Love For The Ladies: Chapter 95 – Wonderland

The day started early for me. I had to head out an hour before class for a little study group. We had a big test today and I wanted to be ready for it. I felt bad cause I didn’t get the babies ready for the day but L2 knew it was important. He said since Ally is out of school, she can help out. Ally doesn’t mind but she don’t wanna wake up before noon. She’s been feeling really sick lately. I hope she’ll be okay.



 I was more nervous about my first date more than my test. I never been on a date before. I never kissed a girl either. I don’t know what to do! I don’t wanna mess things up or she won’t like me anymore. Maybe I should call Morde or Boragio and ask what should I do. I know they had many girlfriends. I know L2 only had one but I don’t think he’ll be much help…



 I couldn’t help but think about the date. As time passed by, I was getting more nervous about it. Shae said she usually have a short day on Mondays, so I planned a fun picnic at the park. After all my classes for the day was over, I got a text from Shae that there’s a chance of plans. She won’t have a short day and her lunch break is in an hour. I felt sad when I read her text.

I thought maybe she was having second thoughts. But she sent me another text saying she wants to have lunch with me. If I could then she wants to meet in the cafe and asked what would I’ll like to eat. I told her I do like burgers and I can bring some for her. I didn’t want her to buy my food cause shouldn’t I be paying for both of our meals? I remember daddy always paying for Clarissa on their dates.




 “Aries, I’m really sorry about this. I know this isn’t what you plan for a first date but I’ll be honest with you. This sort of things happen in my line of work.”

“It’s okay Shae. At least I still get to have lunch with you.”

“No Aries, it’s not. I should had warned you about this happening. I gotta work until 7 today, things are crazy. June didn’t show up for work nor called in. So irresponsible of her! I figure that she didn’t wanna face me but that’s childish. She still has a job to do.”

“Maybe her feelings were really, really hurt?”

“I doubt it.. June has always been a bit cold. At first she seemed nice but when she got involved with your dad, she changed.”

“I thought being pregnant will make a woman a little loopy. That’s what my daddy said.”

“Not the kind of loopy June was. In some ways I do kinda feel bad yelling at her but she was being so rude to you.”



 “Thanks for sticking up for me. I told my sister Journey about it and she would have beaten June up. She doesn’t like when people call me that mean word. She beat some kids in school for calling me that and she once beat a cashier cause she called me that word. Journey is really protective of me.”

“Wow, sounds like your sis isn’t someone who I wanna mess with. She sounds like a caring sister though. I look after my kid sister Selene too but I never had to fight anybody. I mainly try to keep her from doing things that would kill her. If I wasn’t around, Selene would probably die. Ha ha ha!”

“You’re a great sister! Anybody would be lucky to have you as a sister.”

“So would you like me as a sister?”

“No. You’re too pretty!”

“Aww thanks, Aries.”

“I think Journey will like you. She already like that you told June off but kinda wished that you punched her. I said that was mean but she said it’s not for one who deserve it. I don’t want June to get hurt but what she did was a bad thing.”



 “Yeah it was a bad thing but let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. I am enjoying my lunch with you. It’s a nice break from my sister. She likes to talk about the protesters over in Brooklyn Heights and how she wants to join. I had bailed her out from jail after a few protests she joined in. She has a kid now, its time for her to stop that.”

“I like having lunch with you too. Normally I just have lunch with L2 and my sissy.I hope we can have lunch together all the time.”

“I bet that would be nice but my job is crazy. Things might be a little more crazy in a bit. Being a LPN is okay but I rather be a RN. More pay but it’s not my first choice. I’m more into naturopathic medicine. I feel that natural medicine is the best but not many hospitals practice it. So I went into schooling to become a RN. I have a couple more years left but I needed money. Selene and I moved here and got jobs as LPNs. I really want to become a RN so I’ve been thinking of finishing up my schooling.”

“That’s great! Maybe we can be study buddies!”

“Maybe but I hope you won’t be sad if I’m too busy.” 

“I’ll understand…”



 “I hope you do. This doesn’t mean I’m not looking into dating. I think I can still manage some time to go on some dates. Maybe a real date with you after my shift is over. Since I get off at 7, maybe we can catch a movie around 9?”

“I love watching movies. I would like to do that. Then what else we can do?”

“Well it would be pretty late after the movie.. I gotta work tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah… I guess I didn’t think of that.”

“I promise you that we’ll go on a real date this weekend.”

“So this isn’t a real date?”

