Love For The Ladies: Chapter 93 – Homecoming

It’s been a sad year for me so far. Daddy is still in a coma, no update from Arcadia telling us that Orion is returning, my Suziu died and Eli was really, really sick.  I had a really bad day when I found out about my Suziu’s death. It hurt me so much cause I never forgave him after the things he did to my daddy. I found out how I was made and I do not like that one bit. I wasn’t made out of love, I was made of force. Daddy couldn’t say no. I hated my Suziu for that. But when Luna said he was killed…I felt really sad and bad. I said mean things to him.  Over some time, I began to forgive him a little but wasn’t ready to talk to him. I thought I would have time but I guess I didn’t. My Suziu died thinking that I hated him and makes me feel like a butt cause I don’t hate him… I never hated him… I was just really, really, really mad at him. He did things to daddy like his boss did to me… Memories of my child days on Ziharia still bother me…

I broke down really bad, things hit so hard. I flipped and went crazy. I really scared Solar cause she cried. I didn’t mean to scare my little sissy but I couldn’t take anymore bad news. L2 took me the a special hospital. I stayed for 2 weeks and then I felt better. I needed to make myself better… I wanted to be more adult like. So I got a haircut and enrolled in the community college. I’m majoring in fine arts cause I wanna be an art teacher for little kids. My therapist said those were good changes. She thinks I was too attached to my daddy and I need to be more independent. My daddy can’t always take care of me…he isn’t around to do that now.

Being at home was hard, not seeing daddy around. So I wasn’t around much. That was a bad thing cause my brother needs my help. Ally told me how she’s worried about L2, he works so much and too hard. Solar won’t stay in her crib and L2 is up all night trying get her to sleep. My therapist said it wasn’t fair to L2, I need to help and this will help me be more of an adult like I want. I stop being a butt and stayed around the house more. We got news that L2 won the hearing and he has temp custody of Eli. June’s house was a bad place for Eli so the court ruled in L2’s favor. If June makes her house better, she can get him back. L2 said that’s a bad things cause the hospital thinks June kept Eli sick for a really long time. They couldn’t prove it, we just gotta not let it happen again if its true. We gotta keep Eli.





 I’m more helpful with the babies since we have Eli with us. I have no need for sleep so I’m up at nights making sure Solar sleeps in her crib and feeding Eli cause he’s a very hungry baby like most genies. It’s nice being with the babies now. Solar is starting to like me a lot and it makes me happy. We got something in common and its great! My brother is getting more sleep and feeling better now. I just wish I was being helpful earlier, L2 isn’t mad at me but he should.



 Its been a good night so far. Solar was very sleepy cause we went to the park and played. She stayed in her crib all night. L2 switched Eli to a new baby milk for genie babies. It’s more filling and Eli only needed one feeding tonight. I got to work on my school project more and its coming out really cool. I just hope I can get a good grade in my sculpting class. Daddy would be so proud of me if he was awake.



I took a break on my project to study for a test on Monday. I relaxed in bed with my text book and Sassy enjoined me. Sassy and I had a rough start. She didn’t like me, she chased me and sometimes bit me. I was really sad cause she didn’t like me. I always been so nice to her. With daddy not around, Sassy is being nice to me now. I think we are gonna be best friends cause I got her something.



I really wanted a kitty myself so I adopted this kitty that I named Turbo.  He’s nice and runs really fast so I named him Turbo. Solar likes Turbo and I think Turbo really likes her too.




Sassy and Turbo are best friends now. They always play and hang out a lot. Sassy is gonna have little kitty babies with Turbo and I’m so excited!




Summer has started and I took a summer semester since I really like school a lot. I have shorter classes in the summer but its okay. I made breakfast for everyone cause I had nothing to do. It’s the least I can do.

“You both like my pancakes?”

“They are good, Aries. Thanks for making breakfast.”

“You’re welcome. I actually made these cause I had some free time.”

“Oh really? I figure you used your genie powers.”

“I don’t always use them, brother. I want to be more independent.”

“You’re a genie, it’s a part of who you are. Using your magic doesn’t make you any less independent.” 



 “I know but isn’t homemade better? Made with love, ya know!”

“Yeah but those genie pancakes always come out so tasty. These are nice though.”

“So genie pancakes for tomorrow?”

“It’s whatever you like.”

“Are you just being nice to me? I promise I won’t cry if you tell me the truth.”

“No Aries, really. Which whatever way you want is fine. The gesture is nice either way.”

