*sigh* It is the final days of my longest running story, Love For The Ladies. I am now queuing up updates to publish on Tuesdays & Thursday. The final chapter is a video and there is now an issue with it. After working on the video feverishly for hours, there seems to be an issue with saving the video. It’s bad enough that it takes hours to save. It got to 13% before I had an error and the program shut down. I attempted load up my project file so I can try again only for my laptop to bluescreen -_- The BSOD is NEVER a good sign. So I’m a bit nervous to try again. I use Corel Video Studio Pro 3 and it’s an asshole program that works when it wanna. I really hope I can get this video save cause I’ll be screwed if I can’t. I’ve been trying to save it as a MPEG 4 to save on size but I might have to try saving it as a WMV but I rather it be a MPEG 4. *crosses fingers*

One thought on “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

  1. Noo.. It’s not right. Maybe the computer is chocking on Borage’s sexiness. Best luck trying to get the computerissues sorted.

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