State of Tigo *1/7/15*

I know my blog has been a bit quiet since Christmas, sorry about that but there will be some updates soon. This week I’ve been focusing on something else. Today (the 7th) is my birthday and on the 9th will be the party. I’m gonna be DJing and been using this whole to refresh my skills since its been ages since I last played for a crowd (Jan 2013).  I will try to have a few updates out next week.

It’s going to be while before Love For The Ladies will be updated again. I decided not to update anything until I finish getting scenes for the final chapter. That’s give some time for others to catch up. I hope to be finished with the story this month but I dunno. I kinda been stalling in progressing further :/

I had gotten some comments about my downloads about if I’m going to put them back online. It’s still a no at this moment. I’ve been looking for a host when I can password protect downloads. I wanted to put a temporary password on my downloads. So far I haven’t found any site that has such a thing….for free. I’m not willing to buy an account just to do so. I’ve been thinking of other ways but still I’m coming up with nothing. Things aren’t looking so well so it’s possible that I will not sharing my downloads. I wish Mediafire still offered password protection, but they don’t. That was a nice feature that they should have kept.

2 thoughts on “State of Tigo *1/7/15*

  1. Happy birthday. I hope you have an awesome gig.
    I am trying to read and catch up on the blog. I am sorry I did not get caught up sooner.

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