Love For The Ladies: Chapter 100 – Secrets On The River

 There were some things that I haven’t told you all, things that my own family doesn’t know. As I lay here in this coma, I ponder why haven’t I told anyone this… I spent 14 years in a cell of depression, 14 years of hiding secrets from my most of my family. And in those past 14 years I’ve done a lot of travelling without my 12 youngest kids at the time.  

As much as they enjoined the trip to Spain, I couldn’t bring them with me on these trips. I needed to get away from them, wanted to clear my head, I felt like I needed a break… However my many trips in the last 14 years weren’t actually “vacations” and as it appear that I wanted to take a break from fatherhood, these trips were anything but…



 Where did go when I went on this trips? Riverview, believe it or not. It’s quite funny if I were to tell my family I traveled to Riverview quite often. Riverview was the one place that I was dying get out once I moved here as a child. The town was too quiet, not much of a night scene, it was a town to raise a family in. It took me 14 years to now see why my mama picked this town to raise us in. She wanted us to have a good childhood, live in a nice house with in the suburb away from the city, attend the best schools in the county, mama wanted a bright future for us all. However, she fell short giving us that life…

But what keeps bringing me back? Well I guess its time for me to finally answer that…..




 I’ll start my tale just going back 2 and half years ago. I made my way into Riverview to pay someone who is special in my life a visit. It was a visit that she was hoping for. However I decided that I would surprise her, she always liked surprises.



I came to visit my big sister Acacia which was a big surprise for her since she didn’t know that I was planning on dropping in. However she would be more eager about this visit. She hopes that I came to deliver the news that she and her wife been dying to hear for the past year. 



 Acacia and her wife Yolanda decided a year ago that they wanted to start a family. As the originally made plans to visit a clinic to pick a donor, their plans were put on hold when a disturbing news story made headlines.

Another lesbian couple became parents a few years ago, however one was killed in a car accident. The one who died was biologically connected to the child and her family decided to fight for custody for the child even through the survivor legally adopted the child when he was born. The town of Riverview rewarded custody to the family as they felt the child should be with blood relatives. Riverview isn’t too keen on same-sex couples and rather have Riverview be a good, wholesome family town. This got Acacia and Yolanda thinking. Yolanda is only a witch, what if something happens to her. Although Yolanda was disowned by her family, she still worried if something were the happen such as Riverview taking the child away from Acacia.

Riverview believes children should belong with blood relatives when it comes to child custody cases. Acacia remember an offer that I made back when I was 18 about helping them have a child. However it was just a silly, selfish attempt to lose my virginity.  If Acacia has a biological link to the child, she wouldn’t have to worry about losing the child to the state. So a call was made to me, would I be their donor. 



 “So you just gonna drop in without telling me?”

“I figure I would surprise you. I was just in the neighbor.”

“Really? Last I knew Star City was 1385 miles away.”

“It was a 21 hour drive but aren’t you happy to see your baby bro?”

“Maybe if he has a decision.”



“Yeah, I’ll be your donor. So how we gonna do this? In the bedroom? Is she ready?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.. You’re not going to sleep with her.”

“I figure I could at least try but seriously, how are we gonna do this? I’ll be in town for a week.”

“That’s perfect, I can set up an appointment at my clinic. I’ll be doing everything.”

“You? Isn’t it gonna be weird with you playing around with my jizz.”

“When you say it like that, Yes! Let’s not be weird about this. I’m fully capable doing this, I’ve done many IVFs before. It would be like any other case.”




 An appointment was made 2 days before I planned to leave. My sis and Yolanda were pretty happy that I was willing to help them but honestly I wasn’t sure what I was doing. In ways this was a distraction from my depression, and I was just blindly following directions. It would take a little more time before I realize what I was doing.

“This is an amazing thing that you’re doing for us.”

“I guess but I was wondering do you have any pics?”

“Pics? What do you mean by that? Pics of what?”

“Sexy pics of you cause ya know I am gonna need a little help getting out what you need.”

“Don’t be silly, Borage. I’m sure they’ll give you some magazines for you.”

“I was a long time donator here and trust me, I’ve seen everything.”

