Montigo Extensions: Miyoko – Update 2

 It wasn’t long before we got back to the apartment. During the way, Jade kept making out with Nico while Nico rubbed on my leg. He touch sent chills up my spine and genies don’t even feel the cold! I didn’t like him touching me in any way, my stomach turned, I felt like I was gonna throw up.

Jade and Nico headed towards the spare bedroom since our room was a little messy. I was nervous and unsure about this. Well it’s not like I haven’t been in a threesome before… I’ve had a few since moving out here in BP but I just didn’t want one with Nico of all the men in town. I stood in the front room thinking of ways to get out of this but Nico kept calling me in. I didn’t wanna do it but I don’t wanna lose Jade.




“You can join anytime you want, Miyoko.” Nico said to me with a devilish smirk across his face. I wanted to slap him and tell him to get out but I couldn’t. I stood there, I was frozen, I couldn’t bring myself closer to the bed. I didn’t like watching Jade blow Nico off, I didn’t like the fact that she was enjoying it! This was so hard to take in. “C’mon Miyoko, bring your sexy ass over here. I wanna taste those magical lips of yours.” Nico said to me with that stupid smirk still on him face. I felt really, really, really sick at this point. Nico motions me over with his big, hairy, ugly hand. “I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” I said in my head. “I could just watch, maybe?” I said out loud instead. “Nah.. I want you both. Quit playin’ girl. Get over here.”




I don’t know how I did it but I manage to join in. Jade bought out our toys that we could use on each other. It wasn’t too long before I found myself propped on top of Jade and Nico sticking his chunky wolf fingers in me. I hate it! I wanted him to stop. I just wished that he would just focus on Jade a lot more than me.





 Nico wanted more of me that he wanted with Jade… I know it wouldn’t be too long before Jade will start getting all jealous and cray cray. The last that I want for tonight is more drama from her. So I tried to make her feel real good like I usually do but make it 10 times better ya know. Maybe she won’t notice Nico is only zeroing on me.




 “You feel so nice…”

“Shut up!”

“You like me inside ya?”

“Oh my god! Just shut up!”

“You can tell me, Jade won’t get mad. She likes me in you.”

“I hate your face! Shut up!”

“Don’t be shy, Mimi. Tell me, you like it?”


“Mimi.. Mmm… You feel so damn good. Nice and wet like I like it. You like this?”

“You talk too much! Shut up, stupid face!”

“You like?”



I was lying.. but I just wanted him to shut the fuck up…




The only one I liked and enjoyed inside of me was Jade, even if it’s just her fingers. I just wanted this whole night to be over but it was far from being over…





Jade wanted some one on one with Nico, I let her have some time even if its killing me inside. I just wanted to be away from Nico. This was my one escape and I took it. Besides, someone needed to check the stove so the apartment doesn’t blow up. I swear that stove is plotting to blow us up one day. I really don’t trust this evil stove. I wanna know what’s its deal and why does it wanna kill us.




I turned around to find Nico standing behind me. Where did he even come from? I didn’t hear him come out the room and I thought he was supposed to be giving Jade some attention. He lunged towards me, pulling me into a gross kiss. I wanted to bite him but he’s a wolf and he’s probably into that. I didn’t wanna turn him on in any way. I thought my night was over with him!




 “Nico! What the fuck! Get out me!”

“What’s wrong, angel face? I thought you were starting to like me?”

“No! I only did this for Jade! I will never like you, you’re a creep!”

“Aww, don’t be that way angel face. I thought maybe we could play, just you and me.”

“No! I did your stupid threesome! I thought Jade wanted your attention since you weren’t really giving her any. It’s only been like 10 minutes!”

“It’s been about 20 minutes, she got tired and went to bed but I’m still feeling frisky. Us wolves can go for a while and I know about love genies. I know you haven’t gotten your fill yet.”

“Yeah but I can finish myself up!”

“Can I watch?”

“Fuck off!”

“Nah… I rather fuck you. I want you, Miyoko and I want you now.”

“No, Nico! Go home!”

“I want you and I’m going to get you.”