“Oh okay! I think Eli is awake. I’ll go get him.”

“Thanks Aries. It’s nice having you around.”



Eli is such a happy baby now that he is with us. He’s always smiling, playing with his little feet when we come to get him. He looks like our daddy a lot and it makes me happy inside.




After I fed Eli, he, Solar and me watched some TV for a bit. Eli likes watching TV a lot. I guess it’s better than what he is use to. He stayed in the hospital for 6 months and now he’s healthy enough to live with us. Solar likes our little brother. L2 was a little worried that she’ll get jealous but she wasn’t. She likes the baby and that’s good. Since having Eli with us, I feel more happier now.




 Today I had plans to hang out with my new friend Shae. She was very nice to me since daddy’s accident. We started to hang out outside of the hospital. We started with going out for coffee and going to the park. With me helping at home, we go to the park a lot since I take Solar with me.

Today is gonna be a little different. We’ll start with taking Solar to the park then go see daddy with Shae. Solar hasn’t seen daddy since the accident and she asks for him. It’s why she won’t stay in her crib. She wants to go find him. L2 isn’t sure about it but I think it’s a good thing and Shae thinks so too. I gave her a call, telling her that Solar and me are heading to the park.



We walked to the park cause it was a nice, sunny summer day. Solar likes riding in her stroller and I like pushing her in one. I remember when daddy walked with me and my siblings to the park. Some of us would sit in the wagon and he’ll pull us. Daddy was a strong man and I liked that a lot.




Shae came to the park on time. She’s always on time for our meet ups and never late. I always liked that about Shae. I was happy to see her once again. I don’t why I get so happy when I see her. Sometimes I feel a little funny when she’s around me. She smells so pretty and I like her hugs a lot. I mean a whole lot cause things start to happen in my pants when she touches me. I like it but it makes me a little nervous…



 “Okay Solar. That’s enough for now. We gotta talk to Shae.”

“Uh uh!”

“But Solar we gotta. We get to see someone today.”


“You’ll get to play some more in a bit. Don’t you wanna see the surprise?”

“No, Airy!”

“C’mon sissy! You’ll like it!”




 “Hey Aries, how have your day been?”

“Pretty good. I’m happy to see you.”

“Aww, you always say that.”

“‘Cause it’s always true. I like being around you.”

“Me too. So is Solar ready to see him? You think she’ll handle it well?”

“I hope so. Maybe if she sees him, she’ll stay in her crib.”

“Maybe so. I’m ready whenever you are.”

“Okay but let’s have Solar play for a little more.”

“That sounds good.”



 We headed to the hospital and now I wasn’t so sure about this. Solar was getting fussy but I think it cause she thinks she’s here to see the doc. She doesn’t like doc visits much and I don’t like it either. My Suziu’s boss was a “doctor” who did bad things..




 I do get excited to see my daddy but once I enter his room, I’m sad. I hate seeing daddy like this. I just wish daddy would wake up. It’s been 6 months and he’s still this way…

“Aries? Is everything okay?”

“No.. My daddy is never going to wake is he?”

“Don’t say that. One of these days he will.”

“Sometimes genies don’t…”

“Yeah but if you have more hope..he could.”

Shae started to play with my hair while trying to make me feel better. It did make me feel a little better and a little more. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her to stop but I kinda liked the feeling even if it also made me feel weird.

“Daddy would be happy if he knew I had a pretty friend like you.”

“I think he would approve of me.”

“My daddy likes fairies.”



Solar was happy to see daddy but didn’t know what was going on. Solar squealed with excited when we sat her on the bed with daddy. But daddy didn’t response, so she slapped him! I told Solar to not do that but she didn’t really understand. She called for him again before slapping daddy once more. I told Solar again to not hit daddy, it wasn’t nice. 



 “Da-dee? Da-dee waky?”




 “I’m sorry sissy… Daddy’s in a deep sleep. He can’t wake up.”

“Da-dee, waky!”

“Sissy he can’t waky  right now but later.”

“Waky now, da-dee..”

Solar started to cry. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I didn’t think she would get so upset. Shae felt maybe she should take her outside for a little bit.



 “Aries, are you going to be okay alone in here? I’m going to take Solar outside so she can play.”

“I’ll be okay…”

“Airy no cry.”

“I won’t cry, sissy. Are you reading my thoughts again?”


“Whoa, she can read your thoughts? How old is she?”

