Montigo Extensions: MiKaia – Update 2

 We headed to Dynasty, since it was still early it was pretty empty. I started on ordering martini. I usually don’t start until later in the night but today was not a good day. I wanted to get so drunk until it wasn’t funny. I just wanna forget today even if its only for a few hours.




 Within an hour, people started to fill up the club. The DJ started to play and I got on the dance floor and danced. I saw Tom dancing and I made my way over to him. He was happy to see and wonder what made me change my mind. I didn’t want to say cause I found out my dad was in a coma. It would appear that I didn’t care and wanted to party. I do care regardless my dad wasn’t the best towards me. I just wanted to drink and ease my mind a bit.




I wasn’t feeling so dancey anymore so I headed up to the lounge. It was much quieter and not many people was in here. I sat down at the bar thinking about today. So much for wanting to forget things. As I sat at the bar, drawing circles with my finger on the bar surface, a purple haired guy caught my attention. We made eye contact but I quickly looked away. I didn’t want him to think I was some kind of creepy alien plotting to laid babies in him. People tend to think I’m alien.

I stared at the bar for a little bit but glanced up to see the guy placing his empty glass down. He tipped the bartender and walked towards my way. I quickly looked back down at the bar wondering why he’s heading my way.




 “Hey, are you okay?”

“Um..yeah.. I’m okay.”

“Doesn’t sound like it.”

“Its been a shitty day but I’ll okay. Why do you care?”

“It looked like you could use some company. I’m friendly, I promise that I won’t bite. That’s unless you want me to.”

“Haa. I guess I could use my company. I look like a loser, sitting here alone.”

“I think you look beautiful, very exotic.”

“Exotic like an alien?”

“Well no, but I sense something unique about you.”

“So you don’t think I’m an alien plotting to lay my babies in you?”

“Ha ha! No, I know an alien when I encounter one. You’re funny, is it cool if I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, it’s cool.”




The purple hair stranger and I chatted for a bit after he ordered me a drink. He seemed nice and very friendly. He’s the first guy who didn’t assumed I was an alien. I figure I could chat with him.

“So what’s your name? I’m Mason by the way.”

“MiKaia. Nice to meet you Mason.”

“MiKaia, that’s such a beautiful name.”

“Thanks, others call me Kaia for short. Is this your first time coming here. I haven’t seen you here before. I’m kinda a regular here.”

“No actually but I’m from out of town. A friend of mine is had a birthday party last Saturday and I decided to spend the week here afterwards.”

“Cool, where from?”

“Starlight Bay.”

“Really? That’s my hometown! I was born and raised in Star city.”

“Really? That’s cool. I’m attending Verdena Tech there. Majoring in graphic design.”

“That sounds nice. How you liking Star city?”

“It’s pretty great. Sunny and warm. What brings you to BP?”

“Music. I’m working on an album.”

“You sing? That’s awesome.”





Mason and I had a few more drinks while we chatted. After some shots, we headed to the dance floor. I was feeling good at this point, not thinking about today events at all. This was what I needed.




We did more shots, had more drinks. We danced some more and we started to get really close. I do have some attraction towards him and I can tell he was feeling the same way. Before I knew it, we were making out on the dance floor.





 “You’re an amazing kisser, Kaia.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

“So where do we go from here?”

“Maybe my place? We can catch a cab.”

“Well.. You sure about this?”

“Yeah, are you scared?”

“Should I be?”


“Well I’m terrified.”

“Just the way I like them.”









When we got to my place, I led Mason into my room. I sat on my sofa motion Mason seductively over my way. He didn’t hesitate and quickly planted himself next to me. He leans over slowly, pulling me into a kiss. This isn’t my usual behavior, bringing home a stranger with intentions of sleeping with him. I don’t know why I brought him home. I don’t know why I’m doing this. Maybe I just wanted to be admired for a night.










