Love For The Ladies: Chapter 97 – A Night To Remember




 There was a knock on the door. I wasn’t sure who it could be cause we weren’t expecting anyone. L2 headed to the store and Ally was at The Perc. I answered the door and saw it was Officer Flower. I wondering why she was visiting us. We really haven’t seen her since daddy’s accident.

“Hello Aries, is your brother home?”

“No Officer Flower, he’s not here. Can I help you with something?”

“Well, may I come in. I need to speak to one of you.”

“Sure, you can come in. Is everything okay?”

“Um..well. Just let me in and I’ll tell you why.”

“Oh okay!”



“I’m here about June Carney, you and your brother have temporary custody of Eli?”

“Yeah we do. He’s napping now.”

“When you last seen June, was she disturbed or anything like that. I figure losing custody of a child would be hard on a new mother.”

“Well she was mad, she said mean things to me then went home yesterday.”

“So you last seen her yesterday?”

“Yeah, she come over to see Eli but I didn’t let her cause she was breaking the rules.”

“She attempted to see Eli unsupervised?”

“Yes. Is June in trouble? I didn’t let her see him so she shouldn’t be in trouble.” 




“No Aries, June isn’t in trouble. Last night the police responded to a house fire.”

“A house fire? June’s house?”


“Is she okay? How did the fire happen?”

“I’m sorry Aries but June’s remains were found in the fire.”


“Yes, June is deceased. We looked into her previous house fire report. They just recently found evidence that it was a self set with magic. We believe this may be another one that went wrong.”

“She set her houses on fire? She almost hurt Eli last time.”



 “We’re launching a full investigation. We aren’t sure if this was an accident or a homicide. But given her previous history, I believe it was a suicide.”

“Oh no! I can’t believe this.. Eli won’t have a mommy anymore. I don’t know why she wanna kill herself. I know she was mad cause we have Eli. I feel sad now!”

“I’m sorry Aries, but before we can rule anything, we need to investigate.”

“What do we do now? Do we keep Eli?”

“Yes, Aries. You and your brother will be contacted by child services shortly. They will help you both with the next step regarding Eli.”



 “Oh okay… but I’m really sad now. She was mean to me and said mean things about me but I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.”

“I know Aries, but everything is gonna be okay.”

“Can I have a hug? It will make me feel better.”

“Well sure, I should get going now.”

“Okay. Will you tell us what happen when you find out?”

“Sure, I will be keeping in contact with you and your brother. I’ll see you around.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”




L2 came home soon after Officer Flower left. I was still sad about Eli’s mommy even if she was a mean person towards me.

“Aries, what’s wrong?”

“It’s June!”

“Did she come back over here? What did she say to you?”

“She died last night..”

“Oh… How?”

“The police don’t know yet. Her house was on fire.”

“I see. Well….”



 “I feel sad.. I didn’t want bad things to happen to her.”

“Aww Aries.. I know that but sometimes bad things happen to people who are bad.”

“You’re not sad?”

“Honestly no, but I am surprised a little.. Well not really. Sorry if I sound cynical but I found out some things about her. Her mother sent a letter to our lawyer telling him to keep Eli away from June. She is disturbed, has a long history of mental illnesses. June wasn’t right in the head.”

“But I really feel sad about it cause Eli won’t have a mommy.”

“True but Eli is going to be fine. He has us now and he’s safe.” 



 “Everything is gonna be okay?”

“Yes Aries, I promised. Besides, you have a big night tonight. Your first date. You should be happy about that right?”

“Yeah but I’m nervous. I never went on a date before.”

“Well it shouldn’t be any different like the other times you hung out with Shae. She’s your friend, it will be like the other times.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so. I’m gonna make some spaghetti for dinner and everything is gonna be fine.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“No problem.”




I sat down for dinner with my family. My date with Shae was just an hour away. She sent me a text that she just got off from work and was heading home to rest a little before getting ready. She already had dinner at her job so it’s just gonna be a movie tonight. I wasn’t sure which movie to take her so I was hoping that my family would help me out.




 “What movie should take Shae to? What kind of movies do girls like?”

“Well you can’t go wrong with a comedy.”

“I like funny movies! Shae likes to laugh.”

“Well there’s that new movie about a groom and his 10 groomsmen who are trapped on island. They fought over on who’s gonna be the best man in the wedding. Rhea saw it with her boyfriend.. They liked it.”

“I heard about that one. Selene wants to go see it, she talked about it.”

“Maybe you can take Selene to it like a date.”

“Yeah dad, I agree with Aries.”





 “Why would she want to do that? Go on a date with me?”

“Cause she likes you and you like her, dad. I see how you get all flushed around her. It’s cute dad.”

“I do not! ..I don’t get flushed… Don’t be silly.”

“Well don’t you like Selene? She’s pretty like Shae! We could have a double date!”

“I’m not her type…”

“Trust me dad, Selene is into you. I see it in her eyes.”

“You should ask her out, L2.”

“I dunno… Maybe.”



After dinner, I went outside and hung out with Ally. I think Ally might be sad, cause I heard her crying in the bathroom last night. I hope she’s okay but I think I should talk to her.

 “Ally are you sad?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“I heard you crying last night.”

“Oh that… It’s nothing.”

“Something is kinda weird.”

“Like what?”



“I notice you been sick. Genies don’t get sick. You can tell me if something is wrong.”

