Love For The Ladies: Chapter 91- Diary of a Bored Teenager – Part 3

I was awaken by the sound of my cell buzzing on top of my desk. I knew it had to be Rhea texting me that she’s outside waiting for me. I tried to adjust my eyes in my dark room, reaching out to grab my glasses from the night stand but I forgot that I left them on the desk with my phone. I was a bit sluggish when I attempted to emerge from my bed. I didn’t know how tired I was. I really could use the sleep honestly.



I carefully worked my way towards the desk to check my phone. It was Rhea telling me to hurry up and get out here. I replied back saying I’ll be out in bit.



I carefully tip toed through the house, trying not to awake my dad and Solar. I wasn’t sure why I was doing this but honestly I liked the idea of sneaking out. I felt like such a rebel, I always been the goody good girl and I’m kinda tired of that label.

Rhea was in front of the house waiting for me, she couldn’t believe that I was willing to come join her. She figure that I would chicken out at the last second. I proved her wrong, showing her I wasn’t so predictable.



 “Is your bike ready? You’re gonna need it.”

“Yeah, I have it out. Where are we going?”

“You’ll see!”

“We’re not gonna get caught, right?”

“That’s kinda the point. I know the perfect spots where we will go unnoticed.”

“Okay if you say. I don’t wanna stay out too late. We got school in the morning.”

“I know, don’t worry sleeping beauty. You’ll get your beauty rest.”




Our first location was behind a movie theater. Rhea pulled out a few cans of spray paint from her bag and tossed a can at me. “Let’s get to work.”, she smiled at me. I notice something different about Rhea when she handed over the can. She seems a bit upset but trying to mask it with a smile. I’m guessing her parents were fighting again.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Your parents were fighting again tonight, right?”

“Yeah but they always fight. It’s like their new thing now. It’s gonna be okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah but can we talk about something else?”

“Yeah, sure.. Anything you want.”



We headed to a few other spots to spray. So far the night has been good, no close calls or anything which is cool. My dad would kill me if he knew that I sneaked out and was spray painting on public property. I was enjoy this rush of defacing public property but I figure we should quit while we are ahead of ourselves.



Rhea wanted to make one more stop. She suggested that we visit Skip Island cause it’s beautiful at night. Rhea run ahead of me, she’s really not herself tonight. She seems quiet and distant tonight…




 “So did Deshaun asked you out yet?”

“No. I don’t think he likes me. Maybe as a friend.”

“I doubt that. I talked to Travis tonight.”


“He said yes. We’re going on a movie date after school.”

“That’s awesome. I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks, now if Deshaun would just ask you out. Or maybe you could ask him.”

“I couldn’t do that… I’m too scared to do.. I wouldn’t know what to say.”

“You go, “I like you, wanna date?” See how easy that was.”

“That’s not exactly charming ha ha ha. Plus I really never talked to a boy.. My dad said I’m not allowed to date boys until I’m in college.”

“Geeze, did he make you wear a chastity belt too?”



 “Even if Deshaun asks me out.. I wouldn’t know what to do. I never kissed anyone… What if I’m a bad kisser? I would really be a loser then.”

“You never kissed anyone before?”

“No.. Not romantically. I would be too nervous to kiss him if he were to ask me out.”

“So you’re a total virgin?”

“Yeah. Aren’t you?”

“Not fully! I’ve to third base a couple of times. Who hasn’t now days?”


“Well I can help you with first base at least.”



 “Ally, come back! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to go all lez on you. I’m just teaching you so you’ll be ready for Deshaun!”




 I didn’t know how to react to Rhea’s sudden kiss. I got scared and ran home without saying anything to her. I felt bad for taking off but I can be so awkward at times.

It was a little before 3 AM by the time I got home. I carefully tried to sneak back in but someone was waiting for me…

“Ally? Why were you outside? It’s late. Shouldn’t you be in bed? You have school in the morning, right?”



 “Um…hey Aries… I was just uhhh…looking for Sassy. I left her outside and she didn’t come. I heard a kitty meowing outside and I thought it was her. It wasn’t…it was the neighbor’s cat. Everything is fine…Please don’t tell my dad!”



 “Oh okay then. You should go back to bed. You gotta be rested up for school, okay?”




