Love For The Ladies: Chapter 103.2 – Family Affair

 “What’s buggin’ ya 2?”

“I’m just thinking…”

“Like? You can tell your mama anything. You seemed kinda bummed out. I thought you would be a bit happier cause of the new pretty girl.”

“I’m just thinking about my daughter..”

“Oh.. I’m sure she’s okay.”



 “Ash is doing well with her. But its reason why she’s with her that bothers me. She’s only a kid and she’s having a kid. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

“I was 17 when I had Acacia, barely 19 when I had your dad. I know about being a parent at young age isn’t easy. It gave my mama a heart attack when she found about my first pregnancy. But I think I did okay.”

“Didn’t you drop my dad when he was an infant?”

“Yeah but only cause I was kinda drunk but hey… I learned my parenting mistakes since then. Haiden and Iris are my second chances.”

“Ally is too young to be a parent. I was too young to be her parent. I can’t believe this is happening all over again. It’s like I started a cycle.. What if my grandchild becomes a young parent too? I can’t believe I just said “my grandchild.” I’m a few months away from turning 31.”




 “I was little shocked about being an early great-grandparent. Even surprised when my bubba baby is about to be a granddaddy. I remember the days when he just waddle around in his elmo diaper. It was like it was only yesterday. Now I’m gonna be a great-great-grandma. It’s crazy ya know.”

“Ally was just in diapers yesterday. I wonder not having a mother around could be the reason. I mean I didn’t have mine around. I have no memory of her. Dad said she disappeared when I was 2. She was abducted but later found by Pedro, only to be abandoned by him in some random town. I was pissed off at him for that. She’s my mother… I wondered why she never came back for Lilah and me.”

“Your mom wasn’t the same when she was bought back to earth. Her mind was gone. Bubba said she was little crazy before but worse afterwards. Besides Ally complained how you were too strict. You wouldn’t let her have fun. Teens will rebel.”

“How do you know this? I thought being tougher on Ally would prevent this.”

“Pedro left your mama in a town miles away for you and Lilah’s safety. She had no memory of him, your daddy or you and your twin. She was bat crazy and attempted to attack Pedro during the journey back to earth. Your daddy was concern why Pedro didn’t return her and told him what happen. Then when you were about 5 years old, your daddy was contacted by a mental hospital cause he was listed as your mom’s emergency contact. Your mom had regained her memory and was convinced that she and your daddy were married. Your mom was to be released and needed to be picked up. Your daddy went to do so but saw her sanity hasn’t improve since last seeing her. He felt it was best if she stayed away. She was convinced that you were the spawn of the devil cause of your eyes. You needed to be destroyed so you daddy gave her 50 grand and told her to never return. Your daddy kept your mom away for your well being.”

“What…. My mom would had harmed me if she was around?”

“Your daddy believed so.”

“All this time I was mad at Pedro for not returning her and my dad for not searching for her… They were doing me a favor..”



 “Your mama is better now.”

“How do you figure?”

“I was checking your daddy’s email a few weeks ago. Your mom sent a long email explaining her life improvement. She mention about 6 years ago, she went to the ER complaining about having migraines. She had a scan and something appeared on the screen. They thought it was a tumor or something. Turns out it was an implant thingy. Probably from the aliens who took her. It was removed and your mom was back to her normal self. She’s married, had a kid and asked about you and Lilah. She wants to reconnect.”

“My mother is normal?”

“Sounds like she isn’t crazy anymore. I wasn’t sure how to bring this to you. Sorry to drop this on your lap like this.”

“Wow. I got some much going on now. My daughter, Selene and now my mom wants to reconnect.”

“I think you should email her. She talked about how she thought about you and Lilah everyday since the implant was removed. Sounds like she really care about you and Lilah. The poor girl must have had a mind control thingy in her brain. She miss you guys.”

“I guess I’ll have to think about that…” 





 “Hey what’s up?”

“Just learning something interesting. My dad got an email from my mom. My grandma read it and she wants to reconnect with me and my twin sister.”

“Oh? Didn’t your mom abandoned you? Why suddenly she wanna come back?”

“Not exactly. I learned that my dad kept my mom away cause the aliens who took her scramble her mind. He was afraid that she might hurt me. Turns out the aliens left something implanted in her brain. Since being removed she’s fine. I guess she gathered the courage to make contact.” 