“I know Aries but everything is fine.”

“You like a boy, don’t you?”

“I did but he doesn’t like me.. He likes my friend more.. But not like I could have him anyway. Me and my friend aren’t friends anymore… That’s why I was crying. Sometimes crying too much will make me a little sick..”

“That boy is missing out cause you’re a great girl and he sounds like a big jerk.”

“Yeah he’s a big jerk.”

“Everything is gonna be okay, Ally.”

“I know… thanks.”



I drove to Shae’s house to pick her up for our date. I remembered what L2 told me, it will be like the other times when we hung out like friends. That made me a little bit better and I wasn’t nervous anymore.




I knocked on her door and she let me. She gave me a hug and I like it a lot. It started to make me feel things and I was starting to get nervous again. I took a deep breath and now I’m better.



 “So what movie are we going to see?”

“Ally suggested the funny movie about the island groomsmen.”

“Oh The Best Man, I heard that movie is pretty funny. My sister wants to go see it.”

“Oh great! I’m glad that you wanted to see that movie.”

“I’m glad that you’re taking me to go see it. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah if you are.”




We headed to the movie place. I got the tickets for the movie and I was excited about the date now. I think that things are gonna go well. My daddy would be proud.




 “We gotta a little time before the movie starts. Want some popcorn or something?”

“No, I’m still full from the early dinner in the cafe at the hospital with my sis.”

“Oh okay. If you need anything, please tell me.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Great! Looks like the movie is about to start.”




The movie started and it was pretty funny. I really enjoy spending time with Shae.




 I really like her smile and laugh.





 She makes me feel good inside.




 I feel so lucky to have her as my friend.



 “That movie was really funny. Great pick.”

“Thanks! I’m glad that you liked it.”

“I’m really enjoying my night with you and was wondering if you wanna play in the arcade?”

“Yeah, I think that will be fun. We should play some pinball.”

“Oh cool, I like that.”



“Shae can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything?”

“You like to spend more time with me this weekend? I was thinking we can have a picnic on the beach.”

“I would love that.”

“Would it be okay if Solar comes with us? Solar loves the beach. I got her a new swim suit.”

“Sure, I like Solar. She’s adorable.”

“Great! Solar likes hanging out with me. I’m glad that you don’t mind it.”

“I love children. I hope the have a few of my own one day. “

“I think you’re be a great mommy one day.”



 “Thanks, I’ve seen you with Solar. I think you’ll make a great dad one day.”


“Yeah, any kid would be lucky to have you as a dad.”

“I hope I’ll be a great daddy one day.”



 I wanted to win Shae a prize for Shae. I saw a teddy bear in the machine and I wanted to win her it. I think she would love it since its cute and soft like her.




 “Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I wanted to get you the teddy bear.”

“Aww. Well the dino is cute but you really don’t have to win me anything.”

“But I want to cause we’re on a date.”



 “I hope you liked the dino instead. I’m sorry that I didn’t grab the teddy bear.”

“It’s fine Aries, I love it. Thanks for trying.”

“You’re welcome. So what else you wanna do?”

“Its getting kinda late. I have to work in the morning.”

“Okay. I’ll drive you home.”



I think my date with Shae went great. We saw a funny movie, played some pinball and we got to know a little more of each other. I really like her a lot and I think I’m ready for a little more. I never had a girlfriend and I hope Shae can be my first girlfriend.




 “It’s been a fun date. I enjoyed lunch and the movie this evening. I look forwarded for our picnic date this weekend.”

“Can we have lunch again tomorrow?”

“I would love to but I’m not sure when my lunch break will be. Things at work are gonna be hectic for a while. I heard about June. If things aren’t too crazy tomorrow then I’ll let you know.”

“Okay. Tonight was really great and I’m sad that it’s over.”

“Don’t be sad, we’ll do this again. But I can make you a little more happy.”

“Really? How?”





 “I hope that was okay… Was it okay?”








 “Oh…wow..that… was…it…”








 “That was amazing… You’re  great kisser. I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

“I never kissed anyone before, I wasn’t sure if I would be good.”

“You’re amazing at it.”

“Can I kiss you again? You have really soft lips and I really like it.”

“Of course you can.”



 I came home with a smile on my face. I never been so happy in my life. This is one night to remember and it was great!


10 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 97 – A Night To Remember

  1. Aww poor Aries being the first one to find out about June. He would be the one to take it the hardest, despite how horrible she was to him. 😦
    So cute that hes looking out for Ally too. Even though he doesn’t know just how much she needs the support right now. 🙂

    C’mon L2, just ask her out already! 😛

    Awwwww *squee* sweetest ending ever. 😀 ❤

    • Yeah, Aries still cares about everyone even if they had done him wrong although he’s a bit indifferent about Pedro. But it doesn’t changes the fact that he’s upset over his death too. L2 is just dragging his feet :p hehee

  2. Awww I love Aries!! Such a sweet chapter, I am glad things are going so well for him after how things started in his life. 😦 He’s such a sweetheart and that ending was just so perfectly him. ❤ Poor, poor Ally. 😦

  3. Wow he looked so sexy though, with those huge muscles and strong manly hold. I think Shae is smitten! 😀 Hopefully Aries has gained a lot more confidence now.

    • Aries is a good guy, he cares about everyone’s feelings and even the ones who aren’t so nice to him. He doesn’t want anyone to get hurt…even if they are a POS.

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