Love For The Ladies: Chapter 107 – Grand Illusions

 If I could just go back….




 Change it all……




 Trade places with her…




 She doesn’t deserve this… She doesn’t deserve this at all…




 If only… If only I could change things…




 “Are you done yet?”


“I just wish you could stop your annoying muttering. It’s getting depressing now.” 




 “Why are we here? What is this place?”

“Beats me. You brought us here. Will you be long? I got shit to do.”

“We gotta fix this. I gotta get back to them.. To her.. She doesn’t deserve this. She’s been through enough.”

“What the fuck are you blabbing about?”

“You gotta get me out of this place.”

“Are you fuckin’ kidding me? This is all you doing this. You can bring yourself out.”




 “What? I’m in a coma. You gotta bring me out!”

“Again with this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why must you always play dumb?”


“Look, every time you bring me here… You always act all confused when I gotta remind you of things. You always talking about how I gotta bring you out of a coma. You seriously need to find a new dealer cause I think something extra was added into your pot.”

“I am confused.”

“See.. Again with your shit.”




 “Explain again. I’ll remember this time. I swear.”

“You said that last time. And if you gonna bring me here… Can you wear some pants for fucks sake?”

“I like being naked.”

“I don’t wanna see your junk.”

“You jealous?”

“Ho please. You got nothing on me. Get up.”


“We are going outside. But put your damn clothes back on.”





 “So where are we going Cer?”



“Don’t be stupid! You wanted things explained. I will for the 50th time.”

“Okay but we gotta go outside for it?”

“Yeah. Maybe the sun will make you remember this time.”




 “Cool boat.”


“I always wanted a boat. Should I get a boat? Boats can be fun right?”

“Ugh. Yeah, boats can be fun.”

“You ever fucked in a boat? I bet that would be kinda cool. Rocking the boat, heh!”

“Yes, rock the boat into a lake with unknown danger. Real smart, Borage. Real smart.”

“Hey! I am adventurous ya know.”

“You are annoying as well.”




 “Hey Cergio?”

“What now?”

“We should sing a little song. It will be fun!”

“We should not.”

“Row, row, row-“

“Shut up.”

“Ahh c’mon! Row, row, row your-“

“Shut up!”

“Row, row, row your boat-“

“I swear I will not hesitate in tipping this boat over if you don’t stop your annoying singing!”




 “Geeze.. You’re no fun. You must had a bad childhood.”

“I lived in a tree with squirrels and birds. I was surrounded with nature, love, sunshine and happiness. I hate happiness and anything that is good. My childhood was terrible.”

“Oh.. The dark and twisty type.”

“I am not dark and twisty!”

“Ya coulda fooled me.”




 “But anyway Cergio, what are we doing out in the middle of this lake?”

“I thought we could do a little fishing. We chat, me explain shit again.”

“Oh cool! It’s gonna be fun hanging out like brothers!”


“See.. You’re dark and twisty!”

“Shut the fuck up!”




 “You say I’m not in coma but I am. You brought me here. I remember you bringing me to different places. I saw Solar. I taught her how to walk and we talked.”

“Of course you taught her how to walk, and talk. You did the same with Orion, Stella and your other kids.”

“But you shown me Orion was taken.. Who is Stella?”

“Again.. You never remember Stella but then again you had so many damn kids.. I don’t see how you could keep track of them. You gotten better with your kids after the triplets were left on your porch. You wanted to “man” up. You should have “man” up over 30 plus years ago.”

“Triplets? Now I am confused.”




 “I swear.. This is really getting old. Orion, Solar and Stella. Some alien bitch abducted you and you fucked her. 2 weeks later she left the babies on your porch saying they were “defected”. They were born deactivated, meaning they were more Navox than what she was.”

“But she made me pregnant.. I gave birth again.. Those freaky aliens were always putting babies in me!”

“I wanna know what you been smoking. You have never been “pregnant”. You’re a male.”

