Love For The Ladies: Chapter 84 – Mommy Issues

It’s been a few months since I decided to start doing the right thing. Sometimes I wonder if it was a good thing to move my daughters from the suburb into the city. They had a yard to play in, parks to visit and closer to the school. I don’t exactly have the kind of money to buy one of those nice comfy house like mine dad’s but I needed to be a father to my kids. Even if that means living in cramp apartment.

I do like living in the city and having close access into the hottest clubs downtown. The city is more of my style and speed. However I would be able to enjoy more it if I were a childless bachelor. Sometimes I still think that way, I guess it will take time to adjust to this change in my life. It’s not all about me anymore, I got three daughters to think about now.




 I’ve been dealing with some shit with Kiara’s grandparents. They never allow me to see my own daughter. Piper would make plans for me to see her, only to have her parents to suddenly give a reason why I can’t spend time with Kiara. Piper and I haven’t been getting along since she let’s her parent run her life and decide what’s best for OUR child. Sandra made a comment how I wasn’t a responsible parent cause I was still living at home and having someone raise my two oldest. She may have been right about that but I think I could be a great father to Kiara, at least I would have another chance with her by doing the right thing.

I wanted to prove to Sandra that I am a responsible parent by moving out and taking Mariah and Kimora along with me. Mariah wasn’t happy about it, she wanted to stay cause she lived close to her best friend and how there was a pool at my dad’s house. I really think she wanted to stay cause of my dad. She wants to be there once he wakes up. I told Mariah that the apartment is close to the hospital, she can see my dad a lot more while he’s still in a coma. 

The first week was hard, Mariah cried herself to sleep however Kimora adjusted okay. I got a 3 bedroom apartment that way the girls got their own room. I think maybe that’s why Kimora wasn’t too bothered. She wanted her own bedroom, Kimora likes her own space.

It has been 4 months since we move here. Things seem to be more settle down, Mariah is comfortable and doesn’t cry herself to sleep anymore. I think I’m adjusting okay to this single daddy thing. I’m still trying to train Mariah to call me dad, I always had her call me by my name. Kimora always called me dad cause my dad taught her early on. It’s gonna take some time with Mariah, I just feel bad cause when Mariah was born…. I didn’t want to be a dad. I had her think of me as her uncle and my dad as hers. I got 7 years to make up… I hope it’s not too late.




 “Wanna build a city with me?”

“Yeah and it can die by tornadoes!” 

“No Kim! It’s gonna be a nice city that has no tornadoes!”

“Sounds like a boring city! I want tornadoes cause they are cool!”

“No they’re not! They hurt people and their homes.”

“And that’s why I like them!”

“Morde- I mean dad! Kimora is being evil again!”




 “I wanna make a water tornado. I wonder if I can make one with the sink. I’ll show Mariah that tornadoes can be cool.”





 Things were easier when my brothers handle the girls. Kimora has taken a liking for setting up pranks around the house. Her favorite tends to be the sink tornado. I’m still kinda new to this parenting thing, and punishing hasn’t been something I’ve tried. I probably should given how Kimora tends to create chaos. I swear she’s the spawn of satan at times. She isn’t like most 5 year old girls who are sweet and gentle. At least Mariah is gentle, sometimes I think Kimora was meant to be a boy. She’s the closest I have to a son in ways.


“I wasn’t me.”

“It’s always you! I’m telling!”

“Go tell you big cry baby! Waa waa!”



 “I’m not a big cry baby! I’m not! You’re a big jerk face!”






“I know, Kim set another sink tornado. I’ll deal with it.”

“If uncle L2 was here, he would grounded her.”

“Probably but it’s just me now. I got this.”

“You said that last time and she did it again… I miss living at daddy’s house.”

“I know you do but I’m daddy now.”

“You weren’t always..”

“I know and I’m gonna make up for it, trust me.”

“Did you not love us until now?”

“What? Don’t be silly, I always loved you both. Things were messy in head but it’s all good now.”




 “‘Kay but I’m getting hungry. Can we have dinner now?”

“Sure, I can order a pizza. Kids like pizza and stuff.”

“But we already had pizza yesterday. I want something else.”

“We got some PB & J.”

“Morde-dad, I had that for lunch. Can you cook some spaghetti like Clar’s mom?”

“You know I can’t cook. I’ll order a pizza, okay?”





 “Uncle Boragio and Vega said we need veggies.”

“I thought you hated those?”

“That’s Kim but I’m starting to like veggies cause we eat a lot of junk. My tummy feels weird sometimes. Can I just have dinner at Borgie and Vega’s house?”

“They probably ate already. We can have pizza one more time then I’ll see about you eating dinner with Boragio and Vega. Too bad your sister is too young to conjure food.”





