Love For The Ladies: Chapter 85 – Instability

 My girls were sleeping and I went to hit up the club, hoping to find a piece of some loving since it’s been a while for me. Working on the weekends and now being a full time dad doesn’t leave me much time for myself anymore.

Piper was my last hook up and she was pretty great. She started to catch feelings and shit. I wasn’t interest in being with her ever, not when we were in school did I give her the time of day. She was a little stalkerish, following me around at school, sometimes home after school. Then she decided to be friends with my sisters so she would have a reason to be over all the time. I found it annoying as fuck.

I’m really not sure why I hooked her eventually before moving here. I was drunk off my ass though and since I was moving, why not. It wasn’t like I was gonna see her again. What were the odds of me bumping into her in EC? Then I notice she’s pregnant and the baby is mine. Honestly I did try to give things a try when we were pretending to be together for her parents but I couldn’t see myself with her. I figure she thought since we were having baby that was gonna make us official for real. I wasn’t gonna do it for Kiara’s sake, my heart wouldn’t be in it. Plus the lady that I wanna be with gotta keep me happy and not put me through some bullshit like Sonoko did. I had a strong feeling that Piper would pull some shit like that.




 “Well isn’t it my fav. Let’s see you want the fruity lady drink again, right?”

“Ha ha ha, shut your mouth. What’s tonight’s specials?”

“2 dollar calls and if you’re a hipster we got 3 dollar P.B.R. bottles.”

“Ha ha ha! Lemme get a sprite and vodka.”

“Would that be a diet sprite? Ha ha ha!”

“Oh you think you’re funny. I only got that fuzzy navel for this chick I was trying to get it. You still gonna give me a hard time about it?”

“You know that I’m just messin’. This drink is on the house. Not like we’re making any money tonight. It’s kinda dead but it’s a Sunday, not much action going on here.”

“Thanks man. I wish I had Friday and Saturday nights off. I heard this place gets turnt on those nights.”

“Yeah, good tips and sexier females. Tonight got the scraps but you might find a good looking one here.”




 The bartender was right, the club was pretty dead. A lot more dead than usual on Sunday nights. The ladies were scraps like he said, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna find anything. I just wanna get my dick wet, maybe after a few drinks I won’t be so picky.




I did come across a lady that looked good. She had a nice body, nice sized tits the way I love. I always admired a nice set on a lady. She sounded pretty lit when I started to chat. This is gonna be easy.

“Hey girl, I just gotta say that I think your twins are quite lovely. Can I get your name?”

“It’s Reba! Reba Locke. So you gonna buy me drink?”

“Whoa, slow down there. I just wanna chat for a little.”

“I chat better with free drinks but since you’re cute. I guess we can chat.”

“Well thanks I guess. So are you here all alone?”

“Yep! Well I don’t mean that I don’t have any friends cause I do! They aren’t here but I totally have friends! So I’m not some loser without friends cause I have friends. A lot of my friends are my co-workers. I’m a nurse!”

“Ahh a nurse. I bet you look sexy in one of those sexy nurse outfits for Halloween.

“Yeah so you wanna go fuck?”

“Um.. right now?”

“Yeah! There’s a spot here we can go. Like anyone is here.”

“Sure, we can do that. I wanted to get my dick wet tonight.”

“I’m wearing no panties so it’s gonna be easy!”

“Lead the way.”




 She led me to a small area in the back of the club. Something tells me that she’s been back here many times before. But I didn’t care, just was what I was trying to get. It felt so nice to finally get some action, even its in small cramp area.

I lifted her up and held her against wall, she was right about her not wearing any panties. I was able to glide in with ease. I tried to be quick as impossible in case one of the bouncers comes across us but then again I didn’t want her to think I was a quick shooter. I wasn’t sure what to do. Maybe I should invite her over for a night cap but something tells me that might be a bad idea.




 “The was nice I guess but I thought you would last longer.”

“I could in a more relaxing environment.”

“Maybe we can go to your place? My roomie has an exam in the morning, we might bother her.”

