Love For The Ladies: Chapter 88 – Not Far From The Tree

After sending my kids to bed, I figure I would give Haven a call, thanking her again for watching Kiara today. She really didn’t have, I did feel a little bit guilty leaving Kiara with her. She could had done something more fun other than watching a 4 month old baby. She said she didn’t mind and had fun watching her. She answered and we chatted for a little bit. She was getting ready to watch a movie with her roommate. I didn’t keep her on long, but it was nice talking with her. I got a real strong feeling that things are gonna be great with her.



 “So that baby, is that gonna be a regular thing?”

“Well, honestly I don’t know..Jen. I’m sorry for not checking with you first.”

“Are you kidding? I love babies! I was just curious ya know. Anyway, that guy is pretty hot. Plus he has a cute baby. That’s always a great thing. Is he gonna be the new boyfriend or just a boy toy?”

“Honestly I don’t know. I just met the guy. He’s one of my students’ fathers.”

“Oh? Well if you don’t want him, I’ll take him!”

“Ha ha ha, Jenni. I kinda like him.. I know about the school rules but-“

“Screw the rules, Haven! School is gonna be out soon, you better grab that hot arm candy for the summer or I will! He he he!”

“Ha ha ha, I know. Just keep in mind… Mordecai has brothers who live in town. Maybe one of them is single.”

“Really?! You gotta hook me up! We could be sisters in law. Wouldn’t that be great?!”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”



I didn’t get to sleep long before Kiara woke up in the screaming fit.  Her being part wolf and genie is a bad combo, she’s always hungry. She requires more feedings than normal babies, I guess this is why Piper is stressed out. She never gets to sleep since she always gotta get up to feed her but if she let me have her more, she could get the rest she needs.

I’m not so mad at her anymore, she needed the break but I’m still a little upset of her lying to Marc. I figure I better clear my name before things spread around.




 I stumbled into the kitchen, trying to prepare a bottle for Kiara. I snubbed my toe against one of Kimora toy cars in the living on the way. I never imagine that is would ever be my life. I always figure if I had kids, they would be with their mom all the time. I would get to party all night long, not having to fix baby bottles or school lunches in the middle of the night. In the mornings, I would be nursing a hangover instead of  laying out school clothes and trying to figure out how to style a little girl’s hair for the day.




It was fun while it lasted, but I’m pretty glad that my life is this way now….




 I couldn’t imagine it being any different of the way it is now..



 It’s been a few weeks since my first date with Haven. Let’s just say that things went very well since then. She comes over often, she helps Mariah with her homework, helps me out when I ended up keeping Kiara at the last minute. Sometimes she spends the night, when she does I know there’s gonna be a hot breakfast in the morning. It has been nice having Haven around a lot these past few weeks. 



 “I really like your omelettes, Ms Rocha.”

“Thanks Mariah. You can call me Haven when we aren’t in school.”

“Oh I can?”

“Yeah, we don’t need to formalize things when we are in your home.”

“This can be your home too.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Are you going to marry my dad?”


“You like my dad?”

“Yeah, sweetie.”

“Maybe you guys can get married.”

“Mariah, sweetie… I do like your dad but its way too soon for us to get married. It takes time before we can get to that part. We only been dating for a few weeks.”

“Oh okay. Can I have an apple?”

“Sure, sweetie.”



Before we knew it , a month had passed since our first date. Things are official between us and my girls couldn’t be anymore happier. It took a while for Kimora to warm up to Haven but she soon won her over after letting her have sleepovers with Chanel and her other friends at her place on the weekends. They baked cupcakes with her roommate Jenni. Cupcakes are Kimora’s favorite thing.

Jenni is the heiress of the Drama Cream franchise, I found it odd for her to be living in a townhouse. I figure she would be living in some fancy house. Then Haven revealed that Jenni does own a huge fancy house in town, it’s where they been having the sleepover at. She has a pool and other nice things, now I see why she won Kimora over. 

