State of Tigo: Officially a domain!

New month, new shiny things!

This blog is now officially!!!!

So soon to come is some videos since I upgraded my account. I mention before that I’m not a fan of uploading videos on Youtube since they tend to keep taking down anything interesting that I uploaded.

Trying to have weekly updates that I call: Tigo Tuesdays, where I try to post a new update on Tuesday. However there will not be an update this Tuesday since I just returned back from a trip and the last thing on my mind is to work on an update. I wanna spend today chilling out, I normally work on updates on Mondays. I may have a new update on Thursday instead. I figure Thursdays could be a back up day if I were to skip a Tues. But honestly, not sure how long I can keep that up haha. I do have a lot of updates stacking up so it will go on for some time.

Last week I’ve been trying to set up my Ciderwood saves. I had rebuilt Kamilah Grove (the main family house) and finished it. Then I had to update most of the lots in the main save and some of the households. It took longer than I expected. I came to realize that it’s not gonna be possible to juggle 8 households without SP messing up things. Even with my SP settings, things still can get jacked. I can juggle around 3 households other than the main since the main is in a different save. As far as the other 5 households, they would have minor bits. I’m reworking the story, I want the story to focus on Ada & Ender since they are the stars of my freeplays but there’s not much I can do with kids. I figure to show life that surrounds them until they are teens. Nothing is set in stone, we shall see how the story develop.

I did mention about starting a new story with Celsia but decided not to. I figure things would be easier if I did life updates instead of doing a full story. I know I made M.E. strictly for gen 3 but any life updates for gen 1 or 2 will be given a different name or something. I’ll figure something out in the mean time.


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