Love For The Ladies: Chapter 99 – Where’s Your Head At?

With it now being summertime, I decided that I should take some time off from my job to spend more time with my daughter and siblings. I was granted a 2 week vacation and today we plan to meet up with Mordecai and his daughters at the beach.

Since learning about my new younger sister Aaliyah, I’ve made arrangements with Sunny about having Aaliyah come over. It was perfect timing for Sunny since she’s working on 2 big cases. Aaliyah will be spending more time with us during the summer and she’s pretty happy about that. I don’t mind having her around, she’s pretty sweet and Solar likes her a lot.





“Is it okay if I go to the movies with Rhea afterwards?”

“What kind of movie do you girls plan to go week?”

“The Net Frame. It’s about a computer hacker who hacks into the government’s system. I know it’s a thriller type movie.. I hope that’s okay.”

“As long as it’s a PG 13, then I’m okay with it.”

“It is. So can I go?”

“Yes, just be home before 7.”

“Oh cool! Thanks! I can’t wait to see that movie.”




 It’s been nearly a month since Solar could suddenly start walking. It’s a mystery for me and I’m curious of how that came about. I worked with her for months but she refused. She takes a nap next to dad one day and now she’s walking like its nothing.

 She had a doctor’s appointment and her growth is charting as a 2 year old although she’s 9 and half months old. Her doctor suggests it’s probably time to start treating her as a 2 year old and potty train her. However, that’s not going well…



 “C’mon Solar, just potty in the chair like a big girl.”

“No! No!”

“Please Solar? Do it for me?”

“Uh nuh! No potty!”

“But Solar, you gotta now. You’re a big girl now, not a little baby.”

“No, 2! No potty, 2!”

“Okay fine. But we will try this again later.”





The day at the beach with the kids was kinda fun and relaxing. It’s something that I really needed since I’ve been busy working and trying to hold the household together. I’m really glad that Mordecai suggested that we should hang at the beach.




 I was unsure about taking Eli along but Morde said he was taking Kiara since he had her for the day. I guess Kiara would need the company since they are close in age. She’s just 2 weeks younger than Eli. The babies were enjoying themselves, snuggled in their car seats.




It wasn’t long before they were fast sleep in their seats, after all it was close to their mid morning nap time.




 “So how have you and Haven been doing? Is that still going?”

“Yeah man, why would you think it wouldn’t?”

“Cause you’re you… I never seen you settle with anyone, I mean seriously.”

“Oh so Sonoko don’t count?”

“Not really, you and her where off and on like a light switch… Besides I didn’t think you guys were ever serious seeing how she’s BL’s mom…”

“I did love her… But what about you? Aren’t you ready to start dating? Ya know it’s been forever ago.”




 “I dunno… I’m kinda busy and don’t have time for dating.”

“Bullshit. You got time, you’re just being chicken shit.”

“No.. I’m not… Well maybe a little.. But there is this one girl-“

“That baby nurse? Ah ha! I knew you had a thing for her.”

“Wha-what? How do you figure?”

“I see how you looked at her. You’re all like, “Just kiss me, gimme a wet one.””

“Shut up! I do not! But he doesn’t want a guy like me..”

“Dude, where’s your head at?”


“You got your head too high up in the clouds that you can’t see that lady is into you. Dude text her!”

“Text her… I can’t.. What am I gonna say?”

“Do it or I will.”




 “Fine.. I’ll text her but I dunno what I’m gonna say to her.”

“If you want this lady, you gotta step up.”

“Okay… I’m texting her now.”





 “What did you say?”

“Just saying hi.”

“You are so lame. Gimme your phone.”

“Wait! No! What are you saying to her?!”

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna make you sound more interesting.”

“Morde, please! Give me back my phone!”

“I will after I hit send.”




 “Why did you just say that!”

“I think you mean, “Thanks.””

“Why should I be thanking you! I would never say anything like that!”

“I know, that why I did. You gonna compliment her ya know.”

“Yeah but there’s other ways.”

“My way is better, trust me on this.”

“I never felt so embarrassed in my life…”

“You’ll live.”



 I was a bit annoyed with Morde and decided to play with the girls. I checked my phone a few time but no reply from Selene. I feel like such a fool. I won’t blame her if she doesn’t wanna talk to me anymore. I do kinda like her and all but I think Morde ruined any chance that I might have with her if its true about her being into me.




Mariah and Kimora begged if they could  stay the night with us since Aaliyah will be staying over for the next 2 days. I couldn’t say no to their sweet faces and told them it was okay. Morde grabbed Kiara and headed home while I got all the girls settled in my car. Ally was hanging back since she and Rhea were going to see a movie. I’m pretty glad cause that gave me extra room in my car.




 Once getting to the house, the girls were hungry and all voted on grilled cheese sandwiches. It was pretty nice having lunch with the girls. They talked about their favorite cartoon shows and other kid stuff. It kinda reminded me of all the times my siblings and I all ate together as kids.




