Love For The Ladies: Chapter 94 – Smoked



 “Hello June, it’s been a long time.”

“Wha-what are you doing here?”

“You know why I’m here… Collecting debut that you owe me.”

“I’m sorry…I don’t have it..”

“By the looks of it.. I believe you.”

“Money was tight… Eli was in the hospital-“

“And that is your own damn fault.”

“He was sick!”

“And you were to blame..”





 “Don’t be stupid. I’ve been watching you.. You made your own child sick just so you could be at the hospital all the time to see the magic man. Your reasons were stupid, you were a nurse for fuck sake. Of course you be there a lot.”

“You don’t understand! I did it cause my plans didn’t go as I hope.. I wanted to be with Borage and live with him. I didn’t have a home so keeping Eli sick was my option..”

“Of course your plans wouldn’t work! You cuts his brakes then set your house on fire! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“I knew he was with Clarissa, if she got in his car when it crashed..then she would die this time.”

“Why on earth would she go with him when your call sounded like an emergency? Anyone with a half of brain would know he wouldn’t make her tag along. You’re in a burning house with his unborn child, which he cared deeply for. He’s not gonna ask, “Hey wanna come with me to save my baby mama?” He’s only thinking of saving his child!”

“Figure she would cause she’s dog and follows him around..” 




 “I think you were more of the dog, you followed him more than her. I knew you would let me down. Your obsession blinded you from your real task. The wolf remains alive..”

“I’m sorry… I gave Clarissa the fruit. She ate it but Borage cured her…”

“But yet you had more chances to remove her but you decided to obsessed.”

“I love him.”

“And you see where your love for him lead him.”

“Just give me one more chance.. I can kill her off this time.”



 “What’s the point? You’ll fail again.”

“I won’t this time! I have a plan!”

“No. Your plans are foolish. However I’m glad that you failed.”

“You are?”

“Yes, I learned more about Clarissa Lamar. I learned of her special abilities. Wolves of her kind are rare. She’s more valuable to me alive than dead.”

“But what about your plan to unlock that guy’s location. You said Borage needs another great hurt before that happening. Clarissa’s death would do it.”

“Yes, but you don’t understand her power. Besides after learning about her, I’m interest if she breeds. If she were to bear a son, I could have him as my mate. Then finally… I would have the husband I desire more. Clarissa shall live to bear many offspring for me to pick from.”




 “No! No! No! That was not part of your deal! You said I will have Borage for myself. After Clarissa was dead, you would cast a spell to make Borage fall in love with me forever!”

“You really thought I would waste my magic on something so ridiculous?”

“A promise is a promise! I don’t want her around to have any kids with the man is supposed to be mine! i want her dead!”

“You are in no position to be making any plans!”

“Oh yeah? Whatcha gonna be about it? Huh?!”




 “Collect my debut. That’s what I’m going to do.”

“Hey! We can work this out… I’m sorry!”

“Oh not so tough now? You may not done what I assign you to do but I will still collect debut of what you own.”

“But I don’t have any money. I need more time!”

“Who said it was money. I said you would pay me back with something you hold value to.”

“The only thing that is value to me is my son! You can’t have him!”

“I’m amazed how you could say that with a straight face. You value your child but yet used the power that I unlocked in you to cause harm onto him? I cannot condone your actions against an infant. The thing you value the most is your life.”

“You were gonna kill me? I don’t understand!”

“Not originally, I just was going to reclaim your witch status. After knowing how you used my gift to harm a baby, I think your life is a fair trade. I want you to imagine thousands of tiny red hot needles scrapping against your intestine. That is the same pain your child endure whenever your cast the Bryehu spell on him. He could do nothing but cry until the medical staff took action. This bullet within this gun will make you experience that same pain but 20 times worse.”

“But if you kill me then you’ll go to jail! Besides if I die I’ll still win. I cast the Lyrolyn spell on Borage! When he awake, he’ll have no memory of Clarissa!”

“You poor foolish tramp.. Obviously you failed to research what the Lyrolyn spell does. My spell book was hogwash, a real witch would take notice fairly quickly. I gave you the book for my amusement. That Lyrolyn spell made him spell like lavender for 48 hours. Besides, I will do no time for my crime. You’re forgetting what I am. I can easily make this look like a suicide. The headlines would read: Lonely woman sets her house on fire before shooting herself after losing custody of her child to the  child’s comatose father’s older son. And just 6 months before her home went up in flames twice mysteriously. However after they recreate your house fire from the first time, they’ll know it was done with witch magic. You did a good job making yourself look like a troubled woman. Suicide would be your only way out since you’re under investigation for your first house fire and your infant’s illness.”

“Please don’t! Just take my witch powers!”

“Tell Lois Champagne hi for me. We met once before.”





 “I guess I shall clean this mess up.”

“Plea…plea…please he-lp.. The..pain.. “

“Enjoying the same pain you inflicted on your son?”


“Oh don’t be a sourpuss. Lois was less bitchy when I killed her. You compared to Lois, she was a saint. I almost feel bad for killing her. Oh well. Mistakes were made.”

“You…won’t…get…a…way …with..this..”

“Oh dear.. I will.”














6 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 94 – Smoked

    • LOL I know some are going to like this hehehe But this was coming in the long run… It just took so long to get to this point :-p

  1. OH GOD I DIDN’T EXPECT THAT. Well deserved death, but not enough! Nothing is enough. I’m glad mystery chick has at least some line she won’t cross even if it’s killing off women who are serious to Borage.

    • That isn’t the last of the mystery lady, I can say that much. Hopefully she won’t allow any harm come to Clarissa…even if she has her own selfish reasons why.

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