Love For The Ladies: Chapter 98 – Flowerz

Shae and I have been dating for a couple of weeks and its great! We go on dates and kiss a lot. I really like Shae a lot. Today I went to the park for a morning jog. Alyssa and Solar came with me since it was a very pretty day like Shae. I was about to do my job but I saw Officer Flower was there. I wanted to so say to her cause she’s so nice to me.



 “Good morning Officer Flower! How are you today?”

“I’m pretty good, but please call me Sunny. I’m off the clock.”

“That’s a very pretty name.”

“Aww thanks Aries. Having your morning jog too?”

“Yeah! It’s a pretty morning and I think it would be great.”



 “Yeah, I just finished my jog. I better go get a bite of food before my shift. I got a big case now.”

“About June’s fire? Did you find out anything new? Did someone hurt her?”

“Well I can’t discuss the case with you Aries. But I promised you and your brother that I will keep you both in the loop on the case if there’s anything you guys can help me out with.”

“Okay. I understand.”



 “However Aries, there is something more important that I wanna discuss with you.”

“Sure, what is it Ms.Sunny?”

“There’s something that I need to reveal… I’m just not sure how to say it.”

“Is it a bad thing?”

“It depends on how you take it. I have a daughter named Aaliyah, she’s 8 years old and she’s your little sister.”

“Huh? You had a baby with my daddy? My daddy never told me that I had a little sister named Aaliyah.”

“Well your dad doesn’t know about her and I didn’t exactly have a child with him. It’s more of that he helped me have a child. I was married and my husband and I planned to have a baby but he was killed in the line of duty. I really wanted a child. With my line of work, I don’t have time to try to date again. I visited a special clinic and picked your dad as my donor. Genie pregnancies have the highest success rate and this was my one shot. Borage’s donation was pricey but all worth it.”

“So my daddy gave you a special gift!”




 “Yes. Would you like to meet her? Aaliyah has been asking about her dad for a few years. I’ve been searching for him and found him after his accident. I’ve been meaning to tell you and your brothers about Aaliyah but you guys had a lot going on. I think its time. She can’t meet Borage but she can at least meet her brothers.”

“I would love to meet Aaliyah. I bet she is pretty like you. She has a very pretty name.”

“Gosh Aries, you’re just so sweet. I’ll call her over. Aaliyah! Come here!”



 “Yes mommy?”

Aaliyah is a very pretty girl. She looks like her mommy and my daddy. She got my daddy’s eyes and smile which it makes me start to miss my daddy a lot now. But I am happy to learn about her and meet her.



 “Aaliyah, this is Aries. He’s your big brother.”

“You’re my brother?”

“Hi Aaliyah! It’s so nice to meet you.”

“You have cool eyes, Aries!”

“Thanks, you have pretty eyes like our daddy.”





 “I wish I could meet daddy but my mommy said he’s in a coma. Can you tell me some things about him? Do you look like him too?”

“I kinda look like daddy a lot if he was an alien.”

“You’re an alien? How cool!”

“I’m part alien and part genie.”

“That is so cool! I can’t wait to tell my friends about you!”



“I guess being like this is kinda cool. I use to have green skin.”

“Can I have a hug?”

“You like hugging? Me too, Aaliyah.” 

“I’ll let you guys get to know each other. Day camp is about to start here and I need to get some food. You be good, Aaliyah.”

“Yes, mommy. I will.”

“Bye Ms.Sunny!”

“Bye Aries.”



 “So tell me about daddy. What’s his favorite animal? What’s his favorite color? What’s his favorite food? Is he a nice daddy? Did he buy you cool toys for Christmas?”

“That’s a lot of questions. Daddy thinks dragons are cool but it’s not really an animal. He likes the color blue, daddy like all food but he likes cechive and cake most of all. Daddy was a fun daddy and he does give me cool presents.”

“I like dragons and cake too!”

“Me too. My favorite food is waffles. Daddy made the best waffles when I was little. Daddy didn’t cook much, he used his magic but sometimes he would make me waffles.”

“I like waffles too. My mommy doesn’t always get to cook cause her job makes her busy but my nanny makes good waffles.”

“You have a nanny?”



 “Yeah, mommy gets very busy with cases a lot. My nanny is fun, you’ll like her if you meet her.”

“Is she here now?”

