Love For The Ladies: Chapter 92 – Diary of a Bored Teenager – Part 4

It was finally Friday night. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. My dad lectured me on good behavior well before dropping me off at Rhea’s house. I tuned him out cause all I could think about was Deshaun’s party and how fun it’s going to be.

This is my first party that isn’t family related. Yeah family parties are fun but I knew this party would be better since I have a date with the host. Maybe at this party, I can make some new friends as well.




When I got there, Toni was already there and was watching a movie with Rhea. After setting my bag in Rhea’s room, I joined the girls to watch the movie about some crossbreed of a cow and a venus fly trap plant that eats old ladies in a garden shop. It’s an oldie but it’s still pretty funny.




 “I don’t get why does old buzzers would go near that freaky monster plant. Nothing about that thing says “safe” Are people just that dumb?” 

“Well Rhea, they are old and stuff.”

“That’s no excuse. They say the older you’ll get, the wiser you’ll get. Trying to be friends with a monster plant is NOT wise!”

“Geeze, Rhea.. It’s just a movie.”

“So what, Toni! They could make a better movie than this.”

“Well I like this.”

“Me too.”



 “The idea of this movie is good but the plot sucks!”

“Can you do better then, Rhea?”

“Actually I think I can do better. Maybe I’ll make better horror movies than this.”

“So what else are we gonna do tonight?”

“I’m not sure… I really didn’t have a plan.. Any ideas?”




 “Okay…This is really lame. Math homework?”

“I figure studying would be fun, guys.”

“Toni… No wonder why everyone else calls us nerds…”

“I agree with Rhea. This is a slumber party.. We should be doing something exciting. Math isn’t one of them. Sorry Toni.”

“Well….you pick something then, Ally.”




We just went up in Rhea’s room and just kinda hanged out. Rhea worked on a painting, Toni played some computer games and I played around on Rhea’s keyboard. It was fun I guess but we had to call the night early cause of weekend computer class in the morning.



Rhea’s dad dropped us off the college but not before telling us that he needed to leave town for a meeting. He told us to be on our best behavior and no boys were allowed to come over. Since he’s a lycan, he’ll know if a boy was over. We promised and attend our 6 hour class.



After class was over with, we went outside to hang out for a bit before catching a cab home. I saw Aries was there and I figure my dad sent him to check to see if I attended my class like promised. I knew my dad wouldn’t fully trust me.

“Hi Aries! You can tell my dad that I was here. I can’t believe he sent me.”

“Hi Ally. L2 didn’t send me. He knows you’re a good kid and will go to class.”

“Oh? Then what brings you here? I didn’t know you had classes on the weekend?”

“Um no, Ally.  I had to return a book. I didn’t want to be late.”

“Oh okay. That’s good.”

“Yeah, fines are bad.”

“Yep, they are. I guess see you tomorrow at home.”

“Have a fun sleep party!”

“I will!”



 It was an hour before the party. We were getting ready for it. I really liked the dress I was wearing and thought Deshaun would like it too. Rhea suggested that we should change cause we been it in all day. I really wanted to wear this dress. So I made my genie magic to good use and magically cleaned ourselves. We were fresh along with our clothes. Rhea and Toni thought it was cool. I don’t use my magic as much.

“Can your magic remove pimples?”

“I dunno. Never tried. But you have any.”

“Yes I do! If you look real close, you’ll see that abomination!”

“You’re being silly! You look fine. Do you think Deshaun will like my dress?”

“Probably… Boys like anything that gives them easy access. Reasons why I’m wearing short pants. Travis is gonna have to work to get these off.” 

“I’m not that kind of girl! Were you and Travis planning on…You know?”

“Maybe.. I’m becoming less of a virgin.. I might as well.”


“Plus I don’t wanna lose him.. I think he’s losing interest. I got condoms in my purse.”




After we were done getting ready, we called the cab. During the ride there I started to get a little nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect there. I just hope I don’t make a fool of myself. Once we got there, I could see that Deshaun was waiting for me. Boy did I get more nervous.. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I was afraid that I was gonna puke…



 “Hey! So glad that you could make it.”

“Me too.”

“So how was your day?”

“It was pretty good.”

“I hope you’ll have fun here. I’m not sure how long this party will be.”

“Oh how cool. I’m staying with Rhea. I can stay all night.”



 “Well as the host and your date, can I offer you a drink or some food? We got chicken, burgers, hot dogs, cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.”

“Sounds cool, maybe later?”

“Okay cool but you should probably have at least one drink now. I know the kegs are gonna tap out quickly.”

“I guess one drink won’t hurt.”