Hours were flying by as Mason and I carried on our love fest. The sun was slowly rising up. We took a few breaks here there. I could tell that I was tiring him out some. His thrusts were slowing down and he often stopped in mid thrust. I was always known for being too much for a guy. I couldn’t get enough, but its a natural thing for my kind. Past boyfriends got more than what they bargain for. I haven’t told Mason that I’m a love genie, but I figure that he knew already.





 “I love sex as much as any other guy but I’m not if I can keep at this. It’s like 6 am and no.. I’m not complaining or anything-“

“It’s okay Mason. You’re only human…”

“I think I know what you are.”

“And what’s that?”





 “A love genie.”

“How did you know?”

“Cause the sex is fuckin’ amazing.”

“You encountered one before?”

“No, they say you’ll know when you find one.”



I knew Mason would be dead tired and decided to let him rest up in my bed. Around I woke up to the sounds of Mimi and Jade cooking. I figure it was time I get up and wake Mason. He probably has things to do anyway.





 “Sorry to wake but I figure your friends would be wondering where you’re at by now.”

“Nico doesn’t give a fuck. He probably thinks I with a lady, which he would be right.”

“Nico? Nico Blackheart?”

“Yeah, you know him?”

“Yeah, he works at the studio that I record at. He is helping on my album too.”

“That’s cool, Nico is an asshole but he’s cool. So you with Calamore?”


“That’s sucks. Maybe you will one day.”






 “So you wanna go for another round?”

“Wow..guess its true about genies. I think I can conjure more energy to have another go.”

“Conjuring? Wait, are you a witch?”

“Yeah, reasons why I lasted as long as I did.”

“That’s kinda hot.”

“Not as hot as you.”




 After we had another round of exchanging magic, I figure I’ll let Mason go but I had another urge. There was something so intoxicating about him.

“Hey, would it be cool if we chat more sometime?”

“You want my number? So this wasn’t a one night stand?”

“Well if that’s what you want.”

“No actually.. We can chat sometime.”





 We exchanged numbers, programming it into our phones. Mason even sent a test text to see if I didn’t give him a fake number.

“You get my text?”


“Good, I didn’t want to be texting a random person. It happen before.”

“Yeah, people are silly now days.”




 I gave Mason a hug before he left. Jade happen to be standing there watching. I was hoping she would have been back in her room before Mason came out my room. I know she would say something. However this was the moment where life in our apartment changed.




 “Mason! The fuck! With her really?!”

“Jade?! How- “

“You really just gonna fuck this slut?! Really Mason? Really! I hate you so much!”

“How would I know that you knew Kaia let alone be one of her roommates?!”

“What does she have that I don’t?!”

“What are you talking about Jade?!”

“Don’t avoid the question, asshole!”

“We are broken up! We been broken up for 2 years!”

“You weren’t serious!”

“Yes I was! You’re insane!”

“I loved you! Asshole! This break up was temporary!”

“No! No Jade! I said we were done and I mean it!”

“It’s never over! Never!”




 “And you! You fuckin’ cunt! How dare you!”

“How dare I? I didn’t know he’s your ex! It does even matter! You’re dating my sister now!”

“Mason is mines!”

“I’m not your boyfriend, Jade!”

“Guys..please don’t fighting.”

“Shut up Miyoko!”

“Don’t tell my sis to shut up! You shut up!”

“Stay the fuck away from Mason! One day we are gonna get married!”

“Jade, I’ll never marry you! You can’t seem to stop fuckin’ other guys when we were dating! Why would I take you back! Anyway you moved to BP! We are done!”

“Were done?!”

“Yeah he said you guys are done! Why can’t you get that?! You fuckin’ crazy. I dunno what Mimi sees in you! I swear you are the worse person that I ever met!”

“Fuck you Kaia! And you know what Mason?! I fucked Nico when we’re lived in LA and I loved it!”

“You what?!”

“You heard me! I fucked Nico! I hate you!”

“Seriously guys… Please.”





