Downloads are temporary removed….

Or possibly forever.

It has came to my attention that the site has been reuploading content from many other creators, including myself onto their site. Which that violates many TOUs including my own.

I would like to state that I have been reluctant about sharing anything. This was enough to make me remove my downloads as I can’t stand thieving asses. I had enough stolen from me and I’m not about to put up with it.

Until this is resolved, there may or may not be any new downloads from me for some time.

I’m sorry that things gotta be like this.


9 thoughts on “Downloads are temporary removed….

  1. Really sorry to hear this! These people clearly have no respect for the hard work that goes into creations like yours. I hope you are still able to enjoy your own game. Happy Simming xx

    • It’s a shame that it has to be this way, its a shame that the said site is refusing to comply with the requests made by all the creators. Instead the assholes just want to be difficult about it and some DMCA notices had been sent. However this site is in France and they don’t comply with the US laws but there is some hope that some kind of action will happen to the said site. If not, then surely karma will having something terrible in store for them in the future. And I hope it comes back ten fold. They’ll reap what they sow eventually.

    • It’s a damn shame that it ended up this way. Just as I began to start making things and sharing this shit happens…but honestly, I’m really not surprised given how the community has been lately. I built lots for story telling, made mods for story telling now other writers will have to do without cause of some assholes just wanna up to steal things and refuse to comply. After I had sometime to think it over for the last few days, I’m unlikely to bring back my downloads :/

      • I’m not bringing my downloads back either, I decided that last night, although I am distributing here and there on a private, by-request basis. After doing quite a bit of research on the ISP they are using, we know that it is unlikely we will even receive a response, and if that turns out to be the case this will be the first failed DMCA case I’ve had. This is my fifth rodeo, and I’m sick of it, and I’m just not willing to put my stuff out there anymore if I cannot protect my rights all over the world.

        And, the community is not only permissive of this, but shames creators who do fight to protect their content, ie the case of Shokoninio versus my friend Lapiz Lazuli. I was horrified how several simblrs spoke *against* Lapiz when there was no question whatsoever that Shokoninio willfully violated Lapiz’s TOU. Not to mention all of the people defending Davidsims for converting everyone else’s hairs to Sims 4.

        And I realize that a huge number of players don’t necessarily condone such things, but most of them will still patronize a site that steals content just because they can’t say no to CC. That only furthers this trend of websites and creators thinking it’s not only ok, but their right, to rip off creators who spend time and effort to produce this content, and benefit from someone else’s hard work.

        Despite the seeming hopelessness of the situation, I do encourage you to file DMCA takedowns. The more documentation against them, the better. Myself or MsPoodle1 on Tumblr will be happy to guide you through it. The DMCA letters are basically form letters, so aren’t hard to do.

  2. I created an album on FB on my sim account and allowed a few selected simmers who are either my good friends or people I trusted to still have access to my downloads since I decided on not bringing my downloads to the public. When I first decided to to share my creations, I forewarn if my TOU was violated just once I would pull the plug. I’ve seen enough BS within the community to not be hesitated about shutting down. Yeah I figure some would think it’s unfair to punish everyone and some would think its selfish.

    That’s the other part of the community that irks me, some tend to be entitled jerks and are all like “Gimme, gimme, gimme.” Just cause someone made something, doesn’t mean you have to share. I was raised to not just let any kid play with my toys cause we lived in the hood, and people liked to steal like these 2 ashy bitches who stole my brand new Skipper doll. She was my first name brand and white doll, these ashy heffas just up and took her. I was sad and my dad got me that doll. 2 weeks their house caught on fire and burnt down *MUHAHAHAHAHA* (I didn’t do it but I wished I did hehehehe).

    I just kinda hate how the community has became. I really didn’t see the ugly side until I came over into Tumblr land. I saw comments saying we shouldn’t be butt hurt cause our names were still attached and most were from MTS. Well my name may be attached (which was incorrect) BUT my DOMAIN is not! I didn’t decide to buy a domain just so no one would actually visit my site. How much sense did that make? *rolls eyes*

    That’s a shame about Lapiz cause I really liked the hairs. Shame on DavidSims, that was something straight BS doing something like that. It’s sad when others refuse to see the evil they just did. A bunch of dick riders! LOL

    I was telling a friend if no action was taken against the site, surely something terrible will happen to them eventually. Cause when someone crosses me, that tends to be the case IE the little story that I just mention. The end results are deadly and permanent. Karma does not play, especially now days cause shit is getting real.

    They may be sitting on their asses laughing at us but trust and believe they won’t be laughing soon. Something will happen, regardless.

    I did try looking into DMCA but I saw something about a price of 99$ but I got bills :/ But if there’s another way, then sure I would to file a complaint.

  3. This makes me really sad, I am sorry they are stealing your stuff. Please notify us if they are shut down and you are able to upload stuff again 🙂 I really love your work! I wish you luck with getting the downloads removed.

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