Better Bathroom Tweaks


Originally I just wanted to tune the all-in-one bathroom from IP. It was annoying how often it broke but it costs the most! I was real annoyed when sims block it after exiting and preventing others from use it. But I felt there was more to do with other bathroom items so I gave it go.

What this tuning mod will do:

  • When exiting, sims will move 4 slots away from the all-in-one.
  • All sims will wash their nasty hands after using the toilet/urinal. 
  • All sims will flush when done.
  • Hand washing is quicker.
  • Brushing teeth is quicker.
  • Submarine Adventures in the tub are quicker.
  • Less puddles.
  • All toilets (including the Uber Toilet from the store), sinks, showers & tubs are less breaky. Items can go 14 days without breaking.
  • All toilet & sinks, showers & tubs repairs time was shorten to 10 minutes.
  • All toilets & sinks, showers & tubs upgrade time was shorten to 20 mins.

This mod was built with 1.63

This mod altered the all of the AllInOne, Toilet, Urinal, Bathtub, Shower, Sink XMLs

TOU Applies






5 thoughts on “Better Bathroom Tweaks

  1. Could you be so kind and look into how shower woohoo is affected by this mod? Since I’ve had it installed shower woohoo does not work. Otherwise it’s a fabulous mod. Thank you.

    • I didn’t touch any of the woohoo settings. I don’t know what to tell you. I do have the Woohooer from Nraas. Try using that if you don’t have it already. Also check to see if my mod isn’t conflicting with another mod.

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