Various Mods Dump – 100K Views Gift – Part 1

I fixed the link for the Spa mod, it was miss linked. I also added more info about it cause there were some things that I forgot about.

Montigo Universe

On July 5th 2015, my blog reached 100k views on its 3rd year anniversary. How juicy was that :p As promised, I planned to be a gift together for all you lovely peoples. According to the polls, mods and a build won. Right now I just have the mods done and have yet to start on the build, which the Night Club had won.

In this post is various mini tweaks that I made for personal use but will share with you all. I do have 2 other mods to add to the gift however I felt those 2 mods need their own separate posts since they do more than one thing. Those will be posted shortly after this one.

All mods were made with patch 1.63 and may work with higher patches.

Remember to delete the scriptcache when installing new mods.

Better Spa

I originally planned to upload this with…

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