No More Annoying Effects! (Story Tellers Mod)

The Super Pack has been updated.
Please redownload if you had the original pack.

Montigo Universe

I always got tired of having to type in the headlines effects before working on a story. I wish there was a way to do nothing once loading. Even when turning on the headlines cheat, there are still some things I found annoying that the cheat can’t hide. Well I found a way to remove most of the annoying effects that I found useless. I call these story telling mods cause removing some effects brings some realism into the game. I love the blow kiss interaction, would like to have a screen with that interaction, however the random heart and blow dust is ridiculous when it comes to writing. Then when writing Borage being in a coma, I disliked the Zzz’s as he slept and didn’t want to spend time editing them out.

I wasn’t able to hide the plumbob or skill meter. The headlines cheat will still need to be…

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