That was too close, good thing it was Aries and not my dad. He would throw a fit and wouldn’t believe my ridiculous story. I would be grounded for life… I just hope Aries doesn’t tell my dad..



In the morning my dad was making breakfast. He told me to have a sit and the food would be ready in a bit. It’s been a while since my dad made breakfast before school. Solar probably stayed in her crib all night, giving my dad some rest for once. My dad did look a bit more cheerful today. He mention he was going to meet the lawyer about custody of Eli in about an hour.

I was happy to hear about Eli might be coming home with us when he’s ready. I figure Aries didn’t say anything about me being out last night, my dad was just too happy. I’m so glad that my uncle Aries is cool like that.



 I arrived at school a little bit before the first bell. It was a nice spring morning and I sat outside for a bit. I saw Rhea exist her dad’s car, I knew she would be heading my way. I pretended that I was looking at something on my phone but Rhea knew better as she headed my way.

“I know you’re not really busy.. I wanted to say that I’m sorry about last night. I hope this doesn’t changes anything between us. Are we cool, Ally?”

“Yeah, have a seat with me..”



 “I just wanna say, I’m straight and lezzy kisses don’t count.”

“Ha ha ha. I know. I was nervous.. I didn’t know how to react to being kissed.”

“Well for starters, running away isn’t a good thing. If I was Deshaun, I would feel insulted.”

“I’m sorry..”

“Was I bad kisser? Be honest, Al.”

“No, it was nice but just weird cause you’re my best friend.”

“Maybe but once were drunken roommates in college, we’ll be making out all the time. It won’t mean nothing ha ha ha!”



 “Ha ha ha! I guess. But for now..just don’t do that again.”

“Okay but speak of the devil. There’s Deshaun.. Maybe you can go talk to him.”

“About what? I don’t know what to say to him.”

“Well you could mention how you like his new haircut. Start with that.”


“You’ll be fine.. I gotta go find Travis before the bell.”



 “Hi Deshaun. I like your haircut.”

“Thanks, my dad felt it was time I got mines cut. Maintaining my locs hasn’t been easy since my mom died. She was the one who took care of them. I like your shirt. It’s cute.” 

“This old thing? It’s okay.. Not like it’s old or anything. It’s new! Just haven’t worn it or anything. Boy…do I feel like a dork..”

“It’s cool, Ally. I wanted to talk to you anyway.”

“Really?! I mean.. really?”


“Oh? What do you wanna talk about?”



 “Thanks to you tutoring me, my grades improved. My dad was impressed and I wanted to thank you for helping me. You really didn’t have to.”

“Oh you’re welcome.”

“Yeah and I’m throwing a party at Skip Island, Saturday night. There’s gonna be a bonfire, a keg there. It’s gonna be fun. I would love for you to come.”

“You’re inviting me to a party?!”

“Yeah, you down?”

“Um..sure. I would love to come.” 

“Would you love to come as my date instead?”



 “What? Did you just say as your date?”

“Yeah, I really like you Ally.. I wasn’t sure how to ask you. You’re all smart and pretty.. I thought you would shoot me down.”

“Me shoot you down? You’re so popular.. It should be me worrying about being turned down.” 

“So you’ll be my date then?”

“Yeah, I’ll be your date.”

“Cool, some of us are gonna be meeting at Honeywood park. You should come, that’s where I’m doing my party planning at.”

“Oh yeah.. I think I can do that. I hope you don’t mind me bringing a little kid with me. I gotta babysit after school.”

“Well it’s a park, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh cool. See you then!”



All day I kept thinking about Deshaun. I was so happy when he asked me out. I guess Rhea was right after all. By 5th period it was my broadcasting class. We had to do pretend interviews for our assignment. I should have been a little more nervous when I was paired up with Gabriela Gold. She has the biggest crush on Deshaun and he turned her down for a date this week. But I was on cloud 9 and wasn’t thinking much about Gabriela’s feelings. 



 “Hello Beyonce, how are you doing today?”

“I’m doing just fabulous. I just finish another album that’s gonna go platinum like my other albums. You know how I do!”

“That’s great Beyonce. What is your new album about?”

“It’s about ratchet home wreckers.”

“Excuse me? Ratchet home wreckers?”



 “It’s about YOU!”

“What?! What did I do?”