“Well I’m on my lunch break from work and we’re having lunch at my job too.”

“Oh… I don’t see it that way. I’m getting to know you.”



 “That is true. If you wanna call this a first date, then it’s okay with me.”

“I guess not since I’m not nervous like I was before you texted me. This is like when we hang out.”

“There’s nothing to be nervous about. Just be your sweet self.”

“I never kissed a girl before. And I thought I would have to kiss you at the end like in the movies.”

“Some girls don’t kiss on the first date, silly. I’m kinda one of them but it really depends on the guy. If I can see myself with him.. Then I wouldn’t mind kissing him on the first date. So far it has happen once.”

“Oh.. Would kiss me?”

“Oh Aries! Maybe I’ll let that be a surprise.”

“I guess that’s a no?”

“Well I didn’t say that. I mean….of course I wanna kiss you.. I just can’t stop thinking about those lips- I can’t believe I just said that! I hope I didn’t weirded you out..”

“No. Knowing that makes me happy.”

“I feel so embarrassed…”

“Ha ha! Its okay.”




Shae had to return to work so our fun lunch date was over. I was happy to know that she would like to kiss me cause I would like to kiss her too. I just hope I will be good at it. 

I was getting ready to go home until I saw Boragio. I wanted to tell him about Shae cause I excited that she might wanna date me. But I didn’t get until he told me his reasons why he was at the hospital.



 “Hey bro, here to see dad?”

“No I was having a lunch date with a pretty lady. Are you here to see daddy?”

“No actually. I’m here with Vega today.”

“Oh no! Is Vega okay? Is the baby okay??”

“Yeah, Vega and the baby are fine. Vega thought she was having some contractions but the doc said it was the fake ones. It’s a common thing but Vega is freaked out about and wanted to be admitted in. The doc said everything was fine but she demanded to stay.. So he let her if it will make her more comfortable. I’m just about to get her some juice.”

“That’s good that she and the baby are okay.”

“Me too. How is our baby brother doing? I need to stop by and see him.”




 “He’s great! He’s a happy baby and he smiles a lot. See! Here’s a picture of him with Solar. She loves him.”

“That’s good she’s getting along with him. Eli looks like one of us.”

“Yeah, like daddy!”

“Well I better get Vega that juice or she’ll choke me. Pregnant females can get a little demanding sometimes.”

“It was good seeing you.”

“You too. Tell L2 and Ally I said hey.”





I went home and decided to take my sissy to see daddy again. I’m missing him again and I think sissy misses daddy too. L2 was happy that I was taking sissy cause it was his day off and he needed to take Eli to the eye doctor. Sissy needed someone to watch her and Ally has been kinda sick again. It’s strange cause were genies and we don’t get sick anymore when we get bigger.



 I’m trying not to get sad when I see daddy this way. Sissy didn’t look sad when she saw him. Maybe I can if she can. I hope daddy will wake up soon.





“Wanna sit by daddy?”


“Okay but you gotta promise me that you won’t hit him again. That’s a mean thing, sissy.”


“Hold up, sissy. I might drop you and you’ll get a boo boo.”




 “Sleepy, Airy.”

“Yeah, daddy is sleeping.”

“No! I sleepy.”

“I guess its suppose to be your nap time.”

“Sleep wit da-dee!”

“I guess you could.”




 Solar snuggled up next to daddy. She was really tired cause she went to sleep really quick. She looked so cute sleeping next to daddy. So peaceful and all. I wonder what she’s dreaming about…



7 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 95 – Wonderland

  1. Aww Shea is so sweet with Aries, very patient even though you can see she’s eager to get to know him a bit better. 😉 I’m so glad Eli is home with the boys, it’s kind of sad he will grow up without his mama but in this case of course he’s better off. Course he’ll have that in common with Solar and Orion too so hopefully the three wee things will bond well once they are all together. That last shot of Solar is just ❤

    • 😀 Yeah Shea really likes Aries but she knows she got to pace herself with him since he’s fragile. Eli is safe now and yeah he’s better off without June. Solar is just so cute ❤

  2. LOL I laughed at the reference to Selene dying. 😛 It seems Shae and Aries are a bit awkward with one another, but it’s cute! So sweet, Solar sleeping with daddy. 🙂

    • We all know how unlucky Selene could be lol She doesn’t have a dangerous job for once :p
      Vega seems like the type who wanna stay even when she’s told there’s no need lol.
      Everything Solar does is so cute :p

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