“But I remember I had.. I had Bora and Luna, then the septuplets. I remember pushing 7 babies out of my ass! Pedro use to live with me and I think he raped me!”

“Ha ha ha ha! You are a trip ya know. I will never understand the aliens. Pedro created lab babies and gave you the illusion that you carried them and birth them. It is kind of hilarious when you think of it.”

“I never gave birth?”


“Then why do I have extra booty meat?” 




 “But seriously Borage. You need to work out your issues.”

“My issues? You aren’t really explaining anything.”

“Open your eyes. Look around. Why are we here?”

“Clarissa. It should have been me..”

“But it is not. Time has passed. You gotta move on. We can’t  keep coming here. You can’t keep bringing me here anymore. It’s fucking with your sanity.”

“I don’t understand…. Why do I keep having these other memories? These memories feel real. I got into an accident. I was in a coma. My kids were devastated. I saw Clar here. Somehow she was able to be here. Before my coma I was gonna tell her that I wanted some real with her. But June.. she texted me, talking about a fire.”

“None of that was real. You know what is real. You know what really happen. The guilt you have is causing you to have false memories. I’ve told you this many times. You gotta face the real reality of things.”





 “The life that I was seeing was not real? My coma did force my sons to have their own lives? Aries never got his first girlfriend? Boragio never got married? Mordecai never stepped up? L2 didn’t start being a man?”

“The life you saw did indeed happen, but not in way you thought. You were never in a coma. Again with this, false memories due to guilt, depression. You have a good life now but you refuse to accept it. It’s not fair to her.”

“If I could change things..”

“No. You can’t change things. I just wish you could see things would be better this way. What happen, happened for a reason. If things were the other way, you wouldn’t like the end results.”

“Clarissa and I would be so happy.”





 “If you were in the coma, she would spend her days waiting for you. She wouldn’t live her life, she would fall into a deep depression. It would get so bad that she started to take advantage of your random erections. Getting herself knocked up and convincing herself that she’s some dream-catcher wolf and she got pregnant by you in her dreams. Of course this makes her mother have her committed. Your coma would destroy her.”

“So things would be better with Clarissa in the coma instead?”

“Now do you see it?”

“Yeah.. But she was pregnant before our accident on Valentine’s day.. Care to explain that?”

“You know when they say if you kill a butterfly, life events change?”


“June would be that butterfly.”




 “June fucked up shit again?!”

“No. But Raquel did.”


“The bitch I’m hiding from. June should have died from the house fire that night. Raquel spared her long enough so she could kill herself. Raquel fucked up your shit.”

“So if it wasn’t for her then Clarissa wouldn’t be in the coma??”

“No matter what, it was still gonna happen. You and her was never meant to be. Clarissa is damaged goods, your Navox aura would too much for her. Clarissa is not your ever after. Your after ever is laying next to you.”




“I guess I can finally move on now that I know Clarissa wasn’t suppose to be my ever after. I just felt if I didn’t drive that night or if I was in the coma instead… Things would be better.”

“It would not. Shit happens and you can’t keep thinking what if. Move on, live life. When you open your eyes, you will see that things are how it’s suppose to be.”

“So what do I do now?”



 “Wake up and finally love her right. Go be a good dad to your army of children. I don’t wanna see your face here again. Last time, Borage.”




 “Wake up? Wait!”















“What’s wrong, Solar?”

“I have a very dream again, daddy!”

“What happen?”

“You got hurt daddy! You were in a coma and wouldn’t wake up! And Orion was taken and he didn’t come back! Everyone was leaving! They didn’t come back! Daddy! I don’t wanna be alone!”

“It’s okay sweetie. It was just a bad dream. I’m here, Orion is here and your other brothers and sisters. No one is ever gonna leave you.”

“Daddy, promise me that you’ll never leave me!”

“I’m not going anywhere. I’ll always be here.”

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