Medical Posters – Fetal Development

I have been building a hospital for the past year. While looking for medical things to place in it, I notice the lack of medical posters for pregnancy. In ways I pretty much only building this hospital for birth scenes, so I kinda need something like that to hang up in some of the rooms. Seeing how there was NONE, I guess I will make some myself. Originally I didn’t have plans to share these cause I figure no one would want them but after showing what I did on my facebook, I got a few comments hinting that they want these. So I guess I will share them after all.



I made 6 different charts plus a bonus pic of some naked pregnant lady.

I figure 6 would be enough. I didn’t want to over do it.



The price is set pretty cheap and can be found in the wall decor category of course. These are in package format only. I don’t deal with sims3pack.

I may do more medical posters if I feel that I need something. I am kinda taking requests. So if you have an idea for something, don’t hesitate to let me know 😉


TOU: No reuploading on paysites or any other site. You can include it with your build but please link back for credit.



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