“Ha ha ha! You can use your imagination.”

“Aww… how many just sitting on my lap. It will warm me up a bit.”

“I’m not gonna do that silly.”

“You’re just sitting. You’re really not doing anything bad. Help me, help you.”

“I guess I could sit on your lap for a second. But just for a second, mister.”




I was long gone before Acacia finish doing the IVF. She made to wait for Yolanda’s eggs to be ready which only took a week. They decided to shoot for twins, hoping to have one of each gender. It would be a couple more weeks before I got a text saying Yolanda was pregnant.




It did make me feel a little good inside helping my sister and Yolanda out. Giving them something that they couldn’t make themselves but I would be lying if I said this situation wasn’t a little weird. Acacia felt it was best that we shouldn’t tell the family that I was the donor.



The pregnancy went well as expecting given it was a Navox pregnancy. But there was an extra gift inside. Yolanda gave birth to triplets instead of twins. All three were girls, all three Navox hybrids born with Yolanda’s Garrisse Witch occult. Acacia and Yolanda named the girls, Pandora, Nadia and Saria.  



 I was asked to visit Riverview to meet my daughter-nieces and to finish up my end of the deal. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react when I saw the girls but I find myself treating them just as my other kids. I held them, fed them and rock them to sleep. I figure Acacia saw my attached to them when she asked me can I sign the papers.



 I had to sign over my rights so Acacia can legally adopt the girls. It was the last step in completing their family. I would no longer be the legal father but would be their uncle instead. Before meeting the girls, I was ready to sign the papers and be on my way. But after spending a couple of days with them, I struggled with signing them over.

A part me wanted to be their father, I could see myself in their little faces but another part of me rather just be their uncle who drops in time to time. I was conflicted and sat there for a while thinking. This made my sis and Yolanda a bit nervous. They were afraid that I wouldn’t sign the papers and decided that I wanted part custody instead. But I made a promise to my sister and Yolanda, I promised to help them make a family. I have my own kids and it was time for them to have their own. I signed the papers and asked Acacia to promise me to never cut me out of the girls’ lives. I want to be an important part of their lives, even if I’m just an uncle.



 Acacia made me that promise, she sent me pics of the girls, told me everything that was going on in their lives. I watched the girls grow up over the next 2 years via email pics and my short visits. By the time the triplets were 2, there was no denying that I possibly fathered the girls. Especially Saria who favored me the most. Mama knew they were my babies but was hurt when we didn’t tell her. Acacia explained and mama understood why. Acacia knew the truth would come out sooner than later but doesn’t want the girls to know that I’m really their father.



Visiting Acacia wasn’t my only reason that I came back to Riverview.. There’s more to this story….




 Almost 15 years ago I had a trip in Isladiso, Spain. Apparently I met a lady who went by the name Feather there but I can’t recall the events of the night we met.




 I came across her 11 months after that trip while visiting Acacia. She carried an infant in her arms as she was leaving the store. She recognize me as I was entering but I didn’t recognize her. I was confused cause I wondered how she knew me. She talked about how she had a lot of fun in Isladiso and she saw me DJ at the party in the resort.

I was flattered that she remembered seeing me there. Then she spoke how she had too much fun there while looking at her baby then looking at me. I wasn’t sure what she was implying but I tried to walk away. She grabbed my arm and told me to take a look at her baby. “He’s a souvenir from Spain, Borage. A reminder of our special night.” She said to me. I felt the color drain from my face as she said that. I don’t recall sleeping her and I would feel like a dick if I told her that I didn’t remember our night.




 Feather left Spain carrying my son. Since we never exchanged contact info, I never knew about this. I met Devin when he was just 2 months old. I figure it was time that we exchanged contact info now. I couldn’t believe I had another child and the timing was pretty shitty. Lois had died only 9 months ago and now this. I couldn’t tell my family about Devin, they would know that I had cheated on Lois but I have no memory of it.

Feather had her whole life planned, she was 18 when we met. She was going off to school in Newbrey but I ruined it for her. Now she’s a single mom stuck in Riverview raising Devin alone. I knew I had to do the right thing and help her out. I started to send her child support for Devin and when I came to Riverview, I made my visit short with Acacia and spend most of my time with Feather and Devin. I tried to be in Devin’s life as much as I can.



