Love For The Ladies: Chapter 106 – Labor Of Love

 Today felt like any other day aside from still feeling the honeymoon bliss. It’s been 2 months since Vega and I got married. We didn’t have much of a honeymoon like most newlyweds do. Vega is in her third trimester and the only thing she wanted to do is lounge on the couch while watching movies on Netflix with pie. I guess that would be a heavily pregnant bride’s idea of the perfect honeymoon.

We spent an extra day in Bridgeport and hung out with my 2 very pregnant sisters. Not my idea of a honeymoon but it was what Vega wanted and she was happy. There was a lot of pregnancy chatter but my sisters were nice enough to give us some alone time. We visited another botanical garden in town and visited a few shops. On Tuesday we drove back home where I spent most of the week with my new wife.



 Our son is due in 2 weeks and today we have an appointment to see how our son is doing. As usual Vega was happy before every appointment which was soon followed by worry then followed by happiness once again. We are getting more anxious as the weeks pass by. It’s not too long before our son will be entering the world.




 “2 weeks. I can’t believe how close we are getting.”

“Yeah me too. I can’t wait to meet our son.”

“It’s good to see you excited about him again. Since after the wedding you seem a bit off.”

“Sorry about that. I was dealing with something. But it’s okay now.”

“You never told me what that something was. Since coming back from Star City last month your mood got better. I’m your wife now so you gotta tell me when something is bugging you.”



 “I had some unfinished business back in my hometown. But it’s done now.”

“And what was it?”

“Something that needs to stay in the past. You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

“Normally I would push you to answer me but like my sister said I’m too pushy and need to ease up. If you don’t wanna tell me it’s okay. But remember, I’m your wife. You can tell me anything.”

“I know but if I must tell you-“

“Don’t. You don’t have to. Whatever it was doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. You’re back and happy.”



I wasn’t prepare for what Dr. Adams told us. I guess today wasn’t gonna be any other day..

“So did I check out okay? Are we doing an ultrasound today? I wanna see him again.”

“Well Ms. Hooley-“

“It’s Mrs. Montigo now.”

“Oh right! Congrats. Well Mrs. Montigo I think you will be seeing your son today.”

“What do you mean?”

“After checking your cervix, you’re dilated to almost 8. You will be having the baby today.”

“8? I’ll be having the baby today? Today? Really? He isn’t due until 2 weeks. We have 2 weeks left!”

“Your son is ready today. He’s full term. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m about done here. You should go get admitted now. I’ll have a nurse come get you a chair.”




“Oh my stars! We can’t have the baby now.. My parents aren’t here yet. Their flight is coming in until Wednesday.”

“Vega, it’s gonna be okay. This happens a lot. Babies come on their on time like with Lexi and Simone.”

“I know but we have 2 weeks. 2 whole weeks before he was due. I don’t think I’m ready. I’m not ready!”

“You’ll be fine. I think you are more than ready.”

“My mom is supposed to be here. She works in PEDS. She knows about this baby stuff. She was gonna make sure everything was gonna go okay. I can’t have this baby without my mom!”

“BJ isn’t gonna wait for your mom. Dr. Adams said he’s coming out today.”

“But my water didn’t break! isn’t my water suppose to break first? I need my mom!”

“We can call her and when we get to your room.”

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it’s happening today. What about barbecue? We gotta cancel it!”

“I’ll let everyone know. But relax, just focus on having our son.”




 I let everyone that Vega would be having the baby today. However I had to call her mom first. Vega made sure that her parents were the first to know anything. Her mom asked me a million questions before I handed the phone to Vega. I see where Vega gets her worrywart trait from. Vega seemed more calmer since talking to her mom.



I knew Vega’s friends would show up eventually. The last person who I wanna deal with is Alexia. But of course when Alexia came in she made everything about her.

 “What’s wrong?”

“I’m having a sucky life!”

“What happen?”

“Axel wants to stay with his daddy. It was supposed to be a summer thing but Al decided to enroll Axel into school. Like he didn’t even asked if it was okay or anything. He just enrolled him like it was cool and all. It’s not cool and all. Axel is my son too. I’ve been raising him all this time and now he wanna stay with his daddy? Why? What’s so cool about Al? Axel has a sister and he said she’s super cool. Well he got 2 little sisters here! They aren’t super cool either? Al thinks it’s for the best. I got twins now and him keeping Axel will keep things light.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that. Al shoulda asked first. What a jerk.”

