Love For The Ladies: Chapter 90 – Diary of a Bored Teenager – Part 2

In the morning I entered the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal. I figure that my dad is still asleep, he must had a rough night last night. I did check on Solar and she was sound asleep. Normally she would be up but she must had escaped last night. I feel bad, I should had waken myself up to check on Solar so my dad could sleep. I could had gotten Solar to sleep again if she did escape from her crib.

As I was almost done eating my cereal, I could hear Aries pulling up, he must had left last night. Aries really hasn’t been around the house much since his nervous break down cause of my granddad’s coma. He said being at the house was hard for him, so he goes else where to hang out. I kinda wish he would stay so he could look after Solar for my dad’s sake. I’m worried about him cause he never gets to sleep and is always working. Aries have no reason sleep so I wonder what’s deal. I told my dad that he should ask Aries but dad say that Aries is having a rough time. I think we are all having a rough time over this…




My first period was hand writing class, the only class where we actually get to touch paper and a pencil. Everything else is done electronically  via computer or tablet. I might be a little weird if I say that the feeling of paper and pencils makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Sometimes its kinda good to go back to basics. I love got major love for my computers and stuff. I think my hand writing class is probably one of my favorite classes next to art.

I love to paint and draw various things but my main subject are flowers. I dunno why I like drawing and painting flowers so much but I’m just drawn to them. I figure its cause of the flowers that’s growing around the house. I guess that I always admire nature. My granddad use to take me to the botanical  garden when I was a child. It was a 45 minute drive but it was a beautiful place. We always went on Sunday mornings, I always look forwarded to the trip there. My granddad would pick the most prettiest flower we saw that and place it in my hair. One day he said to me that someday I’m gonna grow and blossom into a beautiful woman like these flowers and how I was just a little flower bud then. I wiped a tear from my eye while in class when I remember this. His comment made me feel so good about myself. I was having a bad time at school, the previous week. Kids made fun of me saying that I had an ugly huge nose. But when I was told this, the kids mean comments didn’t bother me so much anymore.

Boy do I miss my granddad now…



Chemistry was my next class, it’s also a favorite. I like mixing potions and see what they do but I think my friend Rhea was more interest in chemistry than I was. She always had something cooking up.

“Hey Al, I figured something.”

“Like what?”

“A stink bomb. I’m sooo gonna do it.”

“Rhea, don’t! You’ll get in trouble!”

“Pssh! Only if I get caught which I won’t.”

“How you figure that?”

“Blame it on the boys… They are always eating burritos. We can say how they all decided to make a massive fart at the same time.”

“No one is gonna believe that. Ha ha ha!”

“You’ll be surprised!”



I was having a hard time focusing on my school work this morning. I wasn’t sure why. Deshaun sat down next to me and notice I was struggling. So course he tried to be helpful, which was nice. This was probably the first time he acknowledge me at school. Usually he only spoke to me to find out if I could tutor him on that day. I wonder what changed. He was pretty nice to me yesterday. He said how he thought I was cool. Now I’m nervous now.. What is he planning?



“Today is kinda weird. Like today in 3rd period, Deshaun acknowledge me. He was all nice and helpful. I wonder what gives.”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“What? What’s so obvious? Am I missing something?”

“Gosh Ally! You might be smart but you can be a total oblivious air head! The boy likes ya!”



“That’s insane! There’s no way that Deshaun likes me cause.. I’m me…”

“Yeah? You’re awesome, Ally. But I see the way Deshaun looks at you. I’ve notice it for weeks. I figure you would realize it by now but I guess now.”

“I think it’s silly. He doesn’t like me cause I’m not like those other girls he date. I’m a geek and those other girls are pretty and popular. It’s probably some awful prank..”

“Bullshit, Ally. I was talking to Travis the other day and he said Deshaun is being all strange. Like he tried to set him up with Gabriella cause she likes him and stuff. He told Travis that he wasn’t interested.” 



“So? That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Just a few weeks ago he thought she was pretty and kinda liked her. Now he’s saying that he gots the hots for some nerdy chick, which must be you. So yeah, Al.. That chocolate candy bar wants to melt all over you.”