However during my trips, Feather and I started to get closer to each other. But she did end up meeting another genie in town when Devin was about 8 years old. She soon married him after being married for 3 years they slipt. I wasn’t surprise cause she married a Fernoagate, a flame genie. They can be assholes but he did treat my son well. 



 Devin is 14 now,  a soccer star, class clown and popular with the girls at school.  He makes me a proud seeing how well he’s turning out even when I’m there part time. I wish I could there all the time but I can’t.





“You ever think about moving back here?”

“Honestly no. I was happy to finally leave.”

“Oh… I see..”

“Well I do have reasons to return but things are bit complicated.”

“It would be nice to have you around more and I wanna meet my other siblings.. Or at least talk to them. How come I can’t text them?”

“Soon, I promise.. But I bet you can’t beat me.”

“Oh watch me, dad!”



 I couldn’t tell Devin that his other siblings don’t know about him yet. I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell them that 14 years ago, I fathered a child and been spending time with him secretly since then. This probably something that I shouldn’t be keeping a secret but I just found it hard to come clean. I try to not think about much when I visit Devin. We play games together along with his younger brother Devon.



After Feather’s divorce we started to get close once again..




 Maybe too close…



 I’m just not sure where my head was but it was clear what Feather wanted, she wanted us to be something real. I do feel a connection with her but I’m just not ready to honestly be with someone. I like what we have and I don’t want it to end. Its selfish but I’m just not sure if I could fully commitment myself to someone. Apparently I do have some commitment issues seeing how Devin came about. But I just don’t know…. When I think am I ready, I’m really not…



 It’s not fair for Feather, she deserves to be with someone. She deserves something real. But I just can’t let her go…




 I love the sexy pics she sends me, the cute texts she sends me. Sometimes it gets me through the day…




But I wasn’t too careful during one of my visits.. She sent me a pic showing me that our little family was expanding.. 



I got a text from Feather in the middle of night saying she was in labor. I made a mad dash to the airport catching the only flight going to Riverview. I was in town 2 hours later catching the last 30 minutes of Feather’s labor with our daughter Devi. I just barely missed her birth. Devi was a week early and I made plans to fly out 2 in days. I wanted to be there for her birth.

When Devi was just 8 months old, I broke the news to Feather saying that I was moving to EC within a month. It broke her heart cause she felt since having Devi that I would decide to move closer. I have a better opportunity in EC with opening a night club. Something that always been my dream since I was a kid. She said it was selfish and I had a family to look after. But I couldn’t bring myself to return to Riverview…like I said things were a bit complicated..   



 Devi turned a year old a week after my accident. I made plans to fly in for her birthday but never got a chance. I know Feather is wondering why I never came nor called.. She wouldn’t know about my coma since I never told my family about her and my children with her. I know not knowing what happen to me is killing her….



 Things are really complicated like I mention… Nakia Love would be another reason why I couldn’t just move Riverview. You see Nakia is someone who I’m kinda involved with. I first met Nakia years ago when I was a teen. She lived in the neighboring town of Riverview and was only in town to visit her grandma. Nakia is a Navox like me but she was dating a Hydronia, a water genie. I did really like her but she’s was all in love with her Hyrdronia.

I came in town to celebrate Devin’s 9th birthday and bumped into Nakia while picking up Devin’s birthday cake. I didn’t think I would ever see Nakia again when she left for Bridgeport with her Hydronia boyfriend Nate. A year after we finished school, she enrolled into college and left. Before leaving she told him if she wasn’t with Nate, she wouldn’t mind giving me a chance. I reminded Nakia of what she said when I saw her and she remembered saying that.



She invited me over but I didn’t come until Devin’s party was over. I was happy to learn that she and Nate got a divorce 8 months ago and this gave me a chance with Nakia. Since Feather was engaged to another man, I didn’t feel guilty about hooking up with Nakia and spending the night with her. We caught up on each other lives. She wasn’t looking for anything serious and I’m still a mess.

