State of Tigo *2/3/15*

About my legacy

I figure I should post something. It’s been a minute since I had. I’m still working on the final chapters for Love For The Ladies, I got scenes for chapters 103-107 and started on writing up those chapters. I’m still debating rather to published the finished written chapters or hold off until I get everything done. Hopefully the story will be finished and publish before the end of this month.


About my downloads

I am thinking of putting my downloads online again however it will different this time around. I’m still not sure how I’m going to do this. I want to set it as Request Only, emailing a temporary link to the requester. I don’t want another jackass deciding to reupload my work on their jackass site. So far I have created a request form for my blog but still deciding how I’m gonna set up temporary links. I dunno when my downloads will return but I am in the process of bringing them back along with uploading new content and mods. I also wanted to do some minor readjusting to a few of my older mods. I will mention which mods were readjusted. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “State of Tigo *2/3/15*

  1. I’m just a bit sad that Love for the Ladies is coming to an end. I am hoping that Borage will pull through and wake up.

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