Make Or Break: Chapter 1- Summer’s End

I lived most of my childhood in Star City and I always loved this place. It was always sunny and warm. Beach trips were always exciting. I never I got bored playing in the water and sand. I never wanted to leave this city but things changed when I was 15. 

My grandpa wanted a change of scenery after losing his house in a fire. We stayed in a hotel for a while before renting out a house temporary. We were only there for a couple of month before my grandpa returning back from a little trip. He traveled to the east coast and found a house in Evansdale County that he liked. “I’m moving on up to the east side.” My grandpa once said, we thought he was joking which was something we haven’t seen in a long time. Daddy B. was serious, he was moving on up to the east side of the country. 

Naturally my dad was up for the move. My dad never felt like he belonged in Star City, he never manage to find a date. However I don’t believe he even attempted, he devoted all his time in raising me. I didn’t want to move, I wanted to stay here with all my friends. But it didn’t matter rather I wanted to move or not. I would have to leave this place no matter what. I didn’t know getting pregnant a year later would bring me back here.



When my dad decided that I should live with my mother who came back in my life, I was a bit excited. I knew I would only be staying until I had my daughter but I look forwarded into returning to my hometown. Even if it for a short time.

My mother enrolled me into my old school, I would be there for the first semester. My daughter was due during the beginning of the second semester, I would be transfer to a specialty school in Sundale. I didn’t mind it so much. I didn’t know how much would change when you’re away for only a year. My old friends weren’t really my friends. They acted like they didn’t know me, I felt it was cause of my pregnancy. It wasn’t that, they were just showing their true colors. I returned as a pregnant nobody.. I was only enroll for a couples of months before transferring into a different public school. I was able to make new friends there, some were pregnant too.

I transferred again after Amora was born. I blended well in the school in Sundale, I made more friends, I did well in school. My mother looked after Amora while I attended school, after school activities, hanged out with friends. It was something that my dad didn’t agree with it. He felt I should be working so I could support my daughter since I made the decision to act like an adult. I didn’t want to trade in my after school activities for a part time job. My mother wanted me to be like any other teen and my dad didn’t see me as a kid anymore. He said my childhood ended when I got pregnant. I started to resent my dad until Amora started to see my mom as her mom. Things gotta change… 




 I excelled in school and earned a full scholarship in Computer Science. I applied for a several colleges and was accepted into every school I applied for.  I chose Newbrey University since their computer science program was the best in the country and it was in New England, I wouldn’t be too far from my dad in EC.

The question was what am I gonna do with Amora? My mother offered to keep her while I attended school. My dad wanted me to go to school but had mixed feelings if I leave my child with my mom. When my parents attended NU, they left me with my grandpa and Lois. My dad said he was basically a stranger when he came to visit me. He said I called my grandpa “Daddy” and I called him “Brother”. My grandpa often corrected me but I still saw him as my daddy. By the time I was 4, I knew who my parents were.

I didn’t want to be a stranger to my daughter and she was starting to see me as her sister. I made the decision to take my daughter with me to Newbrey. They offered childcare for students however my scholarship wouldn’t cover it. I would have to come out of pocket and it wouldn’t be cheap. My dad nags me that I should have been working. My grandpa offered to pay for childcare but my dad told him no. He felt my grandpa did enough for me and I am his child. My parents put money together but my grandpa still pitched in. He has always been like a second father to me, he wasn’t taking no for an answered. I am his first grandchild and he wants to see me off to college as much as my parents do.

With things in order, Amora and I would be leaving at the end of summer.




 My 18th birthday was early this summer. It was a big deal, I graduated from high school on my birthday. A huge party was thrown for me. It was great to see my family once again. 

This summer was pretty great, I spent a lot of time with my daughter. She’s 19 months now and she loves playing in the water like I once did at that age. She loves the beach but as the summer ends, I hate to take that away from her.

Today marks the end of my summer. Tomorrow I head for Newbrey to settle before school starts in 2 weeks. My mom took off from work so she spent the day with Amora and I but I already had plans. I wanted to see the beach for the last time. I stared into the ocean, listening to the waves as I got lost into my thoughts about school. I slipped off my shoes and walked closer to the coastline. Digging my toes into the wet sand, I took in deep breath. I will miss the smell of the ocean. My felt my phone go off a few times. I tried to ignored but I remember I had another place to be. I pulled out my phone and checked my messages, one was from my grandma telling me to stop by before I leave and another one was from someone special to me. 

I replied back to both texts, I sighed knowing it was time to go now.




 Rhena texted me telling me to get my butt down to the boardwalk. During my birthday/graduation party, my grandpa surprised me by bringing my best friend Rhena with him. I was even more of a shock that she planned to spend the summer here in Star City. She has family here and they said she could stay with them. Rhena and I kept in contact after I moved, she’s my one true friend, my best friend. She’s like my sister although she was technically my first kiss. We laugh about that night now.