“It’s hard to say about her age. She was born late September but was aged early by her mommy. But she age normally…kinda. Her kind is advanced in ways, she can read minds but it’s limited. It’s why she escapes her crib. She knows daddy was here.”

“Oh wow.. So she could read mine?”

“Kinda but you’re a human fairy, she can’t read too much at her age.”

“Oh good, Solar you don’t need to know my thoughts.”



 “Daddy, the doc say that you can’t hear me but I think you can. You gotta meet Shae, daddy. She’s a nurse here and sometimes she takes care of you. She’s so pretty and makes me happy. I think I like her a lot more than a friend but I don’t think she’ll ever date a guy like me. I got issues… I know but she doesn’t deserve a guy like that but daddy…. I really, really, like her.. So I dunno what to do. Should I try asking her out? But she might say no…then I would be hurt… I like when she hugs me, touches my shoulder or plays with hair. I feel so relaxed but things start happening in the private area. I’m not sure what to do about that… I know we are love genies…. I get this urges that makes me feel weird but I think its natural if I wanna do the sex thing with her? I know I shouldn’t.. But I wanna.. Daddy, please help me… I don’t wanna ruin my friendship with her…”



I went outside to check on Shae and my sissy. They were having fun. I asked if she wanted to go for ice cream before dropping off me and sissy. She said she would love to have some ice cream. I was happy that she said it was okay. I wanted to spend more time with her and hope I can figure things.




 “It’s time to go, Solar.”

“No! Stay!”

“But don’t you want some ice cream?”

“Not leave da-dee!” 

“Sweetie, we can’t take your daddy. He’s in a big deep sleep. He has to stay in the hospital.”

“I stay with da-dee!”

“Hunny, you can’t do that.”

“No! No! No!”



 When we got back from ice cream, L2 just came back from the doctors with Eli for his check up. L2 said things were great and he’s healing himself. His genie powers are taking over and fixing what his mommy broke….if she really did do it. L2 reminded me that some guest were coming over to see Eli today. It’s been 2 weeks since he left the hospital. Everyone was excited to see him.




Vega, Clarissa, Shae’s sister Selene came over to see Eli. Everyone was so happy and talked about how cute Eli was. Shae stayed since she wanted to see Eli as well. It was a good day so far, hanging out with Shae and having friends over to show off my new baby brother. Vega brought some food over and we ate and chatted for a bit.





 “Aww he’s so cute with that hat!”

“He looks like his daddy…thank goodness. No offense little monkey but your mom wasn’t someone to brag about.”

“Selene! Don’t say mean things about his mom in front of him.”

“What? Not like he’ll remember. I’m just saying. It’s miracle to see how cute he turned out to be.”

“I’m sending a pic of him to Boragio. I told him that he’ll be cute with that hat.”




 After dinner, Eli was passed around like a bowl of candy. Eli was starting to get fussy. I guess he wasn’t used to so much attention. Shae took him and she was so good with him. I think he likes her too cause he stop being fussy when she held him. I know she’s going to be a good mommy one day. My kids could use a mommy like her.




Everyone had left but Shae stayed. She wanted to hang out some more. So we watched a romantic comedy together. This was probably the longest I’ve spent time with her. She didn’t seem like she wanted to go home. It was her day off and I know she lives alone. I figure she didn’t wanna be alone.. But I am glad that she stayed……




 “Hi Aries.”

“Hi June, what brings you by?”

“I want to see my son, so can I?”

“I wish I could let you but the court said your visits gotta be supervised.” 




 “But I am his mother! I think the court’s ruling is stupid. Let me in.”

“No June, I can’t do that. Besides, Shae just put him to bed. He’s on a sleeping schedule.”

“Who is Shae?!”

“She’s my friend. She’s pretty, nice and great with Eli. He was getting fussy and she made him all better.”

“I don’t want some slut raising my child! You better let me in!”

“I told you that I can’t do that. It’s against the rules.” 



 “Screw the rules! Let me into this house so I can see my baby! He’s mine, not yours!”

“June, you know I can’t!”

“I don’t care! He’s mine! He’s all I got!”

“June… I’m sorry but no.”

“Listen here you retard, if you don’t let me see my baby then you are going to be sorry! I dunno why the court said it’s okay for my baby to be cared by a retard alien man whose a burden on his family cause he can’t function like a normal person! You don’t need to be around babies! You might drop Eli cause your retard mind doesn’t work right!”