Nakia moved to Riverview with Nate and their 2 daughters when Nate’s job got transferred there. Nakia said it was the kiss of death of their marriage. Their marriage ended 3 months after settling in. Nakia was into journalism and got a job at The Sunflower. She covers the articles in the Entertainment section as she did back in Bridgeport. She even has a love advice column in the paper. She told me that she was asked to be the new host for a talk radio on giving sex advice since her love column was doing well. Everyone wants to hear the voice of Ms. Love. 



 I then found out that sex between 2 Navox can be explosively amazing. No other sexual encounters can top Nakia. Her alone was enough to satisfied my hunger. Nakia could be that one person I could be 100% committed to but things in my life are…complicated.




My intense sexual encounters with Nakia resulted in having another family whom I secretly spend time with. 5 years old, Nakia gave birth the a set of quads, Lamar, Janaya, Nia and Jordan.




 My time with Feather was often cut short so I could visit my kids with Nakia. I haven’t told Nakia about Feather or Feather about Nakia. I ended up starting things back up with Feather after her divorce. I have a deep connection with Feather just like I have a deep connection with Nakia.. However I feel that my connection with Nakia was more intense.

The quads are much younger than Devin so I get to do all the little kid things with them. I would have to rush out from Feather’s so I could tell the quads their bedtime stories.



Things were starting to get chaotic and I know I gotta stop this but I just couldn’t. I seriously felt that I could keep this super dad thing going…



 But it’s getting a bit tiring at times…




 “Hi daddy! Wanna buy some lemonade? It’s only a quarter.”

“Sure Janaya, I’ll buy a cup.”

“Okay daddy that will be 50 cents!”

“But you said it was only a quarter.”

“Yeah, it’s dad tax.”

“How do you know about taxes? You’re only 5.”

“Mama told me. She had to write about taxes. If I’m gonna make a profit I need taxes, daddy.”



 “So are you charging everyone a dad tax?”

“No, just you daddy since you’re the dad.”

“Does Mama have to pay tax too?”

“No! Mama said she gave me life and its the best gift ever. Mama can have hers for free.”

“Well I help give you left, don’t I get a discount?”

“Mama said since I’ve using her water, sugar and lemons, hers gotta be free.”

“So daddy doesn’t get a break?”


“Okay, you win. I will pay the dad tax then.”



Nakia often complains that the quads tend to get out of hand at times. They often picks fights or get in trouble at day camp.




 The youngest of the quads, Jordan tends to be the trouble maker of the 4. Nakia seems stressed between working and now raising 6 kids alone most of the time. Her ex tries to handle her 2 oldest as much as he can but this leaves with her with the terrible 4. I feel bad leaving her alone with the quads but it’s not like I could move into town…




 “Don’t be a jerk. Don’t you know that you never get a black girl’s hair wet?! Don’t ever do that again!”

“But it was funny!”

“Wanna know what’s not funny?”


“You not going out for ice cream today!”

“But dad!”

“Oh no you don’t… Don’t but dad me! Your mama is getting tired of your mess. You better get it together! Your mama is getting drained!”

“I’m sorry dad! I promise I’ll be good. I wanna go out for ice cream too! I miss you!”




 “I miss you too but you keep acting out. You gotta stay home. Maybe some other time when you’re behaving.”

“But daddy…”

“Maybe this will teach you.”

I never had to do something like that. I was always the fun dad but something inside of me snapped that day. Maybe cause of the strain bouncing between houses. Checking up on triplets, spending time with Devin and little Devi then spending time with the quads in the span of 2 weeks.

I think I did get through to Jordan on that day. He didn’t get to go out for ice cream then pizza later. He had to stay home with Nakia’s teenage daughter Nicole. Nakia’s second oldest daughter Jaslyn went in his place since I didn’t want her to feel left out. Jordan behaved during the rest of my visit and even afterwards. Nakia told me Jordan’s attitude improved since my last visit.  It hurt not having Jordan join us but maybe it was for the best.



 I enjoined my downtime with Nakia when the kids were sleeping. We would cuddle and talk for hours. In the last 5 years we really gotten close but like Feather, Nakia wanted something more. Something I didn’t think I was ready for.

