said all over degrees are useless.”

“Oh.. Your third year huh?”

“Yeah, I’m probably a bit older than you. You look like you’re fresh out of high school.”

“Yeah.. Is that a bad thing?”



“Nah, I think it’s smart. Get school out of the way first then go live. I came here straight after high school. I was dying to get out of Twinbrook. There’s nothing to do other than play pool, drink beer. I never lived anywhere fancy like Star City. I bet you like to party, huh?”

I’ve only been to one party in my life and the ending results weren’t so good. I wasn’t sure how to answer but I didn’t want to sound like a dud. 

“Yeah! I went some many killer parties in Star City.”

“Really? You’re kinda cute when you lie.”

Crap… He could see right through my bullshit. I better recover quick. Think, Ally, think!

“Ha ha ha. Well to be honest I only attended one party but it was back in EC. My dad is real tough about studying. I didn’t get to do much.”

“Yeah, I can tell. Loose up a bit. Relax, have fun.”

“I’m trying… I think.”



“I hope you don’t think I’m too forwarded, but are you single?”

“Yeah. I take it that you are too?”

“Yep. I had a girlfriend but she transfers schools without saying a word. So I guess I’m single now.”

“Wow. You dealt with a lot of rude people.”

“Seems so. You seem pretty nice.”

“Well… I can be if you’re nice to me.

Oh gosh… that sounded so cheesy…. I feel like such a geek.

“You won’t have to worry about that, pretty lady.”

O.M.G. ….He just called me a pretty lady! Oh… I need to calm down. Sometimes I still feel like a 14 year old.


Ugh…that was such a lame reply. Why must I be so awkward…




Juan was pretty good at pool like he said he was. I didn’t bother trying to let me win or anything. I figure that’s what most men do anyway. It was my turn finally and I wasn’t sure how to make the shoot without looking like a fool. Back at the house, Nicole gave Toni and I a flirting lesson in case if we were to meet a guy tonight. “Bend over the pool table sensually as you take a shoot in front of the guy. Give him a nice show so you can throw him off his game so you can win.” Nicole’s words echoed in my mind. I made sure Juan would get a nice eyeful so I bend over the pool table as sensually as I thought I was. However it was anything but sexy.

“Ha ha ha! I appreciate your efforts, Ally. I’m a guy, you don’t need to do much to get my full attention. You’re very attractive, your beautiful smile is enough for me.”

“Oh gosh… I look so stupid!”

“I think it’s cute. I can tell you don’t have much experience with guys. Your parents didn’t let you date?”

“No. My dad felt boys were a distraction. However my mom was a little more relaxed when it came to dating.”



“So would you mind going out on a date with me sometime?”

“Really? You’re asking me out on a date?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Well sure but I must warn you, I’m a little geeky.”

Ugh.. Why did I just say that.

“Ha ha ha. I like geeky girls. I can be a little geeky too.”




“So just to be clear, this isn’t any kind of joke or prank. I read stories and watched movies about really attractive guys asking out the geekest girl in school as a cruel joke.”




“Ha ha ha! Not at all. You’re really funny Ally. I think you and I will have a great time. So about we exchange numbers so we can set up a place and date to mean on?”




We exchanges number just before he needed to go. He got a text from his roommates telling him they are locked out of their house. I figure it was time to regroup with my roommates too and head home. It was starting to get late and I need to go get Amora from Deshaun so I can put her in bed.




I was excited about my pending date. Nicole was the first one I found to share my good news with.

“Guess who has 2 thumbs and a date with a hot guy. This girl!”




“See, I told ya you could talk to that guy without me. Now we just gotta find Toni a guy too.”




The weekend had passed by and we all had a great time. It was business as usually Monday morning but I had an extra skip in my walk this morning. Toni was happy for me that I got a date with a guy and we set up to meet at the Groove Bean for lunch after our morning classes.

I was nervous but excited about my first date ever. I don’t count the time during that party in EC with Deshaun as a date. He didn’t really exactly asked me out, well.. he did during the party but just ignored me the next day. “Oh no!” I thought to myself, what if Juan decides to ignore me too? I didn’t hear much from him during the weekend. He did say he was kinda busy. I’m such a nervous wreck now!



I checked my phone to get a reassuring text from Juan saying he can’t wait to see me again later on today. I also got a surprising text from Rhena asking me to meet her at the Groove Bean for breakfast. I already ate but decided I would go and meet up with her in a bit. My first class wasn’t until 45 minutes and Deshaun was coming over to pick up Amora since he has no classes for the day.



I wasn’t so sure if I would still find Rhena hanging out at the Groove Shack. So far she has gotten into the habit of ditching me. I am just so curious of what is going on in her life. I’m eager to tell her about my first date. I just hope she’ll be here to hear about it.



To my shock, Rhena was here waiting for me. Her face lit up when she saw me. Rhena waves me over and happily jumps from out her seat.  “What’s shakin’, stranger?” Rhena greeted me.




“A whole lot has happen. Amora is doing well in daycare and getting well with Deshaun. School has been going well for me. So what about you?”




“Whoa did you just say Deshaun’s name without cringing? Ha ha! So he’s maning up? That’s good I guess. Things had been crazy busy for me. I decided to make a major change. I’m going in for audio engineering. My parents are wicked pissed about it but it’s not like they liked my first pick. They want me to be a doctor or a scientist but that’s not my thing. I wanna work in the music or film industry. But anyway, I wanna say that I’m sorry about ditching ya. Me being a band doesn’t help. I’m always doing something. Sorry, Al.”



“It’s okay, you’re here now. I’m glad you found something that you’ll enjoy more. In time maybe your parents will come to terms with your decision. I’m still majoring in Computer Science if you’re wondering. Oh and get this. I got asked out on a date by this one cute guy named Juan. It’s gonna be my first date ever and I’m really excited about it.”



“Oh that’s cool, Al. I think I know who you’re talking about. Just be careful with that guy. I’ve heard some things about him, not sure if its true or anything. He kinda gets around and has 2 babies. Plus he’s been in school like forever cause its avoiding being an adult and a daddy. But it’s just hear say, they could just be talking shit cause they jealous. Just be careful with him, regardless.”




I hope what all Rhena said about Juan was just silly rumors and not true. Hearing what she said just kinda dampen my mood about our date later on.

It was time for me to go to class, I hugged Rhena and told her that we really need to hang out more. She promised me that we will stay in touch more. I told her how I felt so distanced from her and she agrees that we need to change that.

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