Love For The Ladies: Isladiso – Day 2

Day 2: June 14, Saturday, 8:25 AM

 In the morning we tried to gather up the brats and have breakfast at the resort. It was a disaster. They kept trying to grab for the same things, fought over chairs, throwing food at each other, and stealing bits of food from each others plates. I’m shocked that we didn’t get kicked out. 




 After breakfast the kids went out to play while I called the boat rental place. It would be an hour before a boat house was available. With them in the play area, at least they are out of my hair until then…




 “This seems nice I hope we all have a fun time here. Are you in a better mood today?”

“Yeah I guess.. I’m looking for the right spot to do a dive.”

“Shouldn’t a professional be with you?”

“I had training. I’ll be fine.”

“Well.. don’t spend a lot of time down there. I’ll need help with the kids.”

“I’ll be back in an hour. The kids will be fine, they got loads of shit to do.”

“Maybe, just be careful..”

“I will.”






 “We should go fishing instead of playing video games.”

“But I’m winning, Junior! You can go fishing.”

“I don’t wanna go alone.. Journey? Dasani? Wanna fish?”

“Fishing is lame. We’re dancing. Party boat!”

“Yeah party boat!”

“Ugh… fine I’ll fish alone..”





I collected a few shells that I think the girls will love. I happened to notice a cave. I remember Raquel obsessive chatter about “mer-people” and how the live in caves. I giggled as I swam closer to the cave. I do wonder if there is such a thing of fish people…like mermaids or something. I think it would be hot to fuck mermaid but not sure where I would stick my dick at. Do mermaids got a special hole somewhere? 






If I had the time, I would so check that cave out to find out if mermaids are real. Busting a nut underwater sounds pretty kinky. 





“How was the dive?”

“It was cool. Found some seashells for the girls. I saw a cave. I wonder if mermaids lived in it.”

“That’s silly, there’s no such thing as mermaids. It’s just a silly myth.”

“But don’t you ever wonder if it’s not?”

“Not really.”

“Well now that I’m back maybe we can fool around a little.”

“We can’t do that, the kids could walk in on us.”

“Just a quickie..”

“Your idea of a quickie is an hour.”

“Ahhh c’mon, it will make me feel better.”











 “Eww! Why is daddy doing that?! Pee comes from there! Does daddy like pee? That is so gross or is it gross?”







 “Borage, stop.. I think I hear someone.”

“It’s nothing.”

“We shouldn’t be doing this. I think one of the kids is up here.”

“Let me just put in the tip for a few seconds first.”

“Borage, please. We can do this later.”

“Lois, just for a few seconds.”

“Honey, go check on the kids.”






 “Why are you up here?”

“I wanna hang out with you. Everyone is boring.”

“I just need a little time with Lois. Daddy needs some special attention.”

“I’m special! I can give you attention!”

“That’s sweet but that’s not what I mean.”

“Daddy can I ask you something?”


“Do you like pee or something?”


“I saw you licking Lois’ vagina.”





 “You saw that?”

“Yeah! I once saw auntie Fayon licking Eshu’s boy stick. Isn’t that nasty?”

“When a man likes a lady a lot…. they do lots of nasty things together cause it feels good.”

“So I gotta let a boy lick mines? Sounds weird.”

“Um…no. You stay away from boys.”

“So a girl then?”

“Um Raquel, we’re talk about this later when you are 40.”

“I’ll be old! I’m just curious about the nasty things now. I wanna know.”

“How about I make you a pina colada drink. It’s pretty tasty.”






 “Daddy this is really good! What’s in it?”

“Some coconut milk, pineapple juice, rum. Good shit, huh?”

“You bet! I wanna drink this all the time!”

“No, this is only for special things. Like helping you forget what you saw.”

“I saw what?”

“Nothing sweetie…”

“Can I ask you something?”


“Are you really gonna marry Lois? I mean she doesn’t seem like your type.”




 “What do you mean by that? What makes you think she’s not my type?”

“Cause you’re fun and Lois is boring.”

“Boring? Lois lets you guys do fun things, how can she be boring?”

“Her personality is boring. She does the normal “mom” stuff and you do “cool dad” stuff. You belong with a cool, fun lady.”

“Lois is cool and fun. You’re being silly, Raquel.”

“Uh uh dad! A lady who is exciting and spontaneous like you. Not someone who is lame and holds back. I can tell deep down inside, you’re unhappy. Maybe you can find a fun lady here.”

