Love For The Ladies: Chapter 89 – Diary of a Bored Teenager – Part 1

Sometimes during my computer class, I often daydream if my life was different from what it now. How fun and exciting it would be. How much more freedom I would have. I’m a 15 year old girl who already has a boring and routine life. I don’t get to go things like any other girl my age. Like go shopping with friends, flirt with boys from school, or even go to the movies by myself.

My dad doesn’t allow me to do much other than visit the library. He figure boys who are looking to hook up wouldn’t be near a library. My dad’s main mission is to keep me away from boys only because my parents were 16 years old when I was born. He doesn’t want me to make the same choice that he and my mother did. My dad went out of his way to keep me busy so I wouldn’t think of a boy. He enrolled me into an advance computer class at the college on Saturdays. It wasn’t no average 2 hour class either, 6 hours of staring at computer screen every Saturday. There’s not much fun and joy with that.

If weekend advance computer classes weren’t enough, my dad enrolled me into a special high school. Silver Shores Magnet High school, it’s a school for science and technology. In town it’s known as the “nerd school”. Silver Shores is close to becoming a private school, after this school year it will be official. A new program was adopted at the beginning of the school year. All students had to take certain classes which earns them college credit. Originally this was supposed to be offered to just the seniors but decided that all grades could earn college credit. So far this new program has been doing well in its first year. The school notice a spike in test scores, they felt this new program is encouraging students to do well so they can earn a scholarships for college. The school took a vote and decided that next year, Silver Shores will be a private school. The news was good and bad. Some kids likes the idea that our school will become a private while others weren’t so happy about it cause once its a private school, parents will have to start paying a tuition. Plus we have to start wearing dorky uniforms too.

My dad felt Silver Shores was a great school for me, he also suggested that I enroll into the school tutoring program. I spend a couple of hours tutoring other kids from my school or from the other high school. Yeah it’s definitely a way to keep the boys away….  



 My dad plans to keep me enrolled in Silver Shores after the conversion. As the school year comes close to the end, its been a hot topic with everyone. Who’s staying and who’s going. So far it seems to only be the ones who are rich or from the Second Chance home will still be attending. But there’s only person I hope will be attending next year…



 His name is Deshaun Fraye, he’s one that I tutor often after school. We meet at The Perc after school twice a week. Deshaun’s dad felt he could do better and made him have me as a tutor. Deshaun is also one of the popular kids at school. I couldn’t be anymore excited once I learned that I’ll be tutoring him. Deshaun wants to go into computer programming but struggles in algebra. That’s where I come in. 




Since I’ve been tutoring Deshaun for about a month, I kinda got a crush on him… He’s really cute, smells nice, and funny. His jokes about the teachers makes me laugh like no other. But during school, he really doesn’t say much to me. Sometimes he wakes and smiles at me but goes off with all his friends to do whatever. I bet it must be nice to have a lot of friends. I only have 2 friends honestly…that’s not counting my cousins Saphria, Nairobi and Dysko. I have to hang out with them sometimes.



 “This shit is too hard. How do you know this stuff?”

“I guess I got a lot of time to study it…”

“So that’s what you do for fun? Study algebra?”

“That does sounds geeky, huh?”

“Ha ha ha, a little.. I hope I didn’t offend ya.”

“No.. it’s really not much of a choice though. My dad said it will keep me out of trouble.”




 “Well my dad makes me take my little sister around everywhere. It’s suppose to keep me out of trouble.”

“Yeah, I could see that working.”

“Compare to having to study math and stuff… I guess having my sis around isn’t so bad. Ha ha!”

“I’m glad that I made you feel better..”

“Oh I’m sorry, Ally..”

“No, it’s okay.. Really. I think spending time with a sister would be fun anyway.”

“Only child?”

“Yeah…as far as I know. My mother isn’t around.”

“Oh..neither is mine… She died.. It’s reasons why my sis and I are living in EC. We’re from BP.”

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that… So Bridgeport? That sounds like a fun city. I’m from Star City, I moved here last fall.”

“Star City? Really, that sounds nice. I bet that place was better than BP. Y’all had the beaches, movie stars and shit. I bet bikini season was a nice ass sight.”