 “Hey, it’s me again.. Yeah and Yeah I know that I need a wife but stop giving me grief about it, Josh. Gimme my usual but make it extra special. My daughters are getting bored. It’s probably your fault too, Josh haha.”




I can’t cook for shit, I normally order out or make simple sandwiches. They girls are getting bored and I figure they would love eating pizza all the time. I know I am and all. I guess it’s time to changes things up a bit.

“Josh did better with this. You girls like?”

“I’m tried of pizza..”

“I love pizza! Can we have pizza for breakfast, daddy?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Morde-dad, Uncle L2 said pizza is not for breakfast.”

“Who care what Uncle lame said. We should have pizza for breakfast everyday!”

“Watch it girl, your uncle is cool. We still have some cereal, Mariah. You can have that.”

“I miss having pancakes for breakfast..”

“We miss a lot of things but this is how things are gonna be now.”




 “Why aren’t you married? Maybe if you get married then Kim and I will have a mommy that can cook good food for us.”

“I just can’t go to the wife store and buy a wife. Besides, I like being single and free. It’s something that I never got to enjoy until….”

“Until mommy died?”

“Yeah.. I was with your mommy for a long time…”

“Did you marry her?”


“Why not?”




 “Marriage is a serious thing, we weren’t on that level yet. Your mom was older than me, she wasn’t ready to be married again and I was young. I just wanna enjoy my single life for a while, things were crazy with your mom. For once I can do what I want to do and answer to no one.”

“We want a mommy.. I don’t remember ours.”

“Yeah but that’s not gonna happen anything time soon.”




 Mariah wasn’t done with the mommy subject, she insist that I find a wife so she can have a mother. I figure her having Clarissa in her life would fill that void but it wasn’t enough. I guess she wants a mother who lives with her and cook for her.

It’s not like I could marry Clarissa, she’s sexy and all but my comatose dad still has claim on her apparently. Yeah I flirted with her but told me that she’s waiting for my dad. I think it’s silly in a way, what if my dad doesn’t? I hope he does and all but if he don’t…she would be wasting her time and she’s too fine for that.

 “My teacher Ms Rocha is single and very pretty. Sometimes she brings us cookies and cupcakes that she baked with her friend Jeni to class. So I know she can cool. Maybe you can marry her.”

“Rocha.. This isn’t Sansa, the one who stalks dad whenever he eats at Clar’s mama’s place?”

“No! Not Sansa. Haven. I like her and want her to be my new mommy. My friend Davina’s daddy got married and she has a new mommy and has a little brother too.”

“You want me to marry your teacher?”

“You’ll like her when you meet her for parent-teacher conference.” 




 “You think so? Most teachers are hags. I’m sure she has a hidden husband somewhere.”

“I know she isn’t married. She has a girl roommate.”

“Maybe she’s a lesbo.”

“What’s that?”

“Girls who likes other girls. It’s kinda hot to watch.”

“Watch what? What do lesbos do?”

“Stuff you don’t need to know or ever do…ever. I’m happy being single, don’t you want your dad to be happy?”

“No, I want a mommy.”




 “Selfish huh? Ha ha ha ha! Marriage isn’t an easy thing. It’s suppose to be serious and final. I’ve only been single for 5 years and I love it.”

“And I haven’t had a mommy for 5 years. What about Piper? I like her.”

“She doesn’t cook, besides.. I’m not into her.”

“But you made a baby with her. Ms Sandra can cook. We can have dinner at her house.”

“Sorry Mariah, that’s never gonna happen. Besides, Piper has a boyfriend.”

“Clarissa? She’s so pretty and nice and she takes care of us. I really like her!”

“And she really likes your papa lot. Trust me I tried..”




 “You gotta marry a pretty lady! Please?”

“One day but not now or tomorrow. Clar is kinda your mommy, isn’t that good enough?”

“I want a forever mommy…like Davina.”

“So it’s mainly cause your friend got a step mom?”

“No.. I always wanted a mommy like Kiara does. Kiara has a mommy who sings to her, buy her pretty clothes, make her hair pretty. I bet Kiara is gonna do more things with Piper when she’s bigger. Kim and I have none of that. All my friends got mommies and they do fun things with their mommies.”

“We do fun things.”

“Yeah but it’s different with a mommy.”

“I see your point but sweetie.. daddy isn’t ready. I wish you could understand that.”

“I hope I get one before I’m too old to care..”




 It was the girls’ bedtime and I made sure they were getting ready to go to bed so I could go out for the night. I checked on Kimora first since she tends to be difficult at everything.

“You ready for bed?”

“I guess. You gonna leave?”

“Yeah, it’s Sunday night.. Gotta party since I work on Fridays and Saturdays.”

“Don’t we get a babysitter?”

“Why? You’ll be sleeping anyway.”

“What if there’s a fire tornado?”