“You know how I liked Deshaun and how he was gonna be my name and you took him anyway! I found you that he’s taking you as his date! You home wrecker!”

“That doesn’t make me a home wrecker! You weren’t married to him!”

“Well then you’re a man stealing slut! Deshaun was supposed to be mine!”



 “It’s not my fault! Can we get back to our assignment?! We gotta start over!”

“I refuse to work with a man stealer!”

“Deshaun wasn’t yours to steal..”

“I don’t care! You tell him that you’re going with someone else!”


“Then I will hate you forever!”

“Fine by me…”



 “So did ya hear?”

“Did I hear what?”

“That fight between Gabby and the nerdy chick.”

“What are you about, Chaim?”

“In 5th period in broadcasting class, they was going at all cause of you.”

“Oh.. Gabriela and Alyssa. Yeah I heard.”

“That’s wild, huh?”

“I guess.”

“So you having Gabs as your date, right?”




“Why? You for real picking the nerd over her?”l

“Yeah, cause you think I wanna deal with Gabby’s ratchetry? Its reasons why I dropped Saphira. I’m tired of girls like that. I need a break from crazy. Ally isn’t like other girls. She’s smart, classy and isn’t about drama. It was reasons why my grades sucked..Dealing with the ratchets all day long.. I’m trying to get on my pops’ good side. How you think he’s letting me have a party with a keg?”

“Yo’ pops is cool with that?”

“Yeah. It’s the least he can do for not being in the first part of my life…”



 I came home right after school like promised. My dad was still downtown and Aries needed to head for his evening class. I got Solar ready to go to the park. She was excited about it once she saw that I pulled out her stroller.




Once at the park, I hanged out with the other kids from school. We talked about the party and what all we should have there. But it hit me… My dad wasn’t gonna let me go to a party. How on earth will go? If I don’t show up, Gabriela would try to get her hands on him! I wasn’t sure how I was going to do.

Rhea had an idea, a weekend sleepover. The idea was pretty clever and sounds fun. Its been ages since I last been to a sleepover. Rhea would also invite Toni so it would look legit. I would just have to convince my dad to let me stay over…




 “So is the essay about the family?”

“Yeah, I’m at the part where I talk about my grandfather.”

“Are you preparing to lie?”

“Ha ha ha! Daddy B. isn’t that bad. We did a lot of fun things together when I was little.”

“Yeah, dad wasn’t too bad. There’s some good parts about him.”



 “So dad… can I ask you something?”


“Will it be okay if I go to Rhea’s sleepover this weekend?”

“Who’s all going to be there?”

“Just me and Toni. Nothing big and fancy. Rhea is gonna be alone with her dad all weekend. She needs us as her buffer.”

“I think it’s good for a daughter to spend time with their daughter as much as he can.. Especially when that daughter is a teenager.”

“Dad, please? Pretty, pretty please?”



 “I dunno, you have your computer class on Saturday. You can’t miss that.”

“Rhea and Toni has that same class. Rhea’s dad is gonna be dropping off us. You can call him and check.”

“Well as long as you’ll be going to your class and not be going to any wild parties. I’ll be okay with it.”

“Thanks dad. You’re in a good mood. Did the meeting with the lawyer go well?”

“Yep, there’s gonna be a hearing in 2 weeks. Our chances of getting Eli are good. It might just be temporary custody but it’s a start.” 



 “That’s great to hear. So Eli is ready to leave the hospital?”

“Yep, in 2 weeks. The tough part is finding June unfit. If the investigation goes well then it won’t be hard to figure that. We got money on our side, Eli will have a room and all the things he needs. Plus we been paying for most of Eli medical bills since June’s insurance didn’t cover everything. I found it odd given she’s a nurse. Selene found out June’s new address, let’s just say that her house isn’t in the best shape.”

“So I heard…”

“Things are looking bright for once.”

“Yes they are, dad!”





5 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 91- Diary of a Bored Teenager – Part 3

  1. Eeep she’s like walking a fine line. It’s hard being there as a teen and wanting to be more normal and seeing what other people are doing around her. I hope they can get Eli!!

  2. It was nice to see Aries again – he’s looking good! Your pictures are great and really well-edited. I love the style, so soft. Can’t wait to see the wild teen party.. hehe. Ally gotta stop being such a good girl. 😛

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