I played with the kids for the rest of the day. So far I the start of my vacation has been going pretty great. This was seriously needed.




 I was getting Solar’s bath ready when I heard the doorbell rang. I saw it was Morde and wasn’t sure why would be here. I checked my phone to see if he texted first but no new messages. Not even from Selene…

“Dude, so did she text back?”

“No, your text probably scared her off..”

“Doubt it, she’s probably busy. Ya know how nurses are.”

“Maybe but I dunno.”

“Well, I’m gonna help you out, bro.”




 “And how are you going to help me out?”

“We’re gonna go out and party.”

“How is that helping?”

“I know what your problem is. Why you don’t have the balls to ask Selene out. You’re worried you’ll be too inexperience for her since Ashley was your one and only. Tonight, we are gonna get your dick wet. You never did have a rebound and I think it’s over due.”

“I don’t need a rebound. Ash and I broke up over 13 years ago. I’m over her..”

“But still you need a second chick. You’ll feel more confident once you do.”

“I don’t see how your logic is reasonable.”

“Trust me, my logic is gold.”

“And that worries me…”




 “So how do I look?”

“I said we are going to the club, not church! You look like a choir boy!”




 “What? I think I look snazzy. Ash thought I looked cute when I wore this.”

“Where’s your head at? Still up her ass? Dude, you need to burn that! Tonight, you’re officially done with her and totally not wearing that.”

“Well its too late to go shopping.”



 “We’re raiding dad’s closet. I know he has some dicking ladies clothes!”




 “I feel and look ridiculous…”

“Nah bro, you just got sexed up for the ladies. So I think you mean to say, “Thanks.”

“I look like a gigolo, Morde.”

“Then my work here is done. I must say that dad has some good taste.”




 “Well can I wear my glasses?”

“No dude! Tonight you’re Esteban the sex machine. Glasses will nerd you up!”

“But I need them to see..”

“Goddamnit L2, wear your contacts. Esteban doesn’t need to see. He just need to feel on the nice tits on sexy ladies.”

“Why can’t I be myself?”

“Cause yourself is lame.”



 “I don’t want to be dishonest.”

“You’re not looking for a soulmate, just a laid. Lie with all your heart’s content, Esteban.”

“I still don’t feel right about this.. I mean what if I’m terrible.. It’s been 13 years for me.”

“You’re a Montigo, you have 35.6% of Navox blood in you! You can still fuck like a porn star.”

“I dunno….”

“After a few shots, you’ll be fine.”




 “We gotta remember this night cause he’ll probably never look this good anymore.”


“Boragio and BL would never believe this unless I have pics to prove this.”

“You guys are jerks.”



 “I betcha Selene is gonna like this pic when I tag you on my FacePage.”

“If she’s into the gigolo look.”

“Whatever, you look all thanks to me…and dad.”








 I wasn’t about nightclub scene. It’s been ages still I’ve been to one. Morde went to go order us some drinks although I didn’t plan to drink. I wanted to keep a clear head tonight. I serious doubt that I would get lucky.




“Drink up, bro.”

“I said I wasn’t going to drink.”

“And I say you need to. Ya gotta loosen up a bit and not be a wallflower.”

“I’m unsure about this..”

“You’ll be fine. Trust me.”

“But I don’t trust you..”




 I watched Morde dance with a few females on the dance floor. He motioned me over to join him but I coward away. I didn’t think I’m a good of a dancer even when my dad tried to force me to learn from him since I was a kid. I always feel so awkward when I dance so I just don’t bother with doing that.





 I walked away and played some darts alone. So far I’m not enjoying my night out and I just wanna go home. I’m just not a party person like the rest of my family.




 “Dude, seriously… You over here playing darts alone like a nerd!”

“I like playing darts.”

“You need to like playing with tits. Seriously bro, put yourself out there.”

“Morde, I’m not like you and will never be. I just wanna go home.”

“You’re not going home until I convince some chick to ride you. I’ll be back.”




 “What can I get for ya sweetie?”

“My bro is tighter than a dick in the ass, I need something to loosen him up a bit.”

“Hmm, I think I have just the thing for ya sweetie.”




 “Try this, you’ll like it.”


“I’m not taking no for an answer. After you down this, we’re gonna do some shots.”

“You know that I’m not a big drinker.”

“I know but just for tonight.”





Morde wasn’t going to stop with the drinks so I might as well drink up.. It’s been a pretty mellow night. What’s the worst that can happen? Not like I would get some drunk that I’ll hook up with someone like June.




 “Hey you look mildly attractive, whatcha think about my brother Esteban over there?”





 “Woooooo! I feeeeeeel so great! Yeaaaaaah!”





 “He’s really cute! Is he single?”

“Hell yeah! You should go talk to him!”

“Really?! Okay if that’s cool with you!”

“I’m totally cool with that!”




 “Hey cutie. I’m April, wanna dance and do some shots?”

“Yeaaaaah!!! Let’s do some shots! Let’s do some shots!”

“Oh cool! You sound fun!”