“Oh wow. So are you going to reach out to her?”

“I’m thinking about it but I dunno. I’m not sure how she would take it knowing that she has a pregnant teenage granddaughter. I was a teen dad, now I have a pregnant teen. She’ll probably think she’s better off not knowing about me. I feel like such a failure.” 




 “You’re not a failure! Sometimes things happen for a reason. I felt like I was failure after getting knocked up after a one night stand by a guy that I hardly knew. But it pushed to me into the medical field. I was displeased with my labor of Cyrus. How the nurses and doctors handled it. Because Cyrus is a genie and eats more, the hospital were unaware that my son was starving. They had no knowledge of occult infant care. So I studied and became an occult pediatric nurse. Everything happens for a reason.”

“I’m not sure what would be the good reason of having kids so young. I haven’t found it yet. Nothing in life has gone right since. I missed Ally’s first milestones cause I had to be in class. My heart was broken into a million pieces. I dropped out of college so I wouldn’t flunk out. I wanted to redeem myself but raising was a full time job. I dunno if I can ever finish school.”

“You met me. That’s a good thing. And with Ally away with her mom, this will give you a chance to redeem yourself. You can return back to school.”

“Ally will be back. After she has the baby. I’ll be raising the baby until Ally is old enough. I won’t have time for school.”

“You been raising your daughter alone since she was 3, right? Let Ashley keep her for a while. You said Ashley wants to be apart of Ally’s life and she’s been doing well with her. I think it’s time for Ashley to be the parent, she had it easy. When your dad wake up, trust me that I will be handing Cyrus is way. Ha ha ha. I could use a little break. Cyrus could form a relationship with him like Ally can with her mother.”

“I dunno. Ally likes it there. She and Ash are getting along. But it has always been me and Ally. Honestly I feel a little lost without my child.”

“I can understand that. Cyrus may be a headache but I miss him to death when he visit my parents during the summer. It’s always been me and him but now there’s you. Ally staying with Ashley longer would be great for her. It’s not like you stop being her dad cause she’s living with her mom.”






 “You’re probably right about Ally staying with her longer. I could use a break. I was starting to get a little crazy juggling the household until my grandma showed up. She’s been a huge help looking after my little siblings. She said that I need to live my life.”

“She’s right. Live your life, return to school and get your degree. I’m just a little added fun.”

“Yeah, you are. I hope Ashley would be okay with letting Ally stay with her a few more years. I don’t think I could handle a teenager and a baby.”

“Great. And about your mom… You should meet her.”




 “You think it would be a good idea?”

“I can tell you always wondered about her. Mend some broken connections is another thing to do on your list to live your life.”

“Anything else you wanna add onto my live my life list?”

“Well there’s one other thing..”


“Kiss me.”






 “I think I better charge my phone before we head for the evening. Oh I see I got a few text messages. Who could be texting me?”





 “You gotta be kidding me!”





3 hours later…….

 “How was with your family at the park?”

“It was fun seeing everyone. I wish you came along so you could meet them before the wedding.”

“I was feeling a little tired. I did get to caught up on my reading. How was Cyrus, did he break anything or find a new 10 minute girlfriend?”

“No, he was pretty good. He played with the other kids. How was Eli? Still fussy?”

“He just needed some applesauce. He was a happy baby. He reminds me of a lot of Cyrus. He loved applesauce at Eli’s age. I was a little nervous with Eli honestly. It’s been ages since I handled a baby.”




 “He seems like he enjoyed his time with you.”

“I hope so. Where is Cyrus anyway?”

“In the arcade with the others.”

“That should keep him busy for a while.”

“Yeah, Morde is carrying around a lot of quarters. The kids will be following him for a while.”

“Lucky him.”



 “Well we are alone for a while.”

“Yeah, finally. Whatcha wanna do?”




 “I was thinking maybe we could.. Ya know.”

“You are about that?”

“I’m ready. Are you?”

“Well.. I will but what are we?”

“What do you mean?”

“We been dating for a month.. I feel like things are going well.”

“You wanna be my girlfriend?”

“Only if you wanna be my boyfriend.”

“I guess it’s settled now. We are together.”
























 “Oh my god, Cyrus!”

“Mom! What are you doing?! That’s my brother!”

“Shit! Shit!”

“You guys are gross!”

“Cyrus! I’m so sorry!”







 “Grandma! Grandpa! What the hell!”









