Make Or Break: Chapter 3 – Blooming Onions

 The first week of school flew by with a blink of an eye. My first week wasn’t so hectic as I thought it would be. I had some downtime for studying and to spend time with Amora. Week 2 will be a little busier cause my activity classes start this week. Devin offer to pick up Amora when his classes were done that way Amora won’t have to stay at the daycare all day. He said he could take her to the park and they can have fun. I thought it was nice of him and he doesn’t have to do that but he insisted. I told him it was okay, Amora does like him.

Today I had to start my day early due to early classes. I felt a bit tired as I didn’t sleep as much last night. I already had a big test that I needed to studied for and tried to cram as much info as I could. I made Amora’s usual breakfast of oatmeal with strawberries. It seems to be the only thing she wants for breakfast now days. After I was done making Amora’s breakfast, I decided to make breakfast for the house. We all had early classes this morning. I popped 3 boxes of waffles in the oven and hoped this would enough for all of us genies. If not, one of us could always conjure more with our magic. 



 It was just us genies for breakfast, Toni didn’t wake up just yet. Her classes were later in the day. We had our usual chat about our professors and peers. Devin is convinced that his one female professor is trying to make a move on him. We laughed saying it was all in his head and that she was probably just being nice. “But I am a pretty man.” Devin would often mention. Nicole would roll her eyes and scoffed whenever Devin mentions that. I do enjoy having breakfast with my extended family, it’s the only time we get to sit down and chat.



 “So Devin, are you gonna wear your new cologne with your new girlfriend today?”

“Joke all you want but she’s hot for me. She’s now wearing low cut shirts and I swear her skirts are getting shorter. It’s not like I look but ya know… I am a guy and you can’t fault me for that!”

“Ha ha ha, Aww Devin you’re turning a little red.”

“I am not! Nicole… you know that you’re the only lady I look at.”

Nicole scoffed and stick her tongue out at Devin. She’s not the type jealous and isn’t too threaten by this flirty professor. But Devin is right, her outfits had suddenly changed within a few days of school starting. I’m not sure what’s going on but I don’t think anyone has anything to be worried about. Devin and Nicole are pretty solid. They been together since they were 16.



 “You ladies will have to deal that I am a pretty man like my dad. Ladies will throw themselves at me. They can’t help it ya know.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

This went on for a bit before switching the subject about the blooming onions at Spangles Diner. Echo has mention more than once about we all should have dinner sometime. She heard about how they have the best blooming onions ever. I heard about too, a lot of the college kids eat their a lot. They prefer the diner over the cafeteria at the student center. We all agreed on having dinner there tonight.  



 After breakfast, I got myself and Amora ready for the day. Amora looked forward in going to daycare so she could play with her new friend Pierre. She tried climbing into her stroller before I got a chance to take it off the porch. She was ready to go and felt that I was taking too long.



We said our quick goodbyes before Amora walked over to play with her new friend Pierre. I tried to give her a hug but she quickly raced off. I guess I’m no match against a 2 year old boy. I see future fights about having boyfriends with she’s a teen. I laugh to myself when I think about it. I can hear her saying, “But I love him, mom!”



 I had some slight car issues that made me almost a little late for my first class which was I would be having a big test for. I scurried off to class as fast as I could. Running wouldn’t be quick enough so my genie abilities came to some use for times like this.




 After all of my classes were done for the day, I figure I could stop by the Groove Bean for a latte. I was still feeling a bit tired and could use a pick me up. I haven’t gotten a chance to just enjoy myself and since Devin would be picking Amora up, I could have a little time for myself.



 I order a banana and coconut latte which I think is my new favorite. The Groove Bean had some many different flavors to choice from and drinks too. I sat down by the window with my drink. Sipping slowly as I people watch. Students were coming and going. I heard a few saying they only came for the Cinnabon which is a giant cinnamon bun with a thick layer of french vanilla glaze. It kinda reminds of the ones at The Perc back in EC. I thought about ordering one too.



 I pulled out my phone before deciding on ordering a Cinnabon, to find a text from Devin. He forgot that he had soccer practice today and he wouldn’t be able to pick up Amora when his classes were over. I quickly gulped my latte before rushing off to the daycare. I told Ms. Parks that Amora would be leaving early since Devin was going to pick her up which was supposed to be almost 3 hours ago.



