Happy 2 Years!


Today makes it 2 years since the Montigos had been around in the sims universe. And after 2 years there are still only 4 generations of Montigos lol. I have backtracking and rewriting to blame for that. However the size of Gen 4 has increased since a year ago. Going from 3 girls to 6 along with 2 pending known pregnancies. If I don’t decide to change things randomly, the legacy will get to gen 5 this year and hopefully by next year there will be at least 6 generations.

As you know this legacy isn’t like any other and has 2 sides of the family. The start of the legacy started in “Lucky Palms” now known as “Las Suetre Palms” meaning “Good Luck Palms” in my story Montigo Tango, by Gen 2 it was knows as Tango Inferno. I felt like today I should officially announced that starters Montigos will be discontinued. Only being at Gen 2, that side of the family hasn’t been developing and been at a lost of what to do with them. Having file issues just added salt to injury. Now that doesn’t mean that would be the last of them. They will still appear in various stories as minor characters and such.

I also wanted to announce that the Montigo Extensions is now consider the story for Gen 3 but not the official head story of that gen. The head story will start when Borage’s ends as I will be doing a story form of my Risky 10 challenge with a son of Borage. He passes on the torch of risky behavior with various women.



I know some of you remember Borage’s twin sister, Celsia. Her story would have been doing well if I kept pushing. Turns out Hidden Springs just don’t wanna act right on my computer. I downloaded a fresh copy when I had to re-download all my store content >_< last night. Maybe installing a new copy would be better, hopefully. I did like that world. Anyway, I decided to have another go with her after playing my old Party Montigo save and setting her in. I’ve been debating on starting a different story with her or not base in Sunlit Tides. I’ve been building a resort and would like to use it in a story. The new story will feature Celsia, her sisters Martini, Tequila and Amaretto, her brother Giovanni, cousins Shark Bait and Sexy all trying to run the family’s resort but they are terrible at like lol.

Plot: Celsia moves to Konani Bay (Sunlit Tides) after her daughter Chloe sets fire to her spa in Hidden Springs. Unable to afford to replace the damage, Celsia gets an offer by her grandmother Genesis to help run her multi million resort & spa. Celsia took her grandmother’s offer and figure the move would be great for her twins since their father lives there. Upon settling in her grandparent’s beach mansion, Celsia runs into an old flame, Antonio Day whom recently moved there due to his job. They quickly gave their relationship another shot and Celsia finally accept’s Antonio’s marriage proposal after many years.

With 3 daughters and a new baby, Celsia sets out to impress her grandparents.. Genesis shares with Celsia that she and Lorenzo wishes to retire and travel the world. However they are unsure about leaving their “baby” with Celsia and others, they often drop in to check on things. Celsia is serious and wants to prove that she’s capable of running the resort as successful as her grandparents so they can retire, however Celsia’s siblings and cousins often goof off. They rather enjoy the amenities of the resort than actually work. Zion who runs the casino part of the resort is less than impress than Celsia’s managing skills and often points out her flaws. Zion rather run the resort alone given he’s the first born of his parents. This makes Celsia feel insecure which causes her to be more grumpy than usual. This doesn’t set well with resort guest.

Celsia prolongs her engagement with Antonio which causes strain in their relationship. Antonio is ready to get married and fears Celsia isn’t 100% committed. Celsia is unsure about marriage and needs time to think. But will she have time, or will Antonio decide for her? Can Celsia impress her grandparents well enough so they can retire? Will the others stop slacking so much?

Celsia locates Travis, who now runs a surf shop. Travis is happy to be apart of his daughters’ lives but only one has interest in getting know him. Chloe now 8 years old, resents him while Cienna is smitten. Travis wants to make things right by being there for his daughters but Chloe doesn’t make things easy and often picks fights with him. Cienna is sensitive and it hurts her when she sees them fighting. When Travis announces that he’s about to get married and have a new baby on the way, Cienna is excited while Chloe isn’t thrilled. Chloe resents Cienna for being excited and this puts a wedge in their once close relationship. Can Travis ever win over Chloe? Will Chloe and Cienna’s relationship ever be repaired?

Emery, now 6 years old is feeling envy among her siblings because they all have a father in their life. Shark Bait, being part alien himself did some researching and learned that Emery’s alien parent is deceased. He explains to Celsia that Emery’s alien parent had died shortly before she was born. Celsia doesn’t want Emery to know that her other parent is dead and requests that Shark Bait should claim to known Emery’s alien parent. Shark Bait makes up stories to tell Emery about her alien parent but it the stories tend to be a bit outrageous. Emery is starting to find holes in Shark Bait’s stories, will she catch on?



Plans for Gen 4 are coming pretty soonish. I don’t know when but I will be starting a starting a story with the 4th generation of Montigos. I decided to pick Mariah as the head of Gen 4. Since she was born human, she could possibly bring in some new type of Montigos since most of them are genies. I’m still plotting of what I want to do, such as which world to use and other stuff. Mariah’s story will start when she’s a teenager, she’s currently a 7 year old child. In Borage’s story, I’m jumping up Kimora’s age by one year, currently she’s 4 but I want to show as a child now. She’s been a toddler for a full year and after seeing her as child, I ready to see her be more apart of the story. In the next chapter in Love For The Ladies, Kimora will be shown as a child. With the help of the Grow mod and sliders, I can make her appear as an 5 year old kid. You can see which trait she has lol


It’s been a fun and eventful 2 years and I hope there’s many years to come with the Montigo.

Yeah I know Sims 4 is coming and  NO I will not buy that piece of shit game. So there will be lots of Montigo silliness to come 🙂

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