“Yeah, you could say..”



 “Man! Chaim is a trip. This text he sent me. Ha ha! Are we almost for today?”

“Yeah, just about. You have plans for the evening?”

“Yeah, me and the guys are gonna go chill at the arcade. You going? Your cousins are gonna be there.”

“No, I have to come home and study more algebra.” 

“Ha ha ha! You’re funny Ally.”

“Well, I try. I hope you’ll have fun.”





“I was just sent a pic… You gotta talk to your cuz for me.”

“Why? What did Saphria do?”

“She sent me another naked pic of her… I broke things off with her a few weeks ago. I moved on but she keeps sending me stuff like this. She’s getting a bit thirsty now.”




 “You and Saphria were dating?”

“Yeah for a couple of weeks. I slept with her and then she got clingy. I had to break it off quick. She didn’t take it well since she keep texting me and sending pics, telling me how I’m missing out.”

“I had no idea you guys were…”

“Not that many knew about us. It was really quick ya know. But I’m over her. I wish she was too.”

“Well if you really need for me to talk to her, I could.”

“Thanks but I think I can handle it. I don’t think I’m gonna go to the arcade now.”

“What will you do now?”

“Maybe we can hang for a bit?”




 “You hang out with me? I’m just your tutor ha ha ha. I might bore you with my knowledge of algebra.”

“You seem cool, Ally.”

“Me? Cool? I don’t think I’m “cool” since being a tutor. I hear the jokes your friends make about me in the halls.”

“They are just assholes, I think there’s more to you than algebra.”

“Well I like to play video games and paint. I got a BoxStation 5 at home.”

“Really? I had no idea you were into games. I hope to be a video game developer some day. I gotta get my knowledge of computers reason.”

“I think that’s great. I want to do graphic design.. for a gaming company, maybe.”

“Really? That’s sounds sexy.”

“Wha-what? I thought it would sounds kinda geeky.”

“Nah…not at all girl. So wanna go play upstairs for a bit? I think I’m gonna get my sis from her art class in 20.”




 I couldn’t believe Deshaun wanted to hang out with me. He never asked before and I wonder why. Does really think that I’m “cool” or its a way to get under Saphria’s skin? I’m not sure what to believe.. I couldn’t see how a guy like him would want anything to do with me. I’m just a lonely, geeky girl who spends time studying algebra and play video games. How could I be remotely interesting to him? Maybe he’s doing this out of pity… He could probably see the pathetic-ness in my eyes… But I guess I can take whatever is handed to me.




We played some foosball upstairs for a bit. I got a text from my best friend Rhea saying she and my cousin Nairobi were coming to The Perc in a bit. I knew I was supposed to be home by 7:30 but I really wanted to hang out with Rhea today and possibly hang out with Deshaun a bit longer.

I was hesitant with my reply to Rhea, saying if I would still be here. Deshaun told me to tell her that I would. I could always tell my dad that he had a major test to study for and we needed more time. My dad always taught me to tell the truth and I didn’t feel right telling him a little fib. However the chance to socialize with friends outweighed my guilt and I sent a text to my dad saying I would be a little late.



 “Hey guys, how was your club meeting?”

“It was okay, Ally. How come you haven’t join yet?”

“Well debating isn’t really my thing. My dad wants me to join the chess club.”

“Oh geeze! Not like you’re geeky enough! Chess club, really?”

“I don’t think the chess club isn’t too bad, Nairobi.”

“Psssh! Okay sure, Deshaun. Anyway you should give the debate club a try, Ally. Its fun to argue with others. It give me an excuse to be a total bitch, ha ha ha ha!”

“Yeah Ally, I think you would like it.”

“Thanks but I think I gotta take a pass on it.”



 “So what does everyone think about the school conversion? Who’s all gonna be attending next year? I know already that me, Saphria and Dysko are gonna be going. Daddy wants us to have higher learning. I guess so.. If it helps me earn credits for medical school then I’m for it. I’m gonna be a doctor.”

“You a doctor? Oh great. When that happen, tell me which hospital you’ll be working at so I can avoid it. Ha ha ha!”

