Make Or Break: Chapter 4 – Daddy’s Girl

Another busy week of school and daily life had passed. I’ve been doing my best caring for my child and keeping up with my studies. I have almost no social life outside of my home but I know it was gonna be this way. I stayed up late trying to cram for a test later on today. Echo was kind enough to let me sleep in by attending to Amora. She really didn’t have to but she felt that I needed a little break. That extra hour of sleep did help a lot.



“Hey little mama, I think your mommy needs a little more sleep. I can make ya some breakfast. How does that sound?”



Amora’s choice in breakfast hasn’t changed since leaving Star City, oatmeal with strawberries. It was no brainer on what to make for her.

“So how do I make oatmeal? I never made it before. Oh well I guess I can wing it. It shouldn’t be so hard, right? Easy like pie! Oh wait.. Pie isn’t easy to make! Why do they say that? Cause pie is like the hardest thing to make. I almost burned down my home ec class one. It was kinda awesome though!”



Echo probably shouldn’t winged it but the poor girl has never learned how to cook. Echo mention how her mother always cooked meals so she never bothered to learn. She didn’t do well in home ec and figure she would just get by on conjuring food. 

Amora wasn’t a fan of Echo’s cooking and the slam of the bowl on the floor is enough to gain Nicole’s attention.



“Did you feed her yet?”

“I tried! She like threw it on the floor. The oatmeal wasn’t that bad! I added strawberries in it.”

“By the looks of it on the floor, it’s lumpy.”

“I never made oatmeal before!”

“Why didn’t you just conjure it?”

“Maybe I thought I could learn to cook. After school I gotta catch a husband and my cooking is no husband bait.”

“I guess you have a point. Learning to cook is ideal. We shouldn’t always depend on our magic. Our ancestors only conjure food during the slave trade and war, when they were captured or went into hiding. It’s a survival instinct, not something to be used when being lazy. My mom taught my sister and I how to cook. I can teach ya if ya like.”

“Oh cool! Cause I’m gonna need a husband when I get my degree. My good looks will only do so much. You’re lucky that you’re dating my brother.”



Thankfully for Amora, Nicole came from a long family line of Navox cooks. She made something different for Amora than her usual. Bananas and cream oatmeal, it was Nicole’s favorite since she was a child. She thought it would be nice if Amora gives it a try. It was hit with Amora, she loved it. It’s a good and bad thing. It’s great she’s likes something different but bad cause I won’t be able to make it as good as Nicole.



I finally crawled out of bed and joined the girls for breakfast. We chatted about our plans for day and things in general like always. I have a full day of studying before I attend my evening classes.




Studying wasn’t going as well as expect when having a toddler. Amora was more cranky than usual, she cried and cried, nothing I said or do made her happy. I found myself starting to get frustrated as Amora continue to whine and cry. My test is later in the evening and I needed to study for it as much as possible. I didn’t do well on the last couple of quizzes and I really needed to do well on this test.

“Amora… Please! Mommy needs to studying! Just give mommy 2 minutes. Just 2 minutes, please.”




My pleads were ignored, with nobody home during the day I couldn’t hand Amora off to someone while I studied. I knew at some point I will find myself having a difficult time with a difficult child. Sometimes I wondered if Amora was better off staying with my mom. I don’t have much time to spend with Amora on days like this.




“You wanna study with mommy? It’s kinda boring though.”




“Up, mama!”




She just wanted my attention, she was happy once I picked her up and sat her on my lap. I loaded some of her favorite videos to watch on my laptop. It doesn’t look like I will be getting much studying done as much as I needed it of all the days. I saw my phone lit up, it reminded me that I had one other person who could help.




I sat Amora down only for her to start crying again. At this point, I  really had no choice. I swallowed my pride as I picked up my phone. I slowly scrolled down my recent call list to find his number. I took a deep breath before dialing out.

“Hey are you busy? I need for you to come by.”



Deshaun has been non stop in attempting to call me since he tricked Toni into bringing Amora to the park. I really haven’t spoken to him since then. I only managed to tell him that was a coward move and it wasn’t helping his case. I probably shouldn’t have called him but I was up the creek without a paddle today. Deshaun was happy to hear that I needed him but it was Amora who needed him…




“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea but I really had no choice. You were my last resort. You still haven’t proven anything to me. What you did with Toni was very cowardly. I still haven’t forgiven you for that. But today, Amora needs you. I got a big test today.”