“I know right! I miss Axel. He hasn’t officially met the twins yet.”


 “Everything is gonna be okay, Lexi. Axel will get bored and wanna come back. Just wait.”

“You think? That resort isn’t that hot anyway.”

“Yeah? How are the twins? Where are they?”

“They are good. My mom is watching them so i could be here. I can’t believe you’re gonna be a mommy soon!”

“Me too! I’m so worried that it’s gonna hurt.”

“It won’t until the contractions. They hurt like hell. The contractions is what sucks.”



I couldn’t be in the same room as Alexia. I know it wouldn’t be long before she decides to be annoying. She bitches at me for me not coming over to see the twins. I’m not being a good brother but I only avoid them cause I don’t like her. I decided to get some coffee while they chatted for a bit.




 I was heading back the room until I saw Selene. By the looks of it, I guess she doesn’t know that Vega was admitted in. Selene smiled at me and waved hello. I really haven’t seen her much since the wedding but according to L2, things are going well.

“Hey Boragio! What are you doing here? Isn’t the barbecue today? I called in today, I won’t be attending.”

“Well that’s been cancelled.”

“Oh? Why so?”

“Vega was admitted in. She’s gonna have the baby today.”

“Oh really?”



 “Vega had an exam and Dr. Adams said she was almost an 8.”

“Whoa, 8? Really? Yeah that baby is coming out today. Did she have any contractions?”

“No. She’s been fine. But I was wondering if you could provide any medical reason why Alexia can’t be here?”

“Ha ha ha. Lexi is already here?”


“I wish I could help ya but I can’t. You’ll be okay.”



 “Where were you?! You were supposed to be here!”

“I went to get some coffee and bumped into Selene in the hall.”

“The doc was in here giving important info and you weren’t here. You are so useless!”

“Hey! You don’t need to be here anyway!”

“Well I can’t stay but I should seeing how you can’t stay in the room!”

“I was giving you 2 a little privacy! I wasn’t gone that long!”

“You shouldn’t leave! No point of you leaving at all! You should stay and never leave!”

“What is this about it? Are you mad at my uncle and taking this out on me!”

“Yes! He’s not here for me to be mad at!”



 “Hey! I don’t need you guys fighting when I’m having a baby over here! Kiss and make up!”

“I know Lexi is your friend and all but I really don’t like her.”

“What did I ever to do you?”

“You really asking me that? You pick a fight with me every time we are around each other. You were cool until Vega and I got engaged.”

“Ugh whatever! I’m leaving!”



 Soon after Alexia left, Vega started to have her contractions. The timing was perfect cause I really didn’t wanna deal with Alexia while Vega is in labor. It was hard to watch Vega be in pain. I tried to comfort her as well as I could. After all, I am the reason why she’s in this condition.




 Vega sent me away to go get her some chips. Her contractions were coming closer together which made her  really hungry. That’s common with Navox births. During labor the mothers would often eat large amounts of food, usually sweets like cakes and pies.

Most hospitals offer food kits for Navox births but since Vega isn’t a Navox it’s not easy to detect rather the baby will be a mostly Navox or a Sleeper. Sudden hunger is the first sign and before heading to the vending machine, I placed a food kit order. This baby is a Navox.



 “Chips and cookies! You come back with just chips and cookies! That’s just a little snack! Where is the food kit! I want the food kit! I want key lime pie! I want cheesecake! I want food!”

“I’m sorry! I ordered the food kit. It will be here in a bit. I got these to hold you until it gets here.”

“Why wasn’t it on stand by! Chips and cookies won’t do anything! You came back here with chips!”

“The food kit is gonna be here in a bit! I promise!”




 “Why am I so hungry?! Why isn’t my food here yet! What did your baby did to me!”

“Vega! It’s gonna be okay! This is common for Navox births! Our son is most definitely a Navox.”

“I can’t do nothing with these chips! You tell those assholes that they better hurry up with the food kit or heads will roll! I am not kidding! I better get my food now I swear!”

“I promise that it’s gonna be okay!”





 “Oh my gosh… I am so sorry hun! I didn’t mean to yell at you. I’m just so hungry! Why am I so hungry? These contractions hurt and I’m so hungry! I can eat a whole cake.”