“Oh how funny Deshaun! I think I’ll be a great doctor. But you didn’t answer my question, buddy.”

“Honestly… I’m not sure. My dad is a personal trainer at the gym. It’s not like he’s making big money to pay for a private school. He gotta talk to my grandparents about it.”

“Oh I see. Well how about you, Rhea?”

“My family is funding the school.. I’ll be going if I like it or not.”

“I guess I kinda figure that. And you Ally?”

“My dad doesn’t let me have fun ever.. Yeah, I’ll be attending next year.”



 “We all know that it’s mostly gonna be the rich kids and the Second Chance kids attending next year. The school’s tuition is gonna be pretty high but not as high as Prescott.”

“Daddy is gonna send Ramon to Prescott, he’s pretty pissy about it. I’m just glad that daddy isn’t sending us there.”

“Mariah might be attending Prescott, it won’t be so bad for him. My dad almost sent me there.”

“I’ll probably be attending a regular school next if my grands can’t pay my way in Silver Shores. It will be okay. I can join the basketball team at Glendale High.”

“I don’t get why they wanted to make it into a private school. It was fine the way it is.”

“Yeah Ally, I don’t get it either but it’s whatever. I hope some new cute boys will be attending next year.”



 “Well I know a lot of kids won’t be seeing their friends next year. It’s kinda sad to see some of us all mopey in the halls.”

“Yeah but I’m worried about the uniforms. I hope they aren’t dorky.”

“Newsflash, Nairobi. All school uniforms are dorky.”

“Don’t tell me that Deshaun!”

“Guys, its been fun but I head home now.”

“Aww, Ally! Can’t ya just stay a bit longer? We never get to chat.”

“I wish but my dad wants me home. I just saw one of my uncles walk in. I’m pretty sure my dad sent him to check on me. I’ll see ya at school if you ever take time to hang out with me, Nairobi..”

“Oh..sorry about that.. It’s just-“

“No need to explain yourself, Nairobi. See you around.”



 I quickly tried to scurry out as I saw my uncle Boragio looking around as he was searching for me. I spoke to him quickly telling him that I was just heading out. He offered to dropped me off at home. I didn’t live that far from The Perc and told him I would walk home. It was a little bit after 8 and kinda dark, my dad doesn’t want me to walk home this late but this is a nice area. I’m not worried about anything happening to me…




Once I walked in, I found my dad in his usually spot, in front of the computer working online. My dad didn’t bother to get dressed for the day or just got into his PJs early. Honestly its hard to tell now days. My dad doesn’t do much, he just stays at home to work and take care of Solar. Dad said he needs to work a lot so he could pay for my school himself instead of using my granddad’s money. But my dad just works too much, we hardly get to talk anymore…



 “Sorry that I was little late. Deshaun has a test tomorrow.”

“It’s okay as long as its school related. I think Solar is hungry now, can you feed her for me? I’m helping out a client at the moment.”

“I guess I can. Do I gotta make something for her?”

“No, I made something for her. You need just to warm it. When I’m done with this last client, we can have dinner together.”

“Dinner together?”

“Yeah, I know its been a while and I’m sorry. Vega made too much food and sent some over with Boragio. We just gotta warm it up.”

“Oh okay. Will it be long? I’m hungry.”

“No, by the time you got Solar settled, I’ll be done.”




 I warmed up Solar’s dinner and tried to convince her that it was tasty. She didn’t believe me until I tasted it myself. I heard my dad enter the kitchen and grabbed a couple of plates from the fridge. He told me the food would be ready in a few minutes. It’s been a while since my dad and I ate together.

Since my grandad’s accident my dad has been stressed out and busy. He took on 2 stay at home jobs and trying to be Solar’s primary caregiver. He worries about Orion a lot but we know he’s safe now. My dad said my aunt Luna wasn’t much of the nurturing type and my aunts Lilah and Dia have a few loose screws, so he still worries. I just wish things would get better for both of us…



“How was school today?”

“Just like any other day, average.”

“So not hot gossip to chat about?”


“Why do you say it like that?”

“Cause no one gossips with me. I’m like the super nerd of the school.”

“Well.. I know how that was but it’s not so bad.”

