Love For The Ladies: The Ladies, The Kids – A Look Back

Official Stats

Starting Age: 21

Ending Age: 63

Storyline Time Elapsed: 42 years

Real Life Time Elapsed: 2.4 years

Towns lived in: Starlight Bay, Evansdale County, Riverview

Lady Count: 19

Marriages: 2

Relationships: 3

Risky Conceptions:  34

Donor Daddy Conceptions:18

Lab Created: 1

Unknown Conceptions: 4

Total Children:  57 – 24 Boys/ 33 Girls

15 Singleton Births / 16 Multiple Births

Twins – 8 / Triplets – 2 / Quads – 2 / Quints – 1/  Septuplets – 1

Grandchildren born in series : 17 – 3 Boys / 14 Girls

Great-Grandchild born in series: 1 –  0 Boys / 1 Girls



The Ladies

 Lady #1 – Sonoko Lee

Children: Bruce-Lee Montigo, Tri Lee, Mariah Montigo, Kimora Montigo

Current Status: Deceased

Fun Fact: Sonoko took the virginity of Borage and later his son Mordecai. She is the mother of 2 of Borage’s grandchildren. Originally Sonoko didn’t get pregnant during the first risky woohoo but when I wasn’t looking, they had an autonomous woohoo. Borage could never remember Sonoko’s name.



Lady #2 – Lois Champagne

Current Status: Deceased

Children: Phoenix C. Montigo, Borage Montigo Jr., Lotus Montigo, Boragio Montigo

Fun Fact: Lotus and Boragio are technically not twins. Lois became pregnant again shortly after having Lotus. Both Lotus & Boragio were autonomous risky woohoos when I wasn’t looking. At this point autonomous woohoo was turned off.



 Lady #3 – Lindy Avilla

Current Status: Single

Children: Liam.2 Montigo, Lilah Montigo

Fun Fact: Lindy and Sonoko were once best friends since high school. The friendship ended when Sonoko found Lindy in the shower with Borage. Lindy always had a habit of going after men Sonoko had interested in or had been with. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They never mended their friendship.



 Lady #4 – Sadie Mason

Current Status: Divorced

Children: None

Fun Fact: The only memory Borage has of Sadie is a naked picture that he took of her with his phone after they hooked up. However he can’t recall her name cause he was never good with remembering names.  Sadie booked Borage to DJ at her party that was cancelled at the last second. Sadie offered sex as a payment cause she believes her boyfriend is sleeping with her best friend. Sadie did eventually married her cheating boyfriend but  later divorced when he failed to get her pregnant. Sadie still wonders whatever happen to Borage.



 Lady #5 – Alayna Sky (Mason)

Current Status: Married

Children: Mordecai Montigo, MiKaia Montigo, Miyoko Montigo, Anja Mason, Amaya Mason

Fun Fact: Mordecai was named after one of my DJ friends, his stage name is Mordecai however they have polar opposite personalities. My friend is a geeky computer guy while Mordecai is a womanizer. My friend finds my character Mordecai amusing. MiKaia and Miyoko had to be recreated 4 times. Originally they were both born purple while MiKaia was not born a genie the first 3 times.



Lady #6 – Fayon Xip (Vajoo)

Current Status: Married

Children: Apollo Montigo, Nova Montigo, (She has one other child with her husband)

Fun Fact: Fayon was Borage’s first wife. She scammed him into marring her. Fayon was truly in love with him in her own way. Fayon spoke better English than her younger brother Peidax due to her being on earth 60 years before him. She attended school and registered herself to become an official Earth citizen.  Fayon’s personality was improved since her divorce with Borage. She’s much calmer.



Lady #7 – Jocelyn Rye

Current Status:  Single

Children: Corrine Rye

Fun Fact: Jocelyn was an evil well child that Borage wished for in a free play file in Lucky Palms. Corrine was born in another free play file. Jocelyn is the only lady to not be seen in the story.



 Lady #8 – Selene Davis (Montigo)

Current Status: Separated

Children: Cyrus Montigo, Nichelle Montigo

Fun Fact: Selene and Shae are actually mother and daughter. Shae being the mother and Selene being the daughter. However I was unaware about their family connection. They both belong to a good friend of mine. Cyrus was born in a free play file in Aurora. It’s only fitting that he returns there.



Lady #9 – Pocahontas “Feather” Clearwater

Current Status: Committed Relationship

Children: Devin Montigo, Devon Sherwood, Devi Montigo

Fun Fact: Borage and Feather often end up together in free play files. In one file they had 16 kids together. Devin was born in one of those files. Feather is currently in a relationship with a male who has the same name as Devin.



 Lady #10 – Nakia Love (Montigo)

Current Status: Married to Borage

Children: Nicole Love, Jaslyn Love, Lamar Montigo, Nia Montigo, Janaya Montigo, Jordan Montigo

Fun Fact: Nakia was especially made for Borage.



Lady #11 – Astrid Foster

Current Status: Married

Children: Chanel Foster, Azalea Foster

Fun Fact: Astrid’s disappearance remains unknown. Her family is just happy that she has been found.  Chanel was born in a free play and was too cute to pass on. Astrid & Pocahontas are from the same creator who is a good friend of mine.