“I’m not sure if my place is the right place. I would say we could be quiet at your place but I might make ya get loud. Besides, my daughters live with me and they are sleeping.”

“You got a gag ball? It will keep me quiet.”

“Um.. no.. I take it you’re kinda freaky?”

“Yeah! My roomie has a rule about having guys over. She’s a hater.”

“Well honestly I’m not-“




Before I could finish my sentence, this chick was all over me. I don’t think I ever been kissed like that. It was a bit passionate and I kinda liked it. I was hesitate about it inviting her over but she easiest convinced me. I think her and I could have some real fun tonight.




We made our way into my bed. She was starting to get a bit loud with her moans. I didn’t want her to wake my girls. I wasn’t sure what I could use to muffed her sounds. A pillow might kill her so I used my hand over her mouth. Then she demands that I would choke her. I wasn’t sure about it but I did. As I was choking her, she wanted to be slapped around and be told that she’s a dirty slut.

Honestly I wasn’t comfortable with that but if she was into it, I could give it a try. I will admit that I did kinda enjoined it since she was loving it. At least it didn’t wake my girls up, which shocked. Violent sex should wake up anyone. However Kimora being a genie, she’s a natural heavy sleeper like my dad. Kimora sleeps through anything, Mariah stayed asleep thank goodness.




 “Who are you?”

“Hi little girl. I’m Reba.”

“Okay but why are you here in your underwear?”

“I didn’t bring any jammies. You like pancakes? I make the best pancakes ever!”

“Are you my dad’s friend?”

“We’re gonna get married soon cause I know he’s the one.”


“Yeah! He has manly rough hands and choked me better than any other guy.”

“My dad choked you? Why? My dad wouldn’t hurt anyone. He’s a good guy!”

“I told him to and I loved it!”

“Why? That’s strange.”

“It’s how adults show that they love each other! You’ll understand when you get older.”




 I guess she didn’t go home after we fucked. I heard her leave but I guess she faked leaving. I should had followed her to the door but I stayed in bed and went to sleep. Now here she is, in my kitchen making breakfast in her bra and panties. I would tell her to leave but her cooking smells good. My girls deserve a hot breakfast before school for once.



 “How do you all like my pancakes?”

“It’s yummy. Morde-dad, are you really gonna marry her? She can cook good.”

“Marry her? Who said anything about marrying her.”

“Your daughters like me. We should get married.”

“Hey wait a second. You and I just met, there was no chat about getting married. Besides, you were suppose to leave after our time last night.”

“You didn’t mean for me to leave, sweetie. I know how guys like to play games.”

“I didn’t say you could sleepover. Let’s not talk about this in front of my kids.”

“So you’re not gonna marry her?”

“Mariah, did you do your homework?”

“I didn’t have any. But you didn’t answer my question.”

“We’ll talk later.”




 “I dunno who you are but you’re not gonna marry my daddy.”

“You don’t like me? I made pancakes.”

“He’s my daddy and no one can have him. So take your pancakes and leave. When I get bigger, I can use my magic and make better pancakes than others.”

“I will have your daddy. You just wait little girl.”

“I’ll like to see you try!”




 “I think we will have a wonderful family!”

“Hey! Can we ta-“




 “Look here, Ruby…”

“It’s Reba.”

“Whatever. I think you’re nice and all but you need to leave. Thanks for the breakfast but really…leave. I gotta get my kids ready for school and I don’t need you to be here.”

“I can help. I love kids. I nurse sick kids all the time. I work with babies in the nursery too.”

“That’s nice but you need to leave. Don’t you gotta work anyway?”

“I got second shift so I got time. We can spend the morning together when the kids go to school.”

“Ruby, no. You need to go home.”

“What are you saying?”

“That you need to leave and I don’t wanna see you again. You’re creeping me out.”




 “What about us?! What about our future family?! I loved you!”

“Whoa! I really think you need to go. I knew I regret bringing your home!”

“You love me and I love you and we need to be together!”

“I never said that I loved you. I said that I loved your tits cause those are amazing. But you are kinda crazy and you need to go like now.”




 “Don’t you wanna choke me again? I loved when you choked me. I loved your man hands and I wanna be with you!”