Deshaun poured my first drink of the evening. It’s not like I haven’t drank before, I had a few times with my granddad. He always liked mixing drinks and had me to taste some time to time. I just had to promise to not say anything to my dad or he’ll get mad. I can say that I’ve never gotten drunk thought. It was always a little sip here and there at home. 



 I never had beer before and wasn’t sure if I was going to like this. I did wanted to fit in with the others. I walked around for bit, looking for Deshaun. After pouring my drink he wandered off which I though was strange. I did later see him chatting with his friend Curtis at the DJ booth. I guess maybe he was requesting some music. I decided to pick a spot to drink and wait for him to return… He should though since he asked me to be his date…



 Deshaun kept on chatting with Curtis as I waited. I can feel my drink starting to get warm from my unnatural warmness due to being a genie. I took a sip and realize that this beer was really gross. Then I remember that genies naturally dislike the taste of normal beer. It’s too bitter and salty for our taste buds.

I was a bit confused cause I remember my uncles and granddad drinking from a keg from some of the families. But then it hit me when I glanced over to the other keg with the label hard cider. I do recall my granddad always ordering a special unique genie beer in a keg for parties. It’s sweet in taste and it kinda like hard cider but stronger. I couldn’t bear the bitterness of my drink, I gave it a little magical zap which made it sweeter and suitable for my taste.




After finishing my drink, I went to the bonfire to hang out. I didn’t notice that I was followed, Deshaun joined me finally.

“I thought you forgot about me.”

“Sorry, Curtis was having issues with the sound. I was trying to help him out.”

“It sounded okay to me.”

“Yeah but to the ear of a DJ, it doesn’t. Ha ha ha.”





 “Are you having fun?”

“I am now that you’re here.” 

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, looks like there’s a good turn out here.”

“I guess so, more are coming later on.”

“I guess that’s cool. Looks like my friends are having fun too. Rhea and Travis are an item now.”

“Hmmm.. they are?”

“Yeah.. What’s with the tone?”

“Oh…Just nothing.”



 “Is there something going on with Travis?”

“Well…. I saw him with Saphria the other day. I was happy to see she was moving on. I didn’t know about him and your girl. Maybe Sap and Travis were just hanging out, some kind of vampire thing.”

“It’s probably a vampire thing. I think she has the hots for this guy in Storybrook. She likes all of his pics and status updates on FacePage.”

“That’s cool I guess. She hasn’t been a bothered. Just Gabby now. She’s mad cause I turned her down for you.”

“Yeah she let me know how mad she was at school..”

“So I heard… She can be a bit crazy sometimes.. I’m not into that type.”

“So my type is more fitting? Geeky and quiet?”

“It’s a nice change- Oh shit.. The sound system is jacking up… I’ll be back.”




Deshaun went to go fix the sound, I got myself another drink while he did that. I wanted to talk to Rhea but I see she was busy making out with Travis. I hope nothing is going on between Travis and my cousin. I would hate to see Rhea get hurt. I did like seeing them together.  They make a cute couple.  I hope Deshaun and I would be like that one day.




 “Sorry about that.. I think Curtis is messing up things on purpose.”

“Why you think that?”

“He tends to cock block me at times, ha ha ha.”

“Ohhh, gotcha.”

“So, wanna go somewhere quiet? We can talk and not be bothered.”

“Sure, I would like that.”



 “It looks like its gonna be a beautiful night.”

“I believe so too. I like your dress.”

“Thanks. I was hoping you would like it.”

“So, wanna watch the ocean?”




 “Do you always take your dates here?”

“No. Usually to the movies or  the arcade. They usually want me to spend money.”

“So you invited me to your party to get out from paying?”

“Trust me this date isn’t free, ha ha ha. I’m thinking I should take you out on a proper date.”

“I think this is nice.”

“No.. Our first date should be better than this..”

“I don’t mind, really.”

“Really? That’s cool. It’s what I like about you. You’re so down to earth.”

“Oh thanks.”



 “How about on tomorrow we can see a movie?”

“Oh okay sure.”

“You’re really beautiful tonight.”


“I wished that I noticed you sooner but I was so caught up in drama. I never notice how stunning you are until now.”

“Ohh, you!”

“I mean it.”




“I hope you don’t mind… Your hand feels so warm and soft. I like it.”




We listened to the waves crashing against the shore and chatted a bit. I got to know him a little more and he got to know me a little more too.




 This evening couldn’t be anymore perfect than what it already is…




 “We should head back to my party.”

“Yeah I think so. Rhea and Toni might be worried if they don’t see me.”

“I doubt they’ll notice. Rhea tied to Travis and I saw the new kid Justin chatting with Toni.”

“Oh.. well but still.”