Lady #12 – Ahilac Vajjevoo

Current Status: Deceased

Children: Orion Montigo, Solar Montigo, Stella Montigo

Fun Fact: With the flip in Chapter 107, Ahilac was the one who carried the triplets although originally they shared a set of twins. Stella was the result of a previous risky that I didn’t follow through when I didn’t like how the story was heading. Stella was apart of a set of identical quadruplets. When I redid things, Ahilac didn’t get pregnant with the 2nd risky woohoo. But I added Stella anyway when I flipped the story. Since they had a risky woohoo that resulted in a pregnancy previously but unseen, I still counted Ahilac as a hook up.



 Lady #13 – June Carney

Current Status: Deceased

Children: Eli Montigo

Fun Fact: June’s character was rewritten to be a psycho cause she got on my nerves. Borage didn’t seem to like her either and she started to become stalkerish. She lived near by but I would always find her wandering around in his backyard. Borage didn’t want to flirt nor hook up with June. I had to cue up risky 3 times cause he kept cancelling the interaction. With the first risky, June had a set of twins. June was the only of the 3 risky hook ups I redid who end up pregnant again.



 Lady #14 – Collette Montigo

Current Status: Married

Children: None with Borage, has 4 kids with her husband

Fun Fact: Collette was the 3rd risky I redid, she had triplets the first time. I favored the results of the second time when Collette did not become pregnant as I was unsure how to write her situation given that her husband is Borage’s cousin. Collette has never told Ramiro about hooking up with Borage after June cast a spell on them. Borage doesn’t remember it most of the time but is reminded whenever he passes a photobooth.



Lady #15 – Diamond Flare

Current Status: Single

Children: Black Opal Flare, Blue Topaz Flare (Sojuko), Saffron Montigo, + A bunch of other kids

Fun Fact: Opal and Topaz were the only 2 kids from a Baby Challenge that was adopted into the legacy. Borage is considered Opal and Topaz’s donor daddy. Saffron was a result of a risky woohoo.



Lady #16 – Alexia Lex

Current Status: Committed Relationship

Children: Axel Lex, Tiana Lex, Briana Lex

Fun Fact: Alexia was pregnant with Tiana & Briana for a full year. Alexia is the younger sister of Collette. The father of Alexia’s son Axel is Borage’s older half brother named Alberto Freeman.



 Lady #17 – Simone Shaine (Sekemoto)

Current Status: Married

Children: Andre Shaine, Isaiah Shaine

Fun Fact: I didn’t know that Borage and Simone had hooked up. I found Simone heavily pregnant in town and learned that Borage is the father. Yet another hook up to happen under my nose hahaha



 Lady #18 – Clarissa Lamar

Current Status: Comatose

Children: Antonio Montigo, Giana Montigo, Clarice Montigo, Montell Montigo, Raiden Montigo

Fun Fact: Clarissa was originally a vampire but I realize that Borage hasn’t been with a werewolf yet.




Lady #19 – Fraine Sojika

Current Status: Single

Children: Leda Sojika (Flake), Echo Sojika, Xavier Sojika, Gaia Sojika, Orianna Sojika, Sapphire Sojika, Quade Sojika

Fun Fact: Leda was born in a good friend of mine’s game. I always adored her and adopted her into the legacy. Leda had a twin sister in my friend’s game. I wanted to add Leda’s twin too but I had already started to work on the story before my friend could retrieve Leda’s twin. Echo was created to take the place of Leda’s twin but I decided that Echo would be her younger sister instead.



The Sojika quads, Gaia, Orianna, Sapphire and Quade




Donor Daddy Results


Donation #1, #2 and #4 – Peidax “Pedro” Xip

Current Status: Deceased

First Trial: Bora Bora Montigo, Luna-Skye Montigo

Second Trial: Aries Montigo, Fred Montigo, Dasani Montigo, Journey Montigo,  Toshi Montigo, Khlamydia Montigo, Tuscan Montigo

Third Trial: Jairei Xip

Fun Fact: I couldn’t remember Peidax’s name so I gave him the nickname Pedro. It was an inside joke from high school whenever you couldn’t remember someone’s name.



 Donation #3 – Sunny Flower

Current Status: Married

Children: Aaliyah Flower

Fun Fact: Sunny is a simself of a good friend of mine. Sunny was also in the same free play save as Selene in Aurora. Cyrus and Aaliyah were very close in that file too.



Donation #5 – Yolanda Montigo

Current Status: Married

Children: Saria Montigo, Nadia Montigo, Pandora Montigo

Fun Fact: I originally planned for Borage to hook up with Yolanda after he moved back to Riverview when they had a drunken night together. However since I decided to wrap things up, that idea was canned. I favored the current results instead.

3 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: The Ladies, The Kids – A Look Back

  1. It’s awesome to see all the end results of the kids with their parents. Seriously super sorry I never got you Leda’s twin, lol. She’s such a bitch anyway I never managed to bin her I guess but the kids you made for Fraine I think are cuter anyway. 😀

  2. Love seeing the stats, facts, the kids, and their parents! WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE SINCE LFTL IS OVER NOW *CRIES* kidding. I’m sure you have another good story up your sleeve 😉

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