“It’s Reba!”

“Rebecca, please go home. Never come back.”

“I’m not leaving until you say you love me! Say it!”


“Say it!”

“Please don’t make me carry you out in front of my kids.”

“You throw me against the wall too? I love it when you get rough with me! Slap my ass!”




 “Rachel.. please.”


“I’m serious.”

“Love me or I will die! I can’t live without your love!”

“Please don’t make me call the police…”

“I will die! I love you Mordecai!”


“You haven’t seen the last of Reba! You will love me and you will like it!”





 After the crazy chick left for real, I got my girls ready for school. Mariah caught the bus for school while I drove Kimora across town to a school for pre-k-ers and kindergartens. We didn’t talk about the crazy girl but it was me telling Kimora to not beat up anymore little boys in her class today.





She has been a bit of a trouble maker in her kindergarten class, mainly just picking fights with boys. Every other day she’s sent home with a note by her teacher cause of her behavior.

Things are starting to get serious when I received a letter from the school saying they will kick her out the program if she doesn’t behave. I know I gotta deal with this now.





 “I’m serious, Kim. No kicking any boys’ asses today. They want to kick you out of the school. You’ll have to go to the baby school if they do.”

“I don’t wanna go to no baby school! These boys are wimps!”

“I know but stop, for real.. Or I’m gonna do something dad like.”


“Send you to your room with a red ass.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I read some parenting guides which was bullshit according to one of my trainees. She said I needed to follow the old school parenting guide and start beating some ass.”

“Then I’ll call the police and say you’re abusing me!”




 “But it’s not! There’s a limit and she also said that I don’t need to explain things to you either. So stop beating ass or I’m gonna start beating ass!”

“Fine! I’ll stop!  Chanel and I are gonna play cops and crackheads today.”

“Good, just don’t fight. Okay? I don’t find bulling cool, it makes you look like a punk.”

“I’m not a punk!”

“Then stop acting like one. We clear?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Have a nice day, I love you.”

“I love you too, daddy.”



 It was near 3 PM and my shift was about the start. I didn’t relax much thinking the crazy chick would come back but she didn’t. My daughters will be out of school in an hour and my shift just started. I had to make special arrangements for both. Mariah get picked up by either Clarissa or one of my brothers and she spends the rest of the day with them until my shift is over. Kimora goes home with her friend Chanel. Chanel lives with her grandmother and she offer to keep Kimora until my shift, which isn’t til 9 at night.

I’ve been trying to get a different shift but no go with my boss. The second shift gives me more clients to train since people are getting off of work. I get paid more but I need to be home for my kids. I explained to my boss about the sudden changes in my life and said I’m one of the top personal trainers and highly requested. He needed me here for the high traffic time and has no plans to move me to first shift. It bums me out…maybe if I had a wife, then my girls could actually come home after school instead of having to be baby sat everyday and going to bed late. L2 keeps telling me that the girls need stability, a decent bedtime. I’m trying, I really am. Maybe I’ll try online dating, go a few dates and hope to meet someone who I can spend the rest of their life with. Having a genie dad gives me some benefits of living longer and aging slower. 




My shift is going okay and today one of my clients happen to be my baby brother’s doctor. I guess being a doctor, you’ll need to be fit as well.

“Don’t go slacking today. 20 more reps to go.”

“I’m not sure if I can today. I’m still sore from yesterday.”

“Don’t be a quitter, Evan. My baby bro isn’t so you can push through the burn!”

“Eli is a fighter! I’m not!”

“I’m not gonna cut you any slack cause you’re taking care of my kin but you’re gonna keep on going!”

“Okay! The truth is that I had a very late night with a lady friend! I’m kinda tired.”

“Ahhhh man. Getting a pre-workout then? Okay fine. I’ll cut ya some slack. 10 reps then.”

“Thanks man! My lady friend is liking these results!”

“Ahh really? Then you gotta keep at this then, doc!”





After I was done with Evan, we chatted a bit about my baby bro. He’s getting concern about his healthy. Eli was doing good, was about to go home with June but suddenly his health dropped and he was back to one day.