 “But I’m good with Eli… I know I got a few mental issues but I’m not a retard. Am I really a burden to my family cause they think I can function right? I thought I was doing good so far…”





 “That’s right! You’re so stupid and retarded that you can’t figure that out? Your dad is probably happy to be in a coma so he wouldn’t have to take care of you! Your dad said that you were annoying and wishes you were never born!!”

“What?! Did my daddy really said that? But I thought my daddy said he loved me…”

“Your dad only deals with you! Him and I had plans to be family once he got rid of dog face Clarissa. You weren’t going to be apart of the family. He was going to send you to a retard home so Eli wouldn’t have to feel sorry for you!”

“That’s really mean! My daddy wouldn’t had done that. He liked Clar and he doesn’t regret me.”

“It’s all lies, retard! It’s time someone told you the truth! Let me see my baby!”



Shae heard us yelling and forced her way outside towards. I was scared that she was going to fight her cause she looked angry. I never seen Shae this mad before.

“You got some nerve trying to bully your way into this house. You got some nerve telling lies to Aries. You also got some nerve to tell someone they are a retard when you clearly have a mental issue yourself!”

“You don’t know a thing about me! It’s insane the court allows my kid to live with a freaky alien!”

“No! It would be insane if the court allow Eli to live with his mental case mother! Borage knew you weren’t fit! Why else would he make plans to get full custody of his baby before he was born? You can’t stop telling lies about Borage wanting to be with you when we know it’s a lie!”

“Whatever! What I speak is the truth! Borage and I had plans! We were going to get married after Eli was born but dog face tried to slut her way into his heart!”

“You are really a mental case! You know none of that is true!”

“Well your little boyfriend is a retard! He has a mind of a child. You might as be a pedo!”



 “I think you better leave while you still can walk.”

“You think you can take me? I could break you like a twig!”

“I wasn’t talking about fighting.. Clearly you can’t see what I am.”

“So? I’m a witch!”

“Yeah? Witch magic is nothing compare to magic of a fae. I advise you to leave.”




 “Fine, whatever but you haven’t seen the last of me!”

“Good stalk away, I’m sure that will look good in court for the second hearing.”

“Ugh! I hate you!”



 I felt hurt and sad after all the mean things June said about me. Am I really a burden to my family?

“Aries, sweetie… Don’t be sad. June is full of hot air and lies.”

“I think she’s right about me being a burden..”

“That’s insane, the only who is a burden to your family is her. Your dad and siblings like caring for you.”

“But I wanna care for myself and I’m trying.”

“Yes, and you are doing  a good job at it. June is the one with real issues.”

“I never had a girlfriend cause they say I’m weird..”

“I don’t think you’re weird. I see an amazing man who’s gifted with artist talents, great with children. You’ll make an amazing father one day. You’re sweet, kind and pretty cute. You care about others and put yourself last. If no girl can see that then she’s a damn fool.”



 “Do you really mean that?”

“Of course I do. I really like hanging out with you.”

“So if I asked you out on a date.. Would you go with me?”

“I’ve waiting for you to ask me. I was getting the feeling that you weren’t into me.”

“Really? I thought you would want a normal guy.”

“There’s no such thing of a normal person. You’re unique and that’s what makes you special.”

“So can I hug you?”

“You don’t have to ask.”





 “I’m really glad you’ll go out on a date with me..”

“I’m glad that you asked.”

“So maybe we can have a picnic in the park?”

“Sure, I love picnics.”

“We can have a picnic after my art history class. Say around 1 pm?”

“Sure, that’s my lunch break.”

“Cool. I can’t wait.”

“Me too”




8 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 93 – Homecoming

  1. Aww, Aries, bless his heart. He’s trying so hard and doing so well. Him and Shae give me the feels ❤
    June is just so awful! 😦

    And Solar is always adorable 😀

    • Yeah he is a sweetheart 😀 It was fun playing with him for once. I think him and Shae would make a cute couple 😀

      June needs to be set on fire hehehhe

  2. Eeeeeeeee I’m all happy inside now that Aries has admitted his feelings to Shae and she clearly likes him. He is just so adorable, I always had a soft spot for him. ❤ it made me sad to see him so sad. 😦 That BITCH June — man she got some hips on her… lol. Great chapter.

    Oh, and Eli is SO DARN CUTE!!

  3. Awww Aries ❤
    I felt so much emotion with this chapter.. good job..LOL
    Aries is adorable. I was sad when he was sad. Ugh, I wanted to trigger a meteor at June!! 😛
    Aww, Shae and Aries make a cute couple!

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