“You sound cute!”






 “So Esteban, its been fun tonight.”

“Yeah, I had lots of fun.”

“So you wanna go to my place for more fun?”

“Like sex? Cause I totally want to sex you.”

“Oh good! We should tell your brother.”




 “Morde! We are gonna have sex! Wooooo!”

“Calm down a bit bro, you don’t wanna scare her off.”

“Oh my gosh! He’s so cute! Ready, Esteban??!”

“I’m ready! I’m about to take my pants off!”

“Brother! Calm your dick!”

“No! You calm your dick!”

“Yeah! Calm your dick, Esteban’s brother!”

“You both had too much to drink. I’ll call ya a cab to April’s place.”



 “Alright, your cab is here. I’ll help you there.”

“Duuuuude… I’m about to have sex!”

“I know.”

“And I’m so excited!”

“I bet. Just don’t pass out once you get there.”

“I can’t cause I’m gonna have sex, sex, sex, sex, and sex!”

“I’m never getting you drunk again…”








 “So this is my place. Wanna head to my room or do it on the kitchen table?”

“Anywhere you want, baby.”















 “Ashley? Who’s that? I’m April.”

“Huh? Did I just call you Ashley?”

“Duh.. That’s what I just said.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean..”

“It’s okay! It’s close.”

“Was I good?”

“Good? No. But you were fuckin’ awesome. Wanna go at it again?”





My head was pounding, my vision blurred, my thoughts clouded. What happen last night? I could see that I was naked next to a female who was also naked but I couldn’t remember her name. I couldn’t believe that it already morning or afternoon, I wasn’t sure until I could find my phone.




 “Hey sweetie, did you sleep well?”

“What time is it?”

“It’s 11:30, Esteban. Why? Do you need to leave?”

“My name is Liam and yes I need to go. I got kids at home. I hope Aries didn’t have class today.”

“Liam? I thought your name was Esteban? Who are you?!”

“I’m Liam, Esteban is a name my brother calls me when we party.. I gotta go but my head is pounding.”

“Ya know.. You look familiar.. You’re not a Montigo are you?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Goddamnit! You stole my nephew Eli!”


“Eli is my nephew, June’s my sister.”

“Oh crap…Did we?”


“Please tell me that I wore a condom..”

“No. But its okay… I’m not like her. She’s just my half sister.”

“Oh crap… I better go.”

“Wait no! I kinda like you.”




 “Please don’t go, Liam. Let’s get to know each other and have more sex.”

“That’s not a good idea. I gotta go home. Sorry.”

“Are you at least going to call me?”

“Honestly no… Unless you want to speak to me about seeing Eli.”

“I thought we connected last night.”

“I’m really sorry… I’m really am..”

“So you’re going back to her…”


“Ashley. You called me Ashley last night. You were thinking of her when we were fucking. I thought you were single.”

“I am and Ashley is my ex. Again I’m sorry if I lead you on.”

“Why does this always happen to me? Get out and never come back!”




 I pulled out my phone so I could see if Boragio was home since he lived next door. I need a ride home since I’m nearly blind and can’t wait for cab at April’s. I pulled out my phone and got something unexpecting.



10 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 99 – Where’s Your Head At?

  1. AWWWW YES L2 is getting some action… from June’s sister. FANTASTIC. I was like “wait a minute” when she started talking to them. I knew I had seen her before, lol. It’s sad that she says they “stole” Eli though. 😦 Your sister was hurting him! Bleh! But woohoo for Selene getting back him! I guess he will have to tell Morde thanks for that at least.

    • Keeping it in the family LOL. April aware that June was hurting Eli but couldn’t do anything to stop it since June threaten her a while back. But April knows that they really didn’t steal him, she couldn’t admit to knowing about what June did cause of the threat of June sending vampires to attack her. April is a bit loopy and is terrified of vampires :p

      • Sometimes it’s easier to be true to the family you don’t trust than to people you don’t know too. I mean it’s not like she really knows the Montigos but probably knows her nephew is better with them in the long run.

      • Yeah I guess that’s true. She knows Eli is better off with his daddy’s family but in ways she was hinting to L2 that she would like to see him.

  2. Haha, Morde is so much like his dad!

    LOL! I could not stop laughing at drunk L2.
    “Morde! We are gonna have sex! Wooooo!”
    “I’m ready! I’m about to take my pants off!” Lmao!.

    “Not like I would get so drunk that I’ll hook up with someone like June” Bahaha, no, just her sister…
    Oh geez L2, don’t be knocking up June’s sister now. How awkward. Haha.

    Ah bummer. Bad time to not have your phone on you Selene. Missed an opportunity. 😛

    • Writing a drunken L2 was pretty funny cause he’s the type of guy who rarely drinks. So when he does, he’s ridiculously silly hhehee

    • LOL L2 jinxed himself about that. Yeah it might not be with June but with a sister.. That’s close enough hahaha. Drunk L2 aka Esteban was pretty fun to write :p

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