State of Tigo: 9/25/14

Hello all!

Some of you may notice I pushed out 3 updates this week instead of one weekly update. There will be more frequent updates and you will soon learn why :-p

I plan to release more mods at some point. Writing has been taking up most of my time so I really haven’t been able to fully test out new tweaks that I worked on, plus there’s some that still needs more adjusting. I would love to already have those mods released. Soon, I promise. Possibly early in October. I’m slowing going through the list of things that I wanna work on…that’s in my head. I really need to write things down -_- Things will be a lot easier that way. I’m also taking in requests, so request away! If it in my power.. then I’ll shall do it.

I have big plans for the future and I hope getting a life is one of them LOL. I use to have a fun and exciting life but then I got older and things changed like realizing people tend to be annoying and drinking at home is a lot more cheaper haha. I got my first invite to a Halloween party. I’m pretty excited about that since I didn’t get to go out last year.

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