Love For The Ladies: Chapter 1, Swag On

I was feeling a bit nostalgic seeing how today is the day of the finale. I thought it would be nice to show the first chapter. However I had to relink all of the broken pics in it. But wow… so much as changed since then 😀

Montigo Universe

Hey you sexy ladies. I’m glad to see you came again. I am just that good.. You know! Yes, I just opened with a perverted joke so don’t be a prude. Put out or get out.

I decided to send an email to my deadbeat sperm donor dad. If he wasn’t so busy ho-ing around in Twinbrook, I would become a doctor but instead I want to be a male-whore like daddy. That’s right! I got daddy issues and I’m easy like cherry pie. “Dad, stop dicking chicks and come see my new place.” I sent to my dad along with plane tickets. I made him fly coach since he’s a douche. A strawberry scented douche at that.

A week later my dad shows up and unhappy about flying coach but I didn’t care. You left me with idiots!

“Son, that flight sucked.”

“Oh poor baby, suck a clit!”


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