My boss finally started to let me have the weekends off now. We often take the girls to the park to play. Things are finally going great in my life. I guess I would have my oldest daughter to thank since she has been a bit pushy. I guess my daughter just knew that we were a great fit.




 “Piper cancelled on me, we won’t be having Kiara later on today.”

“Why not? Is everything okay?”

“She really didn’t give me a reason, she just said today wasn’t a good day.”

“That’s the second weekend in a row that she cancelled on you. I was hoping to see her today. She just the cutest little baby ever.”

“Me too but I dunno what I’m gonna do about that family. I’m getting fed up with them. Kiara is my daughter and I have my rights to see her whenever.”

“I’ve told you this already but maybe its time to take them to court. Like seriously you should find a lawyer on Monday.”

“I think I will cause it’s bullshit. I want joint custody.”

“Are you serious? Joint custody?”

“Yeah.. I don’t think I can settle with visitations. I want her to live with me part time.”

“Wow, that’s great. If you need any help, I’ll be there.” 



 “Thanks. I’m ready to this. I know I can handle a third child living with me. I got a crib for her already, and when she gets older she can share a room with Kimora.”

“That sounds good to me. I’ll support you with this, 100 percent.”

“I could use all the support I can get. I bet this is gonna piss off her family but I really don’t care since this is my daughter and I have every right to be in her life. They should be lucky that I’m not going for full custody.”

“Well why not go for it?”

“I don’t wanna keep Kiara from her mom. I know she does that to me and it sucks. I don’t feel right doing the same to her.”

“I guess I could understand that. Whatever you decide to do, I got your back.”




 “I’m so lucky to have an amazing woman like you.”

“Aww, you’re sweet.”

“So I was wondering about something…”

“Like what?”

“Like moving on to the next step in our relationship.”

“Ohh… Intimacy?”

“Yeah… its been a month. No rush or anything but I was wondering if we could.. ya know?”

“Well I’m not sure about it.. I’m not sure if I’m ready. I enjoy just cuddling in bed with you.”

“I like it too. You’re on the pill…so I know pregnancy wouldn’t be an issue. I’m just curious of what the hold up is.”

“I’m not like other females, I like to take things slow.. Maybe I’m just weird like that.”

“It’s not weird. I can wait, I don’t wanna pressure you… When you’re ready, I’ll be ready.” 




 I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed about Haven holding out on intimacy. Sex is important in my life but sex has also gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past. Like my involvement with my older brother’s mom and Piper.

The last time I was with a female was that one crazy chick who kept showing up at my place. Thankfully she finally gotten the message, its been a long time since I was seen her and I hope that was the last of her. 

I finally have someone good in life, yeah I might about to wait a while before we will be sexual involved but I feel that she’s worth the wait.




 “Today was nice. I enjoy spending time with you and your girls.”

“I enjoy spending time with you. Since the girls are in bed.. wanna go cuddle in bed?”

“Actually… I was wondering if we could do something else tonight.”

“Oh? Am I smelly today? I can shower.”

“Ha ha ha! It’s not that. Remember what we talked about at the park?”

“Yeah.. Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I don’t wanna rush ya.”

“No Mordecai, I think I’m ready… I think I was ready when  I first saw you but I figure you would think less of me if I put out so easily.”

“Well… only if you put out on the first day like this one crazy chick who use to stalk me. I usually don’t wanna date those type of girls. They are fun for that first night but then I’m ready to move on. They ain’t the type that I wanna bring to my family. I can respect a female who holds out…as long as it isn’t forever. Ha ha.”

“That is nice to know… But I am ready. I already taken my pill for the day.”





I hope I didn’t rush her. She said she was ready but sometimes I wondered if she really is and only done this just to keep me. I told her that I would wait for whenever she’s ready. I guess I can’t blame her though. How can a lady pass up this sexy body of mine? It’s impossible.



 I long waited for this moment..