“Then use your sink tornado against it. Besides if there’s a fire, it’s probably you who set it. Now please be a good kid and sleep.”

“What if the hamburglar tries to break in?”

“What? Hamburglar? I believe the hamburglar only steals burgers. Don’t be silly. Anyway, what’s your take on the mommy issue? You were quiet about it.”




 “I guess it could be cool but I dunno. I like it being just us.”

“So you don’t have any single ladies to push on me then.”

“Chanel’s grandmama is pretty.”

“Yeah, Jasmine is pretty sexy for a grandma but she a lot older than me even if she doesn’t look like it.”

“She does yogurt!”

“Yoga and I know since she does it at the gym I work at. So you’re okay with me staying single?”

“I don’t care.. Not sure if girls wanna marry you, daddy.”

“Why you say that?”

“Cause I’ll end them! You’re MY daddy!”

“Kimora, you’re gonna have to share me at some point..”

“No I don’t!”




 “I hope the hamburglar isn’t hiding under my bed.. Kids say he waits and hides under beds.”















 “What’s wrong?”

“The hamburglar is under my bed! You can’t leave!”

“Mariah, there’s no such thing as the hamburglar.”

“But I saw big scary eyes!”

“Trust me, there’s nothing there.”

“I can’t go to bed!”

“I’ll show you that there’s nothing there.”





 “Something is there! I saw it!”

“You want me to go check?”

“No! He might get you!”

“But I’m a big strong man and I can beat him up. Look at these muscles.”

“But he’s bigger!”

“He can’t be bigger, how could he fit under your little bed?”


“He doesn’t have magic. He’s a jerk and I’m gonna beat him up.”




After showing Mariah that there’s nothing under her bed, I figure I’ll read her stuff from my high school year book.

“You see that your dad was always a sexy man here in my freshmen year book. I became a man that year.”


“I met your mom and she was the most beautiful lady in the world.”

“You looked like a kid.”

“I was 14 but after meeting your mom, I was an adult in her eyes. I loved than woman since. She also made your papa into a man…and Boragio…and Junior… I wasn’t happy about that but I loved her.”

“What did my mommy do to turn everyone into a man? Did she have magic like daddy?”

“She had magic but a different kind of magic.”

“Was she nice?”



 “She could be nice..”

“So she wasn’t always nice like Kim?”

“Your mom had her ways of doing things but I didn’t care cause I loved her. I loved everything about her.”

“Am I like my mommy?”

“You’re just as beautiful as her. Sometimes its hard to look at you cause you remind me so much of her.”

“But am I like her?”

“You’re just as sweet as she was.”




Mariah wanted to know more about her mom but I found it hard since the truth is that Sonoko was a horrible woman and I was too blind to see it at the time. She treated me like shit, often cheated on me and even hooked up with 2 of my brothers.

When Mariah was born, she wouldn’t let me see her unless I bought her a house. I didn’t want to be dad cause of that. I figure I would turn into a bank account for Sonoko if I wanted to be in Mariah’s life. I didn’t meet Mariah until she was 11 months old. She looked so much like Sonoko, I adored her but just like Piper’s parents, Sonoko made it hard for me to be in Mariah’s life. I gave up so easily..

I let Sonoko win until one night she came over soaking wet from the rain and drunk off her ass. We made love once again, it felt like ages since we had. We made Kimora that night.. I told myself that I wasn’t gonna let go so easily if Sonoko made it difficult for me. 2 hours after she gave birth to Kimora, Sonoko died due to complications of childbirth. I had no one to fight with now but yet I still walked away from being a dad. I was hurt, depressed, unsure… As I tucked Mariah in bed, I realize those weren’t good excuses for being a shitty father. I was just selfish, caught up in my own world. Being just like Sonoko was, a selfish bitch. No more that of that. No more selfish excuses. Maybe I should consider in settling down and finding a mother for my daughters. If I wanna make it right for my girls, it’s the least I can do.

7 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 84 – Mommy Issues

  1. I love that Morde is starting to grow up and has realized that his feelings for Sonoko really effected his relationship with his girls more than it should have. I hope he finds someone that’s right for him though and doesn’t just jump into marriage for Mariah.

    • Yep and it was about damn time. He’s like 25 or something… I dunno but he’s at the age where he needs to get with the program. He allowed Sonoko to run things more than she should of, and its his fault. He’s now aware of that finally. He had his 5 years to run around and be a ho. He should think about settling down but not with just anyone for Mariah’s sake. It would be more harm than good :/ He is the son of Borage and choices of females aren’t always that good but we’ll see how that goes hahaha

  2. I am soo sorry I have taken this long to comment. I have been reading updates Lately. I find it is like a soap. The extension up dates for the kids are great and informative. he Love for the ladies is drawing me in. I can not stopping reading updates. I am caught up to this point. I hope to catch up soon. Keep up the great stories.

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