“Wha-what? Are you serious?”

“Like implants on a porn star.”


“Yeah, girl! Ally is gonna get a boyfriend.”

“Shut up! I am not! No way!”

“Yes way and you and D are gonna double date with Travis and I.”

“He asked you out? Oh my god!”

“Nope but I’m gonna ask him today.”

“What makes you think he’ll say yes?”

“When I grab him by the balls, he’ll be smart to say yes.”

“You’re a trip!”



All day I kept thinking of what if Rhea was right? What if Deshaun had a crush on me? Will he ask me out? Why would it matter. My dad said that I wasn’t allowed to date boys anyway. I think it would pretty lame to tell Deshaun that if he asks me out. I wish my dad wasn’t so strict about everything. I don’t wanna go through my whole high school career never having a boyfriend. I think it’s so unfair.

Anyway I’m meeting up with Rhea and Deshaun to work on some homework. My dad is okay with me hanging at the coffee shop but he needs to come home in an hour so I can watch Solar while he works.




We all sat down and pulled out our notebook. We had to work on an 10 paper essay about our family roots. I knew this was gonna be a struggle since I don’t know much of my family. I have no memory of my mom and I haven’t been told much about my genie heritage. But I wasn’t the only one who struggled.

“Ugh.. I hate writing about my fam. I don’t know much about my dad’s side. He wasn’t around much when I was growing up. All I knew was my mom and grandma. Now that I live with my dad, I still don’t know much. All I know is that he was kicked out of his wolf pack and join another.”

“I have no clue about my mom’s side. I don’t know a thing about her other than her name is Ashley Wood. I don’t know much about my genie heritage either. I know a little of what my granddad said. I probably gotta call my great-great grandmother and ask.”

“Whoa! Your great-great grandmother is still alive?”

“Yeah, Deshaun. We are immortal, never age or die.”

“I guess that’s cool.”

“I know about my family, guys. I’m kinda forced to know everything. Damn wolves and their pride. I’m sorry you two are having trouble. You both got something in common. Right, Ally?” 



“Shut it Rhea!”

“Ha ha ha! I’m just saying, Al.”

“What? What’s going on?”

“Nothing Deshaun, just nothing.”

“Oh okay then.”



“You two got any plans after this?”


“What? Just asking a question.”

“Actually I’m gonna head to the gym to meet up with my dad. It’s b-ball day.”

“Oh? Well I gotta watch my aunt… I really don’t wanna.”

“Watch your aunt? Why?”

“My dad gotta work and she’s just a baby. My granddad is still having kids.”


“Do you gotta watch her? That’s lame. We should hang.”

“I can’t, Rhea.”

“Gimme your phone?”


“Cause I got a clever lie to tell your dad.”



Whatever Rhea texted to my dad, it got me an extra hour to hang out. Rhea suggested that we should take a walk and we ended up here.

“We should make this dump area look better.”


“I got some spray paint. I figure we can spice this place up.”

“I dunno about that.”



“Oh come on, Al. It will be fun. You complain about never having fun.”

“Yeah but I don’t wanna get in trouble. It’s risky.”

“That’s what makes it fun, Al.”

“If you say so.”




I wasn’t sure about doing this but it was pretty fun when I got started. I just hope we don’t get caught or anything. This will really give my dad a reason to never trust me again.




“Why did you stop?”

“My dad is texting me. What did you say?”

“That you were thinking about joining the chess club. You stayed for a meeting.”


“It got you something extra time!”

“Now he really thinks that I wanna join!”

“Just say that you weren’t sure.”

“Ugh… I’m never handing my phone over to you again!”



Rhea reached into her backpack and pulled out some eggs. She looks over at me with a devilish smile and began tossing eggs at the house. I wasn’t sure why she wanted to throw eggs at the house suddenly but I yelled at Rhea to stop. I think we did enough to the house, I didn’t bother to ask if anyone lived in this house. It did look a little run down but someone could be living here..




“Grab an egg, Al. It’s fun.”

“But this wrong. What if someone lives here?”

“Ehh..who cares. You know this person and she’s a bad person. You’ll want to throw an egg.”

“Um.. I dunno.”

“Do it before she come out!”