 “I’m not dealing with this shit, Jade. I’m out!”

“You slut! You made him leave!”

“Seriously Jade?! You know what. You’re on my last fuckin’ nerve! I think its time to find a new place! This is not working out anymore! I had it with your shit!”

“Like I even like living here with your gross ass! I can’t stand you!”

“Mimi deserves better than you. How can you talk about claiming Mason in front of your own girlfriend?! That is a shitty thing to do!”

“Ugh! I’m done with this! I don’t wanna see your ugly face!”






 “Jade? Do you really love Mason more than me?”

“Not now Mimi! I’m too pissed.”


“You piece of trash..”

“Purple face bitch!”

“Stop fighting! Just Stop fighting!”




 “Kaia, does Jade really need to move out?”

“She should. I’m tired of fighting with her and I hate how she treats you. Jade doesn’t care about you and its clear that she’s mental. You don’t need her, Mimi.”

“But I love her.. I never loved someone like I do with Jade.”

“She treats you like shit..”

“She’ll get better. Please don’t let make her move out.”

“It’s better if she does.. For you and I both.”




 “No! No! Jade is staying! I’ll so fuckin’ lose it! I swear! I will so fuckin’ lose it!”


“I love her! Don’t take my Jade away! Don’t do it! No! No! No!”

“Miyoko! Daddy’s in a coma…”


“Dad had a wreck, he’s in a coma…”

“Oh my god! Daddy!”




So why did I tell Mimi about our dad’s coma at this moment? Mimi was about to have one of her meltdowns. Telling Mimi something that’s devastating. In some odd way, that triggers something in her mind that makes her ease up. I quickly grabbed a paper bag and handed it over to Mimi. She took a few deep breaths and counted to 10.

“Mimi, are you better?”

“How did daddy wreck?”

“I’m not sure yet. Morde hasn’t returned my call.”

“Will daddy wake up like I did?”

“I hope so…”

“Can Jade stay? I promise things will get better.”

“I don’t know, Mimi. I gotta think about things..”

“Kaia, its gonna get better. I promise.”




 “Oh my god! I was cooking mac and cheese and forgot! I killed it! I killed it! I am a murder!”

“Mimi, remember the kitten we fed? It got hit by a car.”

“The little kitty? Oh… Poor kitty… I’m gonna draw a picture of the kitty to honor her memory!”


 Kitten we been feeding didn’t die. I actually found a new house for her. Sometimes I have to lie and make something terrible for the sake to chill her out. I hate lying about the fate of the kitty, but she’s calmer now.



I needed some fresh air to think and clear my head. Before heading out, I passed by Jade only for her to growl at me like she was a dog. I rolled my eyes and walked to the park. If I knew Mason was Jade’s ex, maybe I wouldn’t brought him home.

I still hope he’s willing to be my friend but I doubt it since he knows I live with his ex. It’s a small world after all ya know. I could have had a new friend to visit when I visit my sister but Jade ruined it. I sat down and felt my phone vibrate. I looked at my phone and saw a nice surprise.





5 thoughts on “Montigo Extensions: MiKaia – Update 2

  1. Mason is really getting around but he does have a taste for the exotic. 😉 Sometimes I think he’d be a much better choice for a risquesy than my planned save with Zach but I do use Mason just a ton. I’m curious what happened between he and his girlfriend or did this all happen before what went down with he and Bora? Silly Jade, seriously she just can’t keep her legs crossed, I feel so bad for poor Mimi caught up in her hotheaded crazy.

    • I figure Mason would be a good choice to use as a man-ho LOL
      With the timelines, it has been a year since his last involvement with Bora prior to this point. And course he stop things with Bora cause he was now seeing someone. All of that comes to light soon in Bora & Kaia’s coming updates. They have a common link now so soon I’ll be merging 🙂 Its gonna be exciting. Yeah things are awful between Jade and Mimi. That’s tomorrow…well today’s coming update :p

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