“Our baby is Navox, it’s why you’re hungry. He’ll want to eat as soon as he’s born. The sweets is gonna help make lots of sweet milk for him. Did you read the Navox pregnancy book?”

“I did! I did! I guess I forgot about the sweet milk. I gotta feed him, right? My body won’t make the right nutriment for genie babies. I gotta buy special formula. Oh my gosh! I didn’t get the special formula! I’m not ready to have this baby!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Just calm down, relax and breathe. The food kit will be here and everything is gonna be okay.” 




 After the food kit came in Vega was advised to walk around a little. It would help with the labor. I helped Vega walked around the maternity floor. We walked around as long as she could take it. 




 The walk did help Vega’s water break. We knew we were getting closer to bringing our child into this world. As happy as I was, it was hard to watch Vega be in pain when there’s nothing I could to make it stop.




 It wasn’t long before Dr. Adams came in to check on Vega.

“Am I close enough yet?”

“You’re at a 9. Just one more centimeter to go.”

“When can I get my epidural?”

“Oh? You wanted one?”

“I know I said natural but this pain along with hunger is too much.”

“Oh okay, I’ll have Selene come in and administer the epidural.”




Vega was given drugs for the pain but it was a bit too late before she could get any relief. The baby was on his way out. 




 “I can’t do this!”

“Yes you can. Now don’t push until I tell you, okay?”

“I wanna push! I wanna push now!”

“Wait! Wait! Do not push yet! I will tell you when you can?”

“Just get this baby out! Please get this baby out!”

“Vega, you’re doing great!”

“I can’t! I can’t! I wanna push!”

“Just hold up. It’s not time to push yet.”




 At 5:48 PM on September 15, Boragio Lenard Montigo Jr entered the world. Blue eyed and healthy, he looks a lot like Vega. I waited until he was cleaned up, weighted and printed. I just couldn’t wait to hold him.




 Aries came up to the hospital with Solar and Eli to visit our dad since today is his birthday. Vega and I did plan to have a barbecue today for my dad’s honor. He would still want us celebrate if he isn’t around to do so. But there wouldn’t be any partying today, just welcoming a new life into the world.




 Selene came into the room with BJ, I held him for the first time as Vega slept. She was tired after BJ’s delivery and decided they she didn’t want any visitors. It was okay, I enjoyed the first few hours of our son’s life. I held BJ in my arms now knowing he is my first born child.

A month after the wedding I took a trip with L2 to Star City when he went to go see his daughter. I met up with Angela to have a paternity test done to see if Tessa was my daughter. I was skeptical cause I could sense Tessa wasn’t a Navox when I met her in person. I was hurt by the results of the test. Tessa was not my daughter however she is closely related to me. Angela admitted that she had been with my uncle Louis. She slept with him cause he promise to help with her singing career. Of course Louis didn’t follow through.

When she got pregnant she told my uncle, he rejected her and the baby. So when Angela saw me and learned that I was going to get married, she was jealous. She lied and told me I was Tessa’s father. She was just messing with my head. Whatever bit of feelings I had for Angela was erased. She hasn’t changed at all. It just hurts me of how she betrayed during our relationship.



 I figure I should see my dad since today is his birthday.




I wasn’t sure what to say to him. I don’t visit my dad as often as my brothers. I just don’t like seeing him this way. Even though my dad probably couldn’t hear me, I still introduced my son to him. I know he would be happy to know that he has a new grandson.




Over the first weeks of BJ’s life, we embraced parenthood with ease. There’s been many sleepless nights, diaper explosions, shirts stained with puke is all worth it. Vega may be a worrywart but she’s been amazing with our son. 




 I never imagine that my life would be like this. Just 6 months ago since I came a husband, 4 months ago since I became a father. I love where my life is at this point. I have a wife and a beautiful child. I wouldn’t want it any way different.



 This is my life.


6 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 106 – Labor Of Love

  1. Beautiful. Boragio and Vega are so good together. They are going to be good parents. I was happy when Boragio introduced his son to Borage.

  2. I am so glad Tessa wasn’t his! Even though that was so shitty! >.< At least he and Vega can be happy and she didn't have to learn about that nasty business. BJ is adorable!

    • Yeah, never take Angela’s word. She has some issues. It’s good they don’t have to deal with Angela, Boragio can finally cut ties.

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