“No, its her day off. I go to, day camp on her days off.”

“Do you like day camp?”

“Yeah! Its super fun. So what else can you tell me about daddy?”

“He use to be a DJ until we moved here. He wants to open a dance club. Daddy loves to dance and play music. He’s a great dancer. He thought me how to dance.”

“I like to dance. I’m in ballet.”

“Daddy would like that.”



 “Would our daddy like me if he met me? I didn’t get cool pink hair like you.”

“Daddy would love you. He doesn’t care if you didn’t get pink hair.”

“Oh.. So how many kids does my daddy have.”

“Umm… I’m not sure.. Daddy has a lot of kids.. I think 24. Well daddy said there’s 2 more but he didn’t say much about them.”

“26 kids? Wow.. I got a lot of brothers and sisters!”

“Daddy has another baby due next month. Its gonna be a little girl. Her mommy is a vampire.”

“I’m gonna have a little vampire sister? How cool!”



 “Yeah. I can’t wait to meet her. Wanna know what else is cool?”


“You’re also an auntie too. We have 6 nieces and there’s gonna be more babies.”

“Oh cool! I can’t believe that I’m an aunties already. I’m only 8!”

“I was a young uncle too. It’s what happens when you’re a genie.”

“Its super cool!”



I wanted to jog before I had to head to class. I introduced Aaliyah to Ally and Solar. Aaliyah was happy to meet one of her nieces. Its weird cause Ally is way older than Aaliyah. I let them chat while I jogged around the park.







I felt my phone buzzing and I stopped to check it. It was a text from Shae. I’m always happy to get a text from Shae. It makes my day a thousand times better.




 I was finished with my jog and Aaliyah came running up to me. I think she likes me and I hope so cause I like her like too. I think Sunny did a good job on raising Aaliyah. She’s very nice and likes to hug a lot like I do.




 “Can we hang out today? You’ll like day camp a lot. We get to fish and roast marshmallows today. And tomorrow we get to go to the art center to paint and stuff!”

“I wish I could but I have to go to school. I’m in college.”

“Oh… I was hoping that you could hang out with me today. It would be fun.”

“Aww well my class is over around 2 PM. I could come back.”

“Really! That would be super cool!”




 “My class starts in an hour. I better get ready to go.”

“Aww you gotta leave now?”

“Yeah. I can’t be late for class.”

“So you’ll be back?”

“I promise that I will.”







I came back like I promised and Aaliyah was so happy to see. She ran up to me with open arms, ready to hug. I was happy to see her again too.




 “You came back!”

“I promised you that I would.”

“I’m really happy to see you! Wanna play some horseshoes? I’m really good at it.”

“Sure, I would like that.”




 I never really played horseshoes before. Aaliyah was really good at it. It looked like fun and I wondered if Shae would like to play this sometime.




Aaliyah won the game but I think it’s still cool. She’s a lot better than me at it and said she would help me get better at it too.




 I had lots of fun at the park with Aaliyah. It got me thinking about having kids. I didn’t think I would ever have kids cause girls wouldn’t date me. But now I met Shae and she thinks I’ll be a great daddy one day. I think I do good with my sissy and nieces. I’m doing great with Aaliyah today. I just met her this morning and she already loves me! 




 “Push me higher, Aries!”

“I don’t wanna push you too high. You might get hurt!”

“I’m a genie! I’m not gonna get hurt! Higher please?”


“Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on the top?”

“Ohhhh okay!”




 We talked a little more. I told her more about daddy and about our other siblings. She was really impressed of what I told her and wants to meet everyone. I promised her that I will try to have her meet everyone at least point.




 “Hi Aries, has she been great?”

“Yes Ms.Sunny, Aaliyah has been super great!”

“That’s good to know. C’mon Aaliyah, we need to go.”

“I wanna stay with Aries. Can I go over to his house?”

“You have ballet class in an hour.”

“But I don’t wanna go. I wanna stay with Aries!”

“I know you do but today’s ballet. You’ll see Aries again.”

“Yeah Aaliyah, I’ll see you again. How about tomorrow after my morning class?”

“Oh okay.”




 “You promise you’ll see me tomorrow?”

“I promise!”

“Pinkie swear?”

“Pinkie swear!”

“Okay! Bye Aries, see ya later!”

“Bye Aaliyah!”