I made plans to spend my last day of summer with Rhena. She calls it our last day of ultimate freedom. Will be slaves to text books and professors for the next 4 years.  Rhena will be attending NU along with me. She earned a full scholarship which her parents were very proud of. Rhena has a lot of pressure on her by her parents. They want her to become something unlike her older sister Piper. Rhena often complains about her sister, she being the reason why her parents were harder on her. “If she wasn’t such a failure, I coulda had more freedom.” Rhena would often say. Rhena’s hard work paid off in the long run.



“Yeah that’s a good pic. I look pretty hot. You think Travis would miss me more?”

“What? You still hung on that jerk? He cheated on you with Kori.”

“Nah.. I’m over him but I still want him to miss me cause I was a great thing! Kori slept with Chaim and got pregnant by him. Serves him right though! You gonna cheat on me with a skank and she cheats on him!”

“Wow.. So Kori is gonna be a mother of 2 now?”

“Yeah that baby is due later on this year. Travis said Kori does things that I won’t do. Catching crabs isn’t my thing!”

“Ha ha ha ha! That’s so wrong. I thought Kori was a nice girl. She was nice to me and she talked about her plans for college. She was so happy about the Second Chance home. It gave her a better lookout on life.”

“Kori is as fake as her hair extensions. She wants everyone to think she’s on the right road but she’s a Slutty McSlut. I heard she has a crappy part time job at a fast food place. Chaim dumped her and plans on enrolling at the community college. At least he’s gonna do something with his life. Ya know.. he’s kinda cute.”

“Stop it, Rhena..”

“Just saying ya know.” 



 I didn’t take any pleasure in hearing about the downfall of the kids from the Second Chance home. I always had hope that the program would turn their lives around. I was friends with a few of them. Rhena told me that 4 of the 8 kids would be attending NU too and one of them being my former, Toni Keen. Rhena mention that the state shut down the Second Chance home after graduation cause they were displeased of the recent events and didn’t think the program made a real impact on the kids. Only 4 were accepted into college, 2 ran away, and 3 had no interest in college. Kori and Simone both became pregnant and Simone being one of the runaways. Yumi lost her funding and the home was shut down. Rumor has it that she returned to Sundale to start over.

I didn’t want to think much about it now. Today is supposed to be all about fun.



 Rhena spend half of the day at the boardwalk. I’m really gonna miss this most of all.  I remember my dad taking me here when it first opened up when I was 8. It was my birthday and he thought it would be the perfect gift and it was fun. I always had so much fun here with my dad and uncles. I took Amora here a few times and she loves it. I’m really gonna miss this place…. again.



“Hey Al?”


“Check this out…”

“What is it?”

“Just look.”

I always liked the view from the elevated balloon, I didn’t think much when Rhena asked me to check something out. I was too busy watching the sun set over the ocean. I should had ignored her..

“Is that guy-?”

“Oh yeah! He couldn’t wait to get home to rub one off. Hey asshole! We can see you!”

“Shhh, Rhena!”

“No! There are kids around. That creepo needs to be called out on! I forgot about all the weirdos that live in this city. I guess it wasn’t too bad when we left.”

“He’s the type of guy who would make me not miss this place…”




I guess someone had seen that guy cause it long before the police dropped by to arrest the creep. After watching him be hauled off, Rhena reached into her bag to pull out a bottle of champagne with a couple of glasses.




 “Where did you even get this?”

“I convinced some sucker to go bring us a bottle. We need to celebrate!”

“We can get in trouble!”

“Only if you don’t fast enough!” 



 “Let’s make a toast, Al.”

“To what?”

“To not be like my sister Piper. A loser who chases men who don’t want her. She’s super obsessed with your uncle Mordecai. But then again… he’s kinda hot.”

“Rhena! Uh.. gross!”

“Just saying… your family has some tasty genes. Even your dad is kinda hot in a nerdy way.”

“Oh my stars… you’re being gross. My dad? Really? Ha ha ha.”

“Your grandpa is mad sexy though. He has a nice-“

“Don’t you say another word! Ha ha ha.”

“Here’s to us! We are both awesome enough to get an edumaction!”

“Ha ha ha. Yeah!”



 I hope we will have a great time in school. We won’t be living together though. Rhena’s scholarship is paying for room and board, so she would be staying in the dorms. She would like to stay with me but the idea of living with a toddler isn’t appealing. I understand though, it’s gonna be hard to study with a noisy toddler around. I’m not sure how I will manage but Amora is usually a quiet child. As long as she has her favorite teddy bear, she’s happy.




I came home to have dinner with my family and finishing packing up the last few things. We will be flying out to EC then making a 10 hour drive to Newbrey with our dads.

We never really ate together but tonight was different. My mom even cook tonight, she didn’t cook much since she was never good at it. I cooked most nights, sometimes I conjure meals if I was too tired. It was a nice thing for my mom to do for my last night here.



“Do you have everything ready, Ally?”

“Just about, there’s a few things I need to pack.”

“Whatever you leave, I’m keeping.”

“Fine, Lizzie. You can have them until I come back ha ha ha.”

“That’s if you can find it!”