 “I am so sorry Ms. Parks. I just checked my text from my uncle a bit ago and finding out that he couldn’t pick up Amora when his class was done. I went to a coffee shop after class cause I thought my uncle already picked her up. I promise this won’t happen again.”



 “It’s fine Alyssa. I know these type of things happen. It’s no problem given Amora would had stayed here until now anyway. I often have students tell me that their friend or roommate would picking up for them and plans were changed. But if you do need a small break after class before collecting your child, it’s fine as long it’s no longer than 30 minutes. There is a strike system, five strikes and your child is not allowed to return to the daycare. A strike is given if the parent is late on picking up their child. You have 30 minutes before considering you’re late. So far this has not been an issue.” 



 “I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll try to be the one to pick up Amora for now on. I don’t want any strikes or anything. I know she likes it here.”




Once I got home, I put Amora down for her afternoon nap. I figure I could use this time to work on my one of my class projects. However I felt a bit sleepy still, the latte wasn’t enough.




 I turned on the baby monitor so I could hear Amora when she wakes up. I just wanted to lay down for a while and hope it would re-energize me so I can get back to my school stuff.  




 I was really tired and was out like a rock once my head hit the pillow. I looked at my phone and saw I was asleep for 3 hours. Amora would be up by now and I heard nothing from the baby monitor.




 I raced towards Amora’s room and discovered she wasn’t in her room. The color from my face drained as I feared for the worst. My heart was pounding and felt my legs lock up before falling down onto the floor on my knees. I had a million thoughts racing through my head. Where is my daughter? The house quiet, Amora’s room looked undisturbed. I quickly looked around Amora’s small room thinking she could just be hiding under her bed. 



I heard the front opened and I quickly ran out thinking that Amora had wondered outside somehow. I was relieved to see Toni holding Amora but I was also fulled with anger. Why couldn’t Toni left a note so I wouldn’t have a heart attack when I awake to find my child missing? At first I wanted scream at Toni but Amora squealed with delight once she saw me. I’m just happy that Amora was fine.



 “I hope you found the note I left on your desk. Amora woke up and I figure you could use a longer nap. I took her to the park for a bit cause Deshaun said he wanted to see her. She likes him a lot and cried when I told her we needed to go home.”



 “You took my daughter to go see him? Why on earth would you do something like that? I never gave you permission to take my daughter outside of this house! I can’t believe that you decided that he could see her! Amora is my child and I decide rather it’s okay for Deshaun to meet her, not you!”




 “I didn’t know! I thought it was okay! He said it was okay! He’s Amora’s dad and he does have a right to see her! I thought you both had things worked out cause he implied that!”




 “No, Toni! We did not! I told Deshaun once he proves to me that he’s not going to flake out that he could see her! And I don’t care if you think he has the right to see her! Any boy can make a baby but that doesn’t mean he has a right! I didn’t want her to meet him, get attach to him and then he goes and run off. You wanna know how bad it hurts when I told that my mom wasn’t come back? I don’t want Amora to go through that pain that I did! And I’m not sure if Deshaun is serious about being her dad! He’s all talk but no show! You know how he is!”



“Seriously Ally? Seriously? You wanna bring up how bad it hurts when being told a parent isn’t coming back? Your mom eventually came back when she got clean! My mom never got clean! She OD in a crack house when I was 6 and my dad was killed when he passed out on a train track when I was 7! Wanna know how bad it hurts when you’re told that both of your parents will never come back cause they are both dead?”



 After the argument I had with Toni, I stepped outside to study a bit while Amora played with Devin. I felt kinda bad about bringing up the mother thing knowing that Toni lost both parents. Her mom was a drug addict and her dad was an alcoholic and they both succumbed to their addictions. Toni came outside, I could see the hurt and sorrow in her eyes. I feel like such an asshole now.



 “Hey Ally? I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry. I knew deep down it would be an idea to let Deshaun see Amora but he convinced me that it was okay.”

“I’m sorry for yelling at you and bringing up the whole parent thing. I wasn’t trying to hurt you or anything. I was just so mad.”