“Ahh! The egg broke in my hand!”

“Goodness Al, we gotta do this more often. Gently pick up the egg then throw it like a mad woman at the house.”





“Hey! Stop that! You better stop that!”

“Oh my god? This is June’s house?”

“I heard about your uncle at the hospital. My family owns it ya know. Rumor has it that she’s poisoning that baby.”

“Yeah…. A few nurses think that’s happening.”

“So more of a reason to throw more eggs.”

“You jerks better go home or I’m gonna call the police!”

“Call the police bitch! We all know that you’re hurting that baby!”

“For the last time, I’m not hurting my baby!”

“We won’t listen to your lies! You will pay!”

“I’m calling the police!”




June ran back into her house. We figure that she was going to call the police. However we saw a squad car heading towards her house in the matter of seconds. Rhea and I didn’t think twice before running off. We know she didn’t call the police yet, so we wonder why the police was heading towards her house.




“That was close. We could have gotten in trouble, Rhea!”

“It’s no big deal, she’s the one in trouble. I overheard daddy saying they are doing an investigation on June. The hospital received yet another anonymous tip on her using witch magic to harm the baby. Since daddy owns the labs in the hospital, he isn’t taking any chances of June making the hospital look bad.”

“Us tagging and throw eggs at her house would be harassment on your family’s part.”

“Well… it was fun. The bitch had it coming.”

“Yeah but..”

“Come follow me.. I wanna show you something.”




I followed Rhea but was a bit uneasy. Once I reached up on top of the hill and looked down, I saw it was a beautiful piece of land. It was surrounded by trees, flowers and plants. I could tell that it looks like a hang out spot but it still held its beauty. Rhea said it’s called Skip Island. It’s where kids go to when they are skipping school. Rhea said she visits this place to think. Usually after watching her parents fight. I could see why she would come here.. It’s so pretty and peaceful.




“This place is nice but I gotta go. I really gotta go watch Solar.”

“Okay, I’ll let you go. But tonight we hanging out.”

“Tonight? It’s a school night. My dad isn’t gonna let me leave.”

“Neither will mine. Sneak out ya know. I’ll be at your house around 1 AM.”


“Let’s go paint the town. It was fun today. It’s have a go.”

“I dunno..”

“Look, my parents are fighting a lot since Piper left… Painting eases the hurt…”

“Oh.. Are you okay?”

“I will after some late night street painting. So?”

“Sure… Just text me.”




I came home and found my dad working and Solar playing in the pen. Everyday is the same thing with my dad. I’m really starting to worry about him…




“Did you have a good day?”

“Yeah I guess. How about you?”

“It was okay. Nothing different.”

“So no phone calls?”

“Um no.. Am I suppose to be getting a call?”

“Uh.. no.. Selene maybe?”



“Why on earth would Selene call me? Eli is doing well. She has no reason to call me.”

“I think she kinda likes you and you feel the same why. Maybe ask her out?”

“You’re kidding? I can’t ask her out.”

“Why not, dad? I like her.”

“I just can’t… I never had the guts to ask a female out.”

“You got my mom to date you.”

“I tried to ask her once.. It was so lame. I written her a note and asked Bora to give it to her. She never did… Then one night she asked me if I wanted to watch the stars and I said yes. Then she told me how she liked me. So I told her that I liked her..”





“That’s so sweet dad. How come you never talk about my mom.”

“Cause it’s hard..”

“But dad.. I wanna know about her. Do I look like her? How was she like? I wanna know things about my mom. That would be fair, dad.”

“You are a lot like your mom, you have her eyes and nose. She loved to paint and play chess. She was pretty great at gaming just like you. She was once a wonderful person, so nice and caring.”

“What changed?”



“College. The first year was good, we studied every night and worked hard. Then she was invited to a frat party on night. She wanted to go but I wasn’t sure about it. I knew it was a bad idea but she really wanted to go. I just found it odd that suddenly we were invited to a frat party.”

“Were you right?”