“Raquel… I am happy with Lois. She’s exciting. I love her and I want to be with her.”

“You love her cause you think she’s the only lady that’s gonna take care of us. Daddy, you can’t raise us on your own so you take who will. Daddy I want you to be happy!”





 “I love her cause I love everything about her. I’m not settling. I’m legit happy with Lois.”

“If you say so..”

“I am. So can you do me a favor?”


“I wanna bathe in the sun for a while but I need privacy. Can you stand guard by the ladder?”

“You gonna warm your bundt cake?”

“Warm my bundt cake? What?”

“Sunning your naked butt. It looks like a bundt cake!”

“Oh ha ha ha. Its you and those 6 other jerks fault why that happen. But yes, I wanna sun bathe naked.”

“Can I dress up like a dino?”

“Yeah, sure whatever. Just don’t let anyone up for at least an hour.”






Warming my bundt cake… ha! Those 7 jerks think they are so funny. At least I can tan all over and relax for a bit…






 “No one goes up! Daddy is warming his bundt cake!”

“Geeze Dia, just say dad is naked bathing. It’s enough to keep us out.”

“But his butt is a bundt cake!”

“Ugh.. now when I see a bundt cake, I’ll be reminded of dad’s butt. Thanks Dia.”


“You dummy! Nova is being sarcastic!”





 “Greetings monsters! Princess Rae is here. Where are my servants?”

“We ate them!”

“Princess Rae needs servants for her castle. Go fetch her some new ones!”

“Nevers! We are on a mission to protect daddy as he warms his bundt cake!”

“But I need servants!”

“What’s the magic word?”






 “Should we eat the princess?”

“No, she has millions of calories. I gotta watch my figure.”

“What figure? You’re fat!”

“No! You’re fat!”

“I’m not fat! I’m holding extra monster blood!”





 “If I can’t have servants, maybe a prince? Every princess needs a prince.”






The sun was feeling nice but can’t say that I’m relaxed. Hearing the kids argue a bit doesn’t help but after a while they started to play and often make jokes about my ass than I didn’t find so funny.  Ladies like my “cake”, I get random rubs and grabs. Feels nice but Lois doesn’t like when ladies grab on me but hey, can you blame them? I’m sexy as hell.





 “You called for a Princess? I am Princess Tutu, princess of the lizards.”






 “Hey you can’t be a princess! I’m the princess! I said I needed a prince!”

“I thought you said you needed a princess!”

“Nooooo! I needed a prince! Besides you can’t be a princess! You’re a boy!”

“I can be a princess! Anyway this dress is kinda comfy!”





 “Hello kingdom, Princess Tutu is here to stay.”

“Tuscan stop! I’m the princess! This is my kingdom!”

“Well this half is my kingdom.”

“No it’s not! Please stop!”




 “Queen Apolla as arrived. Where is my king?”

“Apollo? Seriously? You gotta be kidding. Lotus is gonna be so mad and she’s gonna tell.”

“Hush green dragon! I do not know of this “Apollo” I am Queen Apolla,  queen of the frog lizards.”

“Ugh… you’re so immature…”





 “I will rule you green dragon! Bow to your queen.”

“Shut up…”

“Off to the dungeon you go, green dragon!”

“I’m ignoring you now.”




 “You guys! Stop! I’m the princess! You can’t be the princess, you’re boys! This is my kingdom! I want to play princess genie kingdom and you are all ruining it!” 





 “Princess June is here to rule all! Where are my cupcakes?”

“Junior! Stoppp! You’re not funny!”





 “I’m Princess Tutu and there aren’t any cupcakes. We only eat bugs here.”

“Do you have bug cupcakes then? I am very hungry.”

“Yes, we have bug cupcakes! What kind of bug cupcake do you want? We have beetle cupcakes, spider cupcakes, glow bug cupcakes and fly cupcakes.”

 “I’ll take a beetle cupcake, please.”

“Stop it guys! We don’t eat bugs! Bugs are yucky!”




 “You guys order another ruler? I am Queen Fredricka, queen of the slug rats.”

“Please! You all are being butt heads! You’re ruining my kingdom! I’m telling daddy on you all!

“You’re not the only princess on the block.”

“Are the bug cakes ready yet?”

“Stopppppp! I’m telling!”