“Okay, girls. Let’s not fight tonight.”

“I was just teasing, mom. Ally knows it!”

“It’s cool, mom. I’m gonna miss the munchkin.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Girls, stop it. Let’s enjoy this night.” 



 After dinner I decided to clean up while my mom gave Amora a bath. She told me that I didn’t have to and it was Lizzie’s night anyway. But I decided to do it anyway, it’s my last night after all. Its my little gift to Lizette.



 After Amora’s bath, I got her ready for bed. Although my mom wanted to, I felt it was time for Amora to start getting use to me putting her into bed.




 I chatted online with my cousin Mariah for a bit. She was excited that I would be in town, even if it’s just for a day. I remained close with my little cousins since moving to Star City. She can’t wait to see Amora again. I’m excited to see her along with my other cousins and my 2 youngest sisters, Halo and Nichelle. I’ll also get to meet my grandpa’s quintuplets for the first time. He’s thinking about moving to Riverview so he’s know when I’ll see my new uncles and aunts. 



 I saw that I got a new message on my Facepage. I figure it was a friend or family member wishing me the best of luck but it was from Deshaun, Amora’s dad. I refuse to speak to him after what he did to me after the night of the party. Word got around to Deshaun about Amora being his. Since he learned about Amora, he messages me non stop. He talks about how sorry he is and he wants to help out with Amora. I ignore all of his messages before I decided to block him. He logged under his sister’s account to make one more attempt to reach out to me.

“I know I did a shitty thing to you in the past Alyssa but I am sorry. I’m truly am. I wanna make things right between us and I want to be there for our daughter. I don’t wanna be like my dad and wait to be involved until something bad happens to the mother. I wanna be in her life right now. I wanna be her dad. I’m going to NU like you are. I’m gonna make something of myself so I can support our daughter. Please let me be her dad.”

I’m not sure if Deshaun is being genuine or just trying to make it look like he tried cause he thinks I’ll say no. My dad often told me that he had a good talking to him, in fact my dad threaten him. My dad doesn’t look like much but he can be scary when he’s drunk and pissed. But Deshaun isn’t speaking to me out of guilt or fear according to my uncle Morde. He’s good friends with Deshaun’s dad and they talk. Deshaun wants to be her father, he wants to “man up” and if push comes to shove, he suggested his son should sue me for custody. Morde told me to not let it come to that, my dad agrees. 

I finally sent Deshaun a reply, “I’ll think about it.”



 I got a text before I decided to head to bed. It was from Rhena telling me its ladies night at The Edge. There was no cover for females, even if you’re under 21 and Rhena said we needed to take advantage of it. It’s our last night and we should party it up. I asked my mom and she said it was okay. I already put Amora in bed and she sleeps all night since being a genie. I told Rhena that I would be there.



 We had a lot of fun at the club, Rhena managed to convince a couple of guys buy us shots. We only did a few, we didn’t wanna get caught for underage drinking and get kicked out. I told her we shouldn’t stay out long, we have a 9AM flight tomorrow.  The last thing that we wanna do is miss our flight cause we wanna party all night.



 We agreed to leave at midnight, giving us 2 hours to party as hard as we could. It was getting near midnight and Rhena shown no signs of leaving anything soon. She was busy chatting with some purple haired guy named Mason.  When I realize who this Mason was actually, I tried to pull Rhena away.

Rhena was all flirty with him and felt that I was cockblocking her but I told her he’s trouble and I’m doing her a favor. Rhena was annoyed until I explained things better to her about him. I heard a lot about him through the grapevine and it was enough to cool Rhena off. On that note, we left.



The cab driver took the long route back to my home just to squeeze as much money he could from me. It didn’t bother me so much tonight, it gave me a chance to have a last look at the city. I don’t if I will return when I’m done with school.. Then I wonder will I finished school? My parents didn’t and so far I’ve been following their footsteps. My dad said if I keep my nose clean, focus on my studies, I will succeed. It’s simple as that. You have 2 choices, make or break. The choice is up to you… 

10 thoughts on “Make Or Break: Chapter 1- Summer’s End

  1. Woot good to see Alyssa is doing okay, even if she feels like a distant mother. I’m sure she’ll be fine. 😀 Oh god Mason makes another appearance heh.

    • Oh Mason lol The resident man-ho. We have yet to see the last of him lol Since being in Star City I felt it was right to mention him trying to ho it up in the club lol Ally doesn’t wanna start out like her mama nor make the same mistakes so we shall see where her journey will take her.

  2. Nice intro! haha i like the bit about Mason being trouble. He has a bit of a reputation now.

    It’s good Deshaun wants to man up, I hope he will not cause a bunch of trouble for her or sue her for custody!

    • Thanks 😀 I’m still unsure about this story. I am curious about the feedback so we shall see where this goes.
      Can’t forget about the resident man-ho Mason lol

  3. I also enjoy Mason making an appearance in the clubs >.<

    Great start to the new story, looking forward to the new town and seeing what's instore for Alyssa 🙂

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