Glorious Food Tweaks


Oh glorious, glorious sim food! Since having everything that EA had to offer, my sims have endless food options however some of these things needed to be adjusted a bit.

For starters I increased the number of groups servings from 10 to 20 since I play with large sim families. Cooking time is a lot faster. It takes 10 sim minutes to prepare a group meal. Sim will have the option of having any type of meal at any time of the day. Waffles for dinner? Sure! Cechive for breakfast? Go for it!

Snack foods are less filling so your sims can snack away without ruining their appetites for some home cooked lasagna later on. This includes some of the food from the store items such as ice cream and the chocolate fountain. Snowcones are also less filling and less autonomous. The ice cream maker and the deep fryer are less autonomous. When making ice creams, sims will only shout for ice cream for sims who are actually hungry. However time to time a couple of greedy sims will have a 3rd helping.

Sims won’t eat from their inventories or drink honey autonomously. I hate it when I had a sim collect certain ingredients to make an elixir only for them to turn around and eat it -_- I especially couldn’t keep honey around. Now they will stop that nonsense.

Sims are more likely to eat at the table together and will actually eat their leftovers….however not all the time but most of the time. Sims will eat what they cooked instead of just admiring it from across the room.

I did make 2 flavors of this mod. One flavor enabled Vampires to enjoy normal food and not starve to death. Which that was something that happen often in my game cause vampires are too dumb to drink their vamp juice. The second flavor doesn’t enabled vampire to eat normal food. You can only use one flavor at a time.

This mod will conflict with all of the food mods from the Naughty Sims Asylum. If you want to use my food tweaks mod and have any of the food related mod from there, you will have to remove theirs. This mod does not conflict with my Food Truck Tweaks.

This mod alters the following ITUNs/XMLs:



































Made with Patch 1.63, Will possibly work for higher patches

Remember to always delete your scriptcache

And remember to use ONE flavor at a time.


Food Tweaks – Vampire Friendly

Food Tweaks – Non Vampire Friendly


10 thoughts on “Glorious Food Tweaks

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  2. Are you sure you’ve set it properly to encourage sims to eat their leftovers? I have a fridge full of food and every time I click on the “hungry” moodlet it says they’re going to “prepare x”. I used the non vampire friendly tweak

    • I don’t know what you’re even talking about.
      But like I mention on my post, sometimes they will get their leftovers, sometimes they will not. Most of the time my sims choose to eat leftovers instead of cooking something new. It may have something to do with their personality. I set the tuning to a reasonable setting, if I set it any higher than I set it, then sims will overeat and gain weight. This mod had been in testing since Sept 2014. I’ve watched it carefully.

      • Yeah, one or two, but all of my sims? I have a large household (8+) and not one of them autonomously gets leftovers from the fridge. Even without the mod, some of them will eat leftovers without being directed to. I just cleaned over a dozen different dishes out of my fridge. I don’t have any other mods that affect the fridge or food or cooking…

          • I might start a test game and see what happens…it might just be that family or world…if it still happens, I’ll try removing that portion of the mod because everything else seems to be working…
            They’ll eat if the plate is sitting on the counter, but as soon as it goes in the fridge it doesn’t exist.

  3. Man…..It was looking like a good mod and i’m sure people enjoy it but, i need the food servings REDUCED!!! not increased! lol i would love a mod that takes the serving down from 10 to say 4 i play with small families max 4 !

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