Today “Love For The Ladies” turns 2 but……

It’s time to say goodbye to the magic man now…



It’s been an amazing 2 year run with this story but it is time to move on to the next generation of magical Montigos. The story of Borage will possibly end by the end of this month or early next month. It just depends on how quick my updating will be. It’s reasons why there’s been a sudden update increase. It’s time to wrap it up! Something B. doesn’t seem to believe in.

I have thoughts and plans for the next installment of this series. I have decided with Borage’s son I won’t be going the baby mania route, it won’t be much of a Risquecy.

It will be more about wearing his heart on his sleeve. Falling in love way too quick and too hard. So not so much in collecting baby mamas but a lot of collecting bitter ex wives, Ideas are still up in the air, so it can change or whatever 😛

The new story will have some of Love For The Ladies’ original roots, random silliness and such. However some seriousness will remain but more of the ha-ha stuff. Comedic dramas are fun to write.

I wanna say thanks to all the ones who hung around for the past 2 years.

You guys are awesomely juicy!

4 thoughts on “Today “Love For The Ladies” turns 2 but……

    • I still take a good at my early post. It was such a great time then. I’m sure I’ll get all nostalgic with these current updates later on in life :p

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