“Borage, I know what we got is deep but I don’t wanna play house with you when you come to visit.”

“You said you didn’t want anything serious, besides I like what we have going now.”

“I know what I said 5 years ago but things changed. We have 4 kids, they are starting school this fall. I want something legit. You and I gotta stop playing this little game. If we gonna be together then let’s do this. Move in here with me.”

“Nakia, I would love to but I can’t.. I guess I should tell you but I’m moving to EC within a month.”

“So you’ll still be 1,386 miles away. I thought you would be moving closer….”

“I got better opportunities on the east coast. There’s nothing here in the midwest.”

“You got a family here, little kids who need you. I know you still ain’t about opening a night club.”

“It’s my dream.”

“You got kids, Borage. Don’t be so selfish. You know how hard it is raising 6 kids, I got a 15 year who thinks she knows everything. I got a 10 year old is becoming a sass mouth. Then 4, 5 years old who I can hardly handle.”

“I’ll send enough money for you to hire a nanny.”

“The quads don’t need a nanny, they need their daddy. And I need you. And if you’re not willing to make things legit, then this that we got going is done.”

“I’m not ready…”

“Then I’m sorry Borage, until you are… I can’t keep doing this with you. I’m falling in love with you and I just can’t play around anymore…”



 I knew Nakia was falling for me, I knew Feather was falling for me too but there was one other was falling me too. I lost my memory of being with her the first time around. My memory of Diamond was returned once I made a visit to LP. We had some intense moments during my short time there. I could tell that she wanted to tell me something. She had feelings for me for years, even when I had no memory of her. I guess I made a lasting impression on her. 



 It has only been 2 weeks since I last seen Diamond in LP. I already had moved to EC but wasn’t ready to return to my new home after visiting LP. During my layover in Littleton, I decided to rent a car and made a 35 mile drive to Riverview. I knew Nakia didn’t wanna see me and Feather probably felt the same. Acacia and Yolanda were out of town. Diamond told me that our twin daughters lived in Riverview. I felt maybe it was time that I meet them.

But instead I was greeted by Diamond who decided to visit the girls. They were at work and we used this time to talk. She broke down and told me about a curse that was placed on her. She couldn’t have anymore babies which means she failed her mission. I guess that’s probably why she wasn’t concern about using protection when we were in LP. She knew she couldn’t get pregnant.



 I felt bad for Diamond since she seemed really hurt by this. However it was nice to have guilt free sex and not worrying about fathering another child where she be left to raise alone once again.



 I was eager to meet the girls. Diamond sent a text telling them that I wanted to meet them during their lunch break. My heart almost dropped when I saw they worked at The Sunflower along with Nakia. I hope Nakia wouldn’t see me but she’ll probably won’t say anything to me since she’s pretty pissed.

Topaz and Opal were beautiful like their mother. There was denying that they were mine. They were surprised and excited to finally meet their dad.



 Topaz asked me if I was willing to do an interview, she was writing an article about the changes made to Riverview. Were they good or bad. Topaz especially wanted to interview former residents, curious if they were willing to return.

“You once lived in Riverview, is that correct?”

“Yeah, I moved here when I was 2 and left when I was 21.”

“There’s been changes made in the town, a new school, new parks, new homes and even a dive bar. Many believe the dive bar will bring in the wrong crowd while others feel that bar is was great place to unwind after a hard day at work. What are your thoughts about that?”

“Having bar isn’t that bad. Not having a bar was a bad idea. Maybe if we had one then maybe..just maybe I would have just stayed. Sometimes adults need a place to chillax and recharge.”

“Riverview wants to be a wholesome town to raise a family in. With the all the changes and even the bar, do you believe Riverview remains a wholesome family oriental town?”

“Yeah I guess, the kids have fun places to go. The bar is a fun place for adults to take a break at.”

“Would you consider moving back?”

“Honestly… no.”



 I know Nakia and Feather would read my interview in Topaz’s article. That last question was a hard pill to swallow. They both want me to move here, they both want to be with me but I wasn’t ready for anything serious…regardless if kids were involved…



During the visit I got to meet Topaz’s boyfriend, Miro. For some odd reason he was really eager to meet me slightly more than my own daughters were. He seemed nice but weird.



