Love For The Ladies: Chapter 96 – Solar’s Secret



 “Solar? What are you doing here? What am I doing there?”




 “Hi da-dee!”




 “Hey baby girl, you gotten so big and you look different. You got normal skin like me now.”




 “But it’s whatever.. I miss the hell out of you, princess.”




 “Daddy misses you. Are your brothers treating you good? They better be treating my fairy princess well so daddy is gonna have to beat them up for you.”




 “Daddy, my brothers are treating me well. I just wish you could wake up. We all miss you so much. It’s been hold on my brothers. Please tell me that you’re going to wake up soon, daddy.”





 “Whoa! When did you learn how to talk so well. You could barely speak when I saw you. I guess that explains why you look so different now. How much time went by? It feels like its only been 15 minutes.”

“Silly daddy, I still talk like a baby. I didn’t learn how to speak well like you put it.”

“I don’t understand… You’re speaking just fine to me right now.”

“It seems that way daddy, but you’re forgetting what I am. I’m part alien remember?”

“Yeah I know…but do you care to explain?”

“My kind is more advanced and very intelligent than humans. You see if my mother didn’t change the speed of my growth, then I would be an adult by now. My kind has a short childhood, it’s a span of 6 months. But since I’m still a baby, I can transmit my thoughts into your mind and make it appear that I’m speaking well. My mind is at its adult age but my body is not.”

“So you’re an adult trapped in a toddler’s body? That kinda kills the joy of raising you from a tot and an adult..”

“Silly daddy, I will grow from a child into an adult.. I will always be a lot smarter than other kids. I could finish high school in first grade.”




 “So I got a super smart kid who’s gonna know more than her daddy.. I wanted a few more years left knowing that I can teach you things…”

“I’m sorry daddy.. You will still have things to teach me. I don’t know everything in the world daddy. I am part of you.”

“So my genes made you half dumb? That’s terrible… I’m sorry that you don’t get to be like the others of your kind.. Sorry that daddy has dumbed you down a little.”

“I don’t think you’re dumb, daddy.”

“Well it wasn’t smart to speed on an icy road… You see where that got me.”




 “Everyone make mistakes, daddy. Its okay and don’t feel bad about it. I love you regardless of what your IQ is, daddy. You’re perfect to me!”




 “You love me? Even when I was a shitty dad towards you when you and your twin was first born?”

“Of course I love you daddy. I know how I came into existence isn’t how you wanted things but you did care for us. You kept us, gave us a home and food. You wouldn’t let our mother take us from you. You always loved us, daddy. You just didn’t realize it.”

“I was too selfish.. Things are different now.. I was a good dad to you both before my accident. Things were going great until..boom.”

“Things will get much better when you wake up. I wonder why are you staying in the world of unconsciousness? Is there more going on that I’m not aware of?”




 “Well princess, coming out of a coma isn’t easy. At first I thought I had to find my spirit guide which it turns out to be my identical twin half brother who is an asshole. He’s some Navox god whom died ages ago and he’s back to be an asshole. He was supposed to tell me some things like how I have more kids that I didn’t know and unlock a hidden power within me.”

“Okay daddy but what happen?”

“We got to the final realm, where I will finally be awaken but the goddess wouldn’t allow it…At least not yet.”


“She is not happy about poor parenting skills. I fathered many kids but failed to show that I actually cared about them. If I am going to return then I must prove that I’ll be a great father. She won’t allow me to leave to father more children she thinks I won’t care about. She’s a goddess of fertility and I’ve been a disappointment to her.”

“But daddy, you are a great daddy. I don’t understand.”




 “Not always.. I cared about me, I didn’t want kids cause the attention would be taken away from me. I didn’t love any of kids when you were all first born. I attended some births but I was too busy with my phone, texting other ladies that I wanted to screw. When my first kid was born, I didn’t want to hold him. I just wanted to leave so I could get laid. I looked at Bruce for 30 seconds and left for a booty call that didn’t happen. I didn’t hold Bruce until he was about 5 days old. When I did start paying attention to my kids, I picked favorites.. Now I am being shown all the hurt I caused by doing that. I was terrible to Bora and Luna.. I’ve shown dislike to any alien kid I gave birth to. That includes you and Orion.. I knew was I bad but I didn’t think I was that bad..”

“But you love us now. Shouldn’t that matter?”

“I didn’t love you and Orion until your mom tried to take Orion from me. I seem to only love a child when that kid is being threaten to be taken or hurt. That shouldn’t be my only reasons.. I know I can do better and I wanted to. I wanted to witness Eli’s birth, be there and hold him within seconds after he was born. I wanted to love a child from the start, not later on when something bad happens.”




 “I know you’re gonna be able to prove that you’re ready but how will you prove to her? What all do you have to do? Will it take very long? I really need my daddy back.”




 “That means a lot to me that you need me back. If only the goddess could hear this. I was doing something right just before my coma. I was making progress.”

“She can hear everything.”

“How do you figure?”

“I can feel her surrounding this place. She can hear you. I hope she will believe you. But daddy you didn’t tell me your tasks..”



 “I have to figure ways to undo the hurt I caused on my older children. I’m watching the past and it hurts.. I can even see what’s going on in their current lives and I don’t like what I’m seeing. Bora… I hurt her so much and now some asshole is hurting her more… I just wanna reach in and strangle that asshole. But I can’t do nothing but watch..”

“I know you can find a way to do so..”

“I hope so.. Until I can figure..until I can show that I love and care about you all, she’s keeping me here. It’s like nothing I say is helping.. I’m starting to lose hope in seeing you all again..”