 “Can I live with you? I don’t wanna live with my mom anymore.”

“What is it this time? Did she take away your DS?”

“No! Much worse!”

“She ate all of your candy?”

“She was being gross!”



 “How is she being gross?”

“She was naked with L2. And he was behind her. Doing gross things!”

“You mean…”

“Playing football with me!”

“Huh? Is that what she calls it?”

“What? It’s gross cause she was naked! Why is she playing football naked with L2 in bed? I don’t like her! She always have fun without me.”

“Oh honey… Bless your innocence..”



 “Can I live with you? Please?”

“You said my house is boring.”

“It’s not boring anymore!”

“Look, I’ll tell your mom to stop playing football without you.”

“She’s just gonna do it again! She played naked football in bed with this one black man!”

“How about you, me and Aries go play in the arcade for a while.”

“I guess but I still wanna move in with you.”

“We’ll see about that.”



 “You’re Apollo? You and Aries look so much alike.”

“Most of us do.”

“So I’m seeing. Aries told me a little about you. You like to paint too? He said you taught him a few things.”

“Why yes, I helped Aries explored his artistic talent along with our father. He encouraged it, it helped him coped whenever he was having a panic attack. I’m impressed by a lot of his art work. Oh how I wish I had the time to return to the brush.”

“What’s keeping you away?”

“Well school for one thing. Also there’s my full time job. It’s quiet exhausting I must say.”

“What are you in school for?”

“Graphic design. I’m hoping to get into animation.”

“Like cartoons?”

“Ha ha ha. Maybe. Anything in the graphic design field honestly. I live in Sundale so there would be many opportunities near by.”




 “When you did paint, what kind did you do?”

“Landscapes mainly. I love to paint the natural beauty of the planet.”

“Ooh I would love to see your paintings of those. I love paintings of fields of flowers.”

“I do a lot of those. I spent a year travelling the country. Picking interesting destinations to paint.”

“I would love to see that collection! I bet that was fun travelling around and seeing the country.”

“It was quite fascinating! I also brought my guitar along, I wrote a few songs. A few poems too.”

“You play and sing too?! I love poetry too!” 

“Yep, I play the acoustic. Most females enjoy my poetry. Romantic poetry of beautiful women. Most of my songs are like the same. I’m a sucker for romance. I do have a small percentage of Navox in me after all.”



 “I would just love to hear and read your art. You sound like you’re a very talented man.”

“Oh that was just the tip of my special abilities.”

“Wait, there’s more?”

“I’m working on my second romance novel. I also garden and play the violin. I also love to cook. I can make a divine filet mignon and various chocolate desserts.”

“What?! You garden? So do I! You play the violin too and write? Your second too?  You cook. I love chocolate! You’re giving me a heart attack! I bet all the girls are all over you.”

“Perhaps but I am holding out for a special girl. One whose beauty and charm gives me pure ecstasy. You are quite easy on the eyes. I certainly see why Aries has chosen you. You are quite simply divine.”

“Oh wow… Oh wow!”

“You’re flushed a bit of red. I find it adorable on you.”

“Oh my! Apollo. You are quite the charmer!” 


 “Oh hey Aries I was-“




 “Oh wow that was just”

“Can we go to our room now? I wanna watch some TV.”

“Um sure we can. Um hey Apollo we can chat later?”

“Why yes, enjoy yourselves kids.”




 “Well that was quite strange I must say. I’ve never seen Aries act courageous. He has certainly changed a bit, don’t you think.”

“Or maybe he saw you making his girlfriend’s panties wet, boasting about your many talents. Geeze Apollo, ease off Aries’ lady. She’s his first girl ever.”

“Nova, I wasn’t trying anything. I was simply having a friendly conversation with Shae.”

“Your “friendly” conversations are flirtations. Are you completely  oblivious whenever you flirt? No one why you tend to have stalkers. You’re like the perfect boyfriend to some girls. You chat with them, it seems like you’re flirting and then you blow them off. So they follow you around in hopes you’ll pay them attention once again.”

“If I were interested in those ladies. I would simply ask for them to have sexual intercourse with me just as dad taught me. I don’t understand how a friendly chat is misleading.”

“Oh my stars… Don’t listen to daddy! The way you were talking to Shae was flirting. You are simply divine, you’re adorable when you blush. You are flirting!”