June gotten in trouble after being rude with Clarissa a few weeks back, June had some time off and visited Eli unsupervised and now shit is bad. Evan talked about an anonymous tip came in saying she’s been using witch magic to keep him ill. Evan said he gotta been in an occult specialist but stressing out cause he can’t get one here soon enough. So he’s having late nights with a lady and he’s doing poorly in our sessions. That’s some deep shit. Hearing this pissed me off. That bitch is killing my bro for whatever reason.

If she didn’t wanna bring him home, L2 could since he’s the legal guardian of dad’s minors. I thought he was cool, she would come by the gym to drop off her friend. The hospital staff is under investigation and it’s stressing everyone out. I remember crazy chick saying she’s a baby nurse, maybe that’s why she was being all weird but I think she might be actually crazy.




My shift was almost over and I had some free time since I had no more clients for the night. Boragio showed up for his after dinner work out. It’s always good seeing him and all. I know I won’t be seeing him much after the baby is born. But it’s nice to hang out with my bros whenever.

“How’s wifey to be doing?”

“Great actually. I think she’s in nesting mode cause she’s been cooking a lot.”

“I bet it’s nice to have a home cook meal everyday.”

“Yeah it is. Try settling down and you’ll know how it is.”

“Ha ha ha! I guess. Maybe I’ll put a baby in the next female I’ll meet.”

“Ha! I love Vega, I’m not marrying her cause were having a baby.”

“I know, just giving you shit lil’ bro.”



 “I know but I’m serious though. You got 3 kids, 2 without a mother. Mariah is unhappy, she and I talk. L2 is right about stability. Vega and I read about it in those baby books.”

“I can’t go to the wife store. I’m not as lucky as you. The right one isn’t an easy find. Plus I’m not sure if I can settle down. Dad never did..”

“Dad tried with my mom. Remember? Dad tries for the most part.. gotta give him credit for that at least. Dad told me how he wanted to try things with Clarissa before his coma.”

“Tragically always strikes when dad tries…”

“Maybe but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen to you too. Stop chasing pussy and you might find something real. You don’t wanna end up with another crazy baby mama. So far you had 2.”

“That’s the last thing I need. Another crazy baby mama knocking on my door with some drama. Anyway.. when’s the date? Maybe I can find a date ya know.”

“Vega doesn’t wanna be big and round in her dress but she wants my name and want the baby to have my name too. So she’s gonna be waddling down the aisle then. We haven’t picked a date but it’s before September at least.”




“I guess that will give me some time to find a date. You know Mariah wants to be the flower girl.”

“Yes, she’s talks about it when I pick her up. We would like to see Solar be the flower girl. Vega shown me a dress that would be cute on her.”

“We got an issue though. Solar can’t walk yet. Plus Mariah would be sad.”

“Weddings can have 2 flower girls, Mariah can show her how. Plus Solar would probably get shy and cry. If only she could walk. L2 said she refuses to learn. She gotta see a PT for it now. That whole alien thing is messing her up.”

“It’s crazy. I’m glad you’re married and all. We gotta have a bach party tho. Get some strippers and all. You gotta have one great night before the ball and chain is attached.”

“We best partied the best in Star City. I miss that place.”

“Why not get married there? I can throw you a bach party there. We can hit up The Edge. Call Bora, she can get ya the hook up on a wedding venue. I’m sure she can find a place Vega would love.”

“A wedding in Star City? Hmm I’m not sure if Vega wanna get married out of state.”

“Trust me, Vega would love that. She can see where you grew up. Lots of peeps get married there. Plus she can buy cute baby things.”

“I guess. I’ll talk to Vega about it. I think she would like it.”

“You’ll be thanking me, bro.” 

5 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 85 – Instability

  1. OH man Reba is hilarious and awful!! She’s so not going to leave him alone now. I’m happy to see the brothers chatting about their lives at the end there. 🙂

    • Hehehe Reba was fun to have around. She doesn’t seem like the type that’s just gonna go away cause you said so LOL. Yeah it’s always nice to see that kids chat and hang out a bit.

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