Montigo Extensions: Miyoko – Update 1

Tonight was supposed to be fun night. Drama free and laid back. But it was anything but. I found myself standing outside on a cold December night, wondering about the current status of my relationship. Why do things always gotta be so messy? Maybe my sister was right. Maybe Jade isn’t the best person for me but I love her.. I think love her.

Ohhhh.. I don’t even know anymore. I don’t even know why I’m soooo attached to her. I mean she can be nice and all… But there’s times she just flip a bitch switch and she’s like a completely different person or something. My followers think i got this awesome glamorous life but only if that was true. Well like…I guess my life is kinda cool in some ways but when it comes to love. It’s terrible! Like really, really, terrible ya know?



 I’m a professional blogger in BP. It all started as a small fun blog cause I liked to blog about celebrity gossip, fashion and whatever I can think of. I liked to party so I did reviews of clubs and bars that I visited. I also decided to make vlogs about my outings or my opinions about things. People really started to dig what I did with my blog. I was getting loads of hits and followers almost daily.

My blog caught the eye of an entertainment company, they wanted me to turn my blog into a full time job, they wanted me to be a professional blogger for BP. I blog about the happenings in BP along with doing what I was doing before. I even give out sex advice for ones having  in that department. I do reviews for movies and shops also. Watching movies and shopping at various stores is really fun since I’m being paid for it.

I got more attention when I started to date Jade, guys like to whole girl & girl love but not everyone thinks its hot. I got a few gay bashers on my blog but I try really, really hard to not let their rude comments get to me. Sometimes the comments hurt and I crawl into a ball and cry. I was always well liked and never been told rude things until now. But I’m getting better now, Kaia always said that you can’t win them all.



Being a professional blogger and party girl has its perks but it has its downfalls… 





Mixing a night out with a hot headed girlfriend and free alcohol is like playing with fire. But this night opened my eyes a little. I need to do something re-adjusting things in my life but I’m like afraid of change. It can be scary and all but I don’t know what to do anymore.

My love life is starting to interfere with my job, its been days since my last post. I can’t have a good night out on the town to places I was assigned to go without Jade making a scene. If I can’t get things under control… I’ll lose my blog.. I’ll lose everything and I will so flip out. It will be so bad. Like really, really bad. It worries me a lot. 




 Standing out in the cold in tears isn’t something I can blog about. I am supposed to be having fun tonight. No drama, no bullshit. All smiles and laughter, no tears and sorrow…




 This night changed my life forever..

My name is Miyoko Basil Montigo.

And this is my story…



 Tonight I needed to check out a small bar by the railroad called The Caboose. It was on the shady part of town but they added a karaoke night in hopes to bring in a nice crowd. I wasn’t sure about going there along so I had a dumb decision in bring Jade with me. If I could turn back the hands of time, this would soooo not happen ever!

“Drama free, all fun tonight okay? Being here is kinda an assignment. I gotta do a review ya know.”

“Pssh! I know. I’m not drama.”

“Jade.. please? Let’s have fun tonight okay? Maybe we can do some singing tonight?”

“Yeah but I’m picking out the songs cause I’m tired of singing Beyonce’s tracks. I swear if I gotta sing single ladies one more time..”

“I LOVE that song! Its my favortiest!”

“I know and I now hate it.”

“Whatever Beyonce is queen!”

“Yeah okay…let’s go in.. Its cold..I’m not a genie like you.. The cold bothers me.”

“Oh yeah! Sorry!”



 We started the night out with some drinks, free of course. Free drinks isn’t such a good thing when I’m with Jade. We’ll be wasted in no time. We chatted as we threw back some drinks, I could tell Jade didn’t seem interested in what I was talking about. I notice how she kept glancing over at the door as she was waiting for someone. I tried to acted like I didn’t notice but I wanted to know what’s going on.

“Expecting someone Jade?”

“No.. Just seeing who all goes here.”

“You’re wondering if Mason is gonna walk in?”

“Mason? No!”

“Bullshit Jade. Kaia said he went back home. I hate to break it to ya..”

“Ha! I don’t care about Mason…”

“It didn’t sound like it this morning…”

“Oh Mimi.. Don’t be dramatic.”

“But I’m not..”

“Whatever, wanna sing?”

“I guess so..”




We did some singing for a while. The night was a bit slow at first. We did a few songs back to back. I even convince Jade to sing a Beyonce song. It would be fun ya know plus she was starting to get a bit tipsy. So convincing her was kinda easy.