 I fell asleep while sun bathing. It was a nice nap until I was awaken by Lotus’ cries. I told Raquel that I wanted privacy while I sun bathe since I was naked but my kids had seen me naked so many times that it doesn’t bothered them.





 “Daddy! Daddy! I was playing princess genie kingdom but the boys are being jerks!”

“Rae, go tell your mom. She’ll make them stop.”

“But daddy! You’re closer! Please can you make them stop?”

“I’m busy right now.”





 “You’re laying here naked! Please daddy? Can you make them stop?”

“Fine, I guess I can make them stop… but I’m not getting dress.”











 “Boys, get over here..”

“Dad, you’re not wearing any pants.”

“And you’re wearing a dress, Junior. You boys get over here now.”

“I’m princess Tutu!”

“Tuscan, stop your shit and get over here.”





 “What’s the meaning of this?”

“We are princesses!”

“I’m a queen.”

“I’m a queen too!”

“I don’t care. I don’t care why you are all dressed like princess but stop trolling your little sister. Let her be the princess, y’all be something else.”

“Dad, are we gonna have a big penis like you when we get older?”

“Yeah, I want a big penis too!”

“I bet dad can wear a sock with his.”

“That would be cool! No need to wear undies if you can wear a sock instead.”





 “You all are gonna end up with small dicks unless you’re nicer to your sister. Stop your shit so I can get back to my naked time.”





I felt it was time to head back to the resort. The kids are getting cabin fever and they need extra space to run around in. Besides, tonight is my gig and I need to get ready for it.






 Back at the resort, Lois and I decided to take the kids swimming. Things were cool but Aries was a bit scare of swimming. He wouldn’t let Lois help him, so I had to step in.





 “Daddy… I’m scared.”

“You’ll be okay.”

“What if I drown?”

“You won’t, you’re wearing life jacket. You’ll float on your own.”





 “I’m not sure about it. Will you stay in water near me?”

“I’m gonna use the slide. Just watch me go first. Once I am in the pool, you use the slide.”

“Daddy, I’m scared…”

“I’ll catch you at the end and help you swim. Things are gonna be okay.”

“You promise?”

“Yeah, I promise.”













 “Daddy… I dunno. Please catch me! I don’t wanna drown.”





 “Here I go!”





 “Nova, are you reading?”

“Yes, it’s about the history of Isladiso. It’s quite interesting.”

“We’re on vacation and you’re nerding out.”

“Am not, I’m just educating myself of the culture.”

“You can just enjoy the culture if you put the book down and play.”

“Apollo, I have to keep my mind simulated during breaks. You should too. If we can show mom that we remain smart when living with dad, she’ll let us stay on earth. Do you really wanna go back to Ziharia?”

“Not really.”

“Maybe you should pick up a book.” 





 The dip in the pool with the kids were kinda fun. The cool water few nice on my sore balls. For a while I was in a good mood. The kids even seem to be more relaxed since my mood improved. Maybe I can enjoy this vacation with the kids.




However dinner time was just as disastrous as breakfast…





 “Okay Ally, today you’re gonna use the potty.”

“No. I not use potty.”

“Yes, you will. You gotta be a big girl now. Big girls don’t wear diapers.”

“I don’t wanna!”

“You gonna, little girl..”






“Please, Ally! Use the potty!”

“No! No! I no like potty!”

“You gotta start using this.”

“No! No! I don’t wanna!”






 “Why don’t you wanna use the potty?”

“It scarwy!”

“Ally, the potty isn’t scary.”

“Uh huh! Potty scarwy!”





 “Look Ally, I’m gonna show that potties are scary. See, this bunny is using the potty.”

“Kitty use potty too!”

“Yeah the kitty is using the potty. If she can then you can too.”

“Kitty not scarwe?”

“Kitty isn’t scared. Kitty is brave, you’re brave.”

“I brave?”

“Yep. Ready to use the potty?”







 “Hey why are you green?”

“Why are you ugly?!”

“I’m not ugly!”

“Yes you are!”

“I’m not ugly! You are! You’re a gross alien freak!”

“What did you call me?”

“You heard me you gross alien freak!”







 “I’ll show you!”

“Hey quit!”




 “Journey! You got apologize to they girl right now!”

“No I’m not! She started it so I kicked her ass.”

“You watch your language! I saw you start the fight, now go tell her they you’re sorry!”