We went out for dinner since its been a long time since we all get out. I told L2 about Aaliyah but he wasn’t surprised. He said Ms.Sunny left Aaliyah with him before at the hospital a long time ago. He had a feeling Aaliyah was one of us cause she looks a lot like dad.




 “I still have Sunny’s contact info. I guess I will call her and try to make arrangements to have Aaliyah more so she can get to know us. I’m sure Aaliyah is one of many special donation kids of dad’s.”

“You’ll like her, she’s really nice.”

“She seemed nice when I met her.”

“Daddy B. was a donor?”

“Yes, Ally… It where half of his money came from. He got paid a lot but that’s all I’m gonna say about it.”

“It feels weird having another aunt younger than me.”

“It’s gonna be a common thing, Ally. Dad just like to make more children…”

“I like having a big family, L2. I got lots of brothers and sisters to love!”

“Well the good thing about a huge family, we always got someone to talk to.”




A week went by since meeting Aaliyah. I told Shae all about her and hope she can meet her one day. But tonight is a special night! Every Tuesday is pizza and movie night. I come over to Shae’s with movies while she makes the pizza. She makes great pizza. It’s very yummy! But I didn’t know how special this night was gonna be!




We had our pizza as usual…




 Along with a great chat about our day…




We watched a funny movie together…




But something was just extra special about tonight…







 “Umm… Shae.. Your hand is..”

“Oh I’m sorry..”

“It’s okay.. I kinda like it.”

“There’s something about you… I can get a little carried away..”

“Your touches me make feel really good in ways…But..”

“I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t be rushing things with you.. I know that’s something you’re not really for..”




 “Shae, it’s okay…”


“Really… I mean.. it’s a normal thing for my kind.”

“It wouldn’t feel right… I know about your past…”

“But I like you touch… I didn’t like his..”

“Well… What do we do…”

“I know..”











 “It’s getting late… Maybe we shouldn’t take this any further.”

“Maybe you’re right.. I really like kissing you.”

“I like kissing you too.”




 “So I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

“We can go for ice cream after you get off from work.”




 “Before you go, Aries. I wanna ask you something.”

“Like what?”

“We been dating for 3 weeks and I think it’s time that we make things official.”


“Like boyfriend and girlfriend official. I wouldn’t feel right go further with you tonight..mainly cause we weren’t official just yet. I think its time we do. I like you a lot and want you as mine.”



“I would love to be your official boyfriend!”

“I was hoping for that.”








 “Wow, our official first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend. I love it!”

“Me too, Aries. Selene is gonna flip when I tell her.”

“So see you tomorrow then, girlfriend?”

“Yes. I’ll see you tomorrow, boyfriend.”



Oh so cool! I finally got a girlfriend! I can’t wait to tell my brothers this!

8 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 98 – Flowerz

  1. Aww, Aaliyah is such a sweet kid! And Aries is so good with her. 🙂

    I wonder if L2 will take finding out about Cyrus as well as he did finding out about Aaliyah…

    Wooo, that was getting steamy there for a minute… Hehe. 😉
    But Yay for Aries and Shae! 😀 They are too cute. So excited for them ❤

    • Aaliyah is too sweet 😀 she’s really excited to know that she’s no longer the only child anymore and have nieces :p Honestly L2 won’t be surprised about there being more kids. He knows about the donations and Borage did a lot of travelling in the background, he wouldn’t be shocked if any kids were conceived on those trips lol. So it’s like “I knew there was more!” LOL Ya know how hard I had to stop Shae & Aries from woohooing -_- LOL “No woohoo! Your first woohoo will be legit!” LOL

  2. Aaliyah is such a doll and I think Aries will make a great daddy! 😀 He’s really come a long way I think with handling his issues. Even if difficult emotional stuff is still hard for him to handle. I love this though! You can tell she wants to move to the next level but is being so respectful. 😀 I’m amused by your comment to Buffy about “no woohoo” cause damn right! Save it for the right moment for them.

    • I swore that I had replied to this. I guess my reply didn’t go through.. That happens time to time :/ But yeah I think Aries will make a great dad if he can handle the baby making process :p

  3. *Squeeeeeeeeeeee* this chapter was just so full of marshmallowy-sweetness 😀 😀 An almost sexy scene too.. I was ready for it, but what a tease lol. Next time 😉

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