“I was stating the obvious.”

“Do it another way!”



 “Wanna cuddle with me?”

“Sure. It would be nice.”

“Good cause I like it a lot.”









 “Do you like Apollo more than me?”

“What? Why would you ask me that?”

“Cause it looked like you like talking to him a lot. He was flirty and you liked it.”

“I was just impressed by his talents.”

“Oh.. I know that he’s a real man. I figure you wanted a real man like Apollo.”

“Aries, you’re a real man too.”

“No. Daddy said that doesn’t happen until I have sex.”

“Oh Aries.. That is not true.”




 “But I wanna do it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’m ready to have sex now.”

“You’re not wanting to because of Apollo, are you?”

“No Shae. I am ready.”

“Oh. Do you have a condom?”

“No. Do I need one?”

“Normally if you were with any other female, yes. But I’m on birth control. We don’t need one.”

“Okay! So can we?”




 “Are you really sure about this? “

“I am.”








“What if you don’t like it? I won’t be a real man.”

“You’re already a real man. We don’t need to have sex to prove it. We don’t have to do this.”

“But I wanna. I wanna make you happy.”

“I am happy.”

“You’re happy if I didn’t give you orgasms? Daddy said that’s the only way to make a female happy is to give them orgasms.”



 “That’s just silly.”

“So you’re still be happy if I don’t give you an orgasm?”

“Yes Aries, you make me happy.”




 “Do you like it? Am I doing good?”

“Yes. I love it.”











 “My mom wasn’t playing football……”





 “Did you guys bring your mp3 players?”

“Yeah Morde-dad, why?”

“Cause I plan to do adult things. Things you don’t need to hear my adult things.”

“Are you and Haven gonna make those weird noises again, daddy?”

“Yes. That is why I asked you both to bring your mp3 players.”




 “Can Cyrus sleep in our room, daddy? He said his mom is being gross with L2.”

“I can don’t care. Bedtime is in 5.”

“Do we gotta go to bed now, Morde-dad?”

“Yeah, it’s getting late.”

“It’s only 9!”

“And that’s late for little girls. Go to bed. And crank up the volume.”



 “Wanna have some sexy time?”

“When you say it like that, no.”

“Ahh c’mon. I put the kids to sleep. I missed your lips.”





 “So take your panties off. I wanna give your beautiful lips kiss.”

“I don’t need to take them off for you to kiss me.”

“Uh yeah.. I miss those love lips. The panties are in the way.”

“Classy, Mordecai. Real classy.”

“I’m the classiest man you’ll ever know.”






 “Daddy? What are you doing?”





 “They are definitely not playing football! Why is everyone being gross!”

“Is this adult things cause it looks gross.”

“Cause it is, Kim! I saw my mom and L2, grandma and grandpa, AND Shae and Aries!”




 “What are you two doing up?!”

“What were you doing with Haven?”

“Don’t worry about that! Why are you and Cyrus not in bed?”

“I needed to pee, daddy.”

“I thought you already did!”

“I had to go again!”



 “I’m not sure why you needed to go with Cyrus. What are you both plotting?!”

“Nothing daddy! Cyrus was just walking me to the bathroom.”


“I was scared, daddy! Cyrus was gonna beat the boogieman if he was out here.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Sometimes I forget that you’re only 5.”



“Can you wear some pants? I see your privates.”

“Oh! My bad.. This is totally awkward…”





8 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 103.2 – Family Affair

  1. It took me a bit to take all the goings on and drama. omg Poor Cyrus seeing things he should not. Shae and Aries are just too adorable together. Batman undies.. hee hee

    • LOL and then some! Can’t unsee none of that! I forgot about those batman undies. They are cute. It must of been a random find.

  2. LOL! Omg, Cyrus! That poor kid!

    Looks like the wedding weekend has everyone feeling particularly amorous. Hehe. 😉

    Oh geez L2. Knocking up someone who seems unbalanced at best. Just when he’s trying to get his life back and things were looking up for him too. Damn. :/

    • I feel for Cyrus for having to walk in at the worst time lol. Life smacks L2 again. He really doesn’t have the best luck at the moment.

    • Apollo has the Absent Minded trait so I decided he would just be oblivious about everything. He doesn’t know when he’s flirting or leading someone on lol. He’s very charming but thinks he’s just a friendly guy :p It’s gonna be fun to do his ME update.

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