I wanted this moment to last forever..

Caressing her, touching her, tasting her, being one with her..

I indulge myself with her sweet nectar with pure ecstasy..

I thought this could be the best night of my life…

If only…










 “Morde… I’m sorry to drop by like this. I need you…”

“What happen?”

“I did it, Morde… I finally stepped up to my mom. I told her that Kiara is my child. I know what’s best for her. Kiara needs her father in her life more. I told my mom that I planned to file joint custody with you.. She didn’t like it. She told me I was a disappointment.. She told me I made the family look bad…. She told me that she refuses to let me raise our daughter… She said cause I would raise her to be like me… A whore that brings disgrace and shame to the family… So I left… I need a place to stay… Can I stay here? We have no where else to go..”

“It’s probably not a good idea… What would your boyfriend think?”

“Marcus…. I left him.. I felt he only asked me out cause of my mom… Please Mordecai… Let me stay here with you..”







 “What have I done?”




 I couldn’t sleep last night. I was ridden of guilt of what I had done with Piper. I don’t know why I did it. After Piper went to work and the girls went to school, I made my way to visit my dad. I don’t like seeing him this way but right now I really need him..



 “Dad, I’m probably the most shittiest son that you ever had. I have the wonderful woman in my life and I might had just fucked it up last night with a girl that I feel nothing for. I can’t bring myself to understand why I slept with Piper. She was standing there in tears, holding my child. She finally said the one thing that I wanted to here. Her wanting me to be more in Kiara’s life… Then I find myself fucking her on my dinning room table. I couldn’t stop myself… I just had this urge to fuck her..”




 “But it wasn’t like other times… The way that I fucked her… I was angry, filled with rage when I did. I thought I was going to hurt Piper but she was liking it… Now I got her staying with me cause she has nowhere to go. I want her to stay cause she has my daughter but I’m afraid that this might happen again and I don’t wanna ruin a good thing that I have with Haven. What do I do, dad? I think you’re the only one who could help me. You’re the only one who could understand this. I may be a pseudo love genie, but I still have the urges. How can I control it, dad? If only you were awake… I just wish you could just wake up now… We all need you..” 




 “Hey! I remember you!”

“Look… I can’t deal with you now.”

“Are you okay? Can I get you a cup of coffee or some tea?”

“No…I’ll be fine but alright now I want to be alone.”

“But I gotta tell you something.”

“I don’t care what you need to tell me. Just leave me alone.”



 “But I gotta tell you this. I’m pregnant.”


“It’s your baby! Great news, huh? Our baby is gonna be the cutest baby ever!”

“That’s terrible news!”


“Cause the baby is in you!”

“Well I can’t transfer my baby into another woman. You got me now. Deal!”

“This seriously can’t be happening!”



 “This calls for a celebrity hug!”

“Are you nuts? Does it look like I’m happy about it?!”

“You’ll be happy when we get married!”

“I have a girlfriend! I’ll never marry you! You’re insane!”

“You have a girlfriend? Well that’s your loss. I would be better for you. Oh well! We can be best friends then as long as you help me take care of this baby. I gotta now. My break is over.”

“Ugh….I can’t believe this shit..”

“It’s gonna be okay. I hope we all can be best friends!”


“You, me, and your girlfriend. DUH! You’re so silly Morde pie! See ya around, best friend!”



 “Well dad, this day just got worse… I was just told by a crazy chick that I hooked up with a month ago is pregnant by me. First Piper, now this crazy girl… What am I gonna do about this? I’m afraid that I’m gonna lose Haven shortly… Maybe I’m just not the settling down type like you, dad. I thought I could be but maybe it’s not meant to be… I’m not sure if I can ever make this right…”





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  1. I was thinking half way into it that Morde-Dad is finally getting his life straight. Then Piper showed up… I didn’t see that coming! Poor Morde-Dad. Oh and a Reba baby? Lol. He should have the unlucky trait!!

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