 We returned back to the party grounds. I poured another drink for myself while Deshaun went to the bathroom. This night is going so perfect and I hope it never ends…




We danced for a little, had more drinks then went back to dancing.



Rhea lit up the fire pit and we roasted some marshmallows. I wanted to sit next to Deshaun but Justin got in the chair next to him. I guess it was okay cause we still got to chat.




Gabriela still wasn’t going to let things go. She was dancing sexually near us, trying to get Deshaun’s attention.  He tried to ignore her but I saw him glance over at her a couple of times.  Gabriela has a nicer built, I’m all skinny and flat chested. I’m worried Deshaun isn’t  interest in my body and how Gabriela’s is more appealing. But I gotta remember that he chose me over her.



 “I know I’m lacking in some areas… Gabriela was blessed-“

“I like how you look.”

“Well I don’t.. But you were looking at her.”

“I am a guy, we will look but it doesn’t mean anything.”

“Yeah well… I heard you once liked her..”

“I did but things changed.”

“Like how?”



 “I saw someone with a much prettier personality.”

“Oh you did?”

“She has a better attitude on life, kind to others and sweet.”

“I heard that person is here. So what are your plans with her?”




 “Where have you been? I was looking for you.”

“With Travis.. In the tree house.”

“In the tree house? Why?”

“Ya know.”

“I know what?”

“Don’t you know what the tree house is for?”


“Hooking up!”

“You did?”

“Oh yeah!”



 “So you’re not-“

“Totally not a virgin!”

“Oh wow. Um..congrats?”

“Yeah, thanks! Looks like Gabby might swipe her V-card with Deshaun if you don’t get over there.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s getting a little grabby and we are all wasted! Anything goes now!”



I saw it with my own eyes, Gabby was flirting with Deshaun and getting a little handsy. I wasn’t sure what to do. It wasn’t like I was his girlfriend or anything. What could I say?



 I got another drink while I think of what I was going to do. I watched them as I drank. He seems like he’s liking her advances which was confusing to me. He said she wasn’t his type but here he is…flirty with her and all.




I tossed back a couple more drinks. I was starting to feel a little dizzy but good. I had another drink and knew what I was going to do. I made my move once I saw Gabby head for some food.



 “Sha-shaun! Wanna do something real fun like?”

“Yeah like what?”

“The tree house! Let’s go in the tree house!”

“Ally? Are you drunk?”

“So what!”

“Ha ha ha! I guess that answer my question. I dunno.”

“You scared? I wanna go in the tree house.”

“You do know what’s the tree house for, right?”



 “I know so let’s go! Chop, chop! Let’s go, mister.”

“Ha ha ha. Damn girl. So you really wanna?”


“I don’t think we should but if you really wanna.. I’m game.”


“Follow me.”




 A few days later….

How could I be such a damn fool. I did end up making myself look like a fool at the party. As I thought the night ended well, the next day proved me wrong. I waited for Deshaun to call so he could take me to movies which he never did. Then on Monday at school, he ignored me. On Wednesday when I approached him to ask if he needed me to tutored him, he told me that Toni was his new tutor.

I asked him why was he avoiding me then he dropped the bombshell. He lost interest in me when I slept with him at the party. He thought I was different but felt he was wrong. He didn’t want a girl who wants to sleep with him on the first date cause the end results was always bad. It wasn’t like I was forcing him to sleep with me. I told him that he was my first but he didn’t believe me cause I was pretty good at sex. I had to remind him of my love genie status and sex comes natural like breathing.

Then on the last week of school, I learned that him and Toni were dating. Toni kept her thing with Deshaun a secret cause she knew it would hurt me.. I was hurt that she was dating him behind my back. That was adding salt to injury.. However Toni and I are no longer friends.. It would be so hard seeing them together when I still have a crush on him. I can’t see why she would date him after she saw he took my virginity and dumped me. He’ll do the same to her… I just know it when she sleeps with him… 




I just wanted to forget that night.. However I will never forget that night. I will have something that will remind me of it everyday of my immortal life.. On the morning of the last day of school, I came to know this with a positive pregnancy test….

My dad is going to kill Deshaun…

5 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 92 – Diary of a Bored Teenager – Part 4

  1. D: Aww fuck man. Yeah he’s soooo going to kill him. Especially if she tells him everything which I bet she’s going to tell him all of it after this. 😦 Poor girl. Meh.

    • Oh yeah, L2 would so kill that boy..especially the treatment afterwards. However the Montigo apples tend to not roll too far, repeats of previous actions tend to happen too. Let’s just hope that Gen 5 breaks the cycle.

  2. Ahhh man, it was going so well and they were so cute together. Why’d she have to go and mess it up?! 😦 Again I love your shots, especially the last two, and the kiss shot.

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