“Hey I understand where you are coming from. Deshaun can be a flake but I believe he’s serious when it comes to Amora. I could see the love in his eyes as he played with her. I believe he wants to be her father 100%.”

“I don’t know.. Him tricking you into bringing Amora to the park still tells me he’s not ready. He couldn’t be man enough to come to me about it.”

“Well he said you did rip him a new one..”

“No excuse. If he want to be a dad then he needs to face me.”




 Toni headed off to her evening classes. I was still peeved about this situation. That was such a snake move and he knew it was going to blow up in Toni’s face. Deshaun didn’t care, he basically used Toni as a human shield like he always did. This isn’t the type of guy that I want in my daughter’s life.




Devin needed some time to study, I relieved him from Amora’s grip. She wasn’t happy about it, she wanted to play with Devin more. I told her that we can go see Ms. Parks and Pierre might be there. Her whines turned into cheers as we got ready to head over.



I made use of the study area at the daycare. Amora played while I worked on my homework. I had to work on an 1000 word essay on the history of modern computer technology. Sounds boring but it’s fun for me to be honest.



 It was just my luck that Pierre was still at the daycare. Of course Amora was happy and Pierre seems like a sweet kid. I met his mother Eveline a couple of times last week. She happily announced to me how her long time Jax boyfriend asked her to marry him over the summer. I think she just wanted to tell as many people as possible. She’s been very giddy about her engagement and plans to have their honeymoon in her home country in France. She seems nice and invited me to join her mommy and me group on Sundays. Our kids may know each other but we all should get to know each other.



 I got a text from Echo telling me to meet them at the diner at 7:30 so we could try this so called famous blooming onions that was always talked about. I thought they would bigger as other often mention how it takes 3 people to eat one. It was basically a snack to us genies. I ordered one for Amora too, the waiter mention there’s a kid’s menu but Amora is no average child. I playfully explained about the kid size meal was a tiny snack for a genie child. The waiter was still confused and we giggled a bit. Humans still don’t know much about us Sub-Humans. 

As I had dinner with my family, my phone was non stop with calls and texts from Deshaun. I tried my best to ignore my phone. I didn’t want anything to do with him at this point.




“So what’s the verdict? It is was good as they said?”

“I guess it’s okay, Nicole but it’s kinda tiny don’t ya think?”

“I can eat like 7 of these. I had soccer practice today and this isn’t doing anything for me.”

“Shall we freak out the waiter more and order 7 of these for each of us?”

“Yeah Echo, cause my stomach is still growling. Amora, do you want another one?”

“Yea, mama!”

“See, even one isn’t enough for a child! Waiter please?”



After eating every possible blooming onion at the diner, Amora and I came home while the others head to The Grotto for an after dinner drink. I wish I could join but it was Amora’s bedtime. Toni should be home from her classes and she could use some company. She tends to be left out cause of her later classes, plus she’s a vegan and there’s not much she can eat at restaurants. 




 “How was the amazing the blooming onion? Did it live up to its name?”

“It took 7 of those before we could decide and they are pretty good but not the best. I had better blooming onions back in Star City.”

“I’m amazed of how much you genies could eat. I gave Amora an apple for a snack and she wanted 3 more.”

“Ha ha ha. For future references, bring 4 of those.”

“So you’re okay with me taking Amora out?”

“I guess so. But please talk to me about letting Deshaun see her first.”



 “I know better now. But I should had followed my gut and told him no but he’ll pull the I’m her dad card out on me. I don’t know what to do in those type of situations. I panicked and told him okay. I guess I still have a weak spot for him.”

“Well you see now that he’s a snake. There’s much better men out there for you, Toni. Trust me, you don’t wanna be involved with Deshaun.”

“I know but he was like the only guy who was nice to me. I guess that doesn’t matter. That was a jerk move that he did to me.”

“Yeah so wanna watch a cheesy horror flick for old times sake?”

“Sure! I miss our movie night of crappy movies.”

“Me too.”



I heard my phone go off a few more times. I was pretty sure it was just Deshaun trying to reach me. I can deal with him later. I’m enjoying my time with an old friend and trying to mend our friendship. It felt like old times but something is missing. Rhena. I haven’t seen much of her since school started…


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