Paw Pals – Part One: Puppy Love


By request I made these photo sets of dogs. Since I was impressed on how well this turned out, I decided that there will be a part 2 with cats for all the cat lovers like myself. I did 5 different styles, 3 of the 5 have a set of 4 prints. The other 2 just have one.



A preview pic with the names on each file is included in the zip, that way you can pick which ones you like better. I’m not sure when I’ll do one with cats since I’m kinda busy with other projects. I might do a set of horses, birds and fish too…someday. Anyway, I hope you all will enjoy them!

TOU: No reuploading on paysites or any other sites. You may include them with lots but please link me back for credit.


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