“I bet… You had a girlfriend who lived with you…”



 “I told you how I feel about you dating. No boyfriends, your studies are more important than boys. I need for you to go school, do your homework, tutors ones in need and do your chores. I want you to enjoy your teens years. I didn’t get to since you know..”

“I’m not gonna be like my mom… I’m not gonna go and run off to have a baby. I just wanna go see a movie with my friends Rhea and Toni. I’m not enjoying anytime.”

“I got you that BoxStation 5 and bunch of games. Isn’t that fun?”

“Yeah but it keeps me at home… I just wanna be like normal girls. I’m so geeky according to Nairobi when I mention the chess club.”

“Don’t mind Nairobi, the chess club is great. I hope you plan to join.”

“What’s the point? School is about to end..”

“They have a chess club during the summer. You can still join.”

“Seriously, dad?”

“I’m serious. You’re going to join regardless, trust me it’s for the best.”




 “It’s the best way to keep me as a geek. I’m gonna die alone with cats…”

“Alyssa, you’ll never die but having a few cats won’t be so bad.”

“Ugh dad! So not funny… I don’t wanna be a loser… Always home… Never out socialize… Never having the courage to ask out your crush… A life of an immortal loser awaits me..”

“Are you trying to tell me something?”


“You think I’m a loser since I never been on a date since your mother?”

“I didn’t call you a loser dad… Sorry.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say it. Your old man just haven’t been so lucky in the dating category. I don’t have the time for it. I gotta take care of you, Solar and this house.”

“Daddy B’s money can take care of everything.”

“Yeah it could for the house and Solar but you’re my responsibly. I have to work hard so you can continue your schooling at Silver Shores. My break is almost over, I gotta return to my computer. Can you get Solar ready for bed?”

“I guess I could…”





“It’s Ally, silly girl. Wanna read a book with me?”


“No Solar… Your daddy isn’t here…”


“I’m sorry sweetie… Your brother is still with your sisters.”


“Um…Solar, let’s go read a book okay?”



 Solar tends to ask about her daddy and twin brother but this was the first time she asked about her mom. I don’t know much about her mom other than she took Orion and was killed in Arcadia. I wasn’t sure how to reply to her but hoping reading a book to her will make her happy.



 It was Solar’s bedtime but since my dad was working again, I got her ready. I gave her a bath which she tends to like a lot. However tonight she questions me about her mom. I felt a but uneasy about it cause it made me wonder about my own mom. Where is my mom? Is she still alive? Why did she left? Whenever I ask my dad about her, he tends to be vague and changes the subject. I wonder what horrible thing did she do to get my dad to not talk about her. One day, I’m gonna find out…




 “Okay missy. It’s bedtime and please stay in your crib tonight. My dad needs his sleep.”

“Da-dee.. Find.”

“Your daddy is at a safe place. He got hurt but he will be back when he’s all better, kay?”

“Find da-dee!”

“No Solar, you stay in your crib like a good little girl. We will be sad if you get out and get hurt.”

“Da-dee! Rion! Ma-mee! Find!”

“Solar, please. They will come back soon. Promise me you’ll stay and go sleepy?”


“We can look for them tomorrow? Okay?”

“No believe.”


“Me not believe, you no moar! Find! Find! Find!”



 It took an hour before I could calm Solar down. I haven’t seen her this upset before but for a baby, she’s quite smart. This was probably the most she has spoken since before my granddad’s accident. I told my dad of what happen when I went to put her in bed. Now I think he has more to worry about and he probably won’t be sleeping much tonight. I’m worried about my dad.. Maybe I should had told him that…



After getting ready for bed, I thought about my dad. I checked on him one last time and he looked okay. Solar was fast asleep in her crib. He told me to not to worry and go to bed. I couldn’t help but worry myself to sleep….

3 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 89 – Diary of a Bored Teenager – Part 1

  1. Aww the two of them really need to let loose, I mean seriously. Hopefully Ally can do something fun soon and poor Solar doesn’t get too curious right now. .:( She does seem to feel something is up though.

    • L2 does keep the lease a bit short. He’s being the type of dad he wished that Borage was to him.

      Solar is kind of a smart baby 😉

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