♫ Can you eat my skittles?
That’s the sweetest in the middle
Pink that’s the flavor
Solve the riddle
I’ma lean back
Don’t worry it’s nothing major
Make sure you clean that
It’s the only way to get the flavor ♫



 Jade really started to get into the song once Nico came waltzing in. I guess when singing a song about oral sex, ya want to get your crush’s attention. I’m no fool and I can see that Jade has a thing for Nico. She talks about him a lot when she’s not talking about Mason. It hurts when she talks about guys in front in of me. Her and I are together…well I think we are. To be honest is hard to tell with Jade at times. She and Nico has some history I guess.

Jade and Nico are both from LA and this morning she admitted to cheating on Mason with him. Nico is the last guy I wanted to see tonight. I just know he’ll just ruined this night with his smug face. Nico thinks he’s the greatest thing cause he’s now a resident DJ at Dynasty and is a music producer of one of the top studios in BP. Nico thinks he’s the greatest of all. Such a snob! A wicked smugly snob! There’s also something about him that rubs me the wrong but I don’t know what it is…




Jade made a b-line towards Nico. Smiling, being all giddy when she talks to him and getting flirty. I hate how she does it in front of me like I wasn’t suppose to care when I do. I wanted to play one of the arcades and asked Jade to join me. But on our way to the arcades, Nico steps out the restroom and Jade gets all flirty. I was annoyed but decided to play a game. I wanna have a good night, damn it!





 I wanted to sing again but Jade didn’t want to. She wanted to dance with Nico and totally blew me off. It was hard to have fun when your girlfriend is locked eyes with a slime ball who you don’t like!




 “So Jade, I’m curious about something.”

“What’s that?”

“You and your girl.. She’s kinda hot.. She’s a genie right?”

“Yeah but why do you care? Don’t you think I’m hot?”

“Yeah but I was wondering if she’ll be interest..”


“You, me and her.. A threesome? I think it would be kinda hot. You being a witch, her a genie and me a wolf, I know we could be having a super sexy time.”

“I don’t know Nico.. Maybe we can do something so time?”

“I was kinda hoping your genie could join.. Guess I could look elsewhere.”

“Nico.. um.. maybe we can work something out. Genies love sex, I think she’ll go for it.”

“Cool, as long as she tags in, I’ll be all about it.”

“Well okay..”





I was really starting to get annoyed at this point. How dare she! So I needed to get her attention and remind her of who she’s here with and who’s she’s dating. Maybe Nico will just go away.





So I made out with Jade in front of Jade, showing him that he needs to back off. Jade is mine and he needs to go find some hussy to bag for the night. Jade was taken and there was no way I was gonna stand by and let him try to take her.




 “What was that about?”

“You’re my girlfriend and Nico needs to see that! You haven’t been paying attention to me since he got here! What’s your deal Jade?!”

 “Nothing, you need to chill Mimi. I was just being friendly, Nico is an old friend of mine.”

“You mean flirty! Plus he’s a guy who you had an affair with before! I don’t trust him!”

“Mimi, it’s cool. Really.. you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Whatever Jade!”



 I wasn’t convince of what Jade said. She kept on flirting with Nico and then she started to make out with him. She didn’t bother in trying to do it in private. I was really hurt by this.




 “Jade! What the fuck? Really?! You just gonna make out with him?”

“It’s no big deal! It’s not cheating!”

“Not cheating?! That was not cheating?! Are you fuckin’ stupid?! You and I are together in a relationship! You kissing a guy or another girl is still cheating!”




 “Don’t you call me stupid, you fuckin’ whore!”

“Jade! Stop! You said you wouldn’t hurt me again!”

“Fuck you Miyoko! You been so annoying tonight!”





After Jade slapped me, I ran outside. I was stunned by what just happen. She promised me that she wouldn’t lay a hand on me again.. This wasn’t the first time that she hit me. She has slapped or punched me many times before when we get in fights. She said she would never hit me again but always does anyway.

Jade rushed after me just to fight with me some more, saying that I was making her look bad. I was confused but furious. I didn’t make her look bad, she did that on her own. Making out with Nico then slapping me.





 “Maybe we should just break up! I’m so tired of your whining Miyoko!”

“Break up? No!”

“Yeah we should! I need a man in my life and you get on my nerves!”

“I’m sorry..”

“Yeah you are.. You’re trying to ruining things with Nico and I. I hope he still likes me.”

“So you rather be with him than me?”

“Duh! You can’t give me a baby one day! This was just for fun! You knew there! Oh god you are so stupid Miyoko!”