“You can’t tell me what to do!”

“Yes can I!”

“You’re not my daddy or my Suziu or my aunt! You can’t do shit!”

“I will be your stepmother next month! I will be a parent of yours!”

“Whatever! You’ll never be my stepmom! You’re never gonna marry my dad!”






 “What do you mean by that statement?!”

“You won’t last! She’s coming for you!”

“Who?! What are you talking about?!”

“You gonna find out!”

“Journey if you don’t tell me what are you talking about, you’re gonna get a spanking!”

“You can’t spank me! I’m getting my daddy!”

“Get back here!”

“Fuck you!”






It was time for the party, there was a huge fight between Journey and Lois and I was put in the middle of it. Lois wanted to punish Journey but she felt the need to drag me in it so I would stop Lois. Journey said some rude things to Lois, maybe she should be punished for it.

I allowed it and Journey wasn’t happy about it. So she kicked Lois in the knee and ran off. Of course Lois told me to go after her but the party was about to begin. I told her to handle it, she’s almost her stepmom. It lead to an argument between Lois and I. I soon left to set up for the party, pissed off. I told her don’t bother staying up for me.. I’ll return when the party is over.




 I enjoyed my night, playing some beats, tossing back shots with party goers. Things were great, I wasn’t thinking about the fight I had with Lois. We tend to fight a lot when it comes to the kids. I got my own of dealing and she has her way. She always think it way is better and it pisses me off.

Then she nags me about my drinking. Genies handle liqueur better than humans and I wished that she would lay off. Its bad enough she doesn’t want me to run my own club, but bitching at me for drinking and partying annoys me. I just wanna be myself but she doesn’t like it. Maybe Raquel was right, maybe I’m not truly happy with Lois. Maybe I need someone who is fun.





 “Hey you were one of the DJs, I really liked your set. House music is pretty nice. I didn’t think anyone was gonna play any tonight. It’s always top 40 or dubstep.”

“Hey lady, I’m glad that you liked my set. So can I get you a drink?”

“You’ll buy me a drink? How sweet.”

“Sure, free drinks for a sexy lady who loves my set. What’s your drink?”

“Surprise me, but keep it roofie free he he he.”

“Ha ha, one roofie free drink, coming up.”






 “What can I get ya?”

“A special lady drink for a special lady.”

“Aww a drink for your lady?”

“Uhh.. yeah sure.”

“I got just the thing for her.”





 “Here’s your drink.”

“Thanks. You didn’t have to.”

“But I wanted to. So what’s your name, sexy lady?”

“It’s Pocahontas, but my friends call me Feather. It’s a nickname he he he.”

“Feather, so are ticklish?”


“Can I find out?”

“If you’re good.”





 “What’s your name?”

“It’s Borage but you can call me Big Daddy B.”

“And why do you call yourself Big Daddy B?”

“If you place your hand over my crotch, you’ll find out.”

“Mmm, straight forwarded aren’t ya?”

“I’m sorry, I’m just really horny…”

“Maybe someone could fix that..”





“Maybe.. my lady sure isn’t.”

“You’re taken?”

“Yeah.. engaged..”

“Maybe you shouldn’t be flirting with me.”

“Maybe I just can’t help myself. You are so damn fine.”

“Well we are on vacation. Maybe we should have a little fun.”






 “I’m gonna go for a little late night swim on the beach. Care to join me?”

“It’s tempting but I know I shouldn’t..”

“It’s just a friendly swim. We don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“I was thinking we could do a few shots first. I got a tab going, everything’s on me.”

“I guess we could do that.”




 I followed Feather to the beach, I’m not sure why but there was something special about her. It was like I had an instant connection with her even if we were both drunk. But things got blurry at this point. I remember meeting Feather at the beach but remember nothing afterwards.





 “I didn’t think you were gonna come.”

“Course I would.. There’s something about you that drives me wild.”

“I could say the same about you. Normally I’m not like this… I think I feel something.”

“Yeah, my massive hard on. I haven’t been this hard is ages.”

“So that makes me special?”

“You know it..”

“I guess I’m flattered.”





 “So are we gonna go for that swim? I didn’t bring my trunks though.”

“I didn’t bring my swimsuit either.”

“I guess we’ll be swimming naked then. Ladies first, I’m a gentleman like that.”





 “Of maybe I could do this instead.”