 “Silly daddy, never give up hope! Your love for us will help you prove to the goddess that you truly care and have love for each and one us. Ask for forgiveness from my older siblings. It’s the only way to undo the hurt.”




 “Just ask for forgiveness? Why didn’t I think about that. I guess it’s great to have a baby smarter than me.”

“Yeah daddy, it’s not so bad. But I can also help you prove to the goddess that you changed.”

“Really? How so?”

“Teach me to walk. I refuse to learn from my brothers. I want you to teach me things. You’re my daddy and it’s your job!”

“Yeah. I can do that!”




 “Walking isn’t going to be too hard. You just move one foot over the other like I do. See?”

“Will I fall and get hurt?”

“No, I’m gonna catch you.”

“Daddy, I’m scared.”

“Its gonna be okay, I’ll catch you.”




 “Are you ready? Come to daddy. I know you can do it.”

“Daddy, I might fall.”

“No you won’t. I didn’t fall when I learned. I’m a professional walker. Just take a step.”

“No daddy! I can’t.”

“Please, princess. Do it for daddy so he can wake up.”






 “Daddy! I did it and I didn’t fall!”

“I told you that you won’t. Why are you worried about falling? You have wings, silly girl.”




 “Let’s have another go. I think you’re getting the hang of it.”






 “Thank you daddy, I can walk now. Are you going to wake up now?”

“I don’t know but I hope I do.”

“Can you teach me something else?”

“Like what?”

“Dance. I can walk now.”

“Now that’s something that I’m great at.”










 “I’ve been looking you. Why are you here with your winged brat?”

“I was drawn here and I found my daughter here.”

“Ugh… these little intermissions you keep having are prolonging your journey.”

“They miss me.”

“They’ll keep missing you if they don’t stop.”

“I know what I gotta do now.”



 “That’s great now tell your winged brat goodbye and let’s go.”

“But I wanna spend more time with her. I miss my kid.”

“We don’t have time for this. You chatted with her and taught her to walk. That’s enough time.”




 “Well I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. Besides you keep bullshitting this whole trip. I figure things.”

“Yeah? Like?”

“Asking forgiveness from my kids.”

“That’s not enough. She needs more than that.”

“What it was a great idea.”

“You wanna know how many others figure that? A lot and it wasn’t convince. She’s a hard one to impress.”



 “There’s no way she’s gonna keep me forever! I will get back to my kids and Clarissa.”

“The hell?! Did you just fart?”

“Does it matter?”

“Fuck yes! Smells like something crawled up your ass and died. The fuck did you eat?”

“That’s not the issue! I need to leave this place!”



 “Look, I want you out of here too but your idea isn’t enough for her. There is another way, we can bring your case to court.”

“Court? There’s a coma court?”

“Yeah and I’ll be your representative.”

“That’s one way to be sure that I’ll never be awake up…”

“Hey! I’m a representative!”

“That’s hard to believe cause you’re doing a shit job here.”

“You’re the one who keeps wandering away from me.”

“Maybe cause your stories about yourself are boring!”

“Whatever. Tell the kid bye and let’s go.”




 “Bye baby girl, I promise that I’m going to wake up soon. You be good, okay?”




 “Hey? Where did you get a laptop from?”

“Best Buy, where else?”

“Best Buy? I didn’t know there’s a Best Buy in coma land. Besides, that place sucks.”

“Whatever, I’m setting up a hearing for your case..which you will win cause I’m helping.”

“Helping me lose..”

“You want out, right? Cause I can just leave you here.”

“You could but you won’t cause you have a kind heart.”

“You don’t know me well..”

“I know enough that you like me. Were brothers and you wouldn’t leave your brother.”

“Have I told you that I find you annoying?”

“You love me, man.”




 “Okay Solar Flare, I guess it’s time for us to part. I’ll see you again. I promise.”




 “Bye da-dee..”








 “Please tell me that you’re not gonna start crying!”

“Yes! I miss my baby. You don’t know how hard that was!”

“Calm your dick, you’ll see your winged brat again!”

“Well until then… I’m gonna cry cause I know you hate it.”

“You are so damn annoying! You make me miss my annoying daughter!”

“Good! At least you can see your baby anytime.”

“I wished that I was in the coma. You lucky asshole!”




Solar woke up from her nap. She looked so happy when she woke up. I think she had a happy dream. I wish could tell me what her dream was but she can’t. We been here with daddy for a couple of hours and I think we should go home now.




 “Wanna get some ice cream, sissy?”

“Yeh! I walk.”

“Sissy, you can’t walk. We tried to teach you but you won’t.”

“Airy, I walk.”

“Well okay..if you think you can.”



 I set Solar down and she started to walk! I can’t believe she’s walking suddenly! I know L2 is gonna be happy when he finds out that Solar can walk now. I’m curious of how she can suddenly.




“Airy! I walk! I walk!”

8 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 96 – Solar’s Secret

  1. Awww she’s so special!!! ❤ I love the contrast between Cergio and Borage sometimes. I think it really shows the best of Borage's character when he has to deal with him. I am feeling like that having Cergio there "representing him" and he arguing with him will hopefully show his judge the kind of man he's become.

    • Good twin, Bad twin is basically what they are but technically they aren’t twins :p Borage has grown up and even more in his coma state since I can see into the past and realize all the mistakes he had made and wants to do the right thing. However, he gotta convince the judge that he really has changed. The way these genie comas are, its basically a genie’s death. However they can be brought back to “life” if they can prove they can be a good person. So meeting before the a genie goddess or god, is pretty much judgement day. They could wake up or stay “dead” in a forever coma.

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