“Yeah, the frat brothers wanted me to do their term papers which I refused. I was asked to leave but they let Ash stay. I should had taken her with me but I didn’t. Since that night she changed into a raging party monster. She was always drunk and high. I would be up all night worried when she didn’t come home from a party. Then one night she told me that she was done with me. She said I was a loser and was holding her back from living life. She didn’t want to be mom anymore. She said you were my problem now. I’ve so depressed that I started to do poorly. I dropped out of school before I flunked out.”

“My mom didn’t want me anymore?”

“This is why I didn’t want to talk about her, Alyssa. I’m not sure about that.. I think it was the drugs talking. She did come back to the home when you were just 7 years old.”



“She came for me? Maybe she really did care about me but why didn’t I get to see her if she did?”

“It was in the middle of night, you were sleeping and she was high. She demanded to see you or she was going to call the police and say I kidnapped her. I told her that she can see you once she’s clean and sober.”

“I guess she never got clean and sober…”

“Honestly I don’t know.. I’m sorry Ally. I’m real sorry.”

“It’s okay dad… Now I know. I’m better off without her then..”


“I got you…kinda. You just work so much and I miss having meals with you..”



“I am sorry.. I’m going to try to get more time off. I miss having meals with you too.. Between working, raising you and Solar and keeping up with Eli’s medical bills… I just get so tired and thinned out. I wish things would get easier but I don’t think it will anytime soon. Please just bear with me.”

“I will but you really don’t have to work so hard..”

“I know dad wouldn’t mind me using his cause he wants me to.. Genies have a special will if one day they are trapped in a coma.. Dad’s lawyer called, I didn’t know he had one.. but we went over it.. He has enough money to take care of everything. He made some interesting investments in his younger days…it made him a very rich man.. I’m only using his money on his house and Solar. But for you, I want to use my own cause you are my child.”

“Daddy B. made investments? Like what? That sounds smart.”

“I’ll tell ya when you’re older…”

“Awe! I wanna know.”



“I rather not.. But anyway, things for me are gonna be a bit more busier soon. In my dad’s coma will, he planned to get full custody of Eli after he was born. If anything were to happen before his birth, dad wanted me to fight on his behalf. I am the sole guardian of all of my minor aged siblings. He wanted it that way. I got an eerily when reading his coma will… It’s like he knew something was about to happen..”

“Rhea told me the hospital got two anonymous tips of June causing Eli harm. They are doing investigation on her now.”  

“I’m aware of it. I heard from the lawyer today. I was also told some distributing news as well.”

“Like what? I’m old enough to handle it.”

“They searched dad’s car once again, his brakes were cut… Dad’s accident was on the same day that he made his coma will. He knew June was stalking him..”

“You don’t think…”

“I think she had something to do with dad’s brakes failing. Eli is doing well and I’m going to get custody of him for dad’s sake. When he awakes, he’ll finally be proud of me…”



“You know what will make me feel proud of you, dad?”


“If you ask Selene out.”

“Alyssa… I can-“

“You can, dad! I really think she likes you!”

“I don’t think I’m her type. She’s pretty and I’m boring.”

“I can ask her for you.”

“Please don’t…”



“Just kidding, dad. I think you should go for it. You might be surprised.”


“I see the way she looks at you. She has love in her eyes!”

“Don’t be silly.”

“I’m serious dad! You really need to go on a date! I worry about you and I think if you’re not in front of that computer for one night will do you some good.”

“You think so?”

“I know so!”

“I’ll think about it…”

“I hope so.. I really enjoying talking with you dad… It’s just like old times before the accident.”

“I miss doing this too. I promise we will do this more often, no matter what.”

6 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 90 – Diary of a Bored Teenager – Part 2

  1. I’m just sad about Borage and Eli this whole time! ❤ I'm glad she and L2 finally had the talk about her mom. It seemed like he and her mom were going to be okay earlier on in Borage's tale too. Hopefully that helps her understand him and she doesn't make similar mistakes herself.

    • He needed to talk to her about Ash at some point. Ally has the right to know about her mom and who she was. Now she’s knows that she isn’t missing too much. Ash had some issues, only time will tell rather she worked them out of not.

  2. Glad her and L2 had a talk about her mom. I hope Deshaun really does like her, but I get a feeling of something different. Kind of reminds me of the She’s all that movie. Maybe I watch too many

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