“I’m her father. I shouldn’t be a last resort but I take whatever I can get. I’m sorry about the thing with Toni, I just really wanted to meet my daughter. I was getting desperate.”




“I just need you to look after Amora while I study for while. Can you do that?”




“Sure, anything you want as long as I can spend some time with her.”




I handed Amora off to Deshaun, I wasn’t sure how she would react to him but she seems to like him as she knows he’s her father. I watched them for a bit before returning to study. I hate to admit that he’s very good with her.




It was crunch time and I had 4 hours before class. With Amora being attended to, I could really crack down. I can’t afford to fail any of my classes. It would just prove that I couldn’t attend school while caring for Amora. I was really in the zone, maybe too into the zone. I should had turned on the baby monitor while I was studying.




I would had known that Deshaun had left with my child….




After an hour, I came out for a snack to find they were gone. I almost went into panic mode until I found a note saying he took Amora to the park. I was furious, he didn’t ask me. I didn’t trust him enough to take her outside of my home. I just hoped that she’s fine.




“Okay, we should head home now. Ally is probably pissed.”


“But sweetie, we gotta.”



I waited for them to return on the porch. I could see the fear in Deshaun’s eyes as he walked slowly to the porch. He pretty much knew that I wasn’t pleased with his actions. I don’t know why he keeps digging a deep hole with me. I know now that he can’t be trusted. He just had one thing to do but still manages to mess that up too.




“Seriously Deshaun?! You didn’t ask if you could take! Your little note isn’t enough! Why couldn’t you just ask me! You are such a coward!”

“She’s my kid too! I shouldn’t ask if I can take her to the park! It was a nice day out and we didn’t wanna spend it outdoors!”

“I don’t care! You are still a stranger to her! All you had to do was ask!”

“So you could just say no?! No I can’t take my own child to the park?!”

“Yeah! I just can’t trust you! You are a snake! A spineless snake!”




“I’m a snake?! I do what I can do since you won’t like me be her father! What else am I gonna do? I am sick and tired of waiting on you to finally let me be a parent! You have no right to say rather I can be her parent or not! We made her together! We have to raise her together! Not when you’re having a hard day!”

“All I want you do to do is be a man to me! No sneaking around!”

“You don’t leave me much choice! You’re like a nazi!”

“How dare you! You got some nerve! Just leave! Leave right now and never show your face again!”

“I’m not going anywhere! Maybe I should take my dad’s advice! Maybe we should go to court!”




With all the yelling between us, we weren’t thinking Amora or how it would upset her.





“She’s upset. Give her to me.”

“No I got this.”

“Deshaun! Hand her over.”

“She’s my daughter too. I got this!”

“Give my daughter, Deshaun!”

“Alyssa! Just back off!”



“It’s okay baby girl, don’t cry. Everything is fine.”

Everything isn’t fine but at least Amora is okay now.

“Deshaun, I think maybe we should talk.”


“Please Deshaun.”

“Fine.. Whatever.”



“Ally, we can’t be yelling in front in her. My pops and mom always use to yell at each in front of when I was a kid. It’s not a good thing.”

“I know but you really pissed me off.”

“Well what choice do I have? I am 100% committed in being a father. No mistake in that. I don’t know how else to prove that point to you.”

“Would you really take me to court?”

“If it comes to that and it’s getting real close. I have rights as much as you do.”

“That’s true but… I just want to make sure you won’t hurt her.”



“I won’t hurt her but you are hurting her.”

“How so?”

“By not letting me see her, be there. When she gets older, she’s gonna wonder why I wasn’t around more. She’ll hate you. You don’t want that.”

“So what do we do now?”

“Just let me be there for her. I can help out more than you think. You need me, she needs me and I need you both. We can work something out.”

“I guess we can. We can make a schedule and go for there.”

” I would like that.”



Deshaun felt that he should go with all the tension between us. Maybe it was for the best. I could try studying more at the daycare. Deshaun told Amora his good byes before heading to his dorm.



Amora watched Deshaun. She didn’t look sad but she said something that surprised me.




“Bye bye, dad-dee!”

She knows he’s her father. I guess it’s official now…

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