“Um..hey.. Uh..”

“I’ll make you feel good.”

“I thought this was gonna be a friendly swim?”

“Things change..”


















 “This is perfect! Muhahahahaha!”





 “Oh god Feather, you feel so damn good. I wanna stay in you forever.”

“I wish you could. I never thought it would be so amazing!” 

“I’m pretty awesome. You’re fucking the best.”

“Good thing I picked you. You’re my first.”





 “Borage! You’re getting my hair wet!”

“I gotta get ya cleaned up!”

“I don’t need my hair cleaned. Just my body.”

“You don’t need your body cleaned when I wanna get you dirty.”









 “Was I really your first?”

“Yeah.. Surprise.”

“If you were a virgin, how old are you?”

“Well I’m old enough to drink in this country but old enough to vote back home.. You could say this trip here is my graduation gift.”


“Yep. I guess you’re in your twenties.”

“Try forties, I’m a love genie. Immortal and ageless. As long as your legal. Good enough for me. Where are you from anyway? And why you picked me for your first?”

“Riverview but moving to Newbrey for school. I’m going in for natural medicine. However I wanna turn into a witch. I could make my own medicine plus age slower. Alchemy is one of the courses, hopefully I can find out how.”

“You’re make a sexy witch doctor.”

“Thanks. Where are you from? I figure I should get to know my first..”

“Starlight Bay but you never told me why you picked me. Most girls what their first time to be special.”

“This was special. I mean I always wanted my first time to be with a total stranger on an exotic island. My friends gave their virginity to their crush or boyfriends. Things got weird and all. I didn’t want that. So I searched for a stranger whom I never see again. But he gotta be attractive with a nice body. You being a genie is a plus.”

“You hit the jackpot, lady.”






 “Also I sense something special about you when I first chatted with you. I feel a connection with you but not sure why. I thought maybe cause you’re a DJ. I do work on music for fun. Maybe I’ll be a DJ on the weekends.”

“You produce music? What style?”

“Deep house, its soulful and smooth like you. Maybe you remind me of the music I make.”

“Deep house? I love that shit. Interesting in DJing and you produce deep house tracks? Damn girl, you’re even more sexy. I dig the natural medicine, witch thing. But this is even more sexy. I would love to hear your music. Maybe I’ll play it where I work.”

“Look up Feather, you’ll find my music. So I wonder, if we would have met back in our country, would you date a girl like me?”

“Fuck yeah! I would def not cheat on you either.”

“So why did you just did tonight?”

“You’re too damn sexy and you putting your mouth on my cock kinda helped. Plus I was horny as hell, I was having magical back up. That shit is painful. As a love genie, I need sex daily. My lady and I haven’t fucked in a month. She always cuts me off and tonight.. we got in a fight.”

“Oh.. I’ll be honest.. I do feel guilty. I won’t ask for your number. Besides, you’re suppose to be a total stranger.”

“It’s probably for the best… My wedding is next month.”

“Yeah… can we just lay here for a little?”

“Yeah…for the first time on this trip. I feel happy and relaxed… We can go for around round if you like.”

“Um wow… I’m kinda sore…”

“Maybe a love genie is too much for your first. We go on for hours. But we can just lay here and cuddle.”








I woke up dazed and confused. I’m not sure why I was in a lounge seat at the beach in just my underwear. I scramble for my clothes and saw that it was almost 6 in the morning on my phone. I also saw that I had 6 missed calls from Lois on my phone. Lois was worried sick that I didn’t return but actually I didn’t care…

As I got redressed, I notice something. I felt good, I felt relaxed. My balls weren’t sore and I feel like I still had magical back up. Did I get laid last night? ..I think I did but I’m not sure. My dick feels good so I think I did but with who? I must been drinking hard last night.












I found Lois sleeping with her phone clutched in her hand. I got undress and decide to get in bed even though the kids will be up in an hour.





As I got into bed, I wonder what happen last night. Who did I sleep with, was she hot… I do miss the wild nights I once had. Nights like last night where I ponder what happen the next day. I miss my old life.. Do I really want to be a married, family man next month?

3 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Isladiso – Day 2

  1. Hmm, I have mixed feelings. I kinda feel for Borage, Lois has slowly been taking parts of him away and refusing him something she knows is a basic need for his kind. Idk, I kinda think this was bound to happen but I do feel bad for Lois a bit.

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