“You don’t mean that…”

“Yes I do! We are done!”




The words “we are done” echo in my mind. I couldn’t believe that Jade just broke up with me. I was just for fun? I thought what we had was real? I thought she cared about me and loved me. She said that she did. My night was ruined. I stood outside crying my eyes out. I felt like my world was crumbling down around me. Jade was everything to me and I was nothing to her…




 To add salt to injury, Nico comes outside for whatever reason. I wanted to punch him in his stupid face. This was all of his fault anyway. Why would he come here anyway? I thought he was too good to be at a place like this.

 “Hey..are you okay?”

“No! Jade dumped me and its your fault!”

“What? She just dumped you? What about our threesome?”




 “Threesome? With you?! I would never fuck you!”

“Why not? You don’t think I’m cute?”

“Seriously? Get over yourself! If you want some easy vag, try my now ex!”

“How about you and I go to my place instead? I can make you feel better.”

“Fuck you, Nico!”




 “I like the fire in you, Mimi. You’re just turning me on even more.”

“Go away you creep! I don’t like you and I’ll never like you!”

“Don’t be that way, sweetie. I can be a nice guy if you give me a try.”

“Are you deaf?! I don’t like you!”

“As a wolf I enjoy a good hunt.”

“So what? You’re gonna start stalking me now?”

“To be honest, yeah. You’re kinda sexy and all. I figure you’ll give in at some point.”

“Wow! You are the biggest creep I know! Stay away from me!”

“Don’t be that way, Mimi. I can treat you better than Jade.”

“Go away now!”

“Okay but I’ll be back.”




Nico went back inside. I was debating if I should go home. I didn’t wanna go back in the bar knowing Nico and Jade were in there. A few minutes went by before Jade came storming out. I wasn’t in the mood to fight with her again..

“The fuck Mimi! You told Nico no about the threesome?!”


“Seriously Mimi! Why? I thought you wanted a fun night?!”

“You broke up with me..”

“No I didn’t!”

“You said we were done and I was just for fun..”

“No! I was being dramatic! I didn’t break up with you.”

“I’m confused?”




 “I think if we add a guy into our relationship then maybe we won’t fight so much. I kinda miss the real thing ya know.”

“I don’t know about that.. That doesn’t seem right at all. I don’t wanna share you with anyone. And Nico is creepy.”

“Maybe we should be broken up for real.. You know our type of relationship won’t last long without a guy in the mix. It won’t be an everyday thing. Just time to time. You’re my main love, Mimi. I care about you and you know that. Let’s add Nico in, okay?”

“Jade.. this is so overwhelming..”

“How about doing a few more shots? I think you’re sobering up.”

“Can I think about this for a few minutes?”

“Yeah, I’ll order us some shots.”





Now I’m really confused. One second we’re broken up and the next weren’t? Like I don’t know if Jade’s feelings for me are legit. Now she wants to add a male into our relationship thinking it will save it. It’s insane but I don’t wanna lose Jade for good. Maybe this won’t be so bad. She said it won’t be an everyday thing.. I hope that’s true. I couldn’t stand to see Nico all the time.




 “Jade, I thought about it. I guess we can have three ways with Nico time to time.”

“Really? So you’re serious?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Okay cool. Then we should grab a cab then.”

“We’re gonna do this tonight?”

“Um yeah. Why not?”

“I thought we were gonna wait a few days.”

“Don’t be silly! Call a cab and I’ll tell Nico that’s it’s on.”




So I called a cab, I swear it got here lighting fast. I was hoping the cab would take its time. I wasn’t ready for this sudden change in my relationship but I was willing to do whatever it takes to save it. Even if its something that I’m not comfortable with…

6 thoughts on “Montigo Extensions: Miyoko – Update 1

  1. Oh god this is so bad for poor Miyoko! Both Jade and Nico are always an endless amount of trouble. 😦 As heartbreaking as it is I really do think you captured well how I feel about Jade and Nico myself. He’s not a wolf in my saves most of the time (though he was born with it) but he can be such an arrogant ass.

    • I wrote Nico like how most wolf males are portrayed in my legacy, very territorial and pushy. With Mimi being irresistible, its ten times worse. I remember Nico being such an ass so it was a bit easier for me. Not all wloves are assholes in the stories but a good handful of them are.I’m glad that you liked how I wrote your sims 🙂

      • Yeah I could see how his drive would be even more crazy. He was pretty intense around Jade when he didn’t think she wanted him so I think it does fit his character werewolf or not!

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