 “It is a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Montigo.”

“Oh? You can call me Borage.”

“Oh okay, I must ask you something. It very important.” 

“Okay, shoot.”

“I am an Aviutmn Fae and our kind must always ask for the father’s blessing.”

“Blessing for what?”

“I wish to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

“Which one?”

“Topaz, sir.”

“No which hand?”



 “It’s an expression. I want to ask your daughter to marry me. But first I need your blessing and permission of course.”

“You’re asking me? Why? Just put a ring on it.”

“It is a custom thing that I must thing. Call me old fashion if you must.”

“Um.. sure I guess you can marry my daughter.”

“Really? I have your blessing?”

“Yeah man, welcome to the family.”

“Thank you, sir! This means a lot!”

“Yeah. You’re welcome.” 



 Some time had passed and the impossible had happen. Even when having a curse placed on her years ago, Diamond still manage to become pregnant with my child. I didn’t believe Diamond at first, I actually got mad at her and accuse of her of lying to me. But she wasn’t lying, she was telling me the truth. I spoke to my grandmama about it. She chuckled saying that silly witch curse has no effect on an Navox. We are the symbol of fertility and that’s probably why normal birth control never worked for my mama.

I decided to work things out with Diamond, I didn’t want her to raise another child without me. However I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull this off. Diamond decided to stay in Riverview with the girls during her pregnancy. She was seeing a specialist who was attractive to the situation. It was probably for the best that she stayed so she could get the best care for the baby. We talked almost everyday until my life in EC got complicated…. 



I had fallen into a coma 6 months before the birth of our child.. Diamond had no idea of what became of me.. She was in her 3rd month when we last spoke…

“Think we’re be staying here a little bit longer, Saffron. I’m not sure what happen to your father. It’s been months since we heard from him. He wasn’t thrilled when he first heard about you but he soon warmed up.. Maybe he changed his mind or something. I would hate to hear about him turning away from his son.. That doesn’t sound like something he would do.. I’m afraid that something had happen..”



I remember a conversation I had with Acacia 2 years ago. It was probably an important one on that as well.  Sometimes I wonder what she said could be the real reason why I’m trapped in this coma…

“Do you ever plan to settle down?”

“Like get married and have a bunch of kids? I already did the have  a bunch of kids part.”

“That’s why I asked. Maybe its time that you find just that one.”

“I tried but then she died but not before fucking my dad and having me believe that my brother was my son.”

“You gotta let that go… There is someone out there for you.”

“I got some things going on with a few of ladies and I enjoy it. But I think they are starting to fall for me.. I do feel some deep corrections with them but I’m not ready. I just want things to keep going as is.”

“That’s bad.. You know you can’t keep doing that. It’s not possible to spread your love to more than one. It will spread out thin and someone is going to get hurt. If it’s not just one but all, even you.”

“So you’re saying that I gotta pick one?”

“One or none. If you’re not ready then you need to stop. It’s not fair to them. You can’t fake the feeling.”

“But I can’t fake the feeling without feeling…”

“Like I said, one or none..”



 4 little secret families in Riverview…

But little did I know…..



 I had a 5th family….



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  1. Man soooo many kids! Like I kept thinking “no way!” every time another pregnancy popped up, lol. He just loves his ladies. Seems like Borage really needs to think about what he wants for the rest of his life if he’s going to get out of his head. 😦 You can tell he cares about all of them but is really being kind of unfair to them at the same time.

    • Babies coming out of the woodwork hahaha. But yeah he really needs to make a decision and its kinda selfish. Borage always had a issue with commitment, its not like his mama was ever faithful to his step dad and his dad never settle down. He looked up to his dad, his dad loves the ladies and he feel like he should spread his loving around. He’s just afraid of getting hurt in the long run. Its just easier to just string these females along until a decision is made for him :/ But he did pick none, since chasing after Clarissa. Too bad he didn’t get a chance to tell the others that he moved on. They don’t know what happen to him 😦

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