“Nico, please.. Just-“




Before I could finish my sentence, Nico spun me around, bending me over the corner. I couldn’t get another word out before he began to penetrate me. He thrust away, rapidly but with a steady rhythm. So many thoughts raced through my mind. I wanted cry, I didn’t want this but yet it felt good in some sick way. Maybe its the forceful nature of his kind.

I heard about sex with a lycan male, it could amazing if you’re into being dominated. I wasn’t sure about this… I love sex… All kinds of sex but even if its technically rape?  Maybe its cause of my kind and not his.. It’s kinda hard to rape a love genie female, they’ll take away the power from the rapist by enjoying it and being more than he could handle. What I’m feeling is only natural but I don’t like it!




Nico was far from being done with me, he yanked me from the counter and pinning me against wall. He forcefully kissed me on my lips and neck. He gently nibble on my neck while letting his hand explore my body. I felt his hands find their way to my ass and he quickly lifting me up. He growled softy as he continue to pump away at me. His cold grey eyes glowed more than usual, there was something a little different about him.  




He pulled me away from the wall, carrying me into the front room and throwing me on the couch. I laid on the couch frozen in fear, he was starting to get a bit violent with me. His paws did more exploring on my body as he growled softly. Caressing me while snarling made my heart race faster. I wasn’t sure what he was about to do. Was he about to attack me? I couldn’t remember if it was a full moon or not.

“There’s something about you, Miyoko. Something that is driving me crazy about you. I gotta have you. I gotta have you all to myself. I need you Miyoko. Let me have you..”


“Let me have you…”





 “What do you mean by that?”

“I want you to be mine. All mine. Mine forever…”

“Um.. you can’t.. My heart is with Jade and her only.”

“You know that’s bullshit. Jade is playing you. You’re just dick bait.”

“Dick bait?”

“She’s the type of girl who fucks another girl just to get guys attention. You and her ain’t real.”

“That’s not true! Jade loves and care about me..”

“You sure? Cause that’s not what she told me.. But I would love and care about you and it would be for real. So what do you say? Let me have you?”

“No! You’re lying about Jade!”

“That’s not the answer that I wanted to hear!”




Nico must have been angry since he forced himself inside of me again. After a few minutes of rapid thrust, he pulls me from the couch and sits down. “Go for ride?” Nico suggested. I quickly denied him but he let out a strong growl. “Okay.. Just don’t-“ I didn’t finish before he forces me to ride on top of him. I never been so scared in my life… I wanted this all the stop but I know this will be never ending.. If only he were human, he would hadtired out ages ago. Even after this night, I just knew he’ll stick around. He already blatantly told me that he would stalk me…

“I like this fire in you. It turns me on even more.”

“Nico..please.. Stop.”

“I just can’t get enough of you. I gotta have you.”

“You can’t…”

“Yes I can and I will.” 



 “That was amazing, angel face. Guess you wanna cuddle?”

“Eww no! Just go!”

“Aww c’mon angel face. Just for a little bit? You must be getting cold, us wolves are naturally warm.”

“So are genies! I don’t need your warmth!”

“Damn, we got a lot in common. I think we’ll do just fine.”

“That doesn’t mean shit! You hardly know me and you wanna be with me?”

“I wanna do more than be with you. I wanna marry you.”

“What?! Are you high?!”

“High with your love, angel face.”

“You’re crazy! Go home!”




 “I guess I could go home. I don’t remember if I gave Mason a spare key. He’ll be pissed if I didn’t but he’ll get over it. We can do lunch tomorrow?”

“No Nico! We are not dating! I’m not doing nothing with you tomorrow!”

“You say that but we are. I can come pick you up around noon?”

“Are you not hearing me?”

“You’re not hearing me. Let’s go to The Perc, they serve pizza on the weekends. Noon, angel face?”

“Nico! I’m with Jade…not you. Plus she will kill you if you take me on a date.”

“I’ll deal with Jade later. I’ll tell her know that I’m taking you.”

“You can’t!”

“But I will. See you later, angel face. I’ll miss you.”




What the fuck just happen….

5 thoughts on “Montigo Extensions: Miyoko – Update 2

  1. Nico done crossed the line!! Good thing he is not in my bin right now or he’d be having a meeting with the Grim Reaper!! After introductions to an evil stove, and water puddle and a broken stereo, and maybe a meteor first. >.<

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