Love For The Ladies: Chapter 86 – Closer than you think

It was finally Friday, the week went by painfully slow for me. Like usual, Kimora went home with her friend Chanel after school and stayed til 9:30 when I come to pick her up. I know this isn’t good for a young kid to stay up this late on school nights but what choice to I have at this point? After picking up Kimora, the girls go straight to bed once we get home.

The only day Kimora doesn’t go with Chanel is on Wednesdays since I have that day off. Kimora is usually grumpy about it when I come pick her up from school on Wednesdays. However this week, I let her go home with Chanel but picked her up around 6 pm. Of course Kim wasn’t happy about me coming so over. I decided we should try to do something new on Wednesdays like have a family dinner at a restaurant. I don’t always get to have meals with my girls during the week.

I remember having meals with my dad and siblings everyday when I was a kid. Lois would cook a big meal for dinner and we would chat about our days. I miss that and think my girls would enjoy that if we did something like that. Before dad’s coma, we should had meals together, Boragio would cook dinner and we all chatted about our days. However I wasn’t around much since I started to work at the gym and Piper wanted me to always be at her parents’ home everyday. I wonder if my girls missed meals like that. I figure it was time to start that up again. We visited Pietra Di Sambuco, we had fun and I think the girls liked it. So.. I gotta keep that going as long as I can. It’s healthy for the girls, right?



 “Let’s play cops and crackheads again. It was fun.”

“Okay Kim but who’s gonna be the crackhead this time?”

“Well I don’t wanna be.”

“I don’t wanna be!”

“Then how do we choose cause we need a crackhead to chase.”

“I know! Let’s play paper, rock. Whoever loses is the crackhead.”




 “Okay at the count of 3 we go.”


“1…2…3 go!”



 “Rock beats scissors! You gotta be the crackhead.”

“No fair! I don’t wanna be the crackhead!”

“But you lost! Deal is a deal, Chanel!”

“I want a do over!”

“No do overs! I won!”

“Fine! Whatever!”



 “Get back here, crackhead! You’re under arrest for serving crack soup to kids!”

“You’ll never catch me! I got super crackhead speed!”

“Hey! Crackheads don’t have super powers!”

“They do now!”

“Cheater! You have wings!”



 “Do you like your sandwich?”

“Yeah, it’s good.”

“I never made a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich before. Chanel doesn’t like bananas.”

“She’s missing out.”

“On potassium, yes. But there’s other foods with it that she eats.” 



 “Kimora, how are things at home?”

“Okay. Why?”

“I was just wondering. So everything is okay?”


“So no girlfriends coming in and out?”



 “There was this one crazy girl there. She made us pancakes in her underwear. Daddy told her to leave but she didn’t want to. Daddy was gonna call the police and she left.”

“Oh I see. So your dad is still single?”

“Yeah.. I think. Do you like my daddy?”

“Me? Oh no! I am just curious. That’s all..really.”

“Why are you turning red?”



 “It’s a little warm in here. Besides, your dad wouldn’t a lady as old as me. I have kids his age.”

“You don’t look old. You’re pretty and young!”

“Aww thank you, Kimora. I’m much older than you think. I look pretty amazing for my age honestly. Make sure you finished up. You and Chanel need to work on your flashcards.”




 I arrived at Jasmine’s to pick up Kimora after work. I was greeted by Chanel. I normally don’t see her, she’s in bed by the time I get there. It was a Friday night and no reason for an early bedtime. She asked me such a bizarre question after she greeted me.

“Are you my daddy?”

“Chanel! That was rude to ask Mordecai that!”

“But mommy, Mr. Mordecai looks like me. I think Kim and me are sisters!”

“Umm.. Chanel.. No, I’m not your daddy. I’m pretty sure that I never been with a fairy lady before.”

“Please excuse my granddaughter, Mordecai.”

“It’s okay, really. I guess I kinda see how she gets that idea.”

“Mommy, I think Mr. Mordecai is really my daddy!”

“Chanel! Enough with that, go help Kimora get ready to go home.”

“Yes ma’am.”



Chanel smiled at me then hugged me before running off. I got a good long look at her before she flew off. I can see the likeness between us but I know that I’m not her father. Her smile reminded me of my dad’s, her eyes were as vivid as my dad’s. I’m pretty sure this kid could possibly be an illegitimate child of my dad’s. I wouldn’t be surprise if dad had any strays wandering around. Papa was a rolling stone.




 “Sorry about that. Chanel and Kimora are really close and believe they are sisters. I think it’s cute but Chanel is starting to ask questions about her parents. Especially of who her dad is. Her mother didn’t have much memory of him. 5 years ago, she went on a trip to Konani Bay with a friend, it was her friend’s birthday. The girls partied too hard and 9 months later, Chanel was born. My daughter went missing a few months later, I don’t know what happened to her.. But I’ve been raising Chanel ever since.”

“Your daughter has been missing for 5 years? I hope nothing bad has happen to her.”

“I hope so, at night it’s hard to sleep. It’s hard not knowing where your daughter. Before Astrid went missing, she was having a hard time with Chanel, she was only 19 when she had her. Astrid talked about trying to find the father, but all she could remember was his eyes. Blue as the Konani sea, she often said. Chanel has his eyes, her only memory him. I think she did something crazy to look after him… But Astrid loved Chanel.. she wouldn’t leave her like she did…”

“I am sorry. I can tell you that I’m not him. I never been to Konani Bay actually. But my dad… my dad had. Five years ago, he celebrated his birthday there. I was supposed to go but I just lost the mother of my daughters earlier that year.. I wasn’t in the mood to party.”



 “Oh..well.. I’m sorry to be dropping this on you. However I do need to speak to you about something else. You may have to make new arrangements with Kimora. I’ll be picking up more shifts at the hospital starting in 2 weeks. I won’t be able to keep Kimora. I gotta find a sitter for Chanel now.”

“Oh well okay. Kim isn’t gonna be happy about it.”

“I know, the girls are close but I really need the extra money for bills and Chanel. I wish I could continue to help you. I plan on signing Chanel up for some after school programs that why she doesn’t have to sit at the sitter’s house until I’m done.”

“What kind of programs? Maybe I can sign my girls up too, Kim and Chanel can still hang.”

“There’s an art program at Acrylic Rhythm and a ballet class too. I’m thinking of enrolling her in both.”

“Cool, Mariah gets private ballet lessons there with Clarissa. Kim doesn’t like it so much. She might if she learns you’re enrolling Chanel.”

“Possibly, I think it would be good if you enroll Kim in as well. It’s good for her.”

“Speaking of the devil, where is she?” 







 “I really can’t hang out with Chanel anymore?”

“Not so true if you don’t mind being enrolled in ballet class. I know how thrilled you are about that.”

“That’s so girly and lame!”

“But Chanel will be there. So will it still be girly and lame?”


“So you wouldn’t mind? Clar misses you, ya know.”

“Yeah? I guess it’s cool if Chanel is gonna be there.”

“Good, you just made things easier for me for once.”

“I figure you needed a break.”

“Now go tell your friend goodbye.”



 Kimora hugged her friend bye and we left. She stayed quiet during the ride home. I was surprise that she didn’t put a fight about having to enrolled back into ballet class. I guess if your best friend is gonna be there, then why bother fighting?




 “Daddy is putting me back in ballet.”

“You said it was lame.”

“Yeah but I’m gonna make it cool cause me and Chanel are cool.”

“It’s cool anyway.”

“Nah, you’re in it!”

“I’m not lame!”



 “You think that but you are.”

“And what makes you think I’m lame?”

“Cause you like girly stuff. Flowers, the color pink and happiness.”

“That doesn’t make me lame! You’re lame for thinking that.”

“I can never be lame! I like cool stuff like ninjas, bugs and misery.”

“No that just makes you a weirdo!”

“You’re a weirdo! You got a weird face!”

“I’m not a weirdo! You are! You think bugs are cool. Bugs are gross!”

“Well you are gross!”

“I am not! Morde-dad! Kimora said I’m a gross weirdo!”

“You’re also a tattle teller too!” 




 As my girls were arguing with each as usual, I heard a knock at my door. Not shockingly, the crazy red head had returned. I found her yelling at the wall, she didn’t notice that I came to the door before I had to say something.




 “Why are you here?”

“My heart needs you! Everyday I’ve been crying my eyes out. I missed you. Do you forgive me?”

“Forgive you for what?”

“We had a little tiff but I am sorry. Let’s go back to the good days where we loved each other!”

“Look, Robin.”


“Whatever, you and I never had anything. We just hooked up for one night. You need to leave.”



 “Not until you love me once again. I missed you, Mordecai!”

“Hey now! Stop that! Don’t touch me, seriously you need to go!”

“Baby, you don’t mean that!”

“Yes I do, now will you just go before I call the police?!”




 “I love you! Kiss me my love. I wanna be close you, baby.”

“Get off of me, you crazy bitch!”




 “Why can’t you just love me like I love you! You are the one! I just know it!”

“Did you forget to take your meds today?! You were a one night stand. Something that I regret now. Now can you please go. You are making a scene!”




 “You regret me? You regret ever being with me? Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, you seemed nice and all at first but you’re fuckin’ crazy. I can’t be involved with someone like you. I’m sorry to tell you that but it’s the truth. Now will you leave me alone?”

 “But I can change. I can change for you, baby.”

“I seriously doubt that.”



 “You and I could have something great together. You really want me to leave?”

“Uh..yeah. Please do. You’ll find a nice guy one day…maybe.” 

“Yeah and hopefully he’s a mental doctor too.”

“I guess I’ll leave since you hate me.”

“I didn’t say that I just think you need some help. Please get some for your sake.”

“Maybe if I get better then you will love me again.”

“ Please Roberta, please go home.”

“It’s Reba. I’ll go. I will miss you.”




 I watched her leave to make sure she really left. In fact I waited in the hall for 5 minutes to make she didn’t come right back up. She finally left and I hope it’s for good.




 “Is the crazy girl gone?”

“Yeah. I hope.”

“So you’re not gonna marry her?”

“Hell no! I think I’m done with crazy females for now on.”

“Was my mom crazy?”

“Sonoko was Sonoko. That’s all I gotta say.”

“Mom was crazy.”



 “A little.”

“Daddy, am I gonna be crazy too?”

“Nah, I’m raising you.”

“So I am gonna be crazy…”



8 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 86 – Closer than you think

    • Kim and Chanel were cute together. Kim kept going home with Chanel so I figure it would be cute if they were best friends.

      Difference between Reba and June is, Reba didn’t try to hide her crazy lol. The ones who try to hide it are more deadly :/

    • LOL I can tell you that Reba is nothing like June. June was a hidden crazy while Reba